Chance Encounters Probability in Education

This book has been written to fIll a substantial gap in the current literature in mathemat ical education. Throughout the world, school mathematical curricula have incorporated probability and statistics as new topics.

Author: R. Kapadia

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This book has been written to fIll a substantial gap in the current literature in mathemat ical education. Throughout the world, school mathematical curricula have incorporated probability and statistics as new topics. There have been many research papers written on specifIc aspects of teaching, presenting novel and unusual approaches to introducing ideas in the classroom; however, there has been no book giving an overview. Here we have decided to focus on probability, making reference to inferential statistics where appropriate; we have deliberately avoided descriptive statistics as it is a separate area and would have made ideas less coherent and the book excessively long. A general lead has been taken from the fIrst book in this series written by the man who, probably more than everyone else, has established mathematical education as an aca demic discipline. However, in his exposition of didactical phenomenology, Freudenthal does not analyze probability. Thus, in this book, we show how probability is able to organize the world of chance and idealized chance phenomena based on its development and applications. In preparing these chapters we and our co-authors have reflected on our own acquisition of probabilistic ideas, analyzed textbooks, and observed and reflect ed upon the learning processes involved when children and adults struggle to acquire the relevant concepts.

International Handbook of Mathematics Education

2, Teaching Statistics Trust, Sheffield, 753-765. Bernoulli, J.: 1713, Ars
conjectandi, Basel. Biehler, R.: 1991, 'Computers in Probability Education', in R.
Kapadia & M. Borovcnik (eds), Chance Encounters: Probability in Education,
Kluwer, ...

Author: Alan Bishop

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ALAN J. BISHOP Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia RATIONALE Mathematics Education is becoming a well-documented field with many books, journals and international conferences focusing on a variety of aspects relating to theory, research and practice. That documentation also reflects the fact that the field has expanded enormously in the last twenty years. At the 8th International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME) in Seville, Spain, for example, there were 26 specialist Working Groups and 26 special ist Topic Groups, as well as a host of other group activities. In 1950 the 'Commission Internationale pour I 'Etude et l' Amelioration de l'Enseignement des Mathematiques' (CIEAEM) was formed and twenty years ago another active group, the 'International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education' (PME), began at the third ICME at Karlsruhe in 1976. Since then several other specialist groups have been formed, and are also active through regular conferences and publications, as documented in Edward Jacobsen's Chapter 34 in this volume.

Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education

Teaching statistics and probability at secondary level still faces various obstacles
(Girard, 2001), which teachers will only be able to overcome through a ... In R.
Kapadia & M. Borovcnik (Eds.), Chance encounters: Probability in education (pp.

Author: Carmen Batanero

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Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics-Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education results from the Joint ICMI/IASE Study Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics: Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education. Oriented to analyse the teaching of statistics in school and to recommend improvements in the training of mathematics teachers to encourage success in preparing statistically literate students, the volume provides a picture of the current situation in both the teaching of school statistics and the pre-service education of mathematics teachers. A primary goal of Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics-Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education is to describe the essential elements of statistics, teacher’s professional knowledge and their learning experiences. Moreover, a research agenda that invites new research, while building from current knowledge, is developed. Recommendations about strategies and materials, available to train prospective teachers in university and in-service teachers who have not been adequately prepared, are also accessible to the reader.

Exploring Probability in School

Challenges for Teaching and Learning Graham A. Jones. Department of
Education and Science and the Welsh Office. (1989). National curriculum: ...
Chance encounters: Probability in education. Dordrecht, The Netherlands:
Kluwer. Konold ...

Author: Graham A. Jones

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387245300

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Exploring Probability in School provides a new perspective into research on the teaching and learning of probability. It creates this perspective by recognizing and analysing the special challenges faced by teachers and learners in contemporary classrooms where probability has recently become a mainstream part of the curriculum from early childhood through high school. The authors of the book discuss the nature of probability, look at the meaning of probabilistic literacy, and examine student access to powerful ideas in probability during the elementary, middle, and high school years. Moreover, they assemble and analyse research-based pedagogical knowledge for teachers that can enhance the learning of probability throughout these school years. With the book’s rich application of probability research to classroom practice, it will not only be essential reading for researchers and graduate students involved in probability education; it will also capture the interest of educational policy makers, curriculum personnel, teacher educators, and teachers.

Teaching Statistical Concepts

... in probability and estimation' by K Hinderer from the journal European Journal
of Engineering Education Vol 15 (1990), ... of the Probability Curriculum' by A
Ahlgren & J Garfield from Chance Encounters: Probability in Education edited by
R ...

Author: Anne Hawkins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317898108

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There is growing recognition that statistics should be part of the core curriculum for the compulsory schooling of all children, leading to a now urgent need for teachers to be trained in both statistical content and appropriate teaching methods. This book lays the foundation for teacher's responses to these changes, exploring how best to teach those applied skills which are now seen to be a more relevant part of the content of statistical courses.

Mathematics Education and Language

Mathematical Knowledge: Its Growth Through Teaching. 1991 ISBN 0-7923–
1344-5 D. Tall (ed.): Advanced Mathematical Thinking. 1991 ISBN 0-7923–1456-
5 R. Kapadia and M. Borovcnik (eds.): Chance Encounters: Probability in

Author: Tony Brown

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401007269

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Contemporary thinking on philosophy and the social sciences has primarily focused on the centrality of language in understanding societies and individuals; important developments which have been under-utilised by researchers in mathematics education. In this revised and extended edition this book reaches out to contemporary work in these broader fields, adding new material on how progression in mathematical learning might be variously understood. A new concluding chapter considers how teachers experience the new demands they face.

Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters : Probability in Games and Simulations was developed by
the following people on the Seeing and Thinking Mathematically project at
Education Development Center , Inc . Project Director Glenn Kleiman Project
Manager ...

Author: Education Development Center

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: UVA:X002601582

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Students from grades six and seven conduct experiment with number cube, coin, and spinner games to investigate such questions as: which game gives you a better chance of winning? Why does the same game get different results? Hands-on experience builds an understanding of randomness and probability.

Cultural Perspectives on the Mathematics Classroom

Mathematical Knowledge: Its Growth Through Teaching. 1991 ISBN 0-7923–
1344-5 D. Tall (ed.): Advanced Mathematical Thinking. 1991 ISBN 0-7923–1456-
5 R. Kapadia and M. Borovcnik (eds.): Chance Encounters: Probability in

Author: Steve Lerman

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Mathematics teaching and learning have been dominated by a concern for the intellectual readiness of the child, debates over rote learning versus understanding and, recently, mathematical processes and thinking. The gaze into today's mathematics classroom is firmly focused on the individual learner. Recently, however, studies of mathematics in social practices, including the market place and the home, have initiated a shift of focus. Culture has become identified as a key to understanding the basis on which the learner appropriates meaning. The chapters in this timely book attempt to engage with this shift of focus and offer original contributions to the debate about mathematics teaching and learning. They adopt theoretical perspectives while drawing on the classroom as both the source of investigation and the site of potential change and development. The book will be of fundamental interest to lecturers and researchers and to teachers concerned with the classroom as a cultural phenomenon.

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Borovcnik , M. G. , & Bentz , H. J. ( 1991 ) . Empirical research in understanding
probability . In R. Kapadia & M. Borovcnik ( Eds . ) , Chance encounters :
Probability in education ( pp . 73–105 ) . Dordrecht , The Netherlands : Kluwer .
Carpenter ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105022241066

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A Research Companion to Principles and Standards for School Mathematics

Report of the National Advisory Committee on Mathematical Education :
Overview and analysis of school mathematics ... Does the teaching of probability
improve probabilistic intuitions ? ... Chance encounters : Probability in education .

Author: Jeremy Kilpatrick

Publisher: National Council of Teachers of English

ISBN: UOM:39015062875292

Category: Mathematics

Page: 413

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This useful companion to Principles and Standards is for anyone seeking to explore the underpinnings of that document in the scholarly literature. It synthesises a sizeable portion of the professional literature to lend valuable insight into current thinking about school mathematics and presents a comprehensive analysis of what research should be expected to do in setting standards for school mathematics.

Proceedings of the Third Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics ATCM 98

Conclusion Graphics calculators appear to be powerful and flexible tools for
introductory teaching and learning of ... 1991, Computers in probability education
, In R. Kapadia & M. Borovcnik (Eds), Chance Encounters: Probability in
Education, ...

Author: Kiyoshi Shirayanagi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: UCSC:32106014854050

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Proceedings of the Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM98) is a collection of works from researchers and teachers in education, mathematics and mathematical sciences using computer technology. The contents, which have been refereed by peer reviewers, cover a broad range of topics on the relevancy of technology in mathematical research and teaching. These include but are not limited to: 1. application of computer algebra systems in research and teaching; 2. computer-aided mathematics teaching; 3. distance learning through the WWW; 4. graphing calculators; 5. mathematical research and teaching using technology; 6. numerical analysis.

Mathematics Methods for the Elementary and Middle School

Hart, Eric W., James Maltas, and Beverly Rick. “Teaching Discrete Mathematics in
Grades 7– 12.” Mathematics Teacher 90 (May 1990): 362– 367. Kapadia,
Ramesh, and Manfred Borovcnik (Eds.). Chance Encounters: Probability in

Author: Mary M. Hatfield


ISBN: UCSC:32106015868133

Category: Mathematics

Page: 521

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Stochastics in Middle School

Psychological research in probabilistic understanding . In R . Kapadia & M .
Borovcnik ( Eds . ) , Chance encounters : Probability in education . A review of
research and pedagogical perspectives . Amsterdam : Kluwer Academic
Publishers .

Author: Victoria R. Jacobs


ISBN: WISC:89046607255


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Second Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning

The literature on probability literacy ( e . g . , Gal , 2002 , 2005 ; Watson , 1997 )
has identified a need for fresh directions , greater coherence , and an ... In R .
Kapadia & M . Borovcnik ( Eds . ) , Chance encounters : Probability in education (
pp .

Author: Frank K. Lester

Publisher: Information Age Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UCSD:31822035687128

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An update to the original 1992 publication, this two-volume set unites current research to provide new conceptualizations of research problems, and to suggest possible research programs to move the field forward. In studying the existing research, the authors found that the community has maintained its focus on problems of learning, teaching, teacher education, assessment, technology, and social and cultural aspects of mathematics education, while some new areas of interest have emerged or been expanded. This set allows educators to step back and look at each of these areas to see where mathematics education research has been and where it should be going to enable the field to answer the questions about education that practitioners, policy makers, and politicians are asking.

Educational Resources for Microcomputers

The program is manufactured by Educational Activities , Inc . and written by J . M .
Lazerge for use on all Apple II series ... Chance Encounters is a probability and
statistics fundamentals program from Educational Activities , Inc . David ...



ISBN: WISC:89042042648

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Applications and Modelling in Learning and Teaching Mathematics

Handling this dual nature in probability education should have always been a
problem . The computer has increased the gravity of this ... To appear in :
Kapadia , R . ( ed . ) : Chance Encounters : a critical review of research and
pedagogical ...

Author: Werner Blum

Publisher: Ellis Horwood

ISBN: STANFORD:36105032475100

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Indeholder de fem hovedindlæg og 65 udvalgte indlæg præsenteret på Third International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling and Applications (ICTMA-3), Kassel University (FRG), 8-11 September 1987