City of Shadows

A gripping historical mystery Diana Norman. CITY, SHADOWS DIANA NORMAN WRITING AS Ariana Franklin 100 ANEL0 To Frank McGuinness, in return for the picture Prologue Berlin,

Author: Diana Norman

Publisher: Canelo

ISBN: 9781788635141

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Berlin, 1922. A cultured city scarred by war. An eastern émigré with scars and secrets of her own, a young woman claiming to be a Russian duchess and a brazen killer, as vicious as he is clever... One of the troubled city's growing number of refugees, Esther Solomonova survives by working as secretary to the charming, unscrupulous cabaret owner ‘Prince’ Nick. Against her will, she is drawn into his scheme to pass a young asylum patient off as Anastasia, the last surviving heir to the murdered czar of Russia. However, their found ‘princess’, Anna Anderson, fears that she's being hunted. And then innocent people all around her begin to die... A dark and gripping historical mystery, perfect for fans of Kate Mosse and Isabel Allende.

Grasping Shadows

On Reiniger see Evamarie Blattner, “Born with Magic Hands: Lotte Reiniger— Scissors Cuts, Shadow Theatre, Silhouette Animations,” in Columbo, In Praise of Shadows, 43–47. In 2015–2016 Ernie Gehr's ... Chapter 6 City of Shadows 1. 2.

Author: William Chapman Sharpe

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190675271

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With the shadow's seductive associations to sexuality, mystery, danger, intangible power, and death, the use of shadows as artistic technique saturates both classic and modern art forms, and yet the practice remains almost invisible. As the first full-length study of art shadows in over adecade, Grasping Shadows ranges from classic works by Rembrandt, Dickens, Picasso, Disney, and Warhol to contemporary street art, popular songs, billboards, and architecture to propose a general theory of how all shadows function in texts and visual media, ultimately offering four main categories.Sharpe explores the diverse ways shadows appear in literature, painting, photography, and film, insisting that literary and visual meanings of shadows cannot be separated, and that art-shadows must be analyzed as part of a cultural field in which words and images continually overlap and reinforceeach other's meanings.Beginning with a summary of scholarship to date, the introduction addresses how real-world shadows function, and gives an overview of the strategies involved in representing shadows from the Renaissance onward. The first chapter sets out a theory of how the meanings of shadows are generated.Subsequent chapters, each centered on an influential literary text, explore in detail the four kinds of shadows that visual artists and writers use. The last chapter presents a case study of how shadows have impacted the art of the modern city, from Renoir and Zola to film noir to advancedprojection systems capturing the shadows of passers-by on streets around the globe. The book concludes with a philosophical meditation on how living with shadows enriches everyday life.

The Poetry of Eavan Boland

National Gallery of Ireland” and “City of Shadows”, the speaker emphasizes her own distance from those “pin-pointed citizens/ their solid ease” and from “the bronze arms and attitudes of orators” (Collected, 157, 250).

Author: P.Villar

Publisher: Academica Press,LLC

ISBN: 9781933146232

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This monograph is an original and important contribution to the growing body of critical studies devoted to one of Ireland?s major living poets: Eavan Boland (see Haberstroh 1996; Hagen & Zelman 2005). It details the controversies that were prompted by the inclusion of Ireland in a postcolonial framework and then tests the application of an array of cogent theories and concepts to Boland's work. In an attempt to explore the richness and complexity of her poetry, Villar Argaiz discusses the contradictory pulls in her desire to surpass, and yet at the same time epitomize, Irish nationality. Boland's remarkable achievement as a poet lies in her ability to stretch, by constant negotiations and re-appropriations, the borderlines of inherited definitions of nationality and femininity. Chapters include: Re-examining the postcolonial: Gender and Irish studies, Towards an understanding of Boland's poetry as minority/ postcolonial discourse, A post-nationalist or a post-colonial writer?: Boland's revisionary stance on Mother Ireland, To a "third" space: Boland's imposed exile as a young child, The subaltern in Boland's poetry, Boland's mature exile in the US: An "Orientalist" writer? and Conclusion. Review: "This rigorous and informative exploration of the poetry of Eavan Boland by Pilar Villar-Argaiz proves the validity of drawing upon the resources of postcolonial theory to illuminate her work. Through the lens of postcolonialism, the deep-seated preoccupations and complex imaginative foundations of Boland's writing are carefully excavated and interpreted. Villar-Argaiz, moreover, in her observant close readings of poems from different phases of the author's oeuvre reveals how recurrent issues such as the problem of national and cultural identity, the ethical responsibility of engaging with the past, and the quest for fluidity and openness are variously engaged with, both aesthetically and philosophically. Villar-Argaiz's sustained, meticulous, and exacting study of Eavan Boland opens up and articulates in a fresh way key dimensions of her poetry. It succeeds not only in tracking the far-reaching ramifications of Eavan Boland's politicized aesthetic as a postcolonial writer but in urging us to revisit the crystalline and precisely etched poems of one of the most significant artists in contemporary Irish culture." - Professor Anne Fogarty, Department of English, University College Dublin, Ireland.

City of Shadows

. . . A brazen killer, as vicious as he is clever. . . . A detective driven by decency and the desire for justice. . . . A nightmare political movement steadily gaining power. . . . This is 1922 Berlin.

Author: Ariana Franklin

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061834165

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A cultured city scarred by war. . . . An eastern émigré with scars and secrets of her own. . . . A young woman claiming to be a Russian grand duchess. . . . A brazen killer, as vicious as he is clever. . . . A detective driven by decency and the desire for justice. . . . A nightmare political movement steadily gaining power. . . . This is 1922 Berlin. One of the troubled city's growing number of refugees, Esther Solomonova survives by working as secretary to the charming, unscrupulous cabaret owner "Prince" Nick, and she's being drawn against her will into his scheme to pass a young asylum patient off as Anastasia, the last surviving heir to the murdered czar of all Russia. But their found "princess," Anna Anderson, fears that she's being hunted—and this may turn out to be more than paranoia when innocent people all around her begin to die.

City of Light and Shadows

City of a Hundred Rows, Book 3 Ian Whates ... Tylus stood straight and found himself in the shadow of a towering stadium – the Pits, infamous home of gladiatorial blood sports and birthplace of the Tattooed Men.

Author: Ian Whates

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 9780857661913

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The monstrous Rust Warriors are back! In a land struggling to cope with the onset of the fatal bone flu, street-nick Tom and Kat - the leader of the Tattooed Men - must find a way to despatch both threats. Meanwhile, the Soul Thief is still at large, and still killing...


There was a low stone wall and an arching stone entrance with no gate, as they entered Simone saw a whole city with high buildings and everyone just like her shadow was black dressed with black hair. This is the city of shadows ...

Author: Adam Ivehag

Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789179699970

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Shadows is a short fantasy story about a girl living in the UK who has a magical encounter and discovers a hidden world.

City Shadows

Robert Wyckoff Searle. _ _ __----- - - - - - - - - ----- - - CITY SHADOWS - PAUL H. FLANDRIN Courtesy of Braun &

Author: Robert Wyckoff Searle


ISBN: UIUC:30112068387643

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Film Noir Guide

“Shadow” is also used often: Cast a Dark Shadow, Chase a Crooked Shadow, City of Shadows, Man in the Shadow, Shadow of a Doubt, Shadow of a Woman, Shadow on the Wall, Shadow on the Window. Many films noirs take place in urban settings: ...

Author: Michael F. Keaney

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786491551

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More than 700 films from the classic period of film noir (1940 to 1959) are presented in this exhaustive reference book—such films as The Accused, Among the Living, The Asphalt Jungle, Baby Face Nelson, Bait, The Beat Generation, Crossfire, Dark Passage, I Walk Alone, The Las Vegas Story, The Naked City, Strangers on a Train, White Heat, and The Window. For each film, the following information is provided: the title, release date, main performers, screenwriter(s), director(s), type of noir, thematic content, a rating based on the five-star system, and a plot synopsis that does not reveal the ending.

Elak of Atlantis

A green haze clothed the city. A city of shadows—And the shadows moved and drifted in the tideless sea. Slowly, endlessly, they crept like a stain over the marble. They took shape before Elak's eyes. Not sea-shapes—no.

Author: Henry Kuttner

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 9781626813656

Category: Fiction

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Swords and Sorcery clash with riveting results in these four classic stories! "[A] pomegranate writer: popping with seeds—full of ideas." —Ray Bradbury When Robert E. Howard died in 1936, some of the greatest science-fiction and fantasy writers stepped into the void to pen amazing tales of swords and sorcery. Weird Tales published these four stories by iconic author Henry Kuttner, perfect for fans of Conan the Barbarian, and vital for every fantasy reader. Depicting a brutal world of swords and magic, with a hint of the Lovecraft mythos, Kuttner unleashes four tales as vital in today’s Game of Thrones world as they were when they first published. These stories include: Thunder In the Dawn The Spawn Of Dagon Beyond The Phoenix Dragon Moon


What once were shadows within the cave walls soon began to materialize into physical human beings. ... “Well,” Danon replied, “it has been a very long time since we have had visitors here in the City of Shadows.

Author: Stephen Ramsay

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781635683714

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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Ever since escaping certain death in an ancient temple at the hands of his master, Abaddon Delekran has been traveling the world seeking the strength he needs in order to defeat him. But being a young necromancer, a master over the undead, can make you a lot of enemies and even bring forth the most unexpected friends. If he’s going to survive, Abaddon will need all the help he can get to defeat his former master and bravely move toward his destiny. However, there is another figure following the young mage, even in his dreams. Though he is helping the necromancer along in life, just what are his plans for Abaddon? Are they for the greater good? Or will darkness win within the young man’s heart?