City of the Big Shoulders

Through the combined efforts ofall ofthese poems, perhaps we can help decipher a bit ofthe complex appeal that is Second City, Citybythe Lake, New Gotham, Paris on the Prairie, and the Heart ofAmerica. 1916's The Chicago Anthology: A ...

Author: Ryan G. Van Cleave

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

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Chicago has served as touchstone and muse to generations of writers and artists defined by their relationship to the city’s history, lore, inhabitants, landmarks, joys and sorrows, pride and shame. The poetic conversations inspired by Chicago have long been a vital part of America’s literary landscape, from Carl Sandburg and Gwendolyn Brooks to experimental writers and today’s slam poets. The one hundred contributors to this vibrant collection take their materials and their inspirations from the city itself in a way that continues this energetic dialogue. The cultural, ethnic, and aesthetic diversity in this gathering of poems springs from a variety of viewpoints, styles, and voices as multifaceted and energetic as the city itself. Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz: “I want to eat / in a city smart enough to know that if you / are going to have that heart attack, you might / as well have the pleasure of knowing // you’ve really earned it”; Renny Golden: “In the heat of May 1937, my grandfather / sits in the spring grass of an industrial park / with hundreds of striking steelworkers”; Joey Nicoletti: “The wind pulls a muscle / as fans yell the vine off the outfield wall, / mustard-stained shirts, hot dog smiles, and all.” The combined energies of these poems reveal the mystery and beauty that is Second City, the City by the Lake, New Gotham, Paris on the Prairie, the Windy City, the Heart of America, and Sandburg’s iconic City of the Big Shoulders.

AIA Guide to Chicago

The west lobby has a special treat : a 1989 painting by Roger Brown entitled City of the Big Shoulders . NBC TOWER AT CITYFRONT CENTER 7 Hotel Inter - Continental Chicago ( Medinah Athletic Club ) 505 N. Michigan Ave.

Author: Alice Sinkevitch

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From the American Institute of Architects comes a definitive overview of the architectural landmarks of Chicago, the birthplace of modern architecture, offering a detailed description of more than one thousand diverse buildings, along with suggested walking or driving tours. Original.

City of Big Shoulders

How did the pungent swamplands that the Native Americans called "the wild-garlic place" burgeon into one of the world's largest and most sophisticated cities? What is the real story behind the Great Chicago Fire?

Author: Robert G. Spinney

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501748349

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City of Big Shoulders links key events in Chicago's development, from its marshy origins in the 1600s to today's robust metropolis. Robert G. Spinney presents Chicago in terms of the people whose lives made the city—from the tycoons and the politicians to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants from all over the world. In this revised and updated second edition that brings Chicago's story into the twenty-first century, Spinney sweeps his historian's gaze across the colorful and dramatic panorama of the city's explosive past. How did the pungent swamplands that the Native Americans called "the wild-garlic place" burgeon into one of the world's largest and most sophisticated cities? What is the real story behind the Great Chicago Fire? What aspects of American industry exploded with the bomb in Haymarket Square? Could the gritty blue-collar hometown of Al Capone become a visionary global city? A city of immigrants and entrepreneurs, Chicago is quintessentially American. Spinney brings it to life and highlights the key people, moments, and special places—from Fort Dearborn to Cabrini-Green, Marquette to Mayor Daley, the Union Stock Yards to the Chicago Bulls—that make this incredible city one of the best places in the world.

Chicago s Navy Pier Illinois

THE PAVILIONS City of the Big Shoulders Pavilion and Marketplace Hog Butcher for the World , Tool Maker , Stacker of Wheat , Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler ; Stormy , husky , brawling , City of the Big ...

Author: United States. National Park Service


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City of Big Shoulders

A history of the city of Chicago discusses the events, personalities, and institutions that have contributed to its unique character.

Author: Robert Guy Spinney


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A history of the city of Chicago discusses the events, personalities, and institutions that have contributed to its unique character.

The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens

Like Sandburg's poem, Lurie Garden pays tribute to the great midwestern hub, America's third largest city. ... From Sandberg's poem, Chicago has become known as “the city of big shoulders.” Gustafson used an enormous evergreen ...

Author: Linda A. Chisholm

Publisher: Timber Press

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“Rich with photographs and descriptions of how landscape design has shaped and reflected culture over time.” —The American Gardener The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens explores the defining moments in garden design. Through profiles of 100 of the most influential gardens, Linda Chisholm explores how social, political, and economic influences shaped garden design principles. The book is organized chronologically and by theme, starting with the medieval garden Alhambra and ending with the modern naturalism of the Lurie Garden. Sumptuously illustrated, The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens is a comprehensive resource for garden designers and landscape architects, design students, and garden history enthusiasts.

Soap Elvira s Mega Barney Miller Goonies Twister Batman Blazing Hood Gromit Big China Young Frankenstein

[Even more big names in this one: Nicole Kidman as Dr. Chasing Madmen, Tommy Lee Jones as Face Face (You may know him as the white guy ... Chicago is 'The City of Big Shoulders' because only large people can live in such a windy place.

Author: Jim Fenn


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Join the hilarious adventures of the cop, Nice Boob, of 'Ride Along;' the 'Soap' stars, Jezebel Taint, Belly Taint, Chorine, Heinous, Dapper and Butt Camel. The boys at the old One Three; Barmy Muller, Whoa Joe, and the dapper, Harris Tweed. Many bits by Elmira, Mistress in the Park. From Peppermint Twister, They call him Dill "The Extremist" Lastname. Her name is Jaw "Clenched" Harder. His new fiancee is Melinda "We Got Cows" Sex Therapist. From 'The Jerk, ' Naive Johnson. Many versions of Batty Man with or without Tweety, the Boy Wormer. The tough private eye, Wriggly Rear of 'Dead Men Wear No Tails.' A serious documentary of the Old West, Blazing Saddles. Robbing Good and his maid, Marrying, of 'Robbing Good: Many Times.' And finally Dr. Franks-n-Weenies of 'Yon Frankenstein.' Plus many lesser known gems.

The Spiritual Traveler Chicago and Illinois

HICAGO ' S MOTTO IS urbis in horto, the city in a garden, but most guidebooks on Chicago usually begin with a list of ... Its “big shoulders” describes those who labored in industry and the city's ability to shoulder whatever natural or ...

Author: Marilyn Joyce Segal Chiat

Publisher: Paulist Press

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Here is a distinctively different guidebook that explores spiritual sites and peaceful places from all faith traditions in Chicago and Illinois, including buildings, cemeteries, battlefields, and landscapes, both natural and manmade.

The Intellectual Devotional American History

FRIDAY , DAY 5 103 BUILDING AMERICA Chicago HOG Butcher for the World , Tool Maker , Stacker of Wheat , Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler ; Stormy , husky , brawling , City of the Big Shoulders : — “ Chicago ...

Author: David S. Kidder

Publisher: Rodale

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A year's worth of daily readings from the secular arena provides subject matter for intellectual growth and advancement, in a volume that features passages from the rich annals of American history, capturing pivotal events, biographical profiles, and words of wisdom from such important figures as Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and Martin Luther King, Jr., among others. 250,000 first printing.


City. of. “Big. Shoulders”—. People. and. More. Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Poet Carl Sandburg, who spent part of his life in Chicago, once described it as the “City of the Big Shoulders.” As famous as Chicago is as a center of ...

Author: Kathleen Tracy

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Haley O’Malley and her classmates are going on a class trip to Chicago. Before leaving, they will learn about the city’s exciting history and discover little-known fascinating facts about the Windy City. Founded in 1781 by Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, an African American from present-day Haiti, Chicago began as a trading post. A little more than 100 years later it was one of America’s most important industrial and economic centers. It was also the home to the world’s first skyscrapers. The class will also learn about Chicago’s extreme climate, its most famous residents, the local flora and fauna, and the city’s many museums. Haley and her friends will also get to enjoy Chicago’s most famous food—deep-dish “Chicago-style” pizza. Join the class on their visit to one of America’s most unique cities and see why the “Second City” is first in the hearts of those who live there.