Claimant or Client

Particular Difficulties with Certain Claimants Are there some types of client or problem over which difficulties arise between social workers and SBC officials and to what do you attribute these difficulties? As one might expect, ...

Author: Olive Stevenson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000437874

Category: Social Science

Page: 234

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Originally published in 1973, the aim of this book was to consider the relationship of a vital element in our social security system, the Supplementary Benefits Commission, to the personal social services, in particular to social work. Notions of ‘entitlement’ and ‘rights’ in means-tested benefit schemes are examined in relation to those claimants, including unsupported mothers and the so-called ‘voluntary unemployed’, who present particular difficulties to those administering the scheme. For many who claim supplementary benefit their only need is prompt, efficient financial service. For a few, their financial need is inextricably bound up with complex social and psychological difficulties. For such cases, the civil servants who administer the British Supplementary Benefits scheme need skill beyond that normally expected of such persons and their relationship with the social workers who are, or should be, in touch with such claimants becomes crucial. The book considers some of the underlying ethical issues, in particular the tension between equitable and individualised justice, involved in the exercise of discretion. It describes the structure and organisation of the Supplementary Benefits scheme and analyses the roles of officials that bear on welfare. It also examines the current situation with regard to the selection and training of officials and discusses the attitudes of social workers to officials. This work, drawing on the unique experience of the author as the first Social Work Adviser to the Supplementary Benefits Commission, was the first study of its kind to be published in this country and would be of great value to all students and teachers of social work at the time as well as to a wide readership of social scientists.

Civil Litigation 2015 2016

CFAs are available to claimants and defendants, and can stand alone or be used in conjunction with other forms of funding. There are a number of different types of CFA, depending on the fee agreement between the client and the law firm.

Author: Susan Cunningham-Hill

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198737711

Category: Actions and defenses

Page: 489

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Making use of two case studies which run throughout the book, this text provides student-focused coverage of the key procedures central to the civil litigation process. Innovative diagrams in the form of a timeline help students see how the procedures fit together, while costs and professional conduct issues are clearly highlighted.

Risks Reputations and Rewards

Clients will sometime ask the lawyer for advice either on what type of provider to see or for a specific recommendation of an ... it is common that the current employer will no longer have work that the claimant is able to do .

Author: Herbert M. Kritzer

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804749671

Category: Law

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Risks, Reputations, and Rewards looks at a variety of interrelated questions about contingency fee legal practice: What is the nature of the contingency fees that lawyers charge? How do lawyers get and screen potential cases? How do contingency fee lawyers interact with their clients and opponents? What is involved in settling these cases? What types of returns do contingency fee cases produce? And what role does reputation play in contingency fee practice? The author argues that to be successful, contingency fee lawyers must generate a portfolio of cases, similar to an investment portfolio with its associated risk. This has a significant impact on how contingency fee lawyers obtain and select cases, manage their work, and deal with the pressures that arise in settling cases. More important, understanding the work of contingency fee lawyers in terms of an ongoing practice rather than in terms of individual cases mitigates some of the significant conflicts that may exist between lawyers and clients.

Winston County Alabama Files From The Southern Claims Commission

[signed] Marion A. Williams; Attest: [signed] A.B. Hays, Special Commissioner I heard the claimant, Joseph L. McAllister, ... 1877) Client 56, Cypress Inn, P.O. Wayne County, Tennessee, six years past, moved from near Houston, ...

Author: Robin Sterling


ISBN: 9781304218315

Category: History

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includes the list of questions asked of the original claimants, and the line by line transcription of all existing claims for Winston County made to the Southern Claims Commission.

Regulation of Lawyers

(2) An agreement prospectively limiting a lawyer's liability to a client for malpractice is unenforceable. (3) The client or former client may rescind an agreement settling a claim by the client or former client against the person's ...

Author: Stephen Gillers

Publisher: Aspen Publishing

ISBN: 9781543804300

Category: Law

Page: 528

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Regulation of Lawyers, Statutes and Standards, Concise Edition, 2019

Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards

With respect to clause (a), overtly threatened litigation means that a potential claimant has manifested to the client an awareness of and present intention to assert a possible claim or assessment unless the likelihood of litigation ...

Author: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Auditing Standards Board


ISBN: UCLA:L0065954067

Category: Auditing

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Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Litigation 2020

The aim of the claimant's solicitor is to establish liability against the defendant and to achieve the highest possible level of damages for his client (without falsifying or exaggerating the claim). The primary aim of the defendant's ...

Author: Julie Mardell

Publisher: College of Law Publishing

ISBN: 9781913226435

Category: Law

Page: 458

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This guide provides a thorough and practical introduction to the large and complex area of personal injury and clinical negligence litigation.

International Business Correspondence

The claimant should be able to submit a complete claim form detailing what has happened. Once the insurer received this ... A client who fails to pay his premium on time will cause the claim to be rejected. (2)The client had an injury ...

Author: Sinee Sankrusme


ISBN: 9783960676300

Category: Education

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International business correspondence is not simply writing or information exchange. It is something that you want others to know about you – to know about your business and the way you deal with business transactions. It is by the way you create your letter that your reader can identify whether you are friendly, rude, or you just simply want to do business. Your letter shows your attitude. This is one reason why it is important to consider your way of writing, write professionally and with courtesy. Success of business transactions is not only dependent on your ability to talk and communicate verbally, but also the way you communicate in letters. How important is learning the proper way of writing business letters? This book will help you to improve your written communication by guiding you through the steps and guidelines of making an effective letter. Aside from that, you will learn to see that planning is important. Gathering information and doing some research will help you. As you go through answer complaints, it will save you to make adjustments, it is important and friendly to reply to inquiries, it is good to be precise in your quotations, it is proper to acknowledge placed orders or acknowledge payment, it is worth to check all outgoing orders for shipment and delivery, it is important to have an insurance policy, it is tedious to deal internationally without bank transactions, and it is by connection that you can increase your sales. You need to connect to your customers and readers in order to build a good working relationship. If you are able to establish a good relationship, they will value you as their business partners. Skills in creating business letters are important for the success of your business. Business letter writing skills will also boost your confidence as a businessman and will help boosting your business as well. This book aims to help students to develop their skills and confidence in writing international busi-ness letters. It can also serve as a reference for students at college and university levels.

An Attorney s Guide to ERISA Disability Claims

resources such as the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and O*NET, the claimant's education and training, ... To elicit vocational information from the client and then to relate the information to the client's symptoms, ...

Author: Scott M. Riemer

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 9781580121538

Category: Law

Page: 156

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An essential resource that gives you the specialized knowledge you need to thoroughly prepare ERISA disability claims through both the initial application process and the insurance company’s appeal process.

Maximizing Damages in Small Personal Injury Cases

Fault Who Would Be Liable to Pay Claim §283.18 Unsafe Lane Change – Your Client Made an Unsafe Lane Change, ... Personnel – Medical Attendants at Scene Either Mentioned Little or No Injury to Claimant, or Were Not Even Called to Scene, ...

Author: Ellsworth T. Rundlett III

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 9781945421310

Category: Law


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Learn how to choose small to medium-sized personal injury cases with the best chances of success, and how to efficiently deliver the biggest results. Includes pattern responses to adjusters, case-screening rules, cost-reducing techniques, sample letters, discovery, motions and more.