Composition Creative Writing Studies and the Digital Humanities

critical-creative composing—those alternative and creative assignments/ approaches toward teaching writing—led it ... Wendy Bishop's Elements of Alternate Style and Lynn Bloom's Composition Studies as a Creative Art, for example, ...

Author: Adam Koehler

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472591968

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In an era of blurred generic boundaries, multimedia storytelling, and open-source culture, creative writing scholars stand poised to consider the role that technology-and the creative writer's playful engagement with technology-has occupied in the evolution of its theory and practice. Composition, Creative Writing Studies and the Digital Humanities is the first book to bring these three fields together to open up new opportunities and directions for creative writing studies. Placing the rise of Creative Writing Studies alongside the rise of the digital humanities in Composition/Rhetoric, Adam Koehler shows that the use of new media and its attendant re-evaluation of fundamental assumptions in the field stands to guide Creative Writing Studies into a new era. Covering current developments in composition and the digital humanities, this book re-examines established assumptions about process, genre, authority/authorship and pedagogical practice in the creative writing classroom.

Composition Studies As A Creative Art

In many ways , Composition Studies as a Creative Art is concerned with developing a sense of direction and momentum in a field whose boundaries are fluid and continuing to expand . That we don't have a single right way to teach writing ...

Author: Lynn Bloom


ISBN: UOM:39015047112308

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This is a book about the creative dynamics that arise from the interrelation of writing, teaching writing, and ways of reading - and the scholarship and administrative issues engendered by both. To regard composition studies as a creative art is to engage in a process of intellectual or aesthetic free play, and then to translate the results of this play into serious work that yet retains the freedom and playfulness of its origins. The book is fueled by a mixture of faith in the fields that compose composition studies, hope that the efforts of composition teachers can make a difference, and a sense of community in its broadest meaning.

Composition Studies in the New Millennium

Local Literacies : Reading and Writing in One Community . ... “ The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction . ” Illuminations . ... Composition Studies as a Creative Art : Teaching , Writing , Scholarship , Administration .

Author: Lynn Z. Bloom

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809388898

Category: English language

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Establishing Creative Writing Studies as an Academic Discipline

Royer, D.J. and Gilles, R. (2002) The origins of a department of academia, creative, and professional writing. ... In H. Smith and R.T. Dean (eds) Practice-Led Research, Research-Led Practice in the Creative Arts (Research Methods for ...

Author: Dianne Donnelly

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847695895

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This book advances creative writing studies as a developing field of inquiry, scholarship, and research. It discusses the practice of creative writing studies, the establishment of a body of professional knowledge, and the goals and future direction of the discipline within the academy.

Teaching Information Literacy and Writing Studies

To be clear, the iterative process of student research and writing rises above the simplistic notion of these two disciplines as skills that support academic success to become something akin to a creative art form.

Author: Grace Veach

Publisher: Purdue University Press

ISBN: 9781612495569

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This volume, edited by Grace Veach, explores leading approaches to teaching information literacy and writing studies in upper-level and graduate courses. Contributors describe cross-disciplinary and collaborative efforts underway across higher education, during a time when "fact" or "truth" is less important than fitting a predetermined message. Topics include: working with varied student populations, teaching information literacy and writing in upper-level general education and disciplinary courses, specialized approaches for graduate courses, and preparing graduate assistants to teach information literacy.

Arts Based Research Methods in Writing Studies

For the field of writing studies (WS), this might seem like familiar territory as WS has close family relationships to literature and creative writing, where the role of the arts in exploring, revealing, and expressing the human ...

Author: Kate Hanzalik

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000352450

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As the arts become an increasingly popular pedagogical tool in writing studies, Arts-Based Research Methods in Writing Studies offers scholars and educators in the field ways to leverage the arts for their own scholarship through the practice of arts-based research (ABR). Tailored to the needs of writing studies scholars, this concise guide presents ways of exploring and addressing unresolved research questions from the past as well as new, pressing questions that are emerging in light of increasingly fraught and complicated current contexts. It explores motives and methods for taking up ABR, sheds light on the processes of representing research and the ethical imperative of methodological disclosure, and looks critically at the complexities of fully realizing ABR in writing studies while offering some pedagogical applications. Connecting theory to practice, this book also performs ABR through a co-created mixed-media text about the everyday and extraordinary stories woven into the fabric of new American artists’ composing processes. Arts-Based Research Methods in Writing Studies lends itself to insight that is at once personal for writing studies researchers, useful for research communities, and a catalyst for social change beyond institutional walls; as such, it will be an important resource for scholars, educators, and graduate students in writing studies and those interested in multimodal, multilingual, and translingual learning; equitable pedagogies and administrative practices; online writing instruction; transnational literacies; research methods; community-based research; and disability studies in composition.

Concepts in Composition

Bawarshi critiques the notion of creativity as unprecedented or passing, arguing instead that there can be no transcendence without derivation. Bloom, L. Z. (1998). Composition studies as a creative art. Logan, UT: Utah State University ...

Author: Irene L. Clark

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136657931

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A textbook for composition pedagogy courses. It focuses on scholarship in rhetoric and composition that has influenced classroom teaching, in order to foster reflection on how theory impacts practice.

Contemporary Composition Studies

Expressionist or expressive theories of rhetoric emphasize the individual , and writing is seen as a creative art through which the self is discovered . This view implies that writing , as art , cannot be taught directly ; therefore ...

Author: Edith H. Babin

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313300879

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Composition studies is a rapidly growing and constantly changing field. At present, however, graduate students and writing teachers have little choice of current reference works that define key terms in the field and provide information about the scholars and researchers who have shaped and are shaping the discipline. This volume provides alphabetically arranged entries for 108 scholars and 128 terms and concepts central to composition studies. The entries for individuals chronicle the history of their contributions to the field, while the entries for terms record term development over time. The book includes generous bibliographical information and an appendix of scholars from other disciplines who have contributed to composition studies.

Trauma and the Teaching of Writing

A former writ- ing center director and writing program administrator, she studies writing classrooms, ... 1980, 2000) and composition studies, in such works as Composition Studies as a Creative Art (1998) and Composition Studies in the ...

Author: Shane Borrowman

Publisher: State University of New York Press

ISBN: 9780791484111

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Analyzing their own responses to national traumas, writing teachers question both the purposes and pedagogies of teaching writing.

Creative Writing Studies

The connection between this point of view and the idea of Creative Writing 'Research' is perhaps already plain. ... Creative Writing, as a creative art with little 'site identity,' is perhaps worse off than most.

Author: Graeme Harper

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847690197

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Here creative writers who are also university teachers monitor their contribution to this popular discipline in essays that indicate how far it has come in the USA, the UK and Australia.