Big Mama Said

The lady said. “Well come on here baby sister!” Was all, my mother had to say. “But momma she is my friend. I don't want to leave her! Big mama says, that if you see somebody in need help them.” It must have softened my momma's heart ...

Author: Cornelia S. Garrett

Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing

ISBN: 9780976622192

Category: Religion

Page: 168

View: 625


Godly wisdom and great motherly council flourished in southern households. Many of which had more than one mother living in the same house. So the senior mother was usually called "Big Mama." Bluefield, West Virginia had an exceptional big mama that everyone loved, respected, and listened to when in need of Godly advice. This book is a compilation of a tidbit of wisdom shared through stories told by my big mama to give spiritual direction to a child.

Context as Other Minds

Mrs . Phillip J . King said he had been dashing , but Momma would not go along with dashing and said to her mind he had been not unattractive , but Mrs . Phillip J . King couldn ' t see fit to drop all the way from dashing to not ...

Author: Talmy Givón

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 902723227X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 283

View: 675


Givon's new book re-casts pragmatics, and most conspicuously the pragmatics of sociality and communication, in neuro-cognitive, bio-adaptive, evolutionary terms. The fact that context, the core notion of pragmatics, is a framing operation undertaken on the fly through judgements of relevance, has been well known since Aristotle, Kant and Peirce. But the context that is relevant to the pragmatics of sociality and communication is a highly specific mental operation — the mental modeling of the interlocutor's current, rapidly shifting belief-and-intention states. The construed context of social interaction and communication is thus a mental representation of other minds. Following a condensed intellectual history of pragmatics, the book investigates the adaptive pragmatics of lexical-semantic categories — the 1st-order framing of “reality", what cognitive psychologists call “semantic memory”. Utilizing the network model, the book then takes a fresh look at the adaptive underpinnings of metaphoric meaning. The core chapters of the book outline the re-interpretation of “communicative context” as the systematic, on-line construction of mental models of the interlocutor's current, rapidly-shifting states of belief and intention. This grand theme is elaborated through examples from the grammar of referential coherence, verbal modalities and clause-chaining. In its final chapters, the book pushes pragmatics beyond its traditional bounds, surveying its interdisciplinary implications for philosophy of science, theory of personality, personality disorders and the calculus of social interaction.

Momma Gone

I wanted to take dancing lessons but Momma said I was too young. I asked Daddy if I could and he said he didn't want “no buckdancing niggers” in his house; he said I needed to concentrate on learning to read and write so I could make ...

Author: Nina Foxx

Publisher: Brown Girls Publishing

ISBN: 9780991532292

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 992


Momma set me on the jukebox. So begins the personal story of Denise (Sweetie) Wooten, set between a post-civil rights era New York City and a growing, but stale rural Alabama. We are thrust in the midst of a family longing for normalcy, but instead struggling with illness and all that comes with it; denial, anger and misunderstanding and love. As cultures clash, we see the family through a child s eyes and walk with her as she makes sense of war fought far away, but with effects close to home, and a tragedy that changes her life forever. More truth than not, Momma: Gone is a story of survival, where all the lessons are taught by the child who must eventually lead them through and a classic American story of overcoming life s misfortunes to find the bloom on the other side. -Shortlisted for a Doctorow Award in Innovative Fiction

Mind Code and Context

But Momma said she recalled he was a notable Democrat. ... But Momma could not see clear to allow for a moustache since there had not been one actually; however, Mrs. Phillip I. King insisted that if Momma could just imagine a finely ...

Author: T. Givon

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781317768029

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 472

View: 818


Scholars concerned with the phenomenon of mind have searched through history for a principled yet non-reductionist approach to the study of knowledge, communication, and behavior. Pragmatics has been a recurrent theme in Western epistemology, tracing itself back from pre-Socratic dialectics and Aristotle's bio- functionalism, all the way to Wittgenstein's content-dependent semantics. This book's treatment of pragmatics as an analytic method focuses on the central role of context in determining the perception, organization, and communication of experience. As a bioadaptive strategy, pragmatics straddles the middle ground between absolute categories and the non-discrete gradation of experience, reflecting closely the organism's own evolutionary compromises. In parallel, pragmatic reasoning can be shown to play a pivotal role in the process of empirical science, through the selection of relevant facts, the abduction of likely hypotheses, and the construction of non-trivial explanations. In this volume, Professor Givon offers pragmatics as both an analytic method and a strategic intellectual framework. He points out its relevance to our understanding of traditional problems in philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, cognitive psychology, neuro-biology, and evolution. Finally, the application of pragmatics to the study of the mind and behavior constitutes an implicit challenge to the current tenets of artificial intelligence.

A Short History of a Small Place

Momma said Mr. Alton himself drove his new vehicle out from the boxcar and onto the platform and folks collected all ... “But they became accustomed to his foreign made automobile,” Mrs. Phillip J. King said, “and they all got used to ...

Author: T. R. Pearson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101126936

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 914


Marvelously funny, bittersweet, and beautifully evocative, the original publication of A Short History of a Small Place announced the arrival of one of our great Southern voices. Although T. R. Pearson's Neely, North Carolina, doesn't appear on any map of the state, it has already earned a secure place on the literary landscape of the South. In this introduction to Neely, the young narrator, Louis Benfield, recounts the tragic last days of Miss Myra Angelique Pettigrew, a local spinster and former town belle who, after years of total seclusion, returns flamboyantly to public view-with her pet monkey, Mr. Britches. Here is a teeming human comedy inhabited by some of the most eccentric and endearing characters ever encountered in literature.

A Burning in Homeland

I don't know what Walter Hughes done to deserve to be gutted like that, but I bet he didn't think he deserved it!” I didn't know what to say, so I said, “Don't go, Bertram.” “I will go.” “Momma says it's going to be all right.

Author: Richard Yancey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743254373

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 965


A Burning in Homeland is ...a wonderfully written, crazily romantic story of intense love and devastating betrayal ...a stunning debut of a remarkably gifted young novelist ...a Southern novel that captures the beauty, madness and mystery of both place and time. In what can only be described as a tour-de-force of passionate atmospheric storytelling, first-time novelist Richard Yancey had created a finely nuanced narrative that resounds with raw, emotional truths -- a story about the ominous return to a small town in central Florida of a man once sentenced to prison for defending the honor of the woman he loved, about the woman and her husband who both betrayed him, and about a guileless young boy who gets caught up in their web of love, lies, and deceit. The story of the love between Halley Martin and Mavis Howell is seldom talked about in the tiny town of Homeland, Florida, but in the twenty years since Halley was sent to prison for murdering a rival suitor -- the only murder ever in this small, pious town -- the story has become legend. To seven-year-old Shiny Parker it has become a mystery, something his parents whisper about. He knows that somehow the pretty wife of the local minister is involved, but it is all too confusing for him to sort out. When the church's parsonage burns, almost killing the minister, only days before the legendary Halley Martin is due to be released from prison, Shiny senses a connection between the events -- as do most residents of the town. But if Haley was still in prison when the house burned, who set the fire...and why? Passionate love, the betrayal of friendship, hidden letters, a suspicious fire, mystery and revenge -- all are elements of this complex and deeply involving Southern gothic tale. Alternating among a trio of first person narrators -- Shiny, Mavis, and Halley -- Richard Yancey has created a lush, epic Southern landscape bursting with larger than life characters and rich atmospherics. A Burning in Homeland is both starkly haunting and exquisitely romantic and a masterpiece of dazzling storytelling you will not soon forget.

Running On Borrowed Time

“I know that, that's just part of the job and normally I can deal with it, but momma this particular customer momma.......” I said feeling nauseated “Well baby with all you got, you got to expect that.” My momma said jokingly “That's ...

Author: Shanieta Billingsley


ISBN: 9780359237968


Page: 166

View: 145


Lexis is a single mother of three, working at the lucky 7 diner to make ends meet. When ends are not meeting and the bills are piling up. She ends up working with her sister/friend who is a high priced escort. After three years of working as an escort, she see's her trick get thrown over the balcony and now has bounty over her head. Houston is a ex- C.I.A agent turned hitman, trying to get out the game. Takes on this last job that turns his world upsid down.

Words of Wisdom

Momma said,” That it is not who we are, but whose we are, (GOD).” Momma said,“ We should start each day by talking to the master and allowing him to speak to us.” Momma said,” That whatever we need is found in God's word.” Momma said ...

Author: Ida Hayes Barnes

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467802611

Category: Poetry

Page: 92

View: 230


Have you been looking for poetry that is spiritual, uplifting, full of love stories, prayers and life changing situations? Then look no further, you will find it all in "Words of Wisdom" by Ida Hayes Barnes. This book also has readings by several of Ida's grandchildren. The poems will touch and inspire the young as well as the young at heart. So sit back, relax and enjoy "Words of Wisdom". The book is available in E books or paperback and is published by Authorhouse. It can be ordered through Amazon and at Barnes and Noble book stores.

Land Rush

Momma came yelling for him to get back in the house because the sun was down. One morning, Momma told Dean that Bernie was coming home. It hadn't been two years yet, but Momma said he was going to be discharged early.

Author: Gary Reiswig

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480809192

Category: Fiction

Page: 118

View: 671


On the Great Plains, boys nearing manhood have to grow up tough even if their hearts are tender. In this collection of stories based on true events from his boyhood, Gary Reiswig leads others back to the time when the last homesteaders-like his own family-arrived in the Oklahoma Panhandle to claim their pot of gold in the great land rush, the last westward thrust of Manifest Destiny. A farm boy learns to drive a tractor when he's nine, castrate and dehorn calves at twelve. After his father points out old trails, the boy realizes that Native Americans hunted buffalo on the very land his family owns and has fenced, where they now pasture their cattle. 2 A strong-headed boy attends a box supper with his parents, and unwittingly helps a tobacco-chewing neighbor, despised by his mother, recognize her box so he can buy it. 2 A boy, small for his age, discovers unexpected danger when he visits the Grand Canyon and hikes the Bright Angel Trail. 2 A beloved uncle heads to Korea to fight in the war leaving his nephew to care for his two-door hardtop. No one has any idea how drastically this separation will alter their relationship. The stories in "Land Rush" provide an unforgettable glimpse into the time and place where only the strongest survived and a handshake sealed the deal. "Gary Reiswig's strong, unsentimental voice carries us to a time-the fifties-and a place-the Oklahoma Panhandle-that is at once exotic and home with its hard, wounded, beautifully evoked mothers, fathers, and sons trying to survive one another's love." -Robert Lipsyte, author of "The Accidental Sportswriter" and "The Contender"

Twelve Roses for Uretta

My momma always told us kids that one of the reasons Wesley, stayed with her is because he never had bought his own home, and he thought she would add him to her deed when they decided to get married, but she said, “no way, ...

Author: Arlene R. Crenshaw


ISBN: 9780557309207


Page: 64

View: 983


Twelve Roses For Uretta

Enchantment and Despair

“Oh, I think it would not hurt,” momma said. So I prayed for a baby brother and waited and waited, but nothing ever happened. I asked momma why Jesus did not answer. Momma said, “I don't know. Maybe the best thing you can do is to ...

Author: Calvin Wall Redekop

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460281727

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 180

View: 364


Deadly drought, near fatal accidents, blizzards, grasshopper plagues, choking dust storms, endless days of relentless toil for measly crop yields ... ... enchanting big skies, an endless undulating prairie, the spine-tingling cry of midnight coyotes, the self-satisfaction of scratching sustenance from the earth ... This is the Montana of Calvin Wall Redekop’s childhood, a place at once what the neighbors labeled “the most awful forsaken place God had ever created” and a magical world for a wide-eyed boy. These background forces of hardship and wonder constituted Redekop’s earliest memories and in the retrospective vision of these remembrances he finds the subtle basis for his subsequent personal development and orientation. The mutual interdependence in the homesteading community encountered in Enchantment and Despair: A Montana Childhood 1925 – 1937 helped Redekop see the significance and power of cooperative human ventures, and recognize the importance of the environment in human survival: awareness the author has acted upon throughout his life. Readers will be transported back in time by this vivid account of another age and, like its author, pass through despair to find themselves enchanted.

The House in the Curve

Momma told me, “I sold another painting. I didn't really want to part with it, but the offer was too big to turn down.” I was happy for her and said, “Well, it sounds like you are doing pretty well. Congratulations!” Momma said, “Thank ...

Author: Patricia Reed

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465389008

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

View: 603


In 1955, Evvie McDougal was 11 years old, and lived in a charming little village in West Virginia. The beautiful tree lined streets and old Victorian homes made it seem like a story book town. But all is not well beneath the surface. Evvies family home is hiding many terrifying secrets, some of which are quite deadly. Evvie has some special inherited gifts that made her the target of a serial killer. Even when she wakes up in a pitch black room with her hands bound and her face covered in blood she is still determined to unmask the killer.

Dry Your Smile

It was good I ducked that time or Momma said I could have got a scar or lost an eye or something horrible. They took the crazy man away to an insane place and he was crying and everything and I felt sorry for him but I sure wasn't sorry ...

Author: Robin Morgan

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504039109

Category: Fiction

Page: 396

View: 940


A former child actor searches for her true self in this novel-within-a-novel from a leader of the international feminist movement. Before she even turned fourteen, Julian Travis made enough money as a TV star to support her mother for life in an apartment in one of Manhattan’s best buildings. But now, Julian is in her midforties and things are not so glamorous or easy. Her mother is slowly dying of Parkinson’s, her marriage of twenty years is steadily disintegrating, and money is scarce. Though Julian is a famed feminist spokeswoman and published poet, when she looks into the mirror, she doesn’t recognize herself. That and the novel she is writing are giving her a terrible time. Dry Your Smile takes readers on a journey into Julian’s past—from the precarious circumstances surrounding her birth to the lies and stories her mother wove about her absent father to her childhood diary and dreams, and her subsequent escape into the arms of a revolutionary artist and a bohemian life. In the present, Julian delves into the emotional baggage imparted by her Jewish stage-mom as a means of taking off the many masks she has worn over the years, and begins writing prose through the voice of her younger self. She also searches for a new future in a lesbian love affair with Iliana, a bisexual photographer and the one person who makes Julian feel beautiful. In the end, however, perhaps what Julian needs most is to separate herself from the expectations and images of others, and truly listen to the woman she has become. A roman à clef of author and poet Robin Morgan’s own struggles with what it means to be a female writer in the late twentieth century, Dry Your Smile is an intelligent and cathartic addition to any feminist library.

The Devil s Backbone

tle, Old Karl said and raised up his hand for his ax handle. Momma whacked him cross his fingers with it, Papa said. Oh she was Red Hot Mad, he said, they both was but they was mad at each other all the time anyhow so this wadn't ...

Author: Bill Wittliff

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292759978

Category: Fiction

Page: 237

View: 292


The last the boy Papa saw of his Momma, she was galloping away on her horse Precious in the saddle her father took from a dead Mexican officer after the Battle of San Jacinto, fleeing from his Daddy, Old Karl, a vicious, tight-fisted horse trader. Momma's flight sets Papa on a relentless quest to find her that thrusts him and his scrappy little dog Fritz into adventures all across the wild and woolly Hill Country of Central Texas, down to Mexico, and even into the realm of the ghostly "Shimmery People." In The Devil's Backbone, master storyteller Bill Wittliff takes readers on an exciting journey through a rough 1880s frontier as full of colorful characters and unexpected turns of events as the great American quest novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Wittliff grew up listening to stories and memories like these in his own family, and in this imaginative novel, they come to vivid life, creating an engrossing story of a Texas Huck Finn that brims with folk wisdom and sly humor. A rogue's gallery of characters thwart and aid Papa's path—Old Karl, hell-bent on bringing the boy back to servitude on his farm, and Herman, Papa's brother who's got Old Karl's horse-trading instincts and greed; Calley Pearsall, an enigmatic cowboy with "other Fish to Fry" who might be an outlaw or a trustworthy "o'Amigo"; o'Jeffey, a black seer who talks to the spirits but won't tell Papa what she has divined about his Momma; Mister Pegleg, a three-legged coyote with whom Papa forms a poignant, nearly tragic friendship; the "Mexkins" Pepe and Peto and their father Old Crecencio, whose longing for his lost family is as strong as Papa's; and blind Bird, a magical "blue baby" who can't see with his eyes but who helps other people see what they hold in their hearts. Papa's adventures draw him ever nearer to a mysterious cave that haunts his dreams—an actual cave that he discovers at last in the canyons of the Devil's Backbone—but will he find Momma before Old Karl finds him?

Hanger Stout Awake 50th Anniversary Edition

You've got to expect that, at your time of life, Momma said, and Mother and her just kind of look at each other for a minute and don't say anything. Then Mother said, I suppose so, but some women have it harder than others, Momma.

Author: Jack Matthews

Publisher: Personville Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 136

View: 883


Clyde Stout is a high school graduate in a small Ohio town; he loves tinkering with cars and dreaming about his girlfriend. He is coasting ... until he discovers he has a new talent: the ability to hang from a metal bar longer than anybody! Others start calling him "Hanger," and an out-of-town stranger, trying to help the boy to profit from this talent, organizes various "hanging competitions." At first, Hanger goes along, but after a while he becomes suspicious of the stranger’s motives; is he for real? Hanger is no longer a boy and not yet an adult – but he finds himself in a world where older adults are constantly offering advice and supervision and alleged wisdom. Until then, Hanger had always been an amiable and trusting sort; now Hanger needs to look at things through adult eyes — can he adapt to a world which seems less safe or reliable but possibly more profound? This slender 150 page coming-of-age novella was first published in 1967 and reprinted several times. Now, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, it is available as an ebook. TIME MAGAZINE described it as a "gentle first novel told with a fine ear for adolescent patois," and National Book Award winning poet William Stafford called it one of the most neglected works of the 20th century. Southern novelist Eudora Welty said about the book: “I like it, and warmly admire his sturdy subject and delicately restrained treatment. It seemed to me blessed with honesty, clarity, directness, proportion and a lovely humor. . . .” The book is a fun and easy read… Not too much seems to happen in the novel, and the protagonist (we’re sorry to report) is not a werewolf or vampire or time traveler or wizard or superhero; to all appearances, he’s just an ordinary guy, but if you penetrate beneath appearances, you’ll find that he’s defiantly and unforgettably unique. This book will help you remember how it felt to be a teenager…before you needed to start worrying about more serious matters. Like life, or what passes for life in the world of adults. This 50th anniversary edition includes an introductory essay, "Hanger at 50 Years: A Rumination" by Robert Nagle. "Here is a contemporary character so rich in innocence, he seems a hybrid descendant of Candide and Don Quixote ... Hanger Stout stays in your memory, hanging on, as only a Champion can, for a long, long time." (Laurie Levy, CHICAGO TRIBUNE) "The author has created a true American original in the line of Huckleberry Finn, Penrod Schofield, Plupy Shute and Dink Stover as the hero of one of the best novels of this or any other recent year." (Ernest Cady, COLUMBUS DISPATCH)." "In an automobile graveyard of human possibilities, using all the strengths of realism and none of its cliches, Jack Matthews presents a deeply original novel. I think it is tremendous." (J. Michael Yates, MUNDUS ARTIUM) . "... charming, delightful and thoroughly readable novel." (Gregor Roy, CATHOLIC WORLD). "...a superb novel which must be read before it is read about." (Day Thorpe, WASHINGTON STAR ). "Introducing from the tree limb on the left, the hangingest hanging man in the country, Clyde Stout. Sound like a wiggy field event? It started when Mr. Comisky drove into the station to have his car fixed. But it's Clyde's story, told in diary form and he's one of the most charming, congenial characters met in years. Clyde isn't too intelligent but he's smart. He's also in-cred-ibly naive, innocence personified. A delightful notion of a book. Hang in there boy." KIRKUS REVIEW

The Toy Maker s Key

Momma said Ernest told her all of this that day he came to see her back in 1983. She said he convinced her to get the job to tear down the old barn in Rossville, Georgia. She said his story made a lot of sense but also sounded kind of ...

Author: J. Monroe McCoy

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480992832

Category: Fiction

Page: 338

View: 429


The Toy Maker’s Key By: j. Monroe McCoy The Toy Maker’s Key (Every Now and Then) is a mystery novel about a simple man named Jim who had a simple plan, until chance (or fate) took him on a journey to another place and time. His journey was recorded on logs and tells the tale of the most dangerous serial killer ever to walk the face of the earth. This book was put together after Jim’s last set of logs were found. His final logs were written on Friday the 13th, 2006. This book was put together the following day with the hope that it may somehow help find him: because, as of today, he’s still missing.

A Piece of Cake

(The nurses thought it was due to the excitement of motherhood, Momma said it was the drugs). A few hours later, however, when Daddy came to the hospital he decided he didn't like “Cupcake.” Momma said Daddy wanted to name me La'Vette.

Author: Cupcake Brown

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780307345479

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

View: 230


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The heart-wrenching, uplifting tale about a woman named Cupcake “[Cupcake] Brown’s confessional . . . memoir is one you can’t easily put down. Her life is nothing short of a miracle.”—Chicago Sun-Times There are shelves of memoirs about overcoming the death of a parent, childhood abuse, rape, drug addiction, miscarriage, alcoholism, hustling, gangbanging, near-death injuries, drug dealing, prostitution, and homelessness. Cupcake Brown survived all these things before she’d even turned twenty. And that’s when things got interesting. . . Orphaned by the death of her mother and left in the hands of a sadistic foster parent, young Cupcake Brown learned to survive by turning tricks, downing hard liquor, and ingesting every drug she could find while hitchhiking up and down the California coast. She stumbled into gangbanging, drug dealing, hustling, prostitution, theft, and, eventually, the best scam of all: a series of 9-to-5 jobs. A Piece of Cake is unlike any memoir you’ll ever read. Moving in its frankness, this is the most satisfying, startlingly funny, and genuinely affecting tour through hell you’ll ever take. Praise for A Piece of Cake “[Brown] reflects now with insight and honesty on her experiences. . . . An engaging account . . . of a remarkable life filled with pain and wisdom, hope and redemption.”—San Fracisco Chronicle “Dazzles you with the amazing change that is possible in one lifetime.”—Washington Post

Honeysuckle Memories Bitterweed Times

He said that they got some pine resin and stuck in on both ends of the toe, stuck it back on and bandaged it. It got all right. Well I am skeptical, ... I didn't quite understand what an infidel was but Momma said there was one in the ...

Author: Kathy Ann Chandler

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452091110

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 216

View: 499


Kathy Ann Chandlers poignant book of turbulent times in the nation and in the small-town southern girl evokes memories in each reader of personal trials and triumphs. Her grasp of situations affecting the family members dealing with self and with realities beyond their control, encourages the reader to explore his or her own family dynamics. This second book eclipses the emotions that were stirred by her first book, But She Has Such a Pretty Face!!! Honeysuckle Memories, Bitterweed Times explores the innocence of a child, of a family and of a nation.

On Understanding Grammar

Mrs. Phillip J. King called it a Roman nose and she said there wasn't anything uppity or snotty about it but it was purely a sign of nobility. And Momma said he certainly carried himself like a Roman, which sparked Mrs. Phillip J. King ...

Author: T. Givón

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789027264718

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 299

View: 746


In his foreword to the original edition of this classic of functionalism, typology and diachrony, Dwight Bolinger wrote: "I foresee it as one of the truly prizes statements of our current knowledge...a book about understanding done with deep understanding – of language and its place in Nature and in the nature of humankind... The book is rich in insights, even for those who have been with linguistics for a long time. And beginners could be thankful for having it as a starting point, from which so many past mistakes have been shed". Thoroughly revised, corrected and updated, On Understanding Grammar remains, as its author intended it in 1979, a book about trying to make sense of human language and of doing linguistics. Language is considered here from multiple perspectives, intersecting with cognition and communication, typology and universals, grammaticalization, development and evolution. Within such a broad cross-disciplinary context, grammar is viewed as an automated, structured language-processing device, assembled through evolution, diachrony and use. Cross-language diversity is not arbitrary, but rather is tightly constrained and adaptively motivated, with the balance between universality and diversity mediated through development, be it evolutionary or diachronic. The book's take on language harkens back to the works of illustrious antecedents such as F. Bopp, W. von Humbold, H. Paul, A. Meillet, O. Jespersen and G. Zipf, offering a coherent alternative to the methodological and theoretical strictures of Saussure, Bloomfield and Chomsky.

First Thrills

Momma said, “He was nice and owned a house, unlike the jerks I used to date. Maybe that's why it didn't ... I just hugged my knees and squeezed my eyes shut but then I heard some rustling and opened my eyes and Momma was standing right ...

Author: Lee Child

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 9780857892645

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 638


12 LITERARY LEGENDS 13 RISING STARS 1 MUST-HAVE COLLECTION OF FIRST THRILLS Con men and killers, aliens and zombies, priests and soldiers, just some of the characters that thrill and kill in this compelling collection of gun-toting, double-crossing, back-stabbing, pulse-pounding stories. Jeffery Deaver investigates the suspicious death of a crime-writer in "The Plot"; Karin Slaughter's grieving widow takes revenge on her dying ex-husband in "Cold Heart", Stephen Coonts discovers a flying saucer in the depths of the ocean in "Savage Planet" and John Lescroart's secret field agent finds himself caught up in a complex game of cat-and-mouse in "The Gato Conundrum". Handpicked by world number one Lee Child, celebrity authors and stars of the future are brought together, writing brand-new stories, especially commissioned for this must-have collection. Whether you're reading today's bestseller or tomorrow's phenomenon, grisly horror or paranoia thriller, historical suspense or supernatural crime, one thing is for certain. You'll be thrilled to the core.