Fannie Lou Hamer

... Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist (New York: One World, 2019); Black
Women in White America: A Documentary History, edited ... a Cultural Biography,
” Feminist Studies, 8, 1, Spring 1982; Bernice Johnson Reagon, “Women as
Culture Carriers in the Civil Rights ... Own,” College Composition and
Communication, 47, 1, February 1996; Rebecca Traister, Good and Mad: The
Revolutionary Power ...

Author: Maegan Parker Brooks

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781538115954

Category: History

Page: 224

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In 1964, Fannie Lou Hamer delivered a heart-wrenching testimony before the Democratic National Convention’s (DNC) Credentials Committee. In this speech, Hamer represented both the concerns of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) and the limits of American democracy when she proclaimed: “I question America. Is this the land of the free and the home of the brave where we have to sleep with our telephones off the hooks because our lives be threatened daily? Because we want to live as decent human beings, in America?” This is the speech that sent President Lyndon B. Johnson into a state of outright panic, as he diverted the media’s attention away from Hamer’s stinging indictment of the nation he led. This is the speech that left most Credentials Committee members in tears, forced Johnson to negotiate with the MFDP, and compelled the Democratic Party to vow they would never again seat a segregated delegation. And this is the speech that television networks, made wise to Johnson’s diversionary tactics, replayed during their evening programs, thereby bringing Fannie Lou Hamer into the living rooms of Americans across the nation. As significant as the 1964 DNC speech is, this book will underscore that Hamer’s testimony was but one moment within a remarkable life that spanned fifty-nine tumultuous years in the history of American race relations. For the first forty-four years of her life, Hamer lived on sharecropping plantations, all the while learning life lessons from her family, the Black Baptist religious tradition, and from the oppressive white supremacist mores surrounding her. Once Hamer’s life path intersected with the mid-century Civil Rights Movement, she spent fifteen years (1962-1977) traveling from the South to the North—and even to the West Coast of Africa—advocating civil rights, economic justice, and interracial cooperation. Hamer shared the platform with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, who introduced her to an audience in Harlem as “the country’s number one freedom fighting woman.” This accessible biography will enrich public memory about Hamer by telling not only the significant story of her riveting testimony, but also by recounting a life filled with triumphs, tragedies, and accompanying lessons for contemporary audiences.

The Rhetorical Arts of Women in Aviation 1911 1970

Journalism History 42.1 (Spring 2016): 24–32. ... “Doctor Wins Aviation Award.”
The Chicago Defender, 2 Sep. 1939, p. 1. Chicago Defender Archives. Earhart,
Amelia. ... Methods, Changing History: A Reflection on Language, Location, and
Archive.” Composition Studies, vol. 38, no. 2, pp. 47–73. ... Accessible Archives,
30 June 2019,

Author: Sara Hillin


ISBN: 9781498551045


Page: 190

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The Rhetorical Arts of Women in Aviation, 1911-1970: Name It and Take It explores the rhetorical strategies employed by women involved in aviation between 1911 and 1970. It begins with Harriet Quimby, who began writing aviation-themed articles for Frank Leslie's Weekly in 1911, and ends with Jerrie Cobb, one of the women who underwent a series of rigorous tests in the hopes of becoming an astronaut. Although one chapter is devoted to the correspondence between German pilot Thea Rasche and aviatrix ally Glenn Buffington, the author largely examines how women in the United States have navigated a developing field that at first seemed to welcome their participation, but over time created discriminatory barriers to their advancement. The rhetorics of African American pilots Willa Beatrice Brown and Bessie Coleman are analyzed in terms of both women's use of the Chicago Defender as a means of publicizing their work in aviation. Topics woven throughout the rhetorical analyses are women's labor, women aviators and motherhood, and the ways in which women confronted both sexism and racism during aviation's golden age and beyond. Scholars of rhetoric, women's studies, race studies, and history will find this book particularly useful.

Annunciations Sacred Music for the Twenty First Century

Jung, Carl Gustav, Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume 1 of 2, 1906–1950, ed. by
Gerhard Adler and Aniela Jaffé, trans. by ... 'The Influence of Scottish Nationalism
on James MacMillan's “A New Song”', The Choral Journal, 47 (August 2006), 30–
37. ... Knoblauch, A. Abby, 'Bodies of Knowledge', Composition Studies, 40.2 (
2012), 50–65. ... 'The Musicology of the Future', Repercussions, 1 (Spring 1992),

Author: George Corbett

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

ISBN: 9781783747290

Category: Music

Page: 394

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Our contemporary culture is communicating ever-increasingly through the visual, through film, and through music. This makes it ever more urgent for theologians to explore the resources of art for enriching our understanding and experience of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Annunciations: Sacred Music for the twenty-First Century, edited by George Corbett, answers this need, evaluating the relationship between the sacred and the composition, performance, and appreciation of music. Through the theme of ‘annunciations’, this volume interrogates how, when, why, through and to whom God communicates in the Old and New Testaments. In doing so, it tackles the intimate relationship between Scriptural reflection and musical practice in the past, its present condition, and what the future might hold. Annunciations comprises three parts. Part I sets out flexible theological and compositional frameworks for a constructive relationship between the sacred and music. Part II presents the reflections of theologians and composers involved in collaborating on new pieces of sacred choral music, alongside the six new scores and links to the recordings. Part III considers the reality of programming and performing sacred works today. This volume provides an indispensable resource for scholars and artists working at the interface between theology and the arts, and for those involved in sacred music. However, it will also be of interest to anyone concerned with the ways in which the Divine communicates through word and artistry to humanity.

Multiliteracies Emerging Media and College Writing Instruction

Computers and Composition, vol. 33, 2014, pp. 1–12. Print. Lu, Min-Zhan. “
Metaphors Matter: Transcultural Literacy. ... Handbook of Research on Teaching
of English Language Arts, 3rd ed., edited by Diane Lapp and Douglas Fisher,
Routledge, New York, 2010. ... 3, Spring 2003, pp. ... Language in Speech and
Writing.” Harvard Educational Review, vol. 47, no. 3, 1977, pp. 257–81. Print. O'
Neill, Peggy.

Author: Santosh Khadka

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429536434

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 174

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This book proposes a broad-based multiliteracies theory and praxis for college writing curriculum. Khadka expands on the work of the New London Group’s theory of multiliteracies by integrating work from related disciplinary fields such as media studies, intercultural communication, World Englishes, writing studies, and literacy studies to show how they might be brought together to aid in designing curriculum for teaching multiple literacies, including visual, digital, intercultural, and multimodal, in writing and literacy classes. Building on insights developed from qualitative analysis of data from the author’s own course, the book examines the ways in which diverse groups of students draw on existing literacy practices while also learning to cultivate the multiple literacies, including academic, rhetorical, visual, intercultural, and multimodal, needed in mediating the communication challenges of a globalized world. This approach allows for both an exploration of students’ negotiation of their cultural, linguistic, and modal differences and an examination of teaching practices in these classrooms, collectively demonstrating the challenges and opportunities afforded by a broad-based multiliteracies theory and praxis. This book will be of particular interest to scholars and researchers in writing studies, rhetoric and communication studies, multimodality, media studies, literacy studies, and language education.

Technological Advances in Exotic Pet Practice An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America Exotic Animal Practice Ebook

The impact of recent technological advances on the trueness and precision of
DXA to assess body composition. Obesity (Silver Spring) 2012;20(1):30–9. 57.
Pietrobelli A ... Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord 2001;25(3):439–47. 60. Isola M,
Zotti A, ...

Author: Minh Huynh

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323682657

Category: Medical


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This issue of Veterinary Clinics: Exotic Animal Practice, Guest Edited by Dr. Minh Huynh in collaboration with Consulting Editor, Dr. Joerg Mayer, focuses on Technological Advances in Exotic Pet Practice. Topics covered in this issue include: Medical Applications for 3D Printing in Exotic Pet Medicine; Use of Bone Plates in Exotic Pet Medicine; Smartphone-based Devices for Medical Use in Exotic Pet Medicine; Technological Advances in Endoscopic Equipment and Endosurgery in Exotic Pet Medicine; Technological Advances in Surgical Equipment in Exotic Pet Medicine; Technological Advances in Diagnostic Imaging in Exotic Pet Medicine; Technological Advances in Exotic Pet Anesthesia; Advances in Exotic Pet Clinical Pathology; Technological Advances in Herpetology; Advances in Therapeutics and Delayed Drug Release; Permanent Implantable Devices in Exotic Pet Medicine; Technological Advances in Exotic Pet Wound Management; and Dissemination of Medical Information in Exotic Pet Practice.

Peterson s Graduate Programs in Business Education Health Information Studies Law Social Work 2007

Application deadline: For fall admission, 8/1 for domestic students; for spring
admission, 1/1 for domestic students. ... Required fees: $47 per credit hour. ...
Application contact: Dr. Maurice Persall, Director, Graduate Office, 205-726-2019,
E-mail: ... Offers composition (acoustic and electronic) (MM); conducting (MM);
ethnomusicology (MA); jazz studies (MM); musicology (MA); performance (MM);
piano ...

Author: Peterson's (Firm : 2006- )

Publisher: Petersons

ISBN: 0768921600

Category: Education

Page: 2384

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Detailed program listings of accredited graduate programs in the physical sciences, math, and agricultural scienes. Detailed program listings of accredited graduate programs in the physical sciences, math, and agricultural scienes.

New Serial Titles Classed Subject Arrangement

U.S. ( JUNI OR ...



ISBN: OSU:32435018777938

Category: Periodicals


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Journal of Geophysical Research ( In English ) - American Geophysical Union ,
2000 Florida Avenue , N.W. ... ( 2019-2038 ) . -J.J.DVORAK et al .: Recent ground
movement and seismic activity in Campi Flegrei , southern Italy : episodic growth
of ... 47 , 1/2 , 1991 -G.ORSI et al . ... Variability in the gas phase composition of
fluids discharged ... Changes in crustal strain and hot spring temperature as
related ...

Author: Geothermal Resources Council


ISBN: STANFORD:36105007757995

Category: Geothermal engineering


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IGA News

( 2019 - 2038 ) . - J . J . DVORAK et al . : Recent ground movement and seismic
activity in Campi Flegrei , southem Italy : episodic growth of a resurgent dome . (
2309 - 2323 ) ... 47 , 1 / 2 , 1991 - G . ORSI et al . : Simple ... Variability in the gas
phase composition of fluids discharged from Los Azufres geothermal field ,
Mexico . ... 6309 , 1991 - J . H . SASS : Borehole studies : climate plumbs the
depths . ... Changes in crustal strain and hot spring temperature as related to
volcanic eruptions .

Author: International Geothermal Association


ISBN: UOM:39015027825713

Category: Geothermal resources


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Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of Quantitative Biology ... SA JA 4A ON IS IA 4D 4
SO 66065 12 / 40 47 55 206 1311 21 3 6 10 10 GL 2010 17 1718 171163 TE
1120 2718 1919 1733 / 3939 25 12 22 ... 30 / 2015 42 4849125 2019 15 9 105
121162719 29 | LI | LI | 26 | 24 | 26 10 | 2133 / 1328 19 / 14 19 11 1719 21 23 27
20 21 291333142 ... Even for the same community two samples are rarely alike in
species composition , for the rarer species may occur in only one of the two
samples .

Author: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of Quantitative Biology


ISBN: UOM:39015035498909

Category: Animal ecology

Page: 437

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Recent Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Technologies

1: Properties. and. Behaviour. of. Structural. and. Functional. Materials.
Application of Rietveld Refinement and Williamson ... S. Muthukumaran, C.H.B.
Kumar and C.S. Narayanan Studies on Susceptibility of Alloy 617 to Solidification
Cracking R. ... In-Process Composition and Building Materials with Varying
Hardness on Impact S.P. Sivapirakasam, K.H. Phanindra, ... M. Arivarasu, N.
Arivazhagan and R.K. Mishra X-Ray Diffraction and Microstructure Analysis of
EN47 Spring Steel at ...

Author: P. Nageswara Rao

Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd

ISBN: 9783035734324

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 942

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International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (ICRAMMT 2018) Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (ICRAMMT-2018), November 19-20, 2018, Hyderabad, India

Encyclopedia of Explosives and Related Items

Solomon , " The Desensitization of High Explosives " , Naval Research Lab Rept
NRL 3964 ( 1952 ) 52 ) F.P. Bowden & A.D. ... Univ Press , Cambridge ( 1952 ) 53
) L. Jablansky , “ Investigation of Segregation in Composition B ” , PATR 2019 (
1954 ) ... A Method for Determining Detonation Transfer Probabilities ” ,
NAVWEPS 7411 , NOL , White Oak , Silver Spring , Md ... Characterization of Fats
and Waxes by Differential Scanning Calorimetry " , Instrument News 17 ( 1 ) , 8-9
( 1966 ) 75 ...

Author: Seymour M. Kaye


ISBN: STANFORD:36105129105560

Category: Explosives


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Paper Trade Journal

5 claims . position . Chad H. Humphries , assignor to Sealdry alkali constituting
from 10 to 50 per cent ( Cl . 47 ... 1 to the paper and a layer of adhesive coating
are passed into a gas chest associated with claim ... ( Cl . 91.68 ) . A method of ...



ISBN: UOM:39015013157923

Category: Paper industry


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Peterson s Graduate and Professional Programs

Application deadline : For fall admission , 7/15 priority date for domestic students
; for spring admission , 12/2 priority date ... Faculty : 47 full - time ( 5 women ) , 51
part - time / adjunct ( 8 women ) . Expenses : Contact institution . Financial
support : In 2006-07 , 1 fellowship with full tuition reimbursement , 120 research
assistantships with full and partial ... Application Contact : Dr. W. Benoy Joseph ,
Associate Dean , 216-687-2019 , Fax : 216-687-9354 , E - mail : w.joseph .

Author: Peterson's

Publisher: Petersons

ISBN: 0768924049

Category: Education

Page: 1194

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The six volumes of Peterson's Annual Guides to Graduate Study, the only annually updated reference work of its kind, provide wide-ranging information on the graduate and professional programs offered by accredited colleges and universities in the United States and U.S. territories and those in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Africa that are accredited by U.S. accrediting bodies. Books 2 through 6 are divided into sections that contain one or more directories devoted to individual programs in a particular field. Book 1 includes institutional profiles indicating the degrees offered, enrollment figures, admission and degree requirements, tuition, financial aid, housing, faculty, research projects and facilities, and contacts at more than 2,000 institutions.

Peterson s Guide to Graduate and Professional Programs an Overview

Financial aid : Research assistantships , partial tuition waivers , federal work -
study , and career - related internships or fieldwork available . ... Application
contact : Dr. Maurice Persall , Director , Graduate Office , 205-870-2019 . ...
Applying : Deadline : 9/1 ( 1/20 for spring admission ) . ... time ( 47 women ) ;
includes 21 minority ( 8 African - Americans , 6 Asian - Americans , 7 Hispanics ) ,
58 international .



ISBN: UVA:X030354309

Category: Universities and colleges


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