Contemporary One Act Plays

French, Samuel, Guide to Selecting Plays. Catalogues, etc. Samuel French, publisher, New York. Johnson, Gertrude, Choosing a Play. Lists of various types of one-act plays in the Appendix. The Century Company, New York, 1920.

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American Life as Represented in Native One act Plays

Century. (Fourteenth meeting) Kelly, George. Flattering Word, and Other One-Act Plays. Little. (Third meeting) Koch, F. H. Carolina Folk-Plays, Series 2 and 3. Holt. (Fifth meeting) Lewis, B. R. Contemporary One-Act Plays. Scribner's.

Author: Ethel Theodora Rockwell


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Sixteen Public Domain One Act Plays by Modern Authors

These plays are read and studied; that is to say, such topics as dramatic workmanship, theme, setting, ... Posture 2. Gesture 3. Repose 1 Further interesting information on the reading and the study of modern plays in the schools may be ...

Author: Helen Louise Cohen

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This fine selection of 20th century plays includes contributions from Robert Emmons Rogers ("The Boy Will"), Booth Tarkington ("Beauty and the Jacobin"), Ernest Dowson ("The Pierrot of the Minute"), Oliphant Down ("The Maker of Dreams"), Percy MacKaye ("Gettysburg"), A.A. Milne ("Wurzel-Flummery"), Harold Brighouse ("Maid of France"), Lady Gregory ("Spreading the News"), Jeannette Marks ("Welsh Honeymoon"), John Millington Synge ("Riders to the Sea"), Lord Dunsany ("A Night at an Inn"), Stark Young ("The Twilight Saint"), Lady Alix Egerton ("The Masque of the Two Strangers"), Maurice Maeterlinck ("The Intruder"), Josephine Preston Peabody ("Fortune and Men's Eyes"), and John Galsworthy ("The Little Man"). All of these plays may be staged free of charge in the United States (and possible in other countries--check your local copyright laws for details).

Catalogue of Copyright Entries

P : 32 P. THREE STEPS DOWN ; a play in 3 acts , by TWENTY CONTEMPORARY ONE - ACT PLAYS ; K. Gordon and A. Caesar . ( American ) selected and edited by 4to . ... 8 , 1922 ; 2 c . and aff . Apr. 25 , 1923 ; A 705109 ; Stewart Kidd co .



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Dramatic Bibliography

Many illustrations of modern stage settings are included . New plays for women and girls . 1932 French 5-314p $ 2.50 One - act plays for everyone . Dan Totheroh . Fifteen one - act plays for women and girls . The 1931 French 215p $ 2 ...


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Latin America Through Drama in English

A moody one - act play about two Mexican tango - dancers who discover they have lived a tango story . ... Baker , Virgil A. , " Spanish Diggin's " ( M 14 ) in Kozlenko , Contemporary One - Act Plays ( Scribners , 1938 ) , pp . 145-169 .

Author: Willis Knapp Jones


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Play it Again

Twenty-five contemporary one-act plays by nationally known playwrights designed to fit many needs. Includes plays for one, two, or three actors with a playing time of 10 to 15 minutes with about 5 minutes acting time per character.

Author: Norman A. Bert


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Twenty-five contemporary one-act plays by nationally known playwrights designed to fit many needs. Includes plays for one, two, or three actors with a playing time of 10 to 15 minutes with about 5 minutes acting time per character. Each play is a complete work--no cuttings-- and are of contest caliber.

Josefina Niggli Mexican American Writer

New York : Dodd , Mead & Company , 1939 ; and in One - Act Play Magazine 2 : 7 ( January 1939 ) : 611-38 . This Bull Ate Nutmeg . In Contemporary One - Act Plays , ed . William Kozlenko ( New York : Charles Scribner , 1938 ) , 115-44 ...

Author: Elizabeth Coonrod Martinez

Publisher: UNM Press

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The work of one of the earliest Mexican American women writers who focused on life lived between two cultures and nations is the subject of this new literary study.

Wisconsin Library Bulletin

812 or 822 Contains two plays , the first a rollicking pirate play . There is also a charming introduction by the author . ... 810 A companion volume to Contemporary British literature by the same authors . ( Bul . letin Dec. '21 ) .



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Contemporary One Act Plays

This book is a result of an effort made by us towards making a contribution to the preservation and repair of original classic literature.

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Modern American Drama Playwriting in the 1960s

Philip C. Kolin, 'Albee's Early One-Act Plays: A new American playwright from whom much is to be expected', in The Cambridge Companion to Edward ... Ben Brantley, 'A Double Bill, Both Heavy on the Bile', New York Times, 2 April 2008.

Author: Mike Sell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350153622

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The Decades of Modern American Drama series provides a comprehensive survey and study of the theatre produced in each decade from the 1930s to 2009 in eight volumes. Each volume equips readers with a detailed understanding of the context from which work emerged: an introduction considers life in the decade with a focus on domestic life and conditions, social changes, culture, media, technology, industry and political events; while a chapter on the theatre of the decade offers a wide-ranging and thorough survey of theatres, companies, dramatists, new movements and developments in response to the economic and political conditions of the day. The work of the four most prominent playwrights from the decade receives in-depth analysis and re-evaluation by a team of experts, together with commentary on their subsequent work and legacy. A final section brings together original documents such as interviews with the playwrights and with directors, drafts of play scenes, and other previously unpublished material. The major playwrights and their plays to receive in-depth coverage in this volume include: * Edward Albee: The American Dream (1960), Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1962), A Delicate Balance (1966) and Tiny Alice (1964 ); * Amiri Baraka: Dutchman (1964), The Slave (1964) and Slaveship (1967); * Adrienne Kennedy: Funnyhouse of a Negro (1964), Cities in Bezique (The Owl Answers and A Beast's Story, 1969), and A Rat's Mass (1967); * Jean-Claude van Itallie: American Hurrah (1966), The Serpent (1968) and War (1963).

Modern Drama in Theory and Practice Volume 2 Symbolism Surrealism and the Absurd

York Playhouse , New York , in 1961 , are twin one - act plays , amusing but caustic , intended to satirize the hollow social values of contemporary America . In the latter play , American aspirations towards the good life are ...

Author: J. L. Styan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521296293

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Jarry - Garcia Lorca - Satre - Camus - Beckett - Ritual theatre and Jean Genet - Fringe theatre in Britain__

Course of Study

Text : Knickerbockers ' “ Plays for Classroom Interpretation . " Content : Study of the modern drama , particularly the one - act play . 1. Special study of such dramatists as Shaw , Pinero , Galsworthy , and Barrie . 2.

Author: Texas. State Department of Education


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Lists of Books for a High School Student s Reading

A Book of Modern Plays , 2-3-4 808.2 Mrs. V. W.F. Clark , B. H. Representative One - Act Plays by British and Irish ... H. L. One - Act Plays by Modern Authors , 2-3-4 808.2 Dean , Alexander Seven to Seventeen , 2-3 808.2 * Dickinson ...

Author: Lakewood (Ohio). Lakewood High School


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Catalog of Copyright Entries

6 , 1934 3588 Negroid ( The ) spirit of the southland ; a 1 - act play , by R. N. Gregg , in collaboration with S. McKissick and L. ... 3588 One - act plays for stage and study , eighth series ; twenty contemporary play's by American ...

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office


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