Connections Composition Anthology

The Connections Composition Anthology contains twenty classic short stories, plays, and essays and sixty writing prompts across three levels, complemented by a full writing tutorial painstakingly crafted by real college instructors in plain ...

Author: John Pfannkuchen

Publisher: Elwood Education

ISBN: 098897276X


Page: 378

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The Connections Composition Anthology contains twenty classic short stories, plays, and essays and sixty writing prompts across three levels, complemented by a full writing tutorial painstakingly crafted by real college instructors in plain English for easy comprehension. Students will improve their writing by reflecting, researching and connecting values and ideas. Appendixes include a "difficult word" glossary and full historical timeline for context. Nathaniel Hawthorne Philip K. Dick W.E.B. Du Buis Mark Twain Virginia Woolf Kate Chopin Charlotte Perkins Gilman Ambrose Bierce H.G. Wells E.M. Forester Joseph Conrad Stephen Crane Jonathan Swift Jack London Oscar Wilde F. Scott Fitzgerald Akutagawa Ryunosuke


This innovative thematic anthology helps students make connections among works of literature from different eras and cultures; works of literature and life experiences; works of literature and works of art, as well as other visual images; ...

Author: Quentin Miller

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin College Division

ISBN: 0618481141

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1504

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This innovative thematic anthology helps students make connections among works of literature from different eras and cultures; works of literature and life experiences; works of literature and works of art, as well as other visual images; and different genres and themes. With more than 150 literary selections, Connections presents a diverse mix of classic, modern, and contemporary voices spanning cultures and genres. Arranged around six timely and timeless themes, the selections are relevant and thought provoking to students. Collectively these thematic clusters form a coherent, yet flexible, "Literary Exploration of Human Nature," including: (1) obedience and rebellion; (2) love and lust; (3) honesty and deception; (4) vengeance and forgiveness; (5) industry and indulgence; and (6) greed, gluttony, and generosity. Each of the six thematic sections concludes by focusing on "Common Characters" that students will recognize: Icarus, Don Juan, the Trickster, the Prodigal Son, the Rags-to-Riches Figure, and the Gambler.

Feminist Connections

At its best, Fredlund, Hauman, and Ouellette's timely anthology ... tags of “computers and composition” and “professional and technical writing,”20 at the ...

Author: Katherine Fredlund

Publisher: Albma Rhetoric Cult & Soc Crit

ISBN: 9780817320645

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 336

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Highlights feminist rhetorical practices that disrupt and surpass boundaries of time and space In 1917, Alice Paul and other suffragists famously picketed in front of the White House while holding banners with short, pithy sayings such as "Mr. President: How long must women wait for Liberty?" Their juxtaposition of this short phrase with the image of the White House (a symbol of liberty and justice) relies on the same rhetorical tactics as memes, a genre contemporary feminists use frequently to make arguments about reproductive rights, Black Lives Matter, sex-positivity, and more. Many such connections between feminists of different spaces, places, and eras have yet to be considered, let alone understood. Feminist Connections: Rhetoric and Activism across Time, Space, and Place reconsiders feminist rhetorical strategies as linked, intergenerational, and surprisingly consistent despite the emergence of new forms of media and intersectional considerations. Contributors to this volume highlight continuities in feminist rhetorical practices that are often invisible to scholars, obscured by time, new media, and wildly different cultural, political, and social contexts. Thus, this collection takes a nonchronological approach to the study of feminist rhetoric, grouping chapters by rhetorical practice rather than time, content, or choice of media. By connecting historical, contemporary, and future trajectories, this collection develops three feminist rhetorical frameworks: revisionary rhetorics, circulatory rhetorics, and response rhetorics. A theorization of these frameworks explains how feminist rhetorical practices (past and present) rely on similar but diverse methods to create change and fight oppression. Identifying these strategies not only helps us rethink feminist rhetoric from an academic perspective but also allows us to enact feminist activist rhetorics beyond the academy during a time in which feminist scholarship cannot afford to remain behind its hallowed yet insular walls.

Exploring Composition Studies

... and composition studies resides in shared connections to rhetoric.3 Even ... leading anthologies in composition studies, and throughout its contents, ...

Author: Kelly Ritter

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9780874218831

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 300

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Kelly Ritter and Paul Kei Matsuda have created an essential introduction to the field of composition studies for graduate students and instructors new to the study of writing. The book offers a careful exploration of this diverse field, focusing specifically on scholarship of writing and composing. Within this territory, the authors draw the boundaries broadly, to include allied sites of research such as professional and technical writing, writing across the curriculum programs, writing centers, and writing program administration. Importantly, they represent composition as a dynamic, eclectic field, influenced by factors both within the academy and without. The editors and their sixteen seasoned contributors have created a comprehensive and thoughtful exploration of composition studies as it stands in the early twenty-first century. Given the rapid growth of this field and the evolution of it research and pedagogical agendas over even the last ten years, this multi-vocal introduction is long overdue.

On Anthologies

Lawall shows us that any analysis of an anthology must take into account a complex web of relationships . Her essay stands out for its strong situating of ...

Author: Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803266448

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 431

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Over the course of the past twenty-five years, anthologies have shifted from playing a relatively minor role in academic culture to a position of dominance. The essays in this collection explore the significant intellectual, economic, political, pedagogical, and creative resonance of anthologies through all levels of academic life. They show that anthologies have consequences and are grounded in commitments. Striving to articulate these consequences and commitments is a priority in higher education today. Most of the contributors to this volume are editors of anthologies, and they draw on personal experiences to provide a rare glimpse into the economics and logic of anthology publication. Their essays illustrate the ways in which editing an anthology involves negotiation and compromise between intellectual ideal and realistic practice. On Anthologies includes discussion of a wide range of anthologies used and produced by teachers and scholars. Though the emphasis is on literature and theory anthologies, the insights in this volume speak to professionals in all areas of academic life. Collectively, these essays establish the foundation for continuing critical analysis of anthology production and consumption in all disciplines.

Research Anthology on Rehabilitation Practices and Therapy

The AF includes the number of new items added to the composition, contacts and thematic connections established between the initial graphic elements, ...

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799834335

Category: Medical

Page: 1973

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The availability of practical applications, techniques, and case studies by international therapists is limited despite expansions to the fields of clinical psychology, rehabilitation, and counseling. As dialogues surrounding mental health grow, it is important to maintain therapeutic modalities that ensure the highest level of patient-centered rehabilitation and care are met across global networks. Research Anthology on Rehabilitation Practices and Therapy is a vital reference source that examines the latest scholarly material on trends and techniques in counseling and therapy and provides innovative insights into contemporary and future issues within the field. Highlighting a range of topics such as psychotherapy, anger management, and psychodynamics, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for mental health professionals, counselors, therapists, clinical psychologists, sociologists, social workers, researchers, students, and social science academicians seeking coverage on significant advances in rehabilitation and therapy.

Reading Writing Connections

... hundreds of anthologies and composition texts for decades. The distinguishing features of the traditional rhetorical paradigm include “...the analysis ...

Author: Mary F. Heller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135662851

Category: Education

Page: 416

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Reading-Writing Connections: From Theory to Practice is an extraordinary language arts methods text that enables elementary and middle school teachers to create classroom environments where all students can become lifelong readers and writers. Focusing on developmentally appropriate methods and materials, this remarkably readable book empowers a new generation of teachers to integrate reading, writing, listening, and speaking in K-8 classrooms. Heller's highly accessible writing style makes this book suitable as a primary text for undergraduate and graduate courses in language arts, reading, writing, and literacy. Special features of this second edition include: * a vision of how to transform cutting-edge theory and research into classroom practice that utilizes integrated language arts instruction; *a unique developmental perspective with separate chapters on teaching methods and materials for kindergarten, primary (1-3), intermediate (4-6), and middle grades (7-8); * instructional guidelines that offer generous, detailed suggestions for applying theory to practice, plus "For You to Try" and "For Your Journal" exercises that encourage critical thinking and reflection; and * a wealth of classroom vignettes, examples of students' oral and written language, illustrations, and figures that accentuate interesting and informative theory, research, and practice. In addition, Reading-Writing Connections offers expanded content on the impact of sociocultural theory and the whole language movement on the teaching of reading and writing across the curriculum; greater emphasis on cultural diversity, including new multicultural children's literature booklists that complement the general children's literature bibliographies; and current information on alternative assessment, emerging technologies, the multiage classroom, reader response to literature, and thematic teaching.

The Case Study Anthology

For this purpose, we turn to a statistical technique called path analysis. ... characteristics of the school, such as racial composition or school size.

Author: Robert K. Yin

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761929260

Category: Psychology

Page: 271

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Rather than descriptions of cases or short three paragraph samples, this book provides readers with full cases drawn from a variety of disciplines that illustrate different case study techniques (descriptive, explanatory, cross-case and methodological). Throughout the text, the author provides thoughtful insights and guidelines on the cases and the different approaches to doing case study research.

Reconceptualizing Connections between Language Literacy and Learning

Translingual practice: Global Englishes and composition relations. ... In J. Rivkin & R. Michael (Eds.), Literary theory: An anthology (pp. 378–388).

Author: Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030269944

Category: Education

Page: 279

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This edited volume unpacks the familiar concepts of language, literacy and learning, and promotes dialogue and bridge building within and across these concepts. Its specific interest lies in bridging the gap between Literacy Studies (or New Literacy Studies), on the one hand, and SLA and scholarship in learning in multilingual contexts, on the other. The chapters in the volume center-stage empirical analysis, and each addresses gaps in the scholarship between the two domains. The volume addresses the need to engage with the concepts, categorizations and boundaries that pertain to language, literacy and learning. This need is especially felt in our globalized society, which is characterized by constant, fast and unpredictable mobility of people, goods, ideas and values. The editors of this volume are founding members of the Nordic Network LLL (Language, Literacy and Learning). They have initiated a string of workshops and have discussed this theme at Nordic meetings and at symposia at international conferences.

Adobe ColdFusion Anthology

This many-to-one composition on a TransferObject is controlled by the ... and hasParentPost() methods to manage the Comment's connection to its parent Post.

Author: Michael Dinowitz

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430272147

Category: Computers

Page: 528

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Adobe ColdFusion remains one of today’s significant Web services tools and frameworks, and stands to become even more important as a possible primary tool for cloud development as well. As important as ColdFusion is and continues to become, we thought it would be a good idea to tap the leading authority on ColdFusion, the Fusion Authority. We asked this community to compile the most important issues in their developer and user experiences into one single volume—an anthology of the most current technical articles published in the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update. In it, you’ll get the following: The best and brightest ColdFusion expertise available today, from inside and outside of Adobe The most up-to-date content with the latest releases of ColdFusion Case studies and instances where ColdFusion is used in cloud-based development Rather than take a soup-to-nuts approach that covers every single topic, including those that most people have learned already, this book takes specific items of interest and explains them so that you can hit the ground running, rather than having to wait until you’ve read the entire book.

Academic Writing

From traditional science reports written by fellow scholars to blogs written for general audiences, this interdisciplinary text contains a wide range of readings, allowing students to examine how context influences academic writing.

Author: Teresa Thonney

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199947430

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 928

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Academic Writing introduces core concepts used across a variety of disciplines in order to help students recognize patterns that appear in all academic reading and writing situations.

Comic Connections

She teaches composition, creative writing, and literature courses. ... Her writing has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including Voices in ...

Author: Sandra Eckard

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475828092

Category: Education

Page: 200

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This book is designed to help teachers from middle school through college find exciting new strategies to help students develop their literacy skills.

Research Anthology on Business Strategies Health Factors and Ethical Implications in Sports and eSports

... need for social connection and belonging in the sport environment (Hodge, Allen, ... or different purposes and vary in size, power, and composition (p.

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799877523

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 1008

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From issues of racism to the severity of concussions to celebrity endorsements, the sports industry continues to significantly impact society. With the rise of eSports and its projection as the next billion dollar industry, it is vital that a multifaceted approach to sports research be undertaken. On one side, businesses are continually offering new methods for marketing and branding and finding the best ways to enhance consumer engagement and the consumer experience. On the other side, there has been progress and new findings in the physical fitness and training of the athletes themselves along with discussions on their psychology and wellbeing. This two-tiered approach to analyzing sports and eSports from a practical business perspective, along with a lens placed on the athletes themselves, provides a comprehensive view of the current advancements, technologies, and strategies within various aspects of the sports and esports industry. Research Anthology on Business Strategies, Health Factors, and Ethical Implications in Sports and eSports covers the latest findings on all factors of sports: the branding and marketing of sports and eSports, studies on athletes and consumers, a dive into the ethics of sports, and the introduction of eSports to the industry. This wide coverage of all fields of research recently conducted leads this book to be a well-rounded view of how sports are functioning in modern times. Highlighted topics include branding tactics, consumer engagement, eSports history and technologies, ethics and law, and psychological studies of athlete wellness. This book is ideal for sports managers, athletes, trainers, marketers, brand managers, advertisers, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested working in the fields of sports medicine, law, physical education, assistive technologies, marketing, consumer behavior, and psychology.

Narrative Soundings An Anthology of Narrative Inquiry in Music Education

limited literature on the subject of composition in the piano studio setting (Briefel ... samples of notes that didn't connect in my mind to any real music.

Author: Margaret S. Barrett

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400706989

Category: Education

Page: 360

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This volume focuses specifically on narrative inquiry as a means to interrogate research questions in music education, offering music education researchers indispensible information on the use of qualitative research methods, particularly narrative, as appropriate and acceptable means of conducting and reporting research. This anthology of narrative research work in the fields of music and education builds on and supports the work presented in the editors’ first volume in Narrative Inquiry in Music Education: Troubling Certainty (Barrett & Stauffer, 2009, Springer). The first volume provides a context for undertaking narrative inquiry in music education, as well as exemplars of narrative inquiry in music education and commentary from key international voices in the fields of narrative inquiry and music education respectively.

What Writing Does and How It Does It

THE ANALYSIS OF ORAL–WRITTEN LANGUAGE IN COMPOSITION STUDIES The ... One of the earliest anthologies in composition studies, Kroll and Vann's (1981) ...

Author: Charles Bazerman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135649692

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 372

View: 754


In What Writing Does and How It Does It, editors Charles Bazerman and Paul Prior offer a sophisticated introduction to methods for understanding, studying, and analyzing texts and writing practices. This volume addresses a variety of approaches to analyzing texts, and considers the processes of writing, exploring textual practices and their contexts, and examining what texts do and how texts mean rather than what they mean. Included are traditional modes of analysis (rhetorical, literary, linguistic), as well as newer modes, such as text and talk, genre and activity analysis, and intertextual analysis. The chapters have been developed to provide answers to a specified set of questions, with each one offering: *a preview of the chapter's content and purpose; *an introduction to basic concepts, referring to key theoretical and research studies in the area; *details on the types of data and questions for which the analysis is best used; *examples from a wide-ranging group of texts, including educational materials, student writing, published literature, and online and electronic media; *one or more applied analyses, with a clear statement of procedures for analysis and illustrations of a particular sample of data; and *a brief summary, suggestions for additional readings, and a set of activities. The side-by-side comparison of methods allows the reader to see the multi-dimensionality of writing, facilitating selection of the best method for a particular research question. The volume contributors are experts from linguistics, communication studies, rhetoric, literary analysis, document design, sociolinguistics, education, ethnography, and cultural psychology, and each utilizes a specific mode of text analysis. With its broad range of methodological examples, What Writing Does and How It Does It is a unique and invaluable resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students and for researchers in education, composition, ESL and applied linguistics, communication, L1 and L2 learning, print media, and electronic media. It will also be useful in all social sciences and humanities that place importance on texts and textual practices, such as English, writing, and rhetoric.

Research Anthology on Empowering Marginalized Communities and Mitigating Racism and Discrimination

Greater diversity from within the student composition removes the teacher's voice ... He continued, “Or some make those connections by virtue of being here, ...

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799886051

Category: Social Science

Page: 1302

View: 282


With the newly inaugurated US Presidential Administration signing several orders to mitigate discrimination and racism within the United States government, attentions globally are once again brought to the Black Lives Matter campaign, and its message. Discrimination in business contexts, social interactions, and educational institutions remains a concern for leaders today. The empowerment of marginalize communities has been rapidly spreading through societies, thanks to the platforms that social media now offer. The Research Anthology on Empowering Marginalized Communities and Mitigating Racism and Discrimination is a three-volume, hand-selected compilation of the highest quality research on the empowerment of marginalized communities that have been experiencing ongoing discrimination. To shed light on the underpinnings of disparities between marginalized groups and overreaching society, this text explores social justice applications and practices and the changes being made or pushed for around the globe that promote equality, fair treatment, and inclusivity. This book is ideal for sociologists, teachers, activists, practitioners, managers, administrators, policymakers, government officials, researchers, academicians, and students working in fields such as gender studies, race studies, social justice, behavioral studies, history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, law, as well as anyone interested in the current practices and advances in mitigating racism and discrimination in society.

The Celtic Connection

The functional , didactic quality of compositions of this kind affected their ... if ever featured in the many modern anthologies of medieval Irish verse .

Author: Glanville Price

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0861402480

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 361

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As the Editor points out, the Celtic identity is not one of race - the genetic links, if they are there at all, just cannot be proved - but it is of a common linguistic and cultural heritage. The Celtic Connection focuses on the similarities and differences in language across the Celtic nations and contributes to the resurgence of interest in the Celtic identity which is increasingly being supported by official bodies, both national and international.

New Historical Anthology of Music by Women

But it is doubtful that , in this connection , the title Symphonia actually means musical compositions , or that Hildegard initially conceived them as a ...

Author: James R. Briscoe

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253216834

Category: Music

Page: 518

View: 857


"This anthology of musical scores is a new edition of a text that has been widely used in courses in women's music. James R. Briscoe's New Historical Anthology compiles fifty-five compositions by forty-six women composers from the ancient Greeks to the present. Each work is introduced by an informative essay by a specialist in the field, with recommendations for further reading."--BOOK JACKET.

Stem Cell Anthology

The term “composition of matter” relates to chemical compositions and may include ... The term “useful” in this connection refers to the condition that the ...


Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0123756839

Category: Science

Page: 422

View: 288


The fields of stem cell research, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and cloning are very closely related. It is important for researchers in each of these disciplines to be aware of the methods and principles in the others. Elsevier publishes some of the highest individual references in these areas. Bringing together the principles, applications, and basic understanding in these related areas of science will provide a new reference which is serve the needs of a variety of researchers. Edited by Dr. Bruce Carlson, Stem Cell Anthology will be valuable to researchers and students who need to save time and link concepts to principles, applications, and methods in order to work more effectively and see links for potential collaborations. Includes a collection of chapters by leaders in the stem cell field including the first researchers to discover iPS cells and multiple Nobel Laureates Provides the most detailed introduction to basic properties of major embryonic and adult stem cells by highlighting breakthrough discoveries in the nervous system, spinal cord, heart, pancreas, epidermis, musculo-skeletal, retina - leading areas of stem cell research in human application Details technical laboratory set up for practitioners, technicians, and administrators