Who s Who in Twentieth Century World Poetry

Auden, W. H. Auden, W. H. of adequately capturing the traumas of the contemporary world in the language of poetry. Atwood has received numerous awards and honorary degrees for her work. Her writing has been translated into over twenty ...

Author: Alan Parker

Publisher: Routledge

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The definitive biographical guide to poetry throughout the world in the twentieth century and the only book of its kind to look at non-English language poets in such detail. Written in lively prose, with over 900 entries by over 75 international contributors, it brings a uniquely global perspective to bear on modern verse, encapsulating the lives and works of a vast array of poets in precise, compact detail alongside expert critical comment. Who's Who in Twentieth Century World Poetry is a scholarly and hugely enjoyable guide through the diverse arena of modern international poetry.

Who s who in Twentieth century World Poetry

Auden , W.H. Auden , W.H. of adequately capturing the traumas of the contemporary world in the language of poetry . Atwood has received numerous awards and honorary degrees for her work . Her writing has been translated into over twenty ...

Author: Mark Willhardt

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Contains profiles and critical analysis of the works for over nine hundred twentieth century poets.

Reading Poetry

For van Doren, then, in 1929, world poetry consisted of the best poems from anywhere in the world and from ancient ... Antiquity to Our Time (Norton, 1998) and J.D. McClatchy, ed., The Vintage Book of Contemporary World Poetry (1996).

Author: Tom Furniss

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Reading Poetry offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to the art of reading poetry. Discussing more than 200 poems by more than 100 writers, ranging from ancient Greece and China to the twenty-first century, the book introduces readers to the skills and the critical and theoretical awareness that enable them to read poetry with enjoyment and insight. This third edition has been significantly updated in response to current developments in poetry and poetic criticism, and includes many new examples and exercises, new chapters on ‘world poetry’ and ‘eco-poetry’, and a greater emphasis throughout on American poetry, including the impact traditional Chinese poetry has had on modern American poetry. The seventeen carefully staged chapters constitute a complete apprenticeship in reading poetry, leading readers from specific features of form and figurative language to larger concerns with genre, intertextuality, Caribbean poetry, world poetry, and the role poetry can play in response to the ecological crisis. The workshop exercises at the end of each chapter, together with an extensive glossary of poetic and critical terms, and the number and range of poems analysed and discussed – 122 of which are quoted in full – make Reading Poetry suitable for individual study or as a comprehensive, self-contained textbook for university and college classes.

My Poems Won t Change the World

In addition, he has edited dozens of books, including The Vintage Book of Contemporary World Poetry. He teaches at Yale, where he also serves as editor of The Yale Review. DAVID SHAPIRO has written over twenty books of poetry (After a ...

Author: Patrizia Cavalli

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Two hours ago I fell in love and trembled, and tremble still, and haven't a clue whom I should tell. Any hall she reads her poetry in is invariably filled to the gills. In Italy, Patrizia Cavalli is as beloved as Wislawa Szymborska is in Poland, and if Italy were Japan she'd be designated a national treasure. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben said of Cavalli that she has written 'the most intensely ethical poetry in Italian literature of the 20th century'. One could add that it is, easily, also the most sensual and comical. Though Cavalli has been widely translated into German, French, and Spanish, she remains little known in Britain; My Poems Won't Change the World is the first substantial gathering of translations of her work into the English language. The book is made up of poems from Cavalli's collections published by Einaudi from 1974 to 2006, here translated by an illustrious group of poets including Mark Strand, Jorie Graham, Jonathan Galassi and Gini Alhadeff. Thoughtful, sly and full of life, these are poems of the self, the body, pasta, cats, the city traversed on foot or by car, and - always, and above all - love.

What Is World Literature

Now the converse fear is often expressed: that contemporary world literature isn't worth the effort it doesn't require. ... Owen's occasion was the publication of The August Sleepwalker, the collected poetry of the prominent dissident ...

Author: David Damrosch

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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World literature was long defined in North America as an established canon of European masterpieces, but an emerging global perspective has challenged both this European focus and the very category of "the masterpiece." The first book to look broadly at the contemporary scope and purposes of world literature, What Is World Literature? probes the uses and abuses of world literature in a rapidly changing world. In case studies ranging from the Sumerians to the Aztecs and from medieval mysticism to postmodern metafiction, David Damrosch looks at the ways works change as they move from national to global contexts. Presenting world literature not as a canon of texts but as a mode of circulation and of reading, Damrosch argues that world literature is work that gains in translation. When it is effectively presented, a work of world literature moves into an elliptical space created between the source and receiving cultures, shaped by both but circumscribed by neither alone. Established classics and new discoveries alike participate in this mode of circulation, but they can be seriously mishandled in the process. From the rediscovered Epic of Gilgamesh in the nineteenth century to Rigoberta Menchú's writing today, foreign works have often been distorted by the immediate needs of their own editors and translators. Eloquently written, argued largely by example, and replete with insightful close readings, this book is both an essay in definition and a series of cautionary tales.

The Hybrid Muse

2 ; J. D. McClatchy , ed . , The Vintage Book of Contemporary World Poetry ( New York : Vintage , 1996 ) . Of these anthologies , only McClatchy's makes a serious attempt at representing the global scope of poetry in English .

Author: Jahan Ramazani

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

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Postcolonial novelists such as Salman Rushdie and V.S. Naipaul are widely celebrated, yet the achievements of these poets have been strangely neglected. This work argues that these poets have dramatically expanded the atlas of English literature.

International Who s Who in Poetry 2004

Pamphlets of contemporary world poetry in English translation . Floating Bridge Press : PO Box 18814 ... Non - profit literary arts organization to recognize and promote Washington State poets . Organizes annual Poetry Chapbook Award .

Author: Europa Publications

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Provides up-to-date profiles on the careers of leading and emerging poets.

Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2020

Dr. Zhang Zhi (China) President of IPTRC Editor-in-chief of THE WORLD POETS QUARTERLY (multilingual) & Editor-in-chief of WORLD POETRY ... Sichuan province in 1965, is an important poet, critic and translator in contemporary China.

Author: poets from various countries

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Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2020. A collection of world poets. Editor in chief: Agron Shele. A unique collection of modern poetry.