Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning 2nd Edition

In this case, the sample application tests the model with two examples from the catalog file (namely the books Clara Callan and Restraint of Beasts). On line 120 the application uses the following function call to get recommendations ...

Author: Valentine Fontama

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Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Second Edition is a practical tutorial introduction to the field of data science and machine learning, with a focus on building and deploying predictive models. The book provides a thorough overview of the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service released for general availability on February 18th, 2015 with practical guidance for building recommenders, propensity models, and churn and predictive maintenance models. The authors use task oriented descriptions and concrete end-to-end examples to ensure that the reader can immediately begin using this new service. The book describes all aspects of the service from data ingress to applying machine learning, evaluating the models, and deploying them as web services. Learn how you can quickly build and deploy sophisticated predictive models with the new Azure Machine Learning from Microsoft. What’s New in the Second Edition? Five new chapters have been added with practical detailed coverage of: Python Integration – a new feature announced February 2015 Data preparation and feature selection Data visualization with Power BI Recommendation engines Selling your models on Azure Marketplace

Official Register of the United States

... Thomas J Callahan , Timothy J Callahan , Walter K. Callahan , Wm . T Callan , Bartholomew Callan , Miss Clara . ... Callaway , J Callaway , John Calleja , Edward Callen , James P. Callen , W Callinan , Daniel F Callinan , W'm .

Author: United States Civil Service Commission


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Senate documents

William Richardson Edward Wilkes Rosa Tolson R. J. Adams B. B. Bartlett F. S. Backus Elizabeth Burke Helen G. Callan Clara T. Callan PAPER ROLL ( from July 7 to De . cember 31 , 1884 ) . Samuel S. Gardner . Thomas C. Devine .



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Official Register of the United States

Byrne , Charles C. 633 Cadıly , John E. Byrne , Miss Clara . ... 25 71 : 712 036 121 893 374 390 130 795 197 1090 025 645 150 11 Callahan , Walter K Callahan , William 195 Callan , Miss Clara T Callan , E.J Callan , Guida C ..

Author: United States. Department of the Interior


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Straight Up

'Clara Callan says “Oprah's Bookclub” to me. For this iceentrapment thing you got going here, you need something . . . not exactly snappy, but something intriguing. Something with menace, a little more Hollywood dark side, you know?

Author: Catriona McCloud

Publisher: Hachette UK

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Verity Drummond is a florist by trade and a fantasist by nature. When her husband, Kim, leaves her, she deals with the pain by writing Straight Up, a novel in which a man on a mountaineering expedition (bearing a striking resemblance to her former husband) dies all alone in a hole in the ice, starving, wretched and with his broken bones poking through his skin. Verity goes to LA to meet Jasmine and Patrice who want to adapt Straight Up for the screen and somehow, between the dead man up the mountain and Verity's inability to admit that she's just another divorcee like the rest of California, she becomes The Widow and the buzz around the script, now based on a true story (natch), begins to grow. Enter Phil, an old friend of Kim's, who Verity meets by chance in California. Phil inadvertently sets off the biggest rolling snowball of lies in Verity's life. It starts ordinarily enough: Verity must stop Phil from letting slip that her dearly departed husband is very much alive and kicking. She tells Phil not to mention Kim because the others are reeling from their divorces. And she tells the others not to mention Kim to Phil because Phil was supposedly with Kim when he died. So far, so harmless, but soon Phil, Patrice and Jasmine are bound together in an ever-tighter tangle, with Verity holding on for dear life to the ends of all the threads. STRAIGHT UP is a book about honesty and all the other options: stories, spin, delusions, blinkers, evasions and lies. It's a hilarious, fast-paced and brilliantly executed comedy that moves from LA to NYC to Bodmin - and while the voice is as sharp as it is dark, there's a top-note of poignancy - and a hundred laughs along the way.

The Epistolary Renaissance

First, as is the case for example with Clara Callan, which is set in the interwar years, and with a number of epistolary short stories (see chapter one/Part II of this volume, “The Epistolary Short Story and the Representation of ...

Author: Maria Löschnigg

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Since the late twentieth century, letters in literature have seen a remarkable renaissance. The prominence of letters in recent fiction is due in part to the rediscovery, by contemporary writers, of letters as an effective tool for rendering aspects of historicity, liminality, marginalization and the expression of subjectivity vis-à-vis an ‘other’; it is also due, however, to the artistically challenging inclusion of the new electronic media of communication into fiction. While studies of epistolary fiction have so far concentrated on the eighteenth century and on thematic concerns, this volume charts the epistolary renaissance in recent literature, entering new territory by also focusing on the aesthetic implications of the epistolary mode. In particular, the essays in this volume illuminate the potential of the epistolary (including digital forms) for rendering contemporary sensitivities. The volume thus offers a comprehensive assessment of letter narratives in contemporary literature. Through its focus on the aesthetic and structural aspects of new epistolary fiction, the inclusion of various narrative forms, and the consideration of both conventional letters and their new digital kindred, The Epistolary Renaissance offers novel insight into a multi-facetted (re)new(ed) genre.

A History of Canadian Fiction

Clara Callan (2001), Wrightʼs masterwork, returns to the period of The Age of Longing, the 1930s, to chronicle the lives of two sisters, Clara and Nora Callan, the former, a schoolteacher in her Ontario town of Whitfield, and the latter ...

Author: David Staines

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108304702

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A History of Canadian Fiction is the first one-volume history to chart its development from earliest times to the present day. Recounting the struggles and the glories of this burgeoning area of investigation, it explains Canada's literary growth alongside its remarkable history. Highlighting the people who have shaped and are shaping Canadian literary culture, the book examines such major figures as Mavis Gallant, Mordecai Richler, Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and Thomas King, concluding with young authors of today whose major successes reflect their indebtedness to their Canadian forbearers.


“By the end of the book, [Clara Callan] seems beyond mere authorial creation—she seems like a living, breathing human being.” —The Globe and Mail “A brilliantly layered portrait of a life that is not at all what it seems.

Author: Richard B. Wright

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476785387

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Previously published: Toronto: Phyllis Bruce Editions, 2016.

Setting the Agenda

55 Richard Wright's fictional heroine Clara Callan , a public school teacher in the 1930s in a small town north of Toronto , is fired when she becomes preg- nant and decides to keep her baby . Clara and her sister Nora - the adven- ...

Author: Roberta Hamilton

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

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The biography of Jean Royce, Registrar of Queen's University for thrity-five years, provides a close look at the development and politics of a major Canadian university.