Global Responsibility

In Search of a New World Ethic Hans Kung ... Cf. his article 'Theological and Ethical Reflections on Bioethics', in Concilium 203, 1989, 26-38 (the whole issues is devoted to the theme Ethics in the Natural Sciences). 77.

Author: Hans Kung

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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In this timely and urgent work, Hans Kung reminds us: - Every minute, the nations of the world spend 1.8 million dollars on military armaments; - Every hour, 1500 children die of hunger-related causes; - Every week during the 1980s, more people were detained, tortured, assassinated, made refugee, or in other ways violated by acts of repressive regimes than at any other time in history; - Every month, the world's economic system adds over 7.5 billion dollars to the catastrophically unbearable debt burden of more than 1.5 trillion dollars now resting on the shoulders of Third World peoples; - Every year, an area of tropical forest three-quarters the size of Korea is destroyed and lost; - Every decade, if present global warming trends continue, the temperature of the earth's atmosphere could rise dramatically with a resultant rise in sea levels that would have disastrous consequences, particularly for coastal areas of all the earth's land masses. In 'Global Responsibility', the author offers important new approaches and concludes that: - There can be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions. - There can be no peace among the religions without dialogue between the religions. - There can be no ongoing human society without a global ethic.

GenEthics and Religion

Mieth D, PohierJ (eds): Ethics in Natural Sciences. Concilium No. 203. Edinburgh, T&T Clark, 1989. Mieth D: Was wollen wir können? Ethik im Zeitalter der Biotechnik. Freiburg, Herder, 2002. Mieth D: Stem Cells: The Ethical Problems of ...

Author: G. Pfleiderer

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

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Human gene and cell technology is a diverse and rapidly evolving field of research. As genes represent the 'blueprint' of an organism, their analysis and manipulation is a challenge to our understanding of human nature. Stem cell research, genetic testing, gene therapy, therapeutic and reproductive cloning - all these fields of application have been raising fundamental ethical and religious-theological questions: When does human life begin? Should human beings be allowed to interfere with natural procreation or to manipulate the genome of their own species? Is genetic engineering tantamount to 'playing God'? Based on the symposium 'GenEthics and Religion' held in Basel, Switzerland in May 2008, this volume examines the role religion can play in establishing ethical guidelines to protect human life in the face of rapid advances in biology and especially gene technology. It does so in a multidisciplinary way with contributions by philosophers, theologians, human geneticists, and several bioethicists representing the Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist perspectives. The essays illustrating a diversity of views and expressing the problems and self-critical reflectiveness of religious ethicists have been brought up to date and discuss the importance of religious ethics in society’s discourse on gene technology.

Ethics in the Natural Sciences

Contents Concilium 203 Special Column Against Disentitlement NORBERT GREINACHER and NORBERT METTE xi Editorial DIETMAR MIETH , JACQUES POHIER 1 7 26 39 Part I : Considerations in Fundamental Ethics What is Ethics and What is its Aim ?

Author: Dietmar Mieth


ISBN: STANFORD:36105000070982

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The Month

THE MONTH , JANUARY 1990 ' Science , philosophy and theology are not competing to ... Philip Schmitz , ' An Ethical Look at Agricultural Biotechnology ' , Ethics in the Natural Sciences , Concilium , no . 203 , Edinburgh , 1989 , p.129 ...



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The Special Nature of Women

Eine Einführung ' , in Offene Kirche 5 , November 1988 , 2–7 ; ' Withdrawal of Care : Feminist Ethics and Natural Science ' , Concilium 203 , 1989 , 5–62 ; ' Der kleine Unterschied zwischen Mutter und Retorte , der Vom Frauenbild des ...

Author: Anne E. Carr

Publisher: Concilium

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An international journal of theology; a catholic journal in the widest sense: rooted in Roman Catholicism yet open to other Christian traditions and the worlds faiths. Promotes discussion in the spirit of Vatican II. Annual subscriptions available.

Self and Future Generations

301-310 , cited from p.303 , 302 , 304 , 307 , 305 ; idem , ' Germ - line Cells – Our Responsibilities For Future Generations ' , Concilium , 203 ( 1989 ) , D. Mieth and J. Pohier , eds , Ethics in the Natural Sciences ( T. & T . Clark ...

Author: T'ae-ch'ang Kim


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This study reveals how human attitudes to the long-term effects of their actions are crucially bound up with their ideas of personal identity. This collection of essays contrasts eastern and western philosophies of concern for the future, and offers some suggestions for their possible reconciliation.

Vigiliae Christianae

Ethics in the Natural Sciences ( Concilium 203 ) , edited by Dietmar Mieth and Jacques Pohier . English Language Editor Philip Hillyer , Edinburgh , T. & T. Clark , 1989. XIII , 154 p . Fructus Centesimus . Mélanges offerts à Gerard ...

Author: Christine Mohrmann


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Music and the Experience of God

Iditedby ANNE o*RR •BPr KNUT VWlf CONCILIUM 1989 1789: THE FRENCH REVOLUTION AND THE CHURCH eds Claude Geffre and Jean-Pierre ... Alary Collin- and Mellonee Burnim 202 April ETHICS IN THE NATURAL SCIENCES ed Dietmar Mieth 203 June WORLD ...

Author: Mary Collins

Publisher: SCM Press

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