Mediation across the Globe

Análisis y resolución de conflictos: una perspectiva psicológica. ... El conflicto: aprendizaje para la convivencia o escenario para ejercer el poder de excluir como castigo. ... Cómo dar respuesta a los conflictos.

Author: Kevin Brown

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527520622

Category: Political Science

Page: 292

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Every mediator recalls how difficult it was to break into the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and how gaining initial experience was near impossible. This eye-opening book provides insights into what success looks like in a mediation practice. The Annual World Mediation Summit brings some of the most forward-thinking international conflict experts together in this book sharing their accounts of how mediation is used to resolve interpersonal and international conflicts so that participants walk away from the conflict with win-win solutions. This book will appeal to anyone interested in practical experiences in mediation across the globe, or wanting to discover how the most successful mediators operate. It is also appropriate for anyone interested in learning from successful judges, lawyers and mediators. Furthermore, this book will be useful to anyone who wants to learn about how mediation works worldwide and to learn from mediators’ challenges and capitalize on their successes. The twenty plus chapters here are written by authors from across the globe supporting the use of mediation in place of other more complicated systems. Their experiences are thoughtfully and clearly described in this book.

The Migration Conference 2019 Book of Abstracts and Programme

Nuevas tendencias migratorias en América Latina y el Caribe: Una mirada a los conflictos y dinámicas de salida, retorno, ... en especial, aquellas adoptadas por el gobierno para dar respuesta a los conflictos provocados por las nuevas ...

Author: Fethiye Tilbe

Publisher: Transnational Press London

ISBN: 9781910781517

Category: Social Science

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We’re pleased to welcome you to the Department of Political Science at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” for the 7th Migration Conference. The conference is the largest scholarly gathering on migration with a global scope. Human mobility, economics, work, employment, integration, insecurity, diversity and minorities, as well as spatial patterns, culture, arts and legal and political aspects appear to be key areas in the current migration debates and research. Throughout the program of the Migration Conference you will find various key thematic areas covered in 598 presentations by 767 contributors coming from all around the world, from Australia to Canada, China to Colombia, Brazil to Korea, and South Africa to Norway. We are proud to bring together experts from universities, independent research organisations, governments, NGOs and the media. We are also proud to bring you opportunities to meet with some of the leading scholars in the field. This year invited speakers include Fiona B. Adamson, Markus Kotzur, Philip L. Martin, Karsten Paerregaard, Ferruccio Pastore, Martin Ruhs, Jeffrey H. Cohen, and Carlos Vargas Silva. Although the main language of the conference is English, this year we will have linguistic diversity as usual and there will be presentations in French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. We have maintained over the years a frank and friendly environment where constructive criticism foster scholarship, while being nice improves networks and quality of the event. We hope to continue with this tradition and you will enjoy the Conference and Bari during your stay. We thank all participants, invited speakers and conference committees for their efforts and contribution. We also thank many colleagues who were interested in and submitted abstracts but could not make it this year. We are particularly grateful to hundreds of colleagues who served as reviewers and helped the selection process. We also thank to those colleagues who organised panels and agreed to chair parallel sessions over three days. We reserve our final thanks to the team of volunteers whose contributions have been essential to the success of the conference. In this regard, special thanks are reserved for our volunteers and team leaders Rosa, Alda, Franco, and Aldo from the University of Bari, Tuncay and Fatma from Regent’s University London, Fethiye from Namik Kemal University and Vildan from Galatasaray University, Ege from Middle East Technical University, Mehari from Regent’s University London, and Gizem from Transnational Press London. Our final thanks are reserved for the leaders of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” and the Department of Political Science, President of Puglia Regional Administration and Mayor of City of Bari for hosting the Conference and for their generous support in enriching the Conference programme. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the conference email ([email protected]). Ibrahim Sirkeci and Michela C. Pellicani The Migration Conference Chairs The Migration Conference 2019 The Migration Conference is a global venue for academics, policy makers, practitioners, students and everybody who is interested in intelligent debate and research informed discussions on human mobility and its impacts around the world. The Migration Conference 2019 is the 7th conference in the series and co-organised and hosted by the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Italy and Transnational Press London. The Migration Conferences were launched at the Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies in 2012 when the first large scale well attended international peer-reviewed conference with a focus on Turkish migration in Europe in Regent’s Park campus of Regent’s University London. The migration conferences have been attended by thousands of participants coming from all around the world in London (2012), London (2014), Prague (2015), Vienna (2016), Athens (2017), Lisbon (2018), and Bari (2019).

Criminal law between war and peace

Precisamente porque no compartimos esta conclusión , al estimar que se debe tener en cuenta el DIH en el ámbito de los conflictos armados internos ( además de los DD . HH . ) , trataremos de dar respuesta a la pregunta ( aplicación de ...

Author: Stefano Manacorda

Publisher: Ministerio de Justicia

ISBN: 8484276872

Category: Law

Page: 820

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If subjecting war to law is one of the most important legal achievements of the 20th century, progressing further in that direction is one of the most important challenges for the 21st century. The problems it poses are many: the term “war” has formally fallen into disuse and we talk about “peacekeeping”; armies are today the product of cooperation between states and international organizations; private contractors increasingly participate in warlike activities, as the case of the Iraq war demonstrates; and the lines between war and very serious forms of crime (terrorism, organized crime) are increasingly blurred. This volume compiles the contributions presented at XVth International Congress on Social Defence, and tackle the criminal-legal issues raised by these new scenarios. It constitutes an innovative volume, gathering together the work of both academic and military authors, who have drawn on their theoretical and practical experience.

Cambio social y Relaciones P blicas

En la gestión estratégica de conflictos, la decisión estratégica va a determinar la duración de un conflicto y los posibles ... En la fase reactiva, el conflicto ya ha tenido consecuencias sobre los públicos y se debe dar respuesta.

Author: Kathy Matilla

Publisher: Editorial UOC

ISBN: 9788490646502

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 246

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Gesti n de conflictos

( Para el alumno cuyas respuestas se retrasaban ) a ... de una cultura en que lo usual fuera tomarse tiempo para responder , en situaciones de presión o tensión ? 6 Cómo los estilos de redacción pueden dar lugar a 194 GESTION DE CONFLICTOS.

Author: Deborah Borisoff

Publisher: Ediciones Díaz de Santos

ISBN: 8487189873

Category: Communication interpersonnelle

Page: 201

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Procesos de verdad justicia y reparaci n a las v ctimas de desaparici n forzada en el Sahara Occidental

... empleado en contextos de represión sistemática y generalizada, tanto en conflictos internos como internacionales. ... y extrajudiciales para dar respuesta a situaciones de conflicto o violaciones sistemáticas de derechos humanos.

Author: María López Belloso

Publisher: Universidad Pública de Navarra/Nafarroako Unibertsitate Publikoa

ISBN: 9788497693448

Category: Law


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La tesis de la investigadora, defendida en 2017 en la Universidad de Deusto y dirigida por los profesores Felipe Gómez Isa y Carlos Martín Beristain, analiza el que califica de “conflicto olvidado” del Sahara Occidental desde la perspectiva de los derechos humanos abordando, en particular, el delito de desaparición forzada. Para ello, la autora, que formó parte del equipo de trabajo de la investigación que desembocó en “El Oasis de la Memoria”, analiza en detalle 95 casos de desaparición forzada, 86 de ellos recogidos en dicha publicación y los nueve restantes, en “Meheris: la esperanza posible”. La investigadora indica que es necesaria “una voluntad política real por transformar la realidad y romper con el pasado de violaciones de derechos humanos” y denuncia que “no se haya respetado el derecho de las víctimas a la verdad”. Los resultados del trabajo, según apunta López, se espera que sirvan para que las personas afectadas puedan defender sus derechos ante las instancias internacionales y la Audiencia Nacional española.


Incluso para hacer de la democracia burguesa y del proceso de modernización de la misma lo que su propia ideologia preconiza : una alternativa plural , participativa y " socializante " para dar respuesta a los conflictos que resultan ...



ISBN: UOM:39015078935049

Category: Philosophy


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Educaci n social y escuela

Con ella se pretendía dar respuesta a algunos de los conflictos y malestares derivados de estas necesidades. 1.2. El inicio de la intervención socioeducativa en centros escolares de Salt: motivación, encargo municipal, ...

Author: Castillo Carbonell, Miquel

Publisher: Editorial UOC

ISBN: 9788491164296

Category: Education

Page: 294

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Educaci n Cuyo

Rosario : Homo Sapiens . Bastida , A. ( 1994 ) . Desaprender la Guerra : una visión crítica de la educación para la paz . Barcelona : Icaria . Casamayor , G. , Antunez , S. y otros ( 1999 ) . Cómo dar respuesta a los conflictos .



ISBN: UTEXAS:059172148970848

Category: Education


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