Coming Home

The Baxters make plans to come together for a summer lakeside reunion but before the big day, the unthinkable happens, forcing the family to rally together during the grief-stricken hours of waiting and praying--clinging to each other and ...

Author: Karen Kingsbury


ISBN: 0310266246

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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The Baxters make plans to come together for a summer lakeside reunion but before the big day, the unthinkable happens, forcing the family to rally together during the grief-stricken hours of waiting and praying--clinging to each other and to God's promise of forever. Simultaneous.

Coming Home

“I think back on our story, the things we could've done differently.” They returned to the beach chairs. He stopped and faced her. “Ways we could've avoided missing out on each other the first time around.” “It's one of those things ...

Author: Karen Kingsbury

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310333647

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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From #1 NYT bestseller Karen Kingsbury comes a story of faith and a forever kind of love that will stay with you long after the last page. The Baxters make plans to come together for a summer lakeside reunion, a celebration like they haven’t had in years. But before the big day, the unthinkable happens. As the Baxter family rallies together, memories come to light in the grief-stricken hours of waiting and praying, memories that bring healing and hope during a time when otherwise darkness might have the final word. In a season that changes all of them, the brilliance of family love overshadows even the valley of heartache as the Baxters draw closer to God and each other. Along the way, secrets are revealed and the truth about the family’s history is finally made known. Ultimately, in this portrait of family love, the Baxters cling to each other and to God’s promise of forever.

Coming Home and Other Stories

Reliving her early life to feed the child's curiosity , she found herself back there in those places and times . For every story which she told to Claudette a dozen more reverberated inside her head . Their characters invaded her ...

Author: June Henfrey

Publisher: Peepal Tree PressLtd

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110202988

Category: Fiction

Page: 103

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Come Home To Me

ALSO BY JESSICA SCOTT THE COMING HOME SERIES Because of You I'll Be Home for Christmas: A Coming Home Novella Anything For You: A Coming Home Short Story Back to You Come Home to Me: A Coming Home Novella* Carry Me Home* A Place Called ...

Author: Jessica Scott

Publisher: Thirty One Fox Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 120

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Previously published as ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU From USA Today Bestselling author Jessica Scott comes an all new novella about a woman who came back from war changed and the man who loves her enough not to let her go. All Major Patrick MacLean wanted was Christmas with the woman and child who were his family in everything but name. But Captain Samantha Egan has come back from the war a different woman than the one who left - and she doesn't know if she can love him anymore. But neither of them counted on the determination of a little girl they both call daughter and if Natalie has her wish, her parents may have no idea what's coming for them. It's going to take Christmas miracle to bring these two wounded warriors back from the edge of a broken heart. This story has been featured in Home For Christmas: A Holiday Duet with JoAnn Ross.

Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Come Home from Jail

This book will help you understand what is happening to your mom or dad who is working hard to come home after spending time in jail. Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Come Home from Jail tells a story about a child like you who finds ...

Author: Judi Goozh

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784508432

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

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"Is it easy to come home after being in jail?" Ideal for use with children aged 6-11, this is a vital resource for supporting the wellbeing of children whose parent is coming home after spending time in prison. Using plain language and photographs, it reassures children and guides them through adjusting to their parent's homecoming. It explains which feelings the child and both parents might experience and the different challenges that everyone in the family might face, while suggesting ways to build new bonds with the parent. Included are activities to help children manage their feelings, tips for parents and professionals on how best to support them, and a list of resources for additional help and information.

Comin Home

I decided to write one short-story about a Seger song just to see if it would work. I finished Rock and Roll Never Forgets and I knew I'd found my niche. The stories without the songs are like a symphony missing the horn section.

Author: Dan Lake, PhD.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456876241

Category: Fiction

Page: 147

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When we hear a favorite song, the memories unfold; who we knew, where we were, our age, best friends, lovers, good memories and bad. Even if the memories pour sadness into our hearts, still we listen, remember and slot the events from the past into a song. Alto Reed plays the first soulful notes on “Turn the Page” and Seger grips our hearts with his rich voice. 13 songs written by Seger are in short story form. Each story starts with a problem for at least one character and the song is woven into the story. Enjoy the read!

Coming Home for Christmas

I quickly jumped back into the story so as not to lose my nerve. Especially with Robert looking at me so intently. My mind went back to that day. I could hear the washing machine going down the hallway just as Megan came in the front ...

Author: Jenny Hale

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 9781909490109

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Coming Home for Christmas is a beautifully observed story about the importance of family, the magic of Christmas, and falling in love one snowflake at a time. Fans of Trisha Ashley, Susan Wiggs, Carole Matthews and Susan Mallery – and anyone who loves the sound of carols and the twinkling of lights on the Christmas tree – will adore Jenny Hale's feel-good novel. Christmas is a time for family... isn't it? Allie Richfield loves Christmas, so when she lands a job as House Manager for the amazing Ashford Estate—which includes organizing the Marley family festivities—she is in her element. With a budget bigger than her life savings and a team of staff, how hard can it be? As one-by-one she meets the Marleys, she’s about to find out... Allie’s new boss, Robert, might be gorgeous, but he’s also colder than the snow outside and refuses to come home for Christmas. Robert’s playboy brother, Kip, flirts with her relentlessly; and his sister, Sloane, arrives home with baggage—both the divorce-kind and the Louis Vuitton kind. Their ninety-two year old grandmother, Pippa, spends her day grumbling at them all from her mobility scooter. With Robert intending to sell Ashford, it’s the Marley’s last chance to create some happy memories in their family home—and Allie is determined to make it happen... even if it takes a little Christmas magic! With the festive spirit in full swing, she might even discover a little happiness of her own... Coming Home For Christmas is a Hallmark Channel original movie for 2017. Praise for Coming Home for Christmas I fell in love with Coming Home For Christmas as soon as I was introduced to both Allie and the Marley family. It’s very rare that I find myself loving an entire family, but the Marley’s were just awesome. Not your typical rich family, they weren’t particularly snobby or anything, they didn’t just see Allie as the ‘help’ and I just immediately wanted to become a part of their family! I wanted to live in Ashford, in the beautiful sounding house, with wings! WINGS! Can you imagine living in a house that has wings? I really just loved this book so much. It’s set in Virginia and it made me want to visit, it’s so rare to find a book set in the USA that’s not New York or Boston or LA.Jenny Hale is such a fabulous writer with such an eye for characters you’ll fall in love with. I certainly fell in love with Robert. I can’t wait for Jenny’s second book, this was just super amazing and it kept me reading all day with barely a pause. Read it, it’s the perfect Christmas story, heck it’s perfect for any time of year. Coming Home For Christmas, remember that title and buy it now, you will not regret it! ‘I loved this story, there wasn’t one unlikable character, in fact I found myself loving the Marley’s and their family dynamics. Kip is flirtatious and good looking, you can feel the attraction him and Allie have from their very first meeting. But for me the relationship between Allie and Robert had me enraptured, the changes the employee brings out in the employer is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. A festive debut to warm the heart whatever the season, which leaves you eagerly awaiting more from Jenny Hale!’ The Love of a Good Book ‘OMG, there are just so, so many things I loved about this book. First, the characters! Guys, let me tell you, I’ve read so many books yet I can’t actually recall reading a book with so many loveable characters… But what I loved the most is probably the fact this is not yet another romance story. Coming Home For Christmas is a mesmerizing story about what really matters in life – family. With Christmas coming soon, I think it’s the PERFECT time to read it. Strongly recommended for all HEAs addicts:)’ This Chick Reads

Coming Home

Mary's husband is called up and sent to fight in France. Mary is left in England looking after their children, with no job and nowhere to live. They all dream of coming home to Ireland.

Author: Marion Reynolds

Publisher: Poolbeg Press

ISBN: 1781994226


Page: 348

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Three of the Devereux family siblings are living away from Ireland. Joseph is in New York, working in a publishing company, Kay is successful on the New York stage and Mary and her husband Liam are teachers in a private school in England. Only Harry, who is a politician, remains in Dublin. The outbreak of WWII, changes their lives dramatically. Joseph becomes a war correspondent, based in London, for the New York Times and Kay entertains the American troops in Europe. Mary's husband is called up and sent to fight in France. Mary is left in England looking after their children, with no job and nowhere to live. They all dream of coming home to Ireland. The illness of their father brings them together again briefly in Dublin but old tensions surface between Mary and Kay when a terrible secret is revealed. Can any of them fulfil their dream of coming home?

Lord I m Coming Home

I-I-one-one story in particular . . . that . . . is concerning a place called Tate's Point-it's in the south end-was in the south end of this county it's in another county now (1) And I lived there at one time And the story I picked up ...

Author: John Forrest

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501726293

Category: History

Page: 276

View: 233


Lord I'm Coming Home focuses on a small, white, rural fishing community on the southern reaches of the Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina. By means of a new kind of anthropological fieldwork, John Forrest seeks to document the entire aesthetic experience of a group of people, showing the aesthetic to be an "everyday experience and not some rarefied and pure behavior reserved for an artistic elite." The opening chapter of the book is a vivid fictional narrative of a typical day in "Tidewater," presented from the perspective of one fisherman. In the following two chapters the author sets forth the philosophical and anthropological foundations of his book, paying particular attention to problems of defining "aesthetic," to methodological concerns, and to the natural landscape of his field site. Reviewing his own experience as both participant and observer, he then describes in scrupulous detail the aesthetic forms in four areas of Tidewater life: home, work, church, and leisure. People use these forms, Forrest shows, to establish personal and group identities, facilitate certain kinds of interactions while inhibiting others, and cue appropriate behavior. His concluding chapter deals with the different life cycles of men and women, insider-outsider relations, secular and sacred domains, the image and metaphor of "home," and the essential role that aesthetics plays in these spheres. The first ethnography to evoke the full aesthetic life of a community, Lord I'm Coming Home will be important reading not only for anthropologists but also for scholars and students in the fields of American studies, art, folklore, and sociology.

Illustrated Home Book of Poetry and Song

The thinned ranks will be proudest When the boys come home , And their cheer will ring the loudest When the boys come ... We will end the dreadful story Of this treason dark and gory In a sunburst of glory , When the boys come home .

Author: Thomas W. Handford


ISBN: UIUC:30112038155211


Page: 544

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Coming Home

The story of Judith Dunbar and her loved ones, set against the backdrop of England facing the impending World War II.

Author: Rosamunde Pilcher

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781250106445

Category: Fiction

Page: 944

View: 327


Against the backdrop of an elegant Cornwall mansion before World War II and a vast continent-spanning canvas during the turbulent war years, this involving story tells of an extraordinary young woman's coming of age, coming to grips with love and sadness, and in every sense of the term, coming home... In 1935, Judith Dunbar is left behind at a British boarding school when her mother and baby sister go off to join her father in Singapore. At Saint Ursula's, her friendship with Loveday Carey-Lewis sweeps her into the privileged, madcap world of the British aristocracy, teaching her about values, friendship, and wealth. But it will be the drama of war, as it wrenches Judith from those she cares about most, that will teach her about courage...and about love. Teeming with marvelous, memorable characters in a novel that is a true masterpiece, Coming Home is a book to be savored, reread, and cherished forever.

Coming Back Home

In order to come back home, one first has to leave. This is my story of leaving, serving twenty wonderful years in the Air Force, and coming home. When I left home I had two main goals, to make a career of the Air Force and return to ...

Author: James Richmond

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781543418910

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 108

View: 345


Coming Back Home is one mans journey through twenty years of his life. A journey of leaving what he loved, doing what he loved, and returning with the ones he loved. The book is an answer to the question that James has heard hundreds of times: What did you do in the Air Force? James enlisted in the Air Force after graduating high school for two reasons: he did not cherish the thought of being a farmer and he wanted to serve his country. When he left, he felt alone. As he made new friends and visited and lived in new places, he became a man. He became an airman. As he progressed through the ranks in the Air Force, he met and married the love of his life, and they started their family. Coming Back Home is Jamess storyhis life of leaving and returning. It is the fulfillment of his dream.

Coming Home

A triangle with a twist, Coming Home is the story of three good people caught up in an impossible situation.

Author: Lois Cloarec Hart

Publisher: P.D. Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 0975436643

Category: Lesbians

Page: 340

View: 449


A triangle with a twist, Coming Home is the story of three good people caught up in an impossible situation. Rob, a charismatic ex-fighter pilot severely disable with MS, has been steadfastly cared for by his wife, Jan for many years. Quite by accident one day, Terry, a young writer/postal carrier, enters their life and turns it upside down. Injecting joy and turbulence into their quiet existence, Terry draws Rob and Jan into her lively circle of family and friends until the growing attachment between the two women begins to strain the bonds of love and loyalty, to Rob and each other.

L M MONTGOMERY Ultimate Collection 20 Novels 170 Short Stories Poems Letters and Autobiography

He was there when ma and I got home. It give her an awful turn. I didn't know him at first, of course.” “Peter Craig, I believe you are glad your father has come back,” cried the Story Girl. “'Course I'm glad,” retorted Peter.

Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788075833082

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 5819

View: 657


This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Anne of Green Gables Series: Anne of Green Gables Anne of Avonlea Anne of the Island Anne of Windy Poplars Anne's House of Dreams Anne of Ingleside Rainbow Valley Rilla of Ingleside Emily Starr Trilogy: Emily of New Moon Emily Climbs Emily's Quest The Story Girl Series The Story Girl The Golden Road Pat of Silver Bush Series Pat of Silver Bush Mistress Pat Other Novels Kilmeny of the Orchard The Blue Castle Magic for Marigold A Tangled Web Jane of Lantern Hill Short Stories: Chronicles of Avonlea The Hurrying of Ludovic Old Lady Lloyd Each in His Own Tongue Little Joscelyn The Winning of Lucinda Old Man Shaw's Girl Aunt Olivia's Beau Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's Pa Sloane's Purchase The Courting of Prissy Strong The Miracle at Carmody The End of a Quarrel Further Chronicles of Avonlea Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat The Materializing of Cecil Her Father's Daughter Jane's Baby The Dream-Child The Brother Who Failed The Return of Hester The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily Sara's Way The Son of his Mother The Education of Betty In Her Selfless Mood The Conscience Case of David Bell Only a Common Fellow Tannis of the Flats… Poetry Collected Letters Autobiography: The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels with Anne of Green Gables, an orphaned girl, mistakenly sent to a couple, who had intended to adopt a boy. Anne novels made Montgomery famous in her lifetime and she went on to publish 20 novels as well as 530 short stories, 500 poems, and 30 essays. Convert Word to clean HTML code with this free online tool. It works great for any document type and template.

Coming Home

It was unusual for any of the media people to call me at home. “Not at all, Brockton,” I said. “What can I do for you?” “Well, we know that you and Alex just came back from Earth. ... Tell them what the story was that didn't pan out?

Author: Jack McDevitt

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698146501

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 910


Thousands of years ago, artifacts of the early space age were lost to rising oceans and widespread turmoil. Garnett Baylee devoted his life to finding them, only to give up hope. Then, in the wake of his death, one was found in his home, raising tantalizing questions. Had he succeeded after all? Why had he kept it a secret? And where is the rest of the Apollo cache? Antiquities dealer Alex Benedict and his pilot, Chase Kolpath, have gone to Earth to learn the truth. But the trail seems to have gone cold, so they head back home to be present when the Capella, the interstellar transport that vanished eleven years earlier in a time/space warp, is expected to reappear. With a window of only a few hours, rescuing it is of the utmost importance. Twenty-six hundred passengers—including Alex’s uncle, Gabriel Benedict, the man who raised him—are on board. Alex now finds his attention divided between finding the artifacts and anticipating the rescue of the Capella. But time won’t allow him to do both. As the deadline for the Capella’s reappearance draws near, Alex fears that the puzzle of the artifacts will be lost yet again. But Alex Benedict never forgets and never gives up—and another day will soon come around...

Coming Home

A beautifully-written, lyrical and heartwarming Christmas story with stunning, child-friendly illustrations. Ideal for sharing with friends and familyyoung and oldduring the festive season.

Author: Michael Morpurgo


ISBN: 1910200808


Page: 32

View: 825


Coming Home

I made my mother tell me more stories . And I began to do research , in libraries and bookstores , trying to fill in the gaps in my mother's stories . To my astonishment , I found some of my lost ancestors in those books .

Author: Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo


ISBN: UOM:39015037873695

Category: Short stories, Philippine (English)

Page: 162

View: 417


Coyote s Song

If one began study of Always Coming Home by reading Stone Telling's story straight through, one could see the rest of the book as background to the story, but background foregrounded by getting its own time in the book.

Author: Richard D. Erlich

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434457752

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 658

View: 704


A major study of the major and minor fiction, poetry, and children's books of SF and fantasy writer Ursula K. Le Guin. As Le Guin herself writes, "It is written in English, not academese, and will be of interest to a wide spectrum of students, scholars, and interested readers."

Mestizos Come Home

There is no one way to tell that story, no master narrative with the authority to say that there is only one legitimate road to travel that journey home. We can also be certain that America's founders never intended coming home and ...

Author: Robert Con Davis-Undiano

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806158075

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 764


Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano has described U.S. and Latin American culture as continually hobbled by amnesia—unable, or unwilling, to remember the influence of mestizos and indigenous populations. In Mestizos Come Home! author Robert Con Davis-Undiano documents the great awakening of Mexican American and Latino culture since the 1960s that has challenged this omission in collective memory. He maps a new awareness of the United States as intrinsically connected to the broader context of the Americas. At once native and new to the American Southwest, Mexican Americans have “come home” in a profound sense: they have reasserted their right to claim that land and U.S. culture as their own. Mestizos Come Home! explores key areas of change that Mexican Americans have brought to the United States. These areas include the recognition of mestizo identity, especially its historical development across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the re-emergence of indigenous relationships to land; and the promotion of Mesoamerican conceptions of the human body. Clarifying and bridging critical gaps in cultural history, Davis-Undiano considers important artifacts from the past and present, connecting the casta (caste) paintings of eighteenth-century Mexico to modern-day artists including John Valadez, Alma López, and Luis A. Jiménez Jr. He also examines such community celebrations as Day of the Dead, Cinco de Mayo, and lowrider car culture as examples of mestizo influence on mainstream American culture. Woven throughout is the search for meaning and understanding of mestizo identity. A large-scale landmark account of Mexican American culture, Mestizos Come Home! shows that mestizos are essential to U.S. national culture. As an argument for social justice and a renewal of America’s democratic ideals, this book marks a historic cultural homecoming.