City Island and Two Family House Two Screenplays

Serving as a tribute to the second-generation immigrant stories that motivate his own work and a blueprint for how to become a successful independent filmmaker, this is a must-read guide for any aspiring screenwriter.

Author: Raymond De Felitta

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 150581071X


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Two Family House introduces you to Buddy Visalo, a frustrated factory worker who can't get over his dream of being a singer.City Island welcomes you into the Rizzos, a family marked by its members' inability to be honest with one another-starting with the dad, a prison guard who's secretly taking acting classes.Written by Oscar-nominated filmmaker and director Raymond De Felitta, these two feature films won Audience Awards at Sundance and Tribeca, respectively. They are also both the result of two separate seven-year journeys from script to screen. Now you can benefit from De Felitta's persistent struggle to see his stories through in this complete guide to independent filmmaking that includes not only a full shooting script for each film but also essays on the making of each movie, movie stills, and production notes to further illuminate the entire process. Serving as a tribute to the second-generation immigrant stories that motivate his own work and a blueprint for how to become a successful independent filmmaker, this is a must-read guide for any aspiring screenwriter. Yes, the road ahead is fraught with difficulty, but your artistic pursuit is worthwhile. And, as De Felitta reveals, it doesn't just have to be a pipe dream-but your vision realized for screen.

Narrative Humanism

City Island can also be seen as part of De Felitta's continuing ... Jersey in films such as Two Family House (2000) and documentaries like 'Tis Autumn: The ...

Author: Moss-Wellington Wyatt Moss-Wellington

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474454346


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This book attempts to clarify the narrative conditions of humanism, asking how we can use stories to complicate our understanding of others, and questioning the ethics and efficacy of attempts to represent human social complexity in fiction. With case studies of films like Parenthood (1989), American Beauty (1999), Little Miss Sunshine (2006) and The Kids Are All Right (2010), this original study synthesises leading discourses on media and cognition, evolutionary anthropology, literature and film analysis into a new theory of the storytelling instinct.

Reel Views 2

be as adept at the family genre as he is at making ultra-gory revenge and horror ... RECOMMENDED Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams [2002] Starring: ...

Author: James Berardinelli

Publisher: Justin, Charles & Co.

ISBN: 9781932112405

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Thoroughly revised and updated for 2005! Includes a new chapter on the best special edition DVDs and a new chapter on finding hidden easter egg features.

When the World was Black Part Two

A solution of natron was used to keep insects from houses. Amarna may have been the first planned 244 'garden city'.” (Easter Island) looks surprisingly ...

Author: Supreme understanding

Publisher: Supreme Design Publishing


Category: History

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When the World Was Black: The Untold History of the World’s First Civilizations (Volume Two of The Science of Self series) has been published in TWO parts. Why two? Because there are far too many stories that remain untold. We had over 200,000 years of Black history to tell – from the southern tip of Chile to the northernmost isles of Europe – and you can’t do that justice in a 300-page book. So there are two parts, each consisting of 360 pages of groundbreaking history, digging deep into the story of all the world’s original people. Part One covers the Black origins of all the world’s oldest cultures and societies, spanning more than 200,000 years of human history. Part Two tells the stories of the Black men and women who introduced urban civilization to the world over the last 20,000 years, up to the time of European contact. Each part has over 100 helpful maps, graphs, and photos, an 8-page full-color insert in the center, and over 300 footnotes and references for further research. “In this book, you’ll learn about the history of Black people. I don’t mean the history you learned in school, which most likely began with slavery and ended with the Civil Rights Movement. I’m talking about Black history BEFORE that. Long before that. In this book, we’ll cover over 200,000 years of Black history. For many of us, that sounds strange. We can’t even imagine what the Black past was like before the slave trade, much less imagine that such a history goes back 200,000 years or more.” “Part Two covers history from 20,000 years ago to the point of European contact. This is the time that prehistoric cultures grew into ancient urban civilizations, a transition known to historians as the “Neolithic Revolution.”

A History of Housing in New York City

Report of the Joint Legislative Committee on Housing and Urban Development. Legislative document no. 75. 1963. ... “New 2-Family Houses Without Subsidies.

Author: Richard Plunz

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231543101

Category: Architecture

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Since its emergence in the mid-nineteenth century as the nation's "metropolis," New York has faced the most challenging housing problems of any American city, but it has also led the nation in innovation and reform. The horrors of the tenement were perfected in New York at the same time that the very rich were building palaces along Fifth Avenue; public housing for the poor originated in New York, as did government subsidies for middle-class housing. A standard in the field since its publication in 1992, A History of Housing in New York City traces New York's housing development from 1850 to the present in text and profuse illustrations. Richard Plunz explores the housing of all classes, with comparative discussion of the development of types ranging from the single-family house to the high-rise apartment tower. His analysis is placed within the context of the broader political and cultural development of New York City. This revised edition extends the scope of the book into the city's recent history, adding three decades to the study, covering the recent housing bubble crisis, the rebound and gentrification of the five boroughs, and the ecological issues facing the next generation of New Yorkers. More than 300 illustrations are integrated throughout the text, depicting housing plans, neighborhood changes, and city architecture over the past 130 years. This new edition also features a foreword by the distinguished urban historian Kenneth T. Jackson.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

A factual report of the meeting of two such titans should make epochal ... Secretary 16 Wall St. , New York City Phone : RE 2-8900 Ed McDougal writes ...


Publisher: princeton alumni weekly

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A Biography of the Family of the Dalai Lama Mary Craig. English and how to write
her name in English script. The two friends stayed first in a small boarding-house
in Welwyn Garden City, then, after the operation, crossed to the Isle of Wight,
where Sir Basil Gould's widow, ... The two ladies stayed on the island for six
weeks: they had the homely guest-house to themselves, and the weather was

Author: Mary Craig

Publisher: Counterpoint LLC

ISBN: 1887178910

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 392

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KUNDUN is a story of reincarnation, coronation, heartbreaking exile, and the tenacious efforts of a holy man to save a nation and its people. This is mainly the story of the Dalai Lama's family, parents, four brothers, two sisters, who have worked tirelessly on behalf of their country and to help thousands of sick and starving refugee children. illustrations.

Sins of Two Fathers

... he wanted at home in New York City by riding the subway. If he wanted to do a piece on Arabs, he took a subway to Atlantic Avenue or Coney Island Avenue ...

Author: Denis Hamill

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743480079

Category: Fiction

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You will now feel the pain I have felt for the past ten years, Hank Tobin. You are going to know what it is like to have your son suffer for the sins of his father, which is the worst pain any man will ever know. Hank Tobin had it all: a popular column in a New York newspaper, a Pulitzer prize, and wealth that enabled him to live his boyhood dreams. But his world is shattered when his son -- himself an aspiring journalist -- follows an anonymous tip to a can't-miss front-page story: the firebombing of a Brooklyn mosque. Hank's son is accused of the crime, arrested, and thrown into prison. Hank soon discovers that his son was framed by a man who has been waiting a decade to have his revenge. Sitting in a seedy New York bar ten years earlier, Hank overheard a janitor bragging that his son torched the home of a minority family to keep the neighborhood white. Hank's story of the event made the front page. The boy spent ten years in prison and the family was destroyed -- a minor event in the life of the columnist, a life-altering event for the janitor and his family. Hank's life is in ruins. Divorced from his wife -- whom he desperately wants back -- and estranged by his daughter, Hank has lost his reputation, his career, and his family. To save his son from a long prison sentence, Hank must confront the vengeful man whose life he once carelessly destroyed.

The American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States

French-language version of The Big House, q. v. Convicts. ... Two mountain families, the Beagles and the Hickses, who have had a life long feud, ...

Author: Kenneth White Munden

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520209699

Category: Performing Arts

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After more than fifteen years, this initial volume of the American Film Institute Catalog series is again in print. The 1920s set covers the important filmmaking period when "movies" became "talkies," and the careers of many influential directors and actors were launched. Films such as Wings, The Phantom of the Opera, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Jazz Singer are included in this volume. After more than fifteen years, this initial volume of the American Film Institute Catalog series is again in print. The 1920s set covers the important filmmaking period when "movies" became "talkies," and the careers of many influential directors and actors were launched. Films such as Wings, The Phantom of the Opera, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Jazz Singer are included in this volume.

Harvard Business School Bulletin

Spend three months exploring , or just relaxing , from our five - bedroom country
home , one hour west of Central ... Nevis . One house , two bedrooms . ... Call
617-868-5545 , evenings Professsional Services Hollywood Screenwriters
Workshop . ... Exotic and privately owned by Richard Evanson , a Harvard
graduate , Turtle Island caters to romance and excitement . ... Family - owned
pine plantation with pool , three clay courts , lake , fishing , wildlife , three houses
, all amenities , cook ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0096837703

Category: Business


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City of Margins

What do you know from a movie script? ... This is all low-income housing, senior centers, bodegas, little two-family places with concrete front yards.

Author: William Boyle

Publisher: Oldcastle Books Ltd

ISBN: 9780857304070

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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In City of Margins, the lives of several lost souls intersect in Southern Brooklyn in the early 1990s. There's Donnie Parascandolo, a disgraced ex-cop with blood on his hands; Ava Bifulco, a widow whose daily work grind is her whole life; Nick, Ava's son, a grubby high school teacher who dreams of a shortcut to success; Mikey Baldini, a college dropout who's returned to the old neighborhood, purposeless and drifting; Donna Rotante, Donnie's ex-wife, still reeling from the suicide of their teenage son; Mikey's mother, Rosemarie, also a widow, who hopes Mikey won't fall into the trap of strong arm work; and Antonina Divino, a high school girl with designs on breaking free from Brooklyn. Uniting them are the dead: Mikey's old man, killed over a gambling debt, and Donnie and Donna's poor son, Gabe. These characters cross paths in unexpected ways, guided by coincidence and the pull of blood. There are new things to be found in the rubble of their lives, too. The promise of something different beyond the barriers that have been set out for them. This is a story of revenge and retribution, of facing down the ghosts of the past, of untold desires, of yearning and forgiveness and synchronicity, of the great distance of lives lived in dangerous proximity to each other. City of Margins is a Technicolor noir melodrama pieced together in broken glass. Praise for William Boyle 'Boyle's characters are vividly drawn and painfully real. Fans of literary crime novelists such as George Pelecanos and Richard Price will be highly rewarded' - Publishers Weekly 'Boyle has quietly proven he can take on any number of kinds of crime fiction, from a screwball farce to a hardboiled noir to a heartfelt examination of lonely people whose lives cross' - Crime Reads

Roger Ebert s Movie Yearbook 2001

... Raymond DeFelitta ' s Two Family House , star - and Iris Dement . ring Michael
Rispoli as a Staten Island man in For ... ground in Amtrak tunnels than brave the
drug - a film about a marriage where the husband ridden world of city shelters .

Author: Roger Ebert

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub

ISBN: 0740710893

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 900

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Presents detailed descriptions and reviews of virtually every movie that has opened nationally over the past year, reports from the major film festivals, interviews with important movie figures, and essays on the movie world.

Catalog of Copyright Entries

... Highly Purified Crystalling Trypsin Two To Make a Bargain Under Control Up ... Awards Program Air Power American Art in Nutcraft At Our House Beauty and ...

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office


ISBN: STANFORD:36105006281351

Category: Copyright


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Scripts of Blackness

It is the third-largest municipio (county) on the Island, ... Ponce (about two hours' driving distance from the capital city of San Juan) was not foreign to ...

Author: Isar P Godreau

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252096860

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

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The geopolitical influence of the United States informs the processes of racialization in Puerto Rico, including the construction of black places. In Scripts of Blackness, Isar P. Godreau explores how Puerto Rican national discourses about race--created to overcome U.S. colonial power--simultaneously privilege whiteness, typecast blackness, and silence charges of racism. Based on an ethnographic study of the barrio of San Antón in the city of Ponce, Scripts of Blackness examines institutional and local representations of blackness as developing from a power-laden process that is inherently selective and political, not neutral or natural. Godreau traces the presumed benevolence or triviality of slavery in Puerto Rico, the favoring of a Spanish colonial whiteness (under a hispanophile discourse), and the insistence on a harmonious race mixture as discourses that thrive on a presumed contrast with the United States that also characterize Puerto Rico as morally superior. In so doing, she outlines the debates, social hierarchies, and colonial discourses that inform the racialization of San Antón and its residents as black. Mining ethnographic materials and anthropological and historical research, Scripts of Blackness provides powerful insights into the critical political, economic, and historical context behind the strategic deployment of blackness, whiteness, and racial mixture.

The Best Novels of the Nineties

maker Dionne Brand features two West Indian women: one island-bound, ... woman who has returned to the island of her birth from her new home in Canada.

Author: Linda Parent Lesher

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786407422

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 488

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Offers advice on selecting novels published from 1990 through 1998 by United States publishers, including a synopsis and critical commentary for each entry.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

In August 1779 the houses of both brothers on Long N.B. Museum , Hazen family papers . PANB , “ New BrunsIsland were plundered by rebels during their ...

Author: George W. Brown

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0802033989

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 1044

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These biographies of Canadians are arranged chronologically by date of death. Entries in each volume are listed alphabetically, with bibliographies of source material and an index to names.

Texas Monthly

A few sharp questions to members of the two families who are Galveston's ... As the film doesn't say, in 1970 the Island City had a median family income of ...





Page: 178

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Since 1973, TEXAS MONTHLY has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. As a leisure guide, TEXAS MONTHLY continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations.


DISPLAY CLASSIFIED: 1" by 1 column, $245.00; 2" by 1 column, $490.00; 3" by 1 column, ... BASIN all less than 30 minutes from Ten Mile Island Condominiums.





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