Composing Ourselves as Writer teacher writers

This is something that Bishop repeatedly stressed in her scholarly endeavours and in which the authors in this text wholeheartedly agree

Author: Patrick Bizzaro

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: 1612890105

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The essays in this anthology are relective of the advancement made by those who were students, freinds, mentors, and colleagues of Wendy Bishop. They all cneter around the premise that the terms writer, teacher, and researcher are inextricable linked. The implications of these statements are reflective of the fact that the field of compositon studies is one in which the subject of writing should remain at the forefront of disciplinary conversations

Writing Ourselves Into the Story

room experiences and faculty debates , and the teachers who are seated alone
reading CCC in their offices or studies ... Lunsford's address , " Composing
Ourselves : Politics , Commitment , and the Teaching of Writing , ” urges
composition ...

Author: Sheryl I. Fontaine

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 080931827X

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The twenty-three selections in this volume are essays, research studies, and personal narratives by the "silent majority" in composition studies: teachers and researchers with viewpoints that Sheryl I. Fontaine and Susan Hunter note are often voiced in private conversations but seldom printed in scholarly journals or aired at professional conferences. Rather than focusing on the traditional categories of pedagogy and research, Fontaine and Hunter organize the essays into four sections: the invisible pedagogue of the discipline, the model of power that dominates composition, the ever-present but seldom heard student voice, and other voices excluded from professional development in composition studies. Contributors discuss the barriers they face as teachers, of being overwhelmed by the reality of some of their students' lives. Essayists raise questions about teaching practices that are sometimes homophobic and the effects on gay and lesbian students of the canonization of mainstream heterosexual texts. They probe the exploitation of untenured, part-time faculty?"second-class professionals" whose work is not taken seriously by their colleagues.

Key Issues in Creative Writing

Castro, B. (2011) Teaching creative writing in Asia: Four points and five
provocations. In J. Camens ... In P. Bizzaro, A. Culhane and D. Cook (eds)
Composing Ourselves as Writer-Teacher-Writers: Starting with Wendy Bishop (pp
. 105–115).

Author: Dianne Donnelly

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847698490

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Key Issues in Creative Writing explores a range of important issues that inform the practice and understanding of creative writing. The collection considers creative writing learning and teaching as well as creative writing research. Contributors target debates that arise because of the nature of creative writing. These experts – from the UK, USA and Australia – specifically examine creative writing as a subject in universities and colleges and discuss both the creative knowledge and the critical understanding informing the subject and its future. Finally, this volume suggests ways in which addressing current issues will produce significant disciplinary knowledge that will contribute to the success of creative writing in current and future academic environments.

Teaching Writing

Since that time , we have seen remarkable changes in our students as writers
and in ourselves as writing teachers . Most exciting of all was the change in the
way our students felt about writing . Pleading at the end of a writing workshop , “
Do ...

Author: Adele Fiderer

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

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Grade level: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, p, e, i, t.

Get Started In Creative Writing Teach Yourself

You already doubt yourself, wondering if you really have anything original to say
or any way to properly express it. This self-doubt is one major reason you have
put off doing anything with your writing until now. I know this. I've felt this too.

Author: Stephen May

Publisher: Hachette UK

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Get Started in Creative Writing is an indispensible guide to unlocking your creativity, finding your voice and choosing a genre of writing that suits you best, whether fiction or non-fiction, short stories or novels, children's books or travel writing. It features guidelines for do's and don'ts along with suggestions for crafting a distinctive style.With tips from some of the best-known writers of fiction and non-fiction, you will receive loads of helpful advice to enable you get your own work published. NOT GOT MUCH TIME? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. AUTHOR INSIGHTS Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience. TEST YOURSELF Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress. EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE Extra online articles at to give you a richer understanding of creative writing. FIVE THINGS TO REMEMBER Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. TRY THIS Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.

You Can Teach Yourself Song Writing



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In this easy to understand, how to book for any aspiring songwriter, Larry McCabe addresses a variety of concepts including: how to get started, how to write in different song forms, how to approach titles, themes and lyrics, the creation of a melody, utilization of various chords and chord progressions, finding the right chords for the melody, handling various rhythmic elements, creating a lead sheet and copyrighting the tune. Special features include a glossary, essential supplies for novice songwriters, master chord diagrams for keyboard and guitar and an index of recorded music. Includes stereo CD.

Autobiographical Writing Across the Disciplines

Our desire for self- inclusion has led to new genres of writing, new styles of
knowledge. ... Now I feel more satisfied with calling myself a writing teacher, but I
notice that I use this term writing teacher unconventionally enough so that people
may ...

Author: Diane P. Freedman

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822332132

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DIVAn anthology of the personal/autobiographical essays of scholars who have made the life story an important part of their disciplinary research./div

Writing on the Edge

Bizzaro , who was first Director of the University Writing Program at East Carolina
University ( ECU ) , is a University of North ... The book's title , Composing
Ourselves as Writer - Teacher - Writers , fairly well describes the kinds of essays
you'll ...



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Writing and Teaching to Change the World

If it is all fiction—the writing, the pedagogy, the moments we re- member in the
classroom and in the faculty lounge—then we get to position ourselves as the
creative artist who can write, speak, act our ways out of the messes in which we
find ...

Author: Stephanie Jones

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807772829

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Perfect for use in teacher preparation courses and professional learning groups, this book shows what critical pedagogy looks like and identifies the conditions needed for it to emerge in the K–12 classroom. Focusing on and documenting their experiences with one of their most disenfranchised students, six teachers analyze and rethink what they do in the classroom and why they do it. In so doing, each comes to re-imagine who they are as teachers and as individuals. This engaging collection illuminates writing as a powerful tool for thinking deeply about how and why teachers respond to students in particular ways. Book Features: Prompts and suggested writing exercises at the end of each chapter to support teacher-writer groups. Guiding questions at the end of each chapter to support the instructional practices of K-12 teachers. Powerful stories of teachers' and students' experiences with standards, tracking practices, evaluation practices, and life. Helpful appendices, including books for further reading and an essay about the Oral Inquiry Process by Bob Fecho. “This is an important book for all teachers to read—beginners and experienced, as it confronts all of us as teachers to pay attention to the social and political contexts within which we work and consider what we often ignore—our student’s lives outside of school.” —From the Foreword by Ann Lieberman, Senior Scholar at Stanford University “Kudos to Stephanie Jones and her colleagues for making moral sense of the day-to-day craft of education.” —Carl Glickman, educator and author of The Trembling Field: Stories of Wonder, Possibilities, and Downright Craziness Stephanie Jones is associate professor in the department of educational theory and practice at The University of Georgia, and co-director of the Red Clay Writing Project. Her books include The Reading Turn-Around: A Five-Part Framework for Differentiated Instruction.

Get Started in Writing for Children Teach Yourself

Alsotakea look atthebooks that have recently won the major children's book
awards –theyarea signal of thetypesof titles thatare being deemedmost critically
worthy in today's children's literature universe. If writing a book that has high
sales ...

Author: Lisa Bullard

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781471804571

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LEARN HOW TO WRITE COMPELLING STORIES FOR CHILDREN. Get Started in Writing for Children will help you at the very beginning of the creative journey to gain confidence and find inspiration, and then support you in the completion of your first piece of children's literature, whether it's a picture book, a middle-grade story or a young adult novel. Each chapter includes a central writing exercise and four shorter ones, while key quotes, key ideas and focus points will be clearly signposted and will summarise important concepts and advice. At the heart of each chapter is the 'Workshop', a key exercise in which you will gain a deeper insight into the craft of writing for children. In addition to coverage of the key categories and their conventions, this book includes substantial information on getting established in the writing community, gathering a fan base and pitching your work to publishers. What are you waiting for? This book has all you need to get started.

Writing for the Web Teach Yourself

In the top box, write about how you imagine their personality to be. Use the
questions above as a starter to get you going. Then do some research into what
magazines, blogs or websites they might visit. Open your browser and type
relevant ...

Author: Robert Ashton

Publisher: Hachette UK

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Like it or not, the internet has become integral to every aspect of our lives, with smart phones, tablet computers and wifi enabling us to communicate easily and instantly. Whether you're a rising star in the corporate world or a silver surfer, to make an impact online you have to be able to write clearly, convincingly and in a way that emphasises your character too. Best-selling business author Robert Ashton and internet native Jess Juby will help you communicate more objectively and effectively online, both at work and at home.

Effective Business Writing in a Week Teach Yourself

Martin Manser. TeachQ Yourself Effective Business Writing Martin Manser _ A Contents Introduction Sunday Plan your writing well
Monday Edit your.

Author: Martin Manser

Publisher: Hachette UK

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Most of us spend hours every day typing emails and other documents at work, yet how many of us have ever had any training in writing skills? New and aspiring managers find themselves having to write advertising copy or press releases, while many businesses want to engage successfully online. Effective Business Writing in a week is a practical guide to better communication at work, whether through more traditional forms such as business reports or through email, websites and social media. Keywords: Style Structure Email Business reports Presentations Letters Advertising Press releases Letters social media website copy

Wounded Writers Ask Am I Doing it Write

“I frequently call myself a wounded writer. Even now in middle age, I can still hear
my grade 11 teacher say, You'll never be a writer and I can still hear other
teachers and professors declare that my writing was mediocre, awkward,
incoherent, ...

Author: S. Rebecca Leigh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789462097131

Category: Education

Page: 116

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This book addresses (and aims to dismantle) writer woundedness, a state of being that prevents students from trusting themselves as capable of writing something they can feel good about. Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write? invites students to begin a new writing history through a collection of 48 free-writes that explore list writing, aesthetic writing, word craft, and writing that delves into personal life stories. These free-writes are invitations to develop a lead or improve a story title, to discover a character’s name or replace one word for another that is more vivid, to locate a story idea or revise a story’s focus. More than this, Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write? emphasizes creative consciousness over correctness, where writing is a vehicle for exploring identity and (re)claiming voice across multiple grade levels. This book is for the wounded student writer as much as it is for the wounded classroom teacher as writer, who may feel burdened by his/her own writing history such that he/she struggles with where or how to start. For each free-write, Leigh offers Before Writing, During Writing, and After Writing suggestions with samples of student writing to guide teachers into writing engagements with their students that break down walls and open up new vistas.

From Writing to Composing Teacher s Manual

4 More letters , page 6 This is a great place for teachers to join in ! We have had
good results from adding a letter about ourselves to this activity . As class work or
homework , have students read the letter that you have written about yourself ...

Author: Beverly Ingram

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521671361

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 64

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This is the second edition of one of the first process-approach writing books written for lower-level students. The Teacher's Manual contains unit overviews, as well as detailed descriptions of each activity, complete with useful teaching tips. The manual contains some additional material that teachers might use to supplement the Student's Book. A complete answer key to the Student's Book is provided.

Compose Yourself

While there are detailed books teaching analytical thinking and writing, such as
St. Martin's Guide to Writing (9th Edition) by Rise B. Axelrod and Critical
Strategies for Academic Thinking & Writing by Mike Ross & Malcolm Kiniry,
Compose ...

Author: Amy Rukea Stempel

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781608446452

Category: Education

Page: 180

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At long last someone has produced THE practical guide for teaching analytical writing! Compose Yourself! lays out everything a teacher needs for teaching the art of clear, complete and well-organized writing in the content areas. In fact, I would purchase this guide for students as well as teachers-and not just for high school, but for both middle school and college as well. -Dr. Katherine Nolan, Education Consultant Finally, a book on how to teach analytical writing in all subjects. And the toolbox! I was thrilled to find templates, rubrics, and clear-cut examples for descriptive, process, and persuasive writing. Compose Yourself! is a must have for all teachers. -Susan King, Magnet School Administrator, Tampa FL, MSA National Board, National Presenter We are perceived by how well we write. Currently our nation's teachers are struggling to find time and tools to teach thoughtful, logical expository writing. Compose Yourself! is a simple, straightforward writing guide for all subject area teachers working to improve their students' analytical, expository writing skills. Compose Yourself! must find a place in the toolbox of our nation's secondary teachers. -William F. Roberts, Assistant Superintendent Hacienda La Puente Unified School District (California) Compose Yourself! A Guide to Critical Thinking & Analytical Writing in Secondary School is a quick and easy guide to teaching and learning critical thinking and analytical writing at the secondary level, regardless of the subject area. It is perfect for teachers, parents, and students who want to go beyond the worksheet to strengthen their thinking and writing skills, better learn and retain information, and improve overall academic performance. After using this guide, students will be able to write clear, concise, analytical responses to complex, real-world questions in all subjects. This resource includes step-by-step processes, copious examples, writing checklists, helpful tips, and black-line masters, all to help all students improve their thinking and writing. Amy Rukea Stempel has been zealously working in education and education reform since 1989. Prior to founding Lightbulb Learning Services, which specializes in the alignment of curriculum to academic standards, literacy development, and classroom/school leadership, she has led standards and curriculum development projects for the Education Trust, Edison Schools, Inc. (formerly the Edison Project) and standards development efforts for the Council for Basic education. In addition to experience in education policy, Ms. Stempel has also taught literature in the International Baccalaureate program for many years and has happily lived the harried and stimulating life of a classroom teacher. Ms. Stempel's prior publications include, Gaining Traction, Gaining Ground: How Some High Schools Accelerate Learning for Struggling Students, Standards for Excellence in Education (contributor), Where in the World Are We? The Need for International Benchmarking, Six Case Studies of Performance Assessment, and Standards: A Vision for Learning. Many years ago, Ms. Stempel completed a B.A. in English from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.A. in Liberal Studies (with concentrations in literature and history) from Georgetown University.

Women Writing Teaching

It is late at night, a cool spring evening, and I am reading and grading creative
writing portfolios. One student, in a self- evaluation of her work, explains, "Writing
— it's more than an escape — it's not an escape; it's part of me, something that ...

Author: Jan Zlotnik Schmidt

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791435911

Category: Social Science

Page: 293

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Presents autobiographical visions of women writing teachers--their intertwined lives as professionals, feminists, writers, instructors, and colleagues.

Developing Writing Teachers

Practical Ways for Teacher-Writers to Transform their Classroom Practice Terry
Locke ... bluntly putit, “precisely thewrong kinds of people, according tothe
knowledgetransforming model,appear to developtheir understanding through
writing”(2009b, p. 58). ... As we write, we construct ourselves as a particular kind
of person.

Author: Terry Locke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136218187

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 234

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The premise of Developing Writing Teachers is this: When teachers of writing identify as writers, it adds a special dimension to their writing pedagogy. Practical and accessible while drawing on a range of relevant research and theory, this text is distinguished by its dual focus—on teachers as writers and the teaching of writing. Part I addresses the question, What does it take for a teacher of writing to develop an identity as writer? Using case studies and teacher narratives, it guides readers to an understanding of the current status of writing as the 21st century unfolds, the role of expressive writing in developing a writing identity, the relationship of writing to genre and rhetoric, writing and professional identity, and writing as design. Part II focuses on pedagogical practice and helping writer-teachers develop a toolkit to take into their classrooms. Coverage includes building a community of writing practice; the nature of writing as process; the place of grammar; the role of information, communication and representational technologies; and how assessment, properly used, can help develop writing. Ideal for for pre-service and in-service courses on the teaching of writing, the Companion Website provides aadditional readings/documents; PowerPoint presentations; assessment resources; and lesson and unit plans and planning guides.

Writing Yourself Home

One of my most abiding pleasures as a writing teacher has been to watch the joy
and amazement of a student who has been surprised into writing at a level she
didn't think possible. As anyone who has ever kept a journal knows, you don't ...

Author: Kimberly Snow

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1609256336

Category: Self-Help

Page: 188

View: 828


Writing Yourself Home features over seventy-five readings by such noted authors as Maxine Hong Kingston, Alice Walker, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Atwood, and Simone de Beauvoir, as well as more than 200 writing and visualization exercises on love, relationships, families, language, dreams, and writing. Designed as a guided journal, these readings and writings will help clarify issues for women interested in personal growth and those who want to enhance their writing.


As much as professional writers lament that it's becoming harder to scratch a
sustainable living, “citizen journalists” and other ... Interestingly, the blogosphere
may bring on the resurgence of another lost art in this age of Tweets and Instant
Chat: letter writing. ... Your teachers were worried about you learning to read, and
neither of you had really seen the Internet, so it seemed like it would be a long
time ...


Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742555358



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Computers and the Teaching of Writing in American Higher Education 1979 1994

6) nology as agent, redefining writing, text, and therefore our work as writing
teachers; and we see ourselves and our colleagues as agents too. using the
emerging technology to further our own goals as teachers, scholars, and
professionals in ...

Author: Gail E. Hawisher

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781567502527

Category: Education

Page: 363

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This book is a history composed of histories. Its particular focus is the way in which computers entered and changed the field of composition studies, a field that defines itself both as a research community and as a community of teachers. This may have a somewhat sinister suggestion that technology alone has agency, but this history (made of histories) is not principally about computers. It is about people-the teachers and scholars who have adapted the computer to their personal and professional purposes. From the authors' perspectives, change in technology drives changes in the ways we live and work, and we, agents to a degree in control of our own lives, use technology to achieve our human purposes. REVIEW: . . . This book reminds those of us now using computers to teach writing where we have been, and it brings those who are just entering the field up to date. More important, it will inform administrators, curriculum specialists, and others responsible for implementing the future uses of technology in writing instruction. - Computers and Composition