City Island and Two Family House Two Screenplays

Serving as a tribute to the second-generation immigrant stories that motivate his own work and a blueprint for how to become a successful independent filmmaker, this is a must-read guide for any aspiring screenwriter.

Author: Raymond De Felitta

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 150581071X


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Two Family House introduces you to Buddy Visalo, a frustrated factory worker who can't get over his dream of being a singer.City Island welcomes you into the Rizzos, a family marked by its members' inability to be honest with one another-starting with the dad, a prison guard who's secretly taking acting classes.Written by Oscar-nominated filmmaker and director Raymond De Felitta, these two feature films won Audience Awards at Sundance and Tribeca, respectively. They are also both the result of two separate seven-year journeys from script to screen. Now you can benefit from De Felitta's persistent struggle to see his stories through in this complete guide to independent filmmaking that includes not only a full shooting script for each film but also essays on the making of each movie, movie stills, and production notes to further illuminate the entire process. Serving as a tribute to the second-generation immigrant stories that motivate his own work and a blueprint for how to become a successful independent filmmaker, this is a must-read guide for any aspiring screenwriter. Yes, the road ahead is fraught with difficulty, but your artistic pursuit is worthwhile. And, as De Felitta reveals, it doesn't just have to be a pipe dream-but your vision realized for screen.

Narrative Humanism

City Island can also be seen as part of De Felitta's continuing documentation of the Italian American experience in New York and New Jersey in films such as Two Family House (2000) and documentaries like 'Tis Autumn: The Search for ...

Author: Moss-Wellington Wyatt Moss-Wellington

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474454346


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This book attempts to clarify the narrative conditions of humanism, asking how we can use stories to complicate our understanding of others, and questioning the ethics and efficacy of attempts to represent human social complexity in fiction. With case studies of films like Parenthood (1989), American Beauty (1999), Little Miss Sunshine (2006) and The Kids Are All Right (2010), this original study synthesises leading discourses on media and cognition, evolutionary anthropology, literature and film analysis into a new theory of the storytelling instinct.

Reel Views 2

be as adept at the family genre as he is at making ultra-gory revenge and horror films. ... RECOMMENDED Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams [2002] Starring: Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Steve Buscemi ...

Author: James Berardinelli

Publisher: Justin, Charles & Co.

ISBN: 9781932112405

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Thoroughly revised and updated for 2005! Includes a new chapter on the best special edition DVDs and a new chapter on finding hidden easter egg features.

A History of Housing in New York City

Report of the Joint Legislative Committee on Housing and Urban Development. Legislative document no. 75. ... Typescript of paper read before the Newtown Historical Society, January 17, 1950. ... “New 2-Family Houses Without Subsidies.

Author: Richard Plunz

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231543101

Category: Architecture

Page: 496

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Since its emergence in the mid-nineteenth century as the nation's "metropolis," New York has faced the most challenging housing problems of any American city, but it has also led the nation in innovation and reform. The horrors of the tenement were perfected in New York at the same time that the very rich were building palaces along Fifth Avenue; public housing for the poor originated in New York, as did government subsidies for middle-class housing. A standard in the field since its publication in 1992, A History of Housing in New York City traces New York's housing development from 1850 to the present in text and profuse illustrations. Richard Plunz explores the housing of all classes, with comparative discussion of the development of types ranging from the single-family house to the high-rise apartment tower. His analysis is placed within the context of the broader political and cultural development of New York City. This revised edition extends the scope of the book into the city's recent history, adding three decades to the study, covering the recent housing bubble crisis, the rebound and gentrification of the five boroughs, and the ecological issues facing the next generation of New Yorkers. More than 300 illustrations are integrated throughout the text, depicting housing plans, neighborhood changes, and city architecture over the past 130 years. This new edition also features a foreword by the distinguished urban historian Kenneth T. Jackson.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

Five bedrooms , three baths , two fireplaces ! Pretty living room , airy dining room opening on deck , both overlooking delightful secluded grounds with wee brook . Master suite peacefully separated from children's wing . Paneled family ...


Publisher: princeton alumni weekly

ISBN: PRNC:32101081977041



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Sins of Two Fathers

do all the foreign reporting he wanted at home in New York City by riding the subway. If he wanted to do a piece on Arabs, he took a subway to Atlantic Avenue or Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn and just walked into any store with a ...

Author: Denis Hamill

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743480079

Category: Fiction

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You will now feel the pain I have felt for the past ten years, Hank Tobin. You are going to know what it is like to have your son suffer for the sins of his father, which is the worst pain any man will ever know. Hank Tobin had it all: a popular column in a New York newspaper, a Pulitzer prize, and wealth that enabled him to live his boyhood dreams. But his world is shattered when his son -- himself an aspiring journalist -- follows an anonymous tip to a can't-miss front-page story: the firebombing of a Brooklyn mosque. Hank's son is accused of the crime, arrested, and thrown into prison. Hank soon discovers that his son was framed by a man who has been waiting a decade to have his revenge. Sitting in a seedy New York bar ten years earlier, Hank overheard a janitor bragging that his son torched the home of a minority family to keep the neighborhood white. Hank's story of the event made the front page. The boy spent ten years in prison and the family was destroyed -- a minor event in the life of the columnist, a life-altering event for the janitor and his family. Hank's life is in ruins. Divorced from his wife -- whom he desperately wants back -- and estranged by his daughter, Hank has lost his reputation, his career, and his family. To save his son from a long prison sentence, Hank must confront the vengeful man whose life he once carelessly destroyed.

Early Motion Pictures

... actor The Black Sheep Carson , Kit Cursed by His Beauty Droppington's Family Tree Fatty's Faithful Fido Gentlemen of ... actor The Fire of Life Love in the Tropics Midsummer - Tide The Two Convicts The Vampire Dancer Christensen ...

Author: Library of Congress. Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division


ISBN: OSU:32435054790779

Category: Silent films

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Catalog of Copyright Entries

... Highly Purified Crystalling Trypsin Two To Make a Bargain Under Control Up It Goes Walls Without Welds We Drivers ... The Sacred City So You Work in New York Something To Be Proud Of The Song of Mid - America Stamford - Your Home ...

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office


ISBN: STANFORD:36105006281351

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Scripts of Blackness

It is the third-largest municipio (county) on the Island, with a population of approximately 185,000. ... My grand-aunts, two retired, dark-skinned mulatas,1 lived in Urbanización Los Maestros, an urban housing complex subsidized for ...

Author: Isar P Godreau

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252096860

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

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The geopolitical influence of the United States informs the processes of racialization in Puerto Rico, including the construction of black places. In Scripts of Blackness, Isar P. Godreau explores how Puerto Rican national discourses about race--created to overcome U.S. colonial power--simultaneously privilege whiteness, typecast blackness, and silence charges of racism. Based on an ethnographic study of the barrio of San Antón in the city of Ponce, Scripts of Blackness examines institutional and local representations of blackness as developing from a power-laden process that is inherently selective and political, not neutral or natural. Godreau traces the presumed benevolence or triviality of slavery in Puerto Rico, the favoring of a Spanish colonial whiteness (under a hispanophile discourse), and the insistence on a harmonious race mixture as discourses that thrive on a presumed contrast with the United States that also characterize Puerto Rico as morally superior. In so doing, she outlines the debates, social hierarchies, and colonial discourses that inform the racialization of San Antón and its residents as black. Mining ethnographic materials and anthropological and historical research, Scripts of Blackness provides powerful insights into the critical political, economic, and historical context behind the strategic deployment of blackness, whiteness, and racial mixture.

The Best Novels of the Nineties

maker Dionne Brand features two West Indian women: one island-bound, the other an educated young woman who has returned to the island of her birth from her new home in Canada. Elizete is a sugar cane worker on an unnamed Caribbean ...

Author: Linda Parent Lesher

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476603896

Category: Literary Criticism

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This reader’s guide provides uniquely organized and up-to-date information on the most important and enjoyable contemporary English-language novels. Offering critically substantiated reading recommendations, careful cross-referencing, and extensive indexing, this book is appropriate for both the weekend reader looking for the best new mystery and the full-time graduate student hoping to survey the latest in magical realism. More than 1,000 titles are included, each entry citing major reviews and giving a brief description for each book.

Radio Script Catalog

Naples , The Beautifui ( Ann . , 3m , 1f ) With the blue waters of the bay , the white houses on the slopes , and Mount Vesuvius in the distance , the Youngs are breathless on this visit to one of the most beautiful cities of Italy .

Author: Gertrude Golden Broderick


ISBN: MINN:31951D03577709H

Category: Radio in education

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The Encyclopedia of New York State

PUTNAM VALLEY 1273 PUZO , MARIO town ; two paper mills provided employment at times between 1864 and 1902. ... The county experienced a housing boom of new single - family homes and the rapid conversion of summer cottages to year ...

Author: Peter Eisenstadt

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 081560808X

Category: History

Page: 1940

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The Encyclopedia of New York State is one of the most complete works on the Empire State to be published in a half-century. In nearly 2,000 pages and 4,000 signed entries, this single volume captures the impressive complexity of New York State as a historic crossroads of people and ideas, as a cradle of abolitionism and feminism, and as an apex of modern urban, suburban, and rural life. The Encyclopedia is packed with fascinating details from fields ranging from sociology and geography to history. Did you know that Manhattan's Lower East Side was once the most populated neighborhood in the world, but Hamilton County in the Adirondacks is the least densely populated county east of the Mississippi; New York is the only state to border both the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean; the Erie Canal opened New York City to rich farmland upstate . . . and to the west. Entries by experts chronicle New York's varied areas, politics, and persuasions with a cornucopia of subjects from environmentalism to higher education to railroads, weaving the state's diverse regions and peoples into one idea of New York State. Lavishly illustrated with 500 photographs and figures, 120 maps, and 140 tables, the Encyclopedia is key to understanding the state's past, present, and future. It is a crucial reference for students, teachers, historians, and business people, for New Yorkers of all persuasions, and for anyone interested in finding out more about New York State.

The Magic Square

4.1 .2. ' Picture of a typical printing shop. 4.1.2. 2. The city of Hangzhou. Zhejiang. as the capital of the Southern ... M Attar of Heaven, N Gushan island, O Zhaoqmg Temple, P Baoshu Pagoda, Q Temple to Yue Fei, R Leifeng Pagoda.

Author: Alfred Schinz

Publisher: Edition Axel Menges

ISBN: 9783930698028

Category: History

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The first complex presentation of Chinese urbanism in a Western language.

Release Print

30 ; late , MAY 31 . scripts in two categories : adult / family and comedy . Prime Time Teleplay Competition is open to teleplays based on a current television series in two categories : sitcom and drama .



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Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

New York , Random House . 105 p . Two acts . Appl . states prev . reg . 28Aug67 , DU69501 . NM : revision . ... ONE DAY IT WILL BEGIN TO RAIN AND RAIN AND RAIN AND RAIN ; original story and screenplay by Birgitta Ljungberg Cosmatos ...

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office


ISBN: UIUC:30112113401209

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The record of each copyright registration listed in the Catalog includes a description of the work copyrighted and data relating to the copyright claim (the name of the copyright claimant as given in the application for registration, the copyright date, the copyright registration number, etc.).

The New Yorker

In the previous decade or two , other avant - garde collectives had reached something of an impasse . ... family secrets emerge after the death of a like mop of curly blond hair and repertoire of chapaterfamilias .

Author: Harold Wallace Ross


ISBN: NWU:35556039814751

Category: Literature


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Hammer Complete

For the film, which he both directed and wrote (from a treatment by J.G. Ballard), Guest had to overcome the problem of what the ... which he wrote (and which, minus Guest's screenplay, eventually emerged as CutThroat Island [1995]) ...

Author: Howard Maxford

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476629148

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 992

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Think you know everything there is to know about Hammer Films, the fabled "Studio that Dripped Blood?" The lowdown on all the imperishable classics of horror, like The Curse of Frankenstein, Horror of Dracula and The Devil Rides Out? What about the company's less blood-curdling back catalog? What about the musicals, comedies and travelogues, the fantasies and historical epics--not to mention the pirate adventures? This lavishly illustrated encyclopedia covers every Hammer film and television production in thorough detail, including budgets, shooting schedules, publicity and more, along with all the actors, supporting players, writers, directors, producers, composers and technicians. Packed with quotes, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, credit lists and production specifics, this all-inclusive reference work is the last word on this cherished cinematic institution.

Encyclopedia of Exhibition

THE BOYS Australian drama about a recently - freed convict whose attempts to restore his family home meet with ... With Rik Mayall ( “ Drop Dead Fred " ) , Jane Horrocks ( " Second Best " ) , Danny Aiello ( “ 2 Days in the Valley ” ) ...



ISBN: IND:30000047683069

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Reel San Francisco Stories An Annotated Filmography of the Bay Area

Director: Sidney Lanfield Screenwriters: Claude Binyon, Robert Russell Art Directors: Hans Drier, A. Earl Hedrick ... Mother and the two daughters returned to the United States in hopes of gaining improved health after recurring ...

Author: Christopher Pollock


ISBN: 9780578130422

Category: Motion picture industry

Page: 246

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Have you ever wondered whether a movie you are watching was filmed in San Francisco or the Bay Area? More than 600 movies, from blockbuster features to lesser-known indies, have been entirely or partially set in the region since 1927, when talkies made their debut. This essential publication will satisfy your curiosity and identify locations. Beyond the matter-of-fact location information, this book tells the stories behind the films and about the sites used. It also highlights those actors, directors, or technical staff who originated from the Bay Area or have come to call it home.

The American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States

Two mountain families, the Beagles and the Hickses, who have had a life long feud, are finally united through the aid of Powder-Horn Pete and Dead-Eye Dan, two ex-circus men hired by the Beagles to shoot up the other family.

Author: Kenneth White Munden

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520209699

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 2600

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After more than fifteen years, this initial volume of the American Film Institute Catalog series is again in print. The 1920s set covers the important filmmaking period when "movies" became "talkies," and the careers of many influential directors and actors were launched. Films such as Wings, The Phantom of the Opera, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Jazz Singer are included in this volume. After more than fifteen years, this initial volume of the American Film Institute Catalog series is again in print. The 1920s set covers the important filmmaking period when "movies" became "talkies," and the careers of many influential directors and actors were launched. Films such as Wings, The Phantom of the Opera, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Jazz Singer are included in this volume.