Cell Level Healing

An internationally renowned biophysicist and practitioner of traditional Eastern healing methods, Dr. Hawkes shows readers how they can repair and renew their bodies at the cellular level.

Author: Joyce Whiteley Hawkes

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781582703138

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 176

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An internationally renowned biophysicist and practitioner of traditional Eastern healing methods, Dr. Hawkes shows readers how they can repair and renew their bodies at the cellular level.


In Resonance, Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D., explores the uncharted interfaces between science and spirit in relation to health and well-being.

Author: Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D.

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401929091

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 232

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In Resonance, Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D., explores the uncharted interfaces between science and spirit in relation to health and well-being. Richly detailed with Joyce’s own experiences on her inspiring journey from being rooted solely in science to her current life as a healer—including everything from a near-death experience, to fire walking, to months in Bali studying with healers and shamans—this book will allow you to explore your own ability to heal at every level. The focus of Hawkes' work lies in creating harmony at all levels of our existence. When we experience optimal health, the energies of soul and body resonate elegantly with one another. Nine couplets—each expressing our innate traits—explore the mystery of our combined human and divine nature and their interactions for well-being. You will discover current research and fascinating findings about the language of your cells and how these tiny constituents of your body communicate, connect, and touch. Resonance gives you valuable tools to enhance your health at the cell level, your spirit at the soul level, and your consciousness at the mystery level.

Cell Level Meditation

In this simple guide, Patricia Kay, MA, and Barry Grundland, MD, give you the tools to connect with the wisdom and intelligence of your cells and work with them to heal.

Author: Barry Grundland

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781644112250

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 176

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• Explains how to connect with your cells through breath and awareness to enact profound healing and inner communication on the deepest level • Enables you to experience cell consciousness directly as you not only visualize and connect with the cell but actually become it • Shares profound healing experiences from those who have practiced cell level meditation, both those who are experienced meditators and those who had never done it before By simply looking at something, by becoming aware of it, you can change it. Cell Level Meditation focuses awareness on the smallest unit of life for the purpose of healing. Using the timeless technique of combining awareness with the breath, you move into the cells and become them. By meditating with your cells, you can awaken to the vast potential within yourself, move to greater levels of self-awareness, and enact healing all the way down to the cellular level. In this simple guide, Patricia Kay, MA, and Barry Grundland, MD, give you the tools to connect with the wisdom and intelligence of your cells and work with them to heal. They offer sample meditations to help you connect with specific cells, such as your liver or lung cells, yet emphasize that you should use the Cell Level Meditation technique to follow your intuition and discover the cells that are inviting you in. Sharing their own and others’ experiences, from both experienced meditators and those who had never meditated before, they validate experiences you are likely to have and inspire you with stories of profound healings from serious illness such as cancer as well as other ailments and everyday stresses. The authors explain how during Cell Level Meditation, you may have a vision or an insight, or some inner experience of shape, color, movement, sounds, or smells. You may also feel a shift in your physical body. By bringing breath into these experiences and staying present with them, you open up to a new level of communication within yourself and discover your unique way of bringing harmony and healing to your life. Guided to be an active participant in your healing, engaging many levels of your inner experience, you are led to a new level of mind-body coherence.

Wound Healing Tissue Repair and Regeneration in Diabetes

The benefits of NPWT have further been studied in relation to the effects of subatmospheric pressure at a cellular level. Specifically, macrostrain and microstrain have been studied as two working theories to the benefit of negative ...

Author: Debasis Bagchi

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128164143

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 638

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Wound Healing, Tissue Repair and Regeneration in Diabetes explores a wide range of topics related to wound healing, tissue repair and regeneration, putting a special focus on diabetes and obesity. The book addresses the molecular and cellular pathways involved in the process of wound repair and regeneration. Other sections explore a wide spectrum of nutritional supplements and novel therapeutic approaches, provide a comprehensive overview, present various types of clinical aspects related to diabetic wounds, including infection, neuropathy, and vasculopathy, provide an exhaustive review of various foods, minerals, supplements and phytochemicals that have been proven beneficial, and assess future directions. This book is sure to be a welcome resource for nutritionists, practitioners, surgeons, nurses, wound researchers and other health professionals. Explains diabetic wounds and their complications Assesses the role of nutraceuticals, herbal supplements and other modalities for use in treating diabetic wounds Provides protocols for diabetic wound management

Self Healing with Reiki

HEALING. AT. THE. CELLULAR. AND. DNA. LEVELS. Our cells keep replacing themselves daily, and we create virtually a whole new body every year. However, rather like in photocopying, where if you copy a copy many times it isn't as sharp as ...

Author: Penelope Quest

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101587355

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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Many people who attend a Reiki workshop learn the basics of self-treatment with Reiki, but few discover its real potential for self-healing. In Self-Healing with Reiki, Penelope Quest explains how you can use Reiki as a powerful tool for healing your mind, body, and spirit to achieve wholeness, harmony, and a sense of purpose. Essential reading for everyone who has worked with Reiki at any level, Self-Healing with Reiki includes: New ways of using Reiki for a healthier and more balanced life A holistic approach to self-healing, addressing psychological, emotional, social, and environmental issues How to use Reiki for spiritual development and self-understanding Special meditations for encouraging insight and inspiration Packed with innovative and easy-to-follow techniques, this book will provide you with access to the real impact and power of self-healing with Reiki.

The Cellular Wellness Solution

Taking symptoms down to the cellular level was the ah-ha moment that changed my perspective forever. ... Healing. at. the. Cellular. Level. If you pamper a sprained ankle for a while, it will heal, and you'll be able to walk on it ...

Author: Bill Rawls, MD

Publisher: Vital Plan, Inc.

ISBN: 9780982322581

Category: Health & Fitness


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Are you searching for a natural wellness plan that is grounded in science? The Cellular Wellness Solution delivers a fresh take on the critical role our cells play in supporting optimal health. A classically-trained physician, Bill Rawls, MD, departs from the medical norm to shine a light on the unrecognized potential of herbs to energize your health through cellular healing and regeneration. Packed with fascinating science and actionable recommendations, The Cellular Wellness Solution will become your go-to resource for transforming your health from the inside out. ADVANCE PRAISE "An eye-opening and empowering book the world needs right now: The Cellular Wellness Solution will fundamentally change how you think about herbs and the powerful role they play in cultivating wellness at the cellular level. Dr. Rawls distills decades of research into a blueprint of proven, cost-effective natural solutions that can dramatically enhance your overall vitality and resilience.” — MARK HYMAN, MD, Fourteen-time #1 New York Times Bestselling Author ”The Cellular Wellness Solution is poised to ignite a much-needed and insightful new dialogue surrounding the healing power of herbs.” — DR. JOSH AXE, DNM, DC, CNS, author of Ancient Remedies for Modern Life “Dr. Bill Rawls has integrated multiple fields of scientific research into an accessible guide—with a focus we have not encountered elsewhere. We are confident that you will find The Cellular Wellness Solution a most valuable addition to your health library.” — JOE & TERRY GRAEDON, Hosts of The People’s Pharmacy on NPR "Caring for your cells is essential for preserving and maintaining health, and The Cellular Wellness Solution offers a unique and comprehensive approach to keeping our cells in optimal shape. Dr. Rawls' book arrives at the exact right time, as the groundswell of scientific knowledge is all pointing in one direction: to take control of our health, we need to maintain the health of our cells for as long as we can, and using multiple methods of doing so is essential." — DR. WILL COLE, IFMCP, DNM, DC, author of Ketotarian, The Inflammation Spectrum, and Intuitive Fasting "With compassion and authority, Dr. Bill Rawls delivers a bold look at the modern medical system–– where it shines, but also where it falls short––and why we can’t rely on it to truly make us well. In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Rawls teaches us how to be smarter about our use of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, while expanding our wellness toolbox to include herbs and other non-toxic solutions. If you are ready to change your life and get to the root of chronic health problems, this book will reveal a doorway to a new path forward." — ADRIENNE NOLAN-SMITH, patient advocate and founder of WellBe “The Cellular Wellness Solution lays out, with clarity and persuasive power, the health benefits of herbs, herbal supplements, and the “powerhouse” properties of phytochemicals that, due to contemporary food processing that emphasizes the production of calories over all else, tend to be lacking in American diets. The book finds [Dr. Rawls] guiding readers through his discovery, with a doctor’s eye for the science—and the practical results. Rawls proves an appealing guide, laying out the facts with clarity and, for all this lengthy guide’s thoroughness, a welcome sense of the bottom line: what readers want to know to improve their own health.” — BOOKLIFE REVIEWS by Publishers Weekly


Cell-Level Healing The Bridge from the Soul to the Cell There is a bridge between ordinary reality and spiritual reality ... The energy of healing can touch and positively affect the inner working of the cells where the information, ...


Publisher: V&S Publishers

ISBN: 9789350574508

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 112

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The English word, 'Reiki' has been derived from the Japanese word, Reiki, meaning "e;mysterious atmosphere or spiritual energy"e;. The system of Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 while performing Isyu Guo, a twenty-one day Buddhist training course held on Mount Kurama. The book contains all about the traditional Japanese Reiki and the Western Reiki, explained by the author in detail.The salient features of the book are: Uses of Reiki in Everyday Situations, Five Principles of Reiki, How to Heal with Reiki, The Human Energy Body - Meridians, Aura & Chakras, The Various Hand Positions to Heal Oneself and Others, etc. So Friends, the book is a must read for people of all age groups, as it comprehensively deals with Reiki, which is definitely the most effective and wonderful tool of Alternative Healing in the Modern World. There are about 47 other Alternative Therapies briefly discussed in the book like: Aroma Therapy, Acupuncture, Colour Therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicines, etc.

Intentional Healing

Hay, Louise L. You Can Heal Your Life. Carlsbad, California: Hay House, Inc., 1984. Hawkes, Joyce Whiteley, Ph.D. Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell. New York: Atria Books, 2006. James, John, Ph.D. The Great Field: Soul at ...

Author: Jennie Sherwin

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846948718

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 151

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Intentional Healing is a story of transformation. It is the story of a conservative Western-educated woman confronted with debilitating and bizarre symptoms that no one can explain. No one, that is, until she meets a diagnostic detective, Dr. Leo Galland in New York City, who refers her to a pioneer in environmental medicine, Dr. William J. Rea, in Dallas, Texas. He, in turn, refers her to Deborah Singleton, founder and director of A Healing Place, and her healing team, who introduce her to the possibility of healing from within. With their guidance, she begins the process of expanding her consciousness and understanding the real roots of illness. Her journey, which included initiation into Reiki channeling and healing from Navajo hataali, takes her from dark nights of the soul to not only freedom from illness but also the discovery of her own healing abilities. In her energy practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she now teaches others the healing approaches that brought her to wellness and spiritual growth.

Holistic Medicine and the Extracellular Matrix

Revealing the stunning implications of the extracellular matrix, Matthew Wood shows how it clearly explains the actions and efficacy of holistic therapies.

Author: Matthew Wood

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781644112953

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

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• Examines the function of the extracellular matrix, the inner ocean that unifies all our cells and controls them in a coordinated and integrated fashion • Explores how the extracellular matrix builds and repairs itself and how holistic therapy can be applied based on this knowledge • Introduces new and old holistic and herbal protocols for treatment of the matrix The cells in our bodies are not independent units. They do not control their own feeding, elimination, migration, or reproduction; they are controlled by signals from the extracellular matrix (ECM) that surrounds them. This all-encompassing inner ocean unifies all our cells and controls them in a coordinated and integrated fashion. Revealing the stunning implications of the extracellular matrix, Matthew Wood shows how it clearly explains the actions and efficacy of holistic therapies. He explores the ground-breaking research of Alfred Pischinger, who discovered the ECM in 1975, as well as the role of the matrix in transmitting and enacting the genetic code, including the roles of the mitochondria, the nucleus, and ribosomes. He explores how the matrix builds and repairs itself and investigates the complex processes and components involved in the self-healing of wounds and traumas. Wood explains how modern drugs, directed at specific receptors on the cell membrane, interfere with bodily self-regulation. He details how holistic therapies modify the environment of the cell and strengthen the whole, bringing the body back to homeostasis and consequently offering true healing. He sheds new light on how herbs are utilized in the body based on the matrix and discusses the actions of several common herbs in this regard. Wood shows how, even before the discovery of the ECM, many holistic practitioners had already intuited its existence and were acting with advanced understanding of the interconnectedness of the internal cellular terrain. Offering a cutting-edge understanding of the extracellular matrix, Wood reveals the importance of the ECM in treating the whole individual, the basis not only of medical herbalism but of all holistic medicine.

The Healing Code

6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue Alexander Loyd ... THE CRUCIAL CELLULAR LEVEL OF STRESS Although they are designed to save your life, these changes, sustained over time by continual stress, ...

Author: Alexander Loyd

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781455504466

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

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With over 1 million copies sold worldwide and translated into 29 languages, Dr. Alex Loyd's international bestselling book is a life-changing program that uses energy medicine to heal mental and physical challenges. The Healing Code is your healing kit for life-to recover from the issues you know about, and repair the ones you don't. The book also includes: The Seven Secrets of life, health, and prosperity The 10-second Instant Impact technique for defusing daily stress The Heart Issues Finder, the only test that identifies your source issues in a succinct personalized report Dr. Alex Loyd discovered how to activate a physical function built into the body that consistently and predictably removes the source of 95% of all illness and disease. His findings were validated by tests and by the thousands of people from all over the world who have used The Healing Code's system to heal virtually any physical, emotional, or relational issue. His testing also revealed that there is a "Universal Healing Code" that will heal most issues for most people. In this book you will get that Universal Healing Code, which takes only minutes to do.