A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol edited by Richard Kelly, Peterborough (Ont.) 2003. Edgar Johnson, »Christmas Carol and Economic Man« (1952), ...

Author: Charles Dickens

Publisher: Reclam Verlag

ISBN: 9783159604824

Category: Fiction

Page: 155

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Der geizige alte Ebenezer Scrooge mag Weihnachten nicht. Er mag Menschen nicht. Er mag nur Geld. Aber als der Geist seines verstorbenen Freundes Jacob Marley ihn am Heiligabend besucht, ist es der Anfang einer sehr merkwürdigen Nacht. Am folgenden Morgen wünscht er jedem "Frohe Weihnachten!" Was hat den bösen alten Scrooge verändert? Ungekürzte und unbearbeitete Textausgabe in der Originalsprache, mit Übersetzungen schwieriger Wörter, Nachwort und Literaturhinweisen. Mit Seitenzählung der gedruckten Ausgabe: Buch und E-Book können parallel benutzt werden.

Madeleines Weihnachtswunsch Madeleine s Christmas Wish

found out very quickly how to fly around in Christmas Land. So she just wants to play tag with the angels. Her warm laughter sounds all over Christmas Land ...

Author: Jennifer Schäfers

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783735725448

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 52

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Die kleine Madeleine hat einen riesengroßen Herzenswunsch, den ihr wirklich nur der Weihnachtsmann erfüllen kann. Natürlich wünscht sie sich, wie jedes andere Kind auch, zu Weihnachten Spielsachen, Plätzchen und Süßigkeiten, aber sie wünscht sich auch noch etwas ganz Besonderes. Etwas, was ihr niemand sonst erfüllen kann. Daher bittet sie ihren Schutzengel, ihren Herzenswunsch dem Weihnachtsmann zukommen zu lassen. Wird der Weihnachtsmann dem kleinen Mädchen diesen Wunsch erfüllen? Welches Wundervolle Abenteuer wird sie dabei wohl erleben? ________________________________________________________________________ Small Madeleine has one very big heart-felt wish for Christmas, which only Santa Claus is able to fulfill. As well as every other child, she ́s wishing toys, biscuits, cookies and sweets for Christmas, too. But she also has one very special wish, which nobody else can fulfill. So she asks her guardian angel to get her heart-felt wish to Santa Claus. Will Santa fulfill her request? What wonderful adventure will be waiting for her?

Zwei Jungen und ein Weihnachtswunsch Two Boys And One Christmas Wish

Just as they arrive in Christmas Land they rush into the magic room, where Santa and Nick are waiting. “Wonderful!” Santa welcomes them.

Author: Jennifer Schäfers

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752600643

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 100

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-Zwei Jungen und ein Weihnachtswunsch- ist eine Herzensgeschichte, die von einer engen Kinderfreundschaft zwischen dem 5-jährigen Jayden aus einer ex-europäischen Familie und dem 5-jährigen Takoda (Bedeutung: Jedermanns Freund) aus der Sioux-Familie erzählt. Bei einer Verabredung in einer geheimnisvollen Schule werden sie ein spannendes Abenteuer bestehen. Was werden sie dabei lernen? Welche Entdeckungen werden sie dabei machen? Und welchen ganz besonderen Weihnachtswunsch weckt dies in den Kindern? Ist der Weihnachtsmann wirklich der Weihnachtsmann? Und wo wohnt der Nikolaus? Über diese spannende Erkenntnis staunen nicht nur die Kinder. Auch den Leser wird dies sehr überraschen. Wird auch der Weihnachtswunsch in Erfüllung gehen? Fernab jeder kulturellen Vorstellung zeigt diese Geschichte, wie unbedeutend die Hautfarbe und Lebensweise unterschiedlicher Kulturen für eine Freundschaft sind. Viel interessanter ist, wie gleich die beiden Kinder in ihrem Herzen und menschlichem Wesen sind. Hier stehen nur die miteinander harmonierenden Menschen im Vordergrund. _______________________________________________________ -Two Boys And One Christmas Wish- is about a close friendship between the 5-year-old Jayden belonging to an ex-European family and the 5-year-old Takoda (meaning Friend To Everyone) belonging to the Sioux family. During a date at a mystical school, they pass an exciting adventure. What will they learn? What discoveries will they make? And what special Christmas wish will come up? Is Santa Claus really Santa Claus? And where does Saint Nicolas live? This insight does not amaze kids only. Readers will be surprised about it as well. Will the kids also get their Christmas wish fulfilled? Far away from cultural ideas, this fairy tale shows that skin color and different ways of life are not important for a friendship. It's much more interesting, however, to see how two hearts beat as one. Only the harmonizing people have priority in this fairy tale.

A Christmas carol and The chimes

“ It should be Christmas - day , I am sure , ' " said she , which one drinks the health of such an odious , stingy , hard , unfeeling man as Mr. Scrooge .

Author: Charles Dickens


ISBN: OXFORD:590300830


Page: 192

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Christmas Trees

CHRISTMAS TREES — THE TRADITION AND THE TRADE By A . M . Sowder , extension forester , Extension Service The traditional use of evergreen trees during the ...

Author: Arthur Merrill Sowder


ISBN: UVA:X030488450

Category: Christmas tree industry

Page: 22

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Christmas Books

“ Merry Christmas ! • What right have you to be merry ? What reason have you : to be merry ? You're poor enough . ” " Come then , " returned the nephew ...

Author: Charles Dickens


ISBN: UVA:X000944695

Category: Christmas stories, English


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Christmas Collection 400 Novels Stories Poems Carols Legends Illustrated

The Gift of the Magi, A Christmas Carol, Silent Night, The Three Kings, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, The Heavenly Christmas ...

Author: Louis Stevenson

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4057664129178

Category: Fiction

Page: 10534

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Musaicum Books presents to you a meticulously edited Christmas Classics collection. This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Content: The Gift of the Magi (O. Henry) The Holy Night (Selma Lagerlöf) A Merry Christmas & Other Christmas Stories (Louisa May Alcott) A Letter from Santa Claus (Mark Twain) Silent Night The Night After Christmas The Child Born at Bethlehem The Adoration of the Shepherds The Visit of the Wise Men As Joseph Was A-Walking The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) Where Love Is, God Is (Leo Tolstoy) The Three Kings (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) A Christmas Carol (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (L. Frank Baum) Christmas At Sea (Robert Louis Stevenson) The Savior Must Have Been A Docile Gentleman (Emily Dickinson) The Heavenly Christmas Tree (Fyodor Dostoevsky) The Little City of Hope (F. Marion Crawford) The First Christmas Of New England (Harriet Beecher Stowe) Christmas in the Olden Time (Walter Scott) Christmas In India (Rudyard Kipling) A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens) The Twelve Days of Christmas The Wonderful Wizard of OZ (L. Frank Baum) Ring Out, Wild Bells (Alfred Lord Tennyson) Little Lord Fauntleroy (Frances Hodgson Burnett) Black Beauty (Anna Sewell) The Christmas Child (Hesba Stretton) Granny's Wonderful Chair (Frances Browne) The Romance of a Christmas Card (Kate Douglas Wiggin) Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame) The Wonderful Life - Story of the life and death of our Lord (Hesba Stretton) The Christmas Angel (A. Brown) Christmas at Thompson Hall (Anthony Trollope) Christmas Every Day (William Dean Howells) The Lost Word (Henry van Dyke) The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (E. T. A. Hoffmann) The Little Match Girl The Elves and the Shoemaker Mother Holle The Star Talers Snow-White…

The Oxford Handbook of Christmas

religion within Christmas but also to profit from the ' acquisitive spirit of the season ( Winston 1999 : 131 , 132 , 134 ) . The ' acquisitive spirit of ...

Author: McManis Professor of Christian Thought Timothy Larsen

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198831464

Category: Religion

Page: 656

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The Oxford Handbook of Christmas provides a comprehensive account of all aspects of Christmas across the globe, from the specifically religious to the purely cultural. Contributions by experts from across numerous disciplines cover a range of topics, such as decorating trees, carols, cinema, the Nativity, and the influence of consumerism.

Godwink Christmas Stories

Candy: The Story of Her Story 101 Dan: Christmas History on Capitol Hill 107 Louise and Spotty: A Will and a Way 121 Yvonne, Part I: The Spirit of Christmas ...

Author: SQuire Rushnell

Publisher: Howard Books

ISBN: 9781501199967

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 241


New York Times bestselling author SQuire Rushnell and his wife Louise DuArt share 21 brand-new and 9 classic true-life stories of extraordinary “Godwinks” at Christmastime, proving that what some thought was “coincidence” wasn't coincidence at all, but a supernatural “hotline” from God. Think back to when you were a kid and someone you loved gave you a little wink across the dining room table, like Mom or Dad or Grandma. You didn't say, “What do you mean by that?” You knew. It meant: “Hey kid, I'm proud of you.” That's what a Godwink is: a message of reassurance from above, directly to you, out of seven billion people on the planet, saying “Hey kid...I have you on my mind right now. I love you. You’re never alone.” A Godwink can be an unexpected connection to someone you love, a mysterious pathway to a life-changing opportunity, unanticipated income out of the blue, or an answered prayer that makes you say “wow”! Godwinks let you know that God is always extending you a tangible connection to Him, like a firm handrail on dark, wobbly stairs. Now, just in time for the holiday season, comes Godwinks Christmas Stories, a collection of astonishing true-life stories centered around Christmas that demonstrate how God has shown Himself in the lives of others. He’ll do the same for you. Husband and wife authors SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt remind you that Godwinks are like wondrous gifts left on your doorstep. Their aim with this book is to help you open the door and open your gifts of hope and encouragement.

Christmas in Harmony Harbor

The Harmony Harbor series Mistletoe Cottage “Christmas with an Angel” (short story) Starlight Bridge Primrose Lane Sugarplum Way Driftwood Cove Sandpiper ...

Author: Debbie Mason

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781538731697

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Fans of RaeAnne Thayne and Debbie Macomber will love this USA Today bestselling author's latest holiday romance about enemies-to-lovers who fall for each other in a small Massachusetts coastal town. Three Christmas wishes. Two total opposites. One magical holiday. It's Evangeline Christmas's favorite time of the year, but instead of wrapping presents and decking the halls, she's worrying about saving her year-round holiday shop from powerful real estate developer Caine Elliot. Although the town has rallied around Evie, her attempts to stop Caine have been in vain. Now she's risking everything on an unusual proposition she hopes the wickedly handsome CEO can't refuse... How hard can it be to fulfill three wishes from the Angel Tree in Evie's shop? Caine's certain he'll win and the property will be his by Christmas Eve. Yet bringing joy to others also brings back the biggest disappointments in Caine's own holidays past and challenges him to forgive and forget in order to enjoy the present festivities. But just as he dares to dream that Evie could be his Christmas future, a secret from Caine's childhood threatens their merrily-ever-after. Includes the bonus story, "One Night in Christmas!"

Christmas at Highclere

Christmas Christmas Eve at SEE Eve Christmas Day at SEE Christmas Day Christmas trees SEE Christmas trees Church (St Michael and All Angels) 50, 123, 123, ...

Author: The Countess of Carnarvon

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473571037

Category: Architecture

Page: 320

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As seen on the Channel 4 series Christmas at Highclere and Warwick Castles Highclere Castle, known as 'the real Downton Abbey', bustles with activity at the best of times, but it is never more alive than at Christmas. Christmas at Highclere is a look behind the scenes at the routines and rituals that make the castle the most magical place to be throughout the festive season. Lady Carnarvon will guide you through Advent, Christmas preparations and Christmas Eve all the way through to the day itself, and beyond. Learn how the castle and grounds are transformed by decorations, including the raising of a twenty-foot tree in the saloon, the gathering of holly and mistletoe from the grounds. All the intricacies of the perfect traditional Christmas are here: from crackers and carol singers. The festive feeling is carried through to Highclere's Boxing Day traditions, the restorative middle days and the New Year's Eve celebrations. This book also tells the story of historic Christmases at Highclere - of distinguished guests warming themselves by the fire after a long journeys home through the snow, unexpected knocks on the door, and, always, the joy of bringing family - and staff - together after a busy year. As well as telling the stories of Highclere Christmases past and present, Lady Carnarvon provides recipes, tips and inspiration from her kitchen so that readers can bring a quintessentially British festive spirit to their own home. Lady Carnarvon divulges the secret to perfectly flakey mince pies, the proper way to wrap presents so that you and your guests are guaranteed a Christmas to remember. Lavish, celebratory and utterly enchanting, Christmas at Highclere is celebration of one of the UK's most beloved historic houses and is the perfect gift for any Downton Abbey fan.

Christmas Tyde

V. Christmas Eve in the Olden Time . EAP on more wood ! -- The wind is chill ; But let it whistle as it will , We'll keep our Christmas merry ftill .



ISBN: NYPL:33433068272685

Category: Christmas

Page: 205

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The History of Christmas

Contents It's Christmas Day! ............................................ 4 The Christmas story......................................... 6 Who is Father ...

Author: Helen Cox Cannons


ISBN: 9781474762205


Page: 24

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This book answers all the questions that you want to know about Christmas and the traditions that we have in Britain: why we sing carols, why we send cards, why we eat turkey or goose, why we have crackers, why Father Christmas comes and so much more. Read this and jingle your friends' bells with all your Christmas knowledge!

Zachary s Christmas

... Day WHITE HOUSE HOLIDAY Daniel's Christmas Frank's Independence Day Peter's Christmas Zachary's Christmas Roy's Independence Day Damien's Christmas AND ...

Author: M. L. Buchman

Publisher: Buchman Bookworks, Inc.

ISBN: PKEY:6610000063543

Category: Fiction

Page: 182

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-a Night Stalkers White House romance- NAME: Zachary Thomas JOB: Vice President of the United States FAMILY: A distant two-star general and a self-involved Olympic swimming coach NAME: Melanie Anne Darlington JOB: She hasn’t a clue FAMILY: White House Chief of Staff and a powerful Southern legacy Zack’s political career thrives—his star shines brightly. The only thing missing? Someone to share it with. Anne’s brother embraces the White House career he was born to do. Unfortunately, Anne’s own future shines as clearly as a snow globe blizzard on a dark winter’s night. This holiday season, each day opens a new window to the vista of their future in Zachary’s Christmas.

Christmas Bells

本 4 Christmas bells are ringing , ringing , o'er the land tri - Jumphantly , ALTO . 2 2 4 Christmas bells are ringing , ringing , o'er the land ...

Author: Henry Tucker


ISBN: UOM:39015096652089


Page: 6

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Santa Claus Stories and Other Christmas Tales

29 The Christmas Story . ... 44 The Christmas Tree ................................................ 50 A Dream .

Author: Meaningful Moments

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780359148448


Page: 158

View: 239


Start a new tradition. Celebrate the season of thanks with these classic holiday stories. Read these stories with your children, grandchildren, your favorite niece, or your class. These stories were compiled from classic Christmas stories. The themes and ethics displayed in these stories are timeless and endearing. Readers will learn about St. Nicholas and reminisce about the traditional Christmas holiday stories. You are sure to enjoy reading these stories and discussing the timeless truths. Some of the stories are humorous. Some of the stories are sentimental. All of the stories are memorable and heartwarming. Reading these stories is sure to become a new Christmas tradition.