America s Game

The following are research articles from SABR publications used in the writing of this book: Allardice, Bruce. ... 1 (Spring 2012). ... “Chicago's Role in Early Professional Baseball.” Baseball Research Journal 40, no. 1 (Spring ...

Author: Bryan Soderholm-Difatte

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538110638

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 504

View: 228


This comprehensive survey of major league baseball looks at the national pastime’s legendary figures, major innovations, and pivotal moments, from the beginning of the twentieth century through World War II. In America's Game: A History of Major League Baseball through World War II, Bryan Soderholm-Difatte provides a comprehensive narrative of the major developments and key figures in Major League Baseball, during a time when the sport was still truly the national pastime. Soderholm-Difatte details pivotal moments—including the founding of the American League, the 1919 Black Sox scandal, and navigating the Great Depression and two World Wars—and concludes with a chapter examining the exclusion of black ballplayers from the major leagues. Central personalities covered in this book include baseball executives Judge Landis and Branch Rickey, managers John McGraw and Joe McCarthy, and iconic players such as Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. America’s Game isn’t simply about celebrating the exploits of great players and teams; it is just as much about the history of Major League Baseball as an institution and the evolution of the game itself. With significant changes taking place in baseball in recent times, this book will remind baseball fans young and old of the rich history of the game.

Contemporary Feminist Life Writing

A. Reines (Los Angeles: Semiotext(e), 2012). ... Watkins Fisher, A., 'Manic Impositions: The Parasitical Art of Chris Kraus and Sophie Calle', WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly 40:1 & 2 (Spring/Summer 2012), pp. 223–35.

Author: Jennifer Cooke

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108805254

Category: Literary Criticism


View: 819


Contemporary Feminist Life-Writing is the first volume to identify and analyse the 'new audacity' of recent feminist writings from life. Characterised by boldness in both style and content, willingness to explore difficult and disturbing experiences, the refusal of victimhood, and a lack of respect for traditional genre boundaries, new audacity writing takes risks with its author's and others' reputations, and even, on occasion, with the law. This book offers an examination and critical assessment of new audacity in works by Katherine Angel, Alison Bechdel, Marie Calloway, Virginie Despentes, Tracey Emin, Sheila Heti, Juliet Jacques, Chris Krauss, Jana Leo, Maggie Nelson, Vanessa Place, Paul Preciado, and Kate Zambreno. It analyses how they write about women's self-authorship, trans experiences, struggles with mental illness, sexual violence and rape, and the desire for sexual submission. It engages with recent feminist and gender scholarship, providing discussions of vulnerability, victimhood, authenticity, trauma, and affect.

What is Constructive Theology

Studies in the Novel 40 : 1 & 2 ( 2008 ) : 1-12 . ... The Writing of History . ... “ Surviving Time : Trauma , Tragedy and the Postcolonial Novel ” Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies 1 : 1 ( Spring 2012 ) ...

Author: Marion Grau

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567695161

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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This essential introduction to contemporary constructive theology charts the most important disciplinary trends of the moment. It gives a historical overview of the field and discusses key hermeneutical and methodological concerns. The contributors apply a constructive perspective to a wide range of approaches, ranging from biblical hermeneutics and postcolonial studies to comparative, political, and black theology. What is Constructive Theology? shows how diverse and interdisciplinary constructive theology can be by exploring key themes in the field. The contributors explore the porous boundaries between Christianity and other religions, reflect on contextual, liberation and constructive theologies from Africa and from Black British perspectives, explore the connection between embodiment, epistemology and hermeneutics, and take a constructive approach to the dangerous memories and theologies of colonial histories in Belgium and Native Americans in the United States. This sampler of the field will help you rethink theologies and find constructive alternatives.

The Undeclared War between Journalism and Fiction

... reprint, New York: Vintage, 1998); Jason Mosser, “What's Gonzo about Gonzo Journalism?” Literary Journalism Studies 4:1 (Spring 2012): 86, ... See also Thomas B. Connery, Journalism and 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 206 Notes.

Author: D. Underwood

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137353481

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 250

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In this volume, Doug Underwood asks whether much of what is now called literary journalism is, in fact, 'literary,' and whether it should rank with the great novels by such journalist-literary figures as Twain, Cather, and Hemingway, who believed that fiction was the better place for a realistic writer to express the important truths of life.

Remembering Migration

... (Britain) 40, no. 1 (Spring 2012): 57–66. ... Gillian Whitlock, “Salvage: Locating Lives in the Migration Museum,” Life Writing 14, no. 4 (2017): 427–40. 20. ... Memory and Migration: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Memory Studies.

Author: Kate Darian-Smith

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030177515

Category: Social Science

Page: 357

View: 235


This book provides the first comprehensive study of diverse migrant memories and what they mean for Australia in the twenty-first century. Drawing on rich case studies, it captures the changing political and cultural dimensions of migration memories as they are negotiated and commemorated by individuals, communities and the nation. Remembering Migration is divided into two sections, the first on oral histories and the second examining the complexity of migrant heritage, and the sources and genres of memory writing. The focused and thematic analysis in the book explores how these histories are re-remembered in private and public spaces, including museum exhibitions, heritage sites and the media. Written by leading and emerging scholars, the collected essays explore how memories of global migration across generations contribute to the ever-changing social and cultural fabric of Australia and its place in the world.

Handbook of Obesity Volume 1

Recent Development in Body Composition Analysis: Methods and Applications. London: Smith-Gordon. 1993—Kreitzman SN, Howard AN, eds. The Swansea Trial: Body Composition and Metabolic Studies with a Very-Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD).

Author: George A. Bray

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781842145579

Category: Medical

Page: 736

View: 428


In recent years, we've developed a much better grasp of the biological and other factors associated with the development of obesity. Reflecting our evolving understanding of causes and consequences, Handbook of Obesity: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology provides comprehensive coverage of the biological, behavioral, and environmental deter

Childhood in Contemporary Diasporic African Literature

Black Queer Studies: A Critical Anthology. Durham NC: Duke University Press, 2005. ... 1 (Spring 2012): 1–18. Lacan, Jacque. Ecrits. ... “Locating “Queer” in Contemporary Writing of Love and War in Nigeria.” Research in African ...

Author: Christopher E. W. Ouma

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030362560

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 202

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This book examines the representation of figures, memories and images of childhood in selected contemporary diasporic African fiction by Adichie, Abani, Wainaina and Oyeyemi. The book argues that childhood is a key framework for thinking about contemporary African and African Diasporic identities. It argues that through the privileging of childhood memory, alternative conceptions of time emerge in this literature, and which allow African writers to re-imagine what family, ethnicity, nation means within the new spaces of diaspora that a majority of them occupy. The book therefore looks at the connections between childhood, space, time and memory, childhood gender and sexuality, childhoods in contexts of war, as well as migrant childhoods. These dimensions of childhood particularly relate to the return of the memory of Biafra, the figures of child soldiers, memories of growing up in Cold War Africa, queer boyhoods/sonhood as well as experiences of migration within Africa, North America and Europe.


3–4, Spring 2012, pp. 615–43. —. “The Fate of the Wyoming Resolution: A History of Professional Seduction.” Writing Ourselves into the Story: Unheard Voices from Composition Studies, edited by Sheryl Fontaine and Susan Hunter, ...

Author: Randall McClure

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781602358942

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 345

View: 315


Labored: The State(ment) and Future of Work in Composition, edited by Randall McClure, Dayna V. Goldstein, and Michael Pemberton, offers both a retrospective and a prospective look at the 1989 Statement of Principles and Standards for the Postsecondary Teaching of Writing and its relation to the changing nature of work in composition. Stemming from an investigative project to strengthen the Statement with data culled from national reports on labor conditions, this collection draws on the expertise of scholars whose research agendas and lived experiences afford fresh insights and critical analyses on labor issues in composition and writing program administration.

Shrinking Cities

Muggah, R. (2012) Researching the Urban Dilemma: Urbanization, Poverty and Violence. ... Studies in Comparative International Development, Spring, 40 (1): 43–82. ... Soja, E.W. (2003) Writing the city spatially. City, 7 (3): 269–80.

Author: Harry W. Richardson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136162107

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

View: 971


This book examines a rapidly emerging new topic in urban settlement patterns: the role of shrinking cities. Much coverage is given to declining fertility rates, ageing populations and economic restructuring as the factors behind shrinking cities, but there is also reference to resource depletion, the demise of single-company towns and the micro-location of environmental hazards. The contributions show that shrinkage can occur at any scale – from neighbourhood to macro-region - and they consider whether shrinkage of metropolitan areas as a whole may be a future trend. Also addressed in this volume is the question of whether urban shrinkage policies are necessary or effective. The book comprises four parts: world or regional issues (with reference to the European Union and Latin America); national case studies (the United States, India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Romania and Estonia); city case studies (Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, Naples, Belfast and Halle); and broad issues such as the environmental consequences of shrinking cities. This book will be of interest to scholars and practitioners working in the fields of urban studies, economic geography and public policy.

Artwriting Nation and Cosmopolitanism in Britain

In Occupational Hazard: Critical Writing on Recent British Art, edited by Duncan McCorquodale, Naomi Siderfin, ... 2012. 'Homer Watson and The Pioneer Mill.' Journal of Canadian Art History. 33:1 (Spring 2012) (forthcoming).

Author: MarkA. Cheetham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351575232

Category: Art

Page: 204

View: 931


Arguing in favour of renewed critical attention to the 'nation' as a category in art history, this study examines the intertwining of art theory, national identity and art production in Britain from the early eighteenth century to the present day. The book provides the first sustained account of artwriting in the British context over the full extent of its development and includes new analyses of such central figures as Hogarth, Reynolds, Gilpin, Ruskin, Roger Fry, Herbert Read, Art & Language, Peter Fuller and Rasheed Araeen. Mark A. Cheetham also explores how the 'Englishing' of art theory-which came about despite the longstanding occlusion of the intellectual and theoretical in British culture-did not take place or have effects exclusively in Britain. Theory has always travelled with art and vice versa. Using the frequently resurgent discourse of cosmopolitanism as a frame for his discourse, Cheetham asks whether English traditions of artwriting have been judged inappropriately according to imported criteria of what theory is and does. This book demonstrates that artwriting in the English tradition has not been sufficiently studied, and that 'English Art Theory' is not an oxymoron. Such concerns resonate today beyond academe and the art world in the many heated discussions of resurgent Englishness.

The Oral History Reader

154–65; M. Cronin, 'Experiences of supervising undergraduate oral history research', Women's Studies Review [Galway], ... 40, no. 1, Spring 2012, pp. 99–110; M. Tebeau, 'Listening to the city: oral history and place in the digital era', ...

Author: Robert Perks

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317371328

Category: History

Page: 722

View: 902


The Oral History Reader, now in its third edition, is a comprehensive, international anthology combining major, ‘classic’ articles with cutting-edge pieces on the theory, method and use of oral history. Twenty-seven new chapters introduce the most significant developments in oral history in the last decade to bring this invaluable text up to date, with new pieces on emotions and the senses, on crisis oral history, current thinking around traumatic memory, the impact of digital mobile technologies, and how oral history is being used in public contexts, with more international examples to draw in work from North and South America, Britain and Europe, Australasia, Asia and Africa. Arranged in five thematic sections, each with an introduction by the editors to contextualise the selection and review relevant literature, articles in this collection draw upon diverse oral history experiences to examine issues including: Key debates in the development of oral history over the past seventy years First hand reflections on interview practice, and issues posed by the interview relationship The nature of memory and its significance in oral history The practical and ethical issues surrounding the interpretation, presentation and public use of oral testimonies how oral history projects contribute to the study of the past and involve the wider community. The challenges and contributions of oral history projects committed to advocacy and empowerment With a revised and updated bibliography and useful contacts list, as well as a dedicated online resources page, this third edition of The Oral History Reader is the perfect tool for those encountering oral history for the first time, as well as for seasoned practitioners.

Translational Research Methods for Diabetes Obesity and Cardiometabolic Drug Development

Obesity (Silver Spring). 2012;20(6):1313–8. Heymsfield S. Human body composition. 2nd ed. Champaign: Human Kinetics; 2005. 1 p. Sjöström L. A computer-tomography based multicompartment body composition technique and anthropometric ...

Author: Andrew J. Krentz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781447149200

Category: Medical

Page: 312

View: 604


The world is beset by a pandemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes and the need for new drugs is startlingly clear; recent years have seen a huge increase in research activity to fill this gap. The development of new drugs for diabetes and obesity must be founded upon a sound appreciation of the pathophysiology of these common disorders. The dual defects of insulin resistance and impaired insulin secretion are fundamental to the pathogenesis and progression of obesity-associated type 2 diabetes. There is a need to explain how new drugs can counter insulin resistance and insulin deficiency to a broad range of professionals, from clinical scientists active in early (and later) phase drug development to specialist physicians and increasingly primary care doctors who must tailor drug regimens to the individual patient. Clinical research methods for measuring insulin action and insulin secretion have become well-established in proof-of-mechanism studies; however, selection of the best techniques is by no means straightforward. The purpose of the book is to aid the selection of the most appropriate techniques for assessing insulin action, insulin secretion and body composition in humans (with particular reference to new drugs) in phase 1 and 2 studies and aid the understanding of drug effects and non-drug treatment strategies on key biochemical-hormonal defects of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The book will assume a working knowledge of human physiology relating to glucose metabolism and will be of interest to biomedical scientists, pharmacologists, academics involved in metabolic research and clinicians practicing in these specialties.

Williams Basic Nutrition Diet Therapy First South Asia Edition E Book

CHAPTER 15 1. Ogden CL, et al. Prevalence of childhood and adult obesity in the United States, 2011-2012. JAMA. ... Bioelectrical impedance analysis to estimate body composition, and change in adiposity, ... Obesity (Silver Spring).

Author: Staci Nix McIntosh, MS Rd CD

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9788131247235

Category: Diet therapy

Page: 528

View: 225


For concise, need-to-know coverage of the most up-to-date topics and research in nutritional care turn to Williams' Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy. This market leading text provides coverage of hot topics, emerging trends, and cutting-edge research, plus all the essentials for providing the best nutrition care. And with its conversational writing style, vivid illustrations, and wide array of reader-friendly features you can easily understand how the concepts in the book can be applied in clinical practice. Case studies with accompanying questions for analysis in the clinical care chapters focus your attention on related patient care problems. Cultural Considerations boxes discuss how a patient's culture can affect nutritional concepts in practice. Clinical Applications and For Further Focus boxes highlight timely topics and analyze concepts and trends in depth. Bulleted chapter summaries review highlights from the chapter and help you see how the chapter contributes to the book's big picture. Diet therapy guidelines include recommendations, restrictions, and sample diets for major clinical conditions. Drug-Nutrient Interactions boxes highlight important safety information and cover topics such as nutritional supplements for athletics, drugs interfering with vitamin absorption, and over-the-counter weight loss aids. Key terms and definitions clarify terminology and concepts critical to your understanding and application of the material.

Undergraduate Curricular Peer Mentoring Programs

InstructionalScience 40, no. 1 (January 2012): 93-118. Haring-Smith, T. “Changing Students' Attitudes: Writing Fellows ... WAC Clearinghouse Landmark Publications in Writing Studies. Originally published in Print, 1992, Newbury Park, ...

Author: Tania Smith

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780739179321

Category: Education

Page: 278

View: 352


Whether or not a college currently offers a Supplemental Instruction program, uses peer leaders in First-year Learning Community, or assigns Peer Tutors to courses, Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Programs will provide educators with concepts, examples, and findings useful for program development, innovation and enhancement. Contributors describe an international and interdisciplinary set of programs from the perspectives of program administrators, instructors, students and teaching assistants, while the editor reviews four decades of research, incorporating examples into theory and practice sections.

The New Wallace Stevens Studies

1, Spring 2012, pp. 47–77. ... Wallace Stevens, New York, and Modernism, edited by Goldfarb and Eeckhout, Routledge, 2012, pp. 1–20. ... 120–40. From Outlaw to Classic: Canons in American Poetry. U of Wisconsin P, 1995. Gooch, Brad.

Author: Bart Eeckhout

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108833295

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 300

View: 504


This book offers a wide-ranging display of innovative critical perspectives on the poetry of the American modernist Wallace Stevens.

Geography and the Literary Imagination in Victorian Fictions of Empire

21–40. Montefiore, Jan. Rudyard Kipling. Tavistock: Northcote House, 2007. Moslund, Sten Pultz. “The Presencing of Place in ... Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 8:1 (Spring 2012). ... Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation.

Author: Jean Fernandez

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000029598

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 280

View: 834


In this pioneering study, Dr. Fernandez explores how the rise of institutional geography in Victorian England impacted imperial fiction’s emergence as a genre characterized by a preoccupation with space and place. This volume argues that the alliance between institutional geography and the British empire which commenced with the founding of the Royal Geographical Society in 1830, shaped the spatial imagination of Victorians, with profound consequences for the novel of empire. Geography and the Literary Imagination in Victorian Fictions of Empire examines Presidential Addresses and reports of the Royal Geographical Society, and demonstrates how geographical studies by explorers, cartographers, ethnologists, medical topographers, administrators, and missionaries published by the RGS, local geographical societies, or the colonial state, acquired relevance for Victorian fiction’s response to the British Empire. Through a series of illuminating readings of literary works by R.L. Stevenson, Olive Schreiner, Flora Annie Steel, Winwood Reade, Joseph Conrad, and Rudyard Kipling, the study demonstrates how nineteenth-century fiction, published between 1870 and 1901, reflected and interrogated geographical discourses of the time. The study makes the case for the significance of physical and human geography for literary studies, and the unique historical and aesthetic insights gained through this approach.

The Temporality of Taste in Eighteenth Century British Writing

... the History of a Young Woman's Entrance into the Marriage Market', Modern Language Studies 6: 1 (Spring, 1976), 48–56. ... of the Automaton: Frances Burney's Mechanics of Coming Out', Eighteenth-Century Studies 40: 1 (2006), 23–49.

Author: James Noggle

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199642434

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 234

View: 142


This book discusses the disruptive power of the concept of taste in the works of a number of important British writers, including poets such as Alexander Pope and Joseph Warton, philosophical historians such as David Hume and Anna Barbauld, and novelists such as Frances Burney and William Beckford.

Climate Lyricism

“The Human Shore: Postcolonial Studies in an Age of Natural Science.” History of the Present 2, no. 1 (Spring 2012): 1–23. Benjamin, Walter. The Arcades Project. ... Influx and Efflux: Writing Up with Walt Whitman.

Author: Min Hyoung Song

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9781478022350

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

View: 650


In Climate Lyricism Min Hyoung Song articulates a climate change-centered reading practice that foregrounds how climate is present in most literature. Song shows how literature, poetry, and essays by Tommy Pico, Solmaz Sharif, Frank O’Hara, Ilya Kaminsky, Claudia Rankine, Kazuo Ishiguro, Teju Cole, Richard Powers, and others help us to better grapple with our everyday encounters with climate change and its disastrous effects, which are inextricably linked to the legacies of racism, colonialism, and extraction. These works employ what Song calls climate lyricism—a mode of address in which a first-person “I” speaks to a “you” about how climate change thoroughly shapes daily life. The relationship between “I” and “you” in this lyricism, Song contends, affects the ways readers comprehend the world, fostering a model of shared agency from which it can become possible to collectively and urgently respond to the catastrophe of our rapidly changing climate. In this way, climate lyricism helps to ameliorate the sense of being overwhelmed and feeling unable to do anything to combat climate change.

Pursuing Intersectionality Unsettling Dominant Imaginaries

Feminist Studies: A Guide to Intersectional Theory, Methodology and Writing. ... Women's Studies 40 (5): 575–599. ... Social Justice 20 (1): 22–34. Martínez, Georgina. 2012, Spring. Feminist Theory. Research paper, Syracuse University, ...

Author: Vivian M. May

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136497551

Category: Social Science

Page: 286

View: 894


Pursuing Intersectionality, Unsettling Dominant Imaginaries offers a sustained, interdisciplinary exploration of intersectional ideas, histories, and practices that no other text does. Deftly synthesizing much of the existing literatures on intersectionality, one of the most significant theoretical and political precepts of our time, May invites us to confront a disconcerting problem: though intersectionality is widely known, acclaimed, and applied, it is often construed in ways that depoliticize, undercut, or even violate its most basic premises. May cogently demonstrates how intersectionality has been repeatedly resisted, misunderstood, and misapplied: provocatively, she shows the degree to which intersectionality is often undone or undermined by supporters and critics alike. A clarion call to engage intersectionality’s radical ideas, histories, and justice orientations more meaningfully, Pursuing Intersectionality answers the basic questions surrounding intersectionality, attends to its historical roots in Black feminist theory and politics, and offers insights and strategies from across the disciplines for bracketing dominant logics and for orienting toward intersectional dispositions and practices.

Brian Friel

Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies 5:1 (1999): 109–126. Chisholm, Dianne, and Robert Brazeau ... Irish University Review 40:1 (Spring/Summer 2010): 81–91. ... “Re-Writing History: A Fresh Look at Brian Friel's Volunteers.

Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476627816

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

View: 302


Surveying the life, work and accolades of Irish playwright Brian Friel, this literary companion investigates his personal and professional relationships and his literary topics and themes, such as belonging, violence, patriarchy and hypocrisy. Character summaries describe his most significant figures, particularly St. Columba, the victims of Derry’s Bloody Sunday, and Hugh O’Neill, the Lord of Tyrone. Entries analyze Friel’s style in detail, from his column in the Irish Times and his short fiction in the New Yorker to his most recent plays, Philadelphia, Here I Come!, Translations, and Dancing at Lughnasa.