Business Cases That Get Results

A persuasive, well-written business case can win over your readers and get you the all important approval you need. In this book you'll discover the do's and don'ts of pitching your ideas through a business case.

Author: Carrie Marshall

Publisher: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

ISBN: 1780174551


Page: 80

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In this book you'll discover the do's and don'ts of pitching your ideas through a business case. You'll learn what the essential components of a business case are, including how best to tackle ROI and what key questions you should be answering, along with how to write effectively. An example business case template is also provided.

Making the Case for Change

This book illustrates how to develop a strong business case which links investments to program results and, ultimately, with the strategic outcomes of the organization.

Author: Christopher F. Voehl

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466580510

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 265

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The best time to stop projects or programs that will not be successful is before they are ever started. Research has shown that the focused use of realistic business case analysis on proposed initiatives could enable your organization to reduce the amount of project waste and churn (rework) by up to 40 percent, potentially avoiding millions of dollars lost on projects, programs, and initiatives that would fail to produce the desired results. This book illustrates how to develop a strong business case which links investments to program results and, ultimately, with the strategic outcomes of the organization. In addition, the book provides a template and example case studies for those seeking to fast-track the development of a business case within their organization. Making the Case for Change: Using Effective Business Cases to Minimize Project and Innovation Failures provides executive teams and change agents with the information required to make better business case decisions. This book can be used throughout the life cycle of the project to assist with gaining a better understanding of the following key knowledge areas for developing a business case: Understanding the present problem/improvement opportunity Documenting how the project, program, or initiative will add value to the organization Validating the data and the assumptions that the projected improvements are based upon Calculating the level of confidence that can be placed upon the conclusions that are reached Assessing the alternative solutions that were considered Weighing the costs vs. the benefits of the proposed initiative Analyzing and mitigating the risks to completing 100 percent of the project’s goals Eliciting and prioritizing the requirements of key stakeholders and subject matter experts Identifying the key people that are involved in the proposed project and the skills needed to implement the proposed change Obtaining consensus on the decision to move forward, as well as on the methods used and the conclusions specified in the analysis Ideal for executives and project/initiative managers seeking approval of an activity, initiative, program, or project, the book presents proven tips, advice, suggestions, and recommended courses of action for developing effective business cases. In addition, suggestions for recruiting a responsible senior officer or sponsor for the project and for engaging an audience are provided. The authors combine their own experience in business case development with approaches used by world-class organizations. They provide a general range of assessment criteria that can be applied to almost any type of project business cases. The text discusses each of the 8 activities and the 35 tasks that make up the business case development process. This process supplies you with a proven approach for creating comprehensive and well-constructed business case evaluations that will either ensure the success of your project, or eliminate unsuccessful projects, programs, and initiatives before they start.

Thriving Through Change

Creating a Compelling Business Case You will use the data you have gathered to create the business case for the change . Your organization may have another ...

Author: Elaine Biech

Publisher: American Society for Training and Development

ISBN: 1562864645

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 235

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This title is designed to help today's change leaders and change agents efficiently move their organizations through change initiatives. This is not a book of theories, but practical strategies filled with templates, checklists, and on the ground guidance.

Creating Bulletproof Business Cases

Inadequate or non-existent business cases usually result in unclear project scope.

Author: Richard G. Larson


ISBN: OCLC:774049978

Category: Business requirements analysis

Page: 11

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Inadequate or non-existent business cases usually result in unclear project scope. This often leads to scope creep, which results in rework, cost overruns, delays, etc. In addition, inappropriate approaches on projects often lead to rigid solutions, such as selecting a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) package when a custom solution is warranted. This paper addresses the problem of projects not meeting business needs. It begins with an overview of business cases and then discusses the various aspects of analyzing business needs. In addition, it recommends solutions that have a feasible approach. It gives extensive coverage of cost-justifying projects, including cost-benefit analysis. It also identifies the pitfalls to avoid when recommending projects. The paper concludes with 10 tips for presenting a business case.

Managing Business Complexity

In these cases, experiments on the real system cannot be designed or ... people will have collective confidence in the model and the results it produces.

Author: Michael J. North

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198038410

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 328

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Agent-based modeling and simulation (ABMS), a way to simulate a large number of choices by individual actors, is one of the most exciting practical developments in business modeling since the invention of relational databases. It represents a new way to understand data and generate information that has never been available before--a way for businesses to view the future and to understand and anticipate the likely effects of their decisions on their markets and industries. It thus promises to have far-reaching effects on the way that businesses in many areas use computers to support practical decision-making. Managing Business Complexity is the first complete business-oriented agent-based modeling and simulation resource. It has three purposes: first, to teach readers how to think about ABMS, that is, about agents and their interactions; second, to teach readers how to explain the features and advantages of ABMS to other people and third, to teach readers how to actually implement ABMS by building agent-based simulations. It is intended to be a complete ABMS resource, accessible to readers who haven't had any previous experience in building agent-based simulations, or any other kinds of models, for that matter. It is also a collection of ABMS business applications resources, all assembled in one place for the first time. In short, Managing Business Complexity addresses who needs ABMS and why, where and when ABMS can be applied to the everyday business problems that surround us, and how specifically to build these powerful agent-based models.

Introduction to Information Systems Third Canadian Edition

“Big Data” represents a very real problem that every business faces, as the data keep getting “bigger.” The opening case describes the numerous problems ...

Author: R. Kelly Rainer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118476994

Category: Information technology

Page: 496

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The goal of Introduction to Information Systems, 3rd Canadian Edition remains the same: to teach all business majors, especially undergraduate ones, how to use information technology to master their current or future jobs and to help ensure the success of their organization. To accomplish this goal, this text helps students to become informed users; that is, persons knowledgeable about information systems and information technology. The focus is not on merely learning the concepts of IT but rather on applying those concepts to facilitate business processes. The authors concentrate on placing information systems in the context of business, so that students will more readily grasp the concepts presented in the text. The theme of this book is What's In IT for Me? This question is asked by all students who take this course. The book will show you that IT is the backbone of any business, whether a student is majoring in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, or Production/Operations Management. Information for the Management Information Systems (MIS) major is also included.

CABology Value of Cloud Analytics and Big Data Trio Wave

... means the price one is willing to pay to obtain the item. The organization needs to understand the business cases for the adoption of CAB framework.

Author: Nitin Upadhyay

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811086755

Category: Computers

Page: 151

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This uniquely accessible book helps readers use CABology to solve real-world business problems and drive real competitive advantage. It provides reliable, concise information on the real benefits, usage and operationalization aspects of utilizing the “Trio Wave” of cloud, analytic and big data. Anyone who thinks that the game changing technology is slow paced needs to think again. This book opens readers’ eyes to the fact that the dynamics of global technology and business are changing. Moreover, it argues that businesses must transform themselves in alignment with the Trio Wave if they want to survive and excel in the future. CABology focuses on the art and science of optimizing the business goals to deliver true value and benefits to the customer through cloud, analytic and big data. It offers business of all sizes a structured and comprehensive way of discovering the real benefits, usage and operationalization aspects of utilizing the Trio Wave.

The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Budget Approved

This book enables you to profit from their experience and specific Business Case method to get your budget approved.

Author: Johannes Ritter

Publisher: Solution Matrix

ISBN: 9783000263071

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 106

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The Definitive Guide is a practical guide to the real world of Business Cases. Its focus are the necessities of building actual Business Cases, yet without cutting short on the theoretical background as far as it is needed. The described Business Case methodology is beneficial for case builders and decision-makers and assumes no prior background in finance or business planning. For more than 15 years, Solution Matrix has helped thousands of business professionals in organizations like BMW, Cisco Systems Inc., Ericsson, SAP, and Siemens to understand the essentials of a Business Case and deliver Business Case results that score high in credibility, accuracy, and practical value. This book enables you to profit from their experience and specific Business Case method to get your budget approved. The Definitive Guide has various advantages: - 30 Case Studies from 10 different industries are enclosed - The comprehensible method is applicable to any project - A free 140 Days Trial Version of Crystal Ball(c) Oracle worth $360 is included - You can start building your Business Case immediately, while reading the book - It is an introduction for Business Case beginners and a handbook for those more experienced in building Business Cases After having read the book you will know: - the essentials of a strong Business Case - how to prepare a Business Case scientifically - how to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) and other financial metrics - how to measure even soft benefits of your project in monetary terms - how to validate your results statistically - how to present the Business Case convincingly to the decision-makers Content: By offering an easy example of an actual Business Case throughout, the book ensures that all parts of the method are understood profoundly. The book covers the entire process of building a solid Business Case step by step. Part I - Influence Matrix: A tool for reducing the project's complexity while grasping the most important components of the entire project in respect to the outcome which is to be measured: How to capture any complex project completely and yet structured enough so that the entire Business Case is valid, verifiable, and convincing. Part II - Financial Model: The "core" of the Business Case is about more than just filling in the right numbers. How to build a structured financial model based on the Influence Matrix? How to structure it? Which data to use? From whom is data to be obtained in which form? How to fill it into the financial model? Part III - Risk- and Sensitivity Analysis: Validating the numbers statistically is the key to a sound Business Case. Basic statistical knowledge that is necessary for building and interpreting a solid Business Case is given. What is the difference between risk and sensitivity analysis? How to run a risk and sensitivity analysis? How to interpret it? The appendix includes a library of 30 Influence Matrices from 10 different industries. They offer direct practical guidance to similar projects you might be working on. The 140 day trial version of Crystal Ball(c) Oracle which is needed for a substantial risk and sensitivity analysis allows you to complete your solid Business Case right away. An extensive index makes this book not only a practical handbook for Business Case beginners but also for those who are already very experienced and wish to use it for checking specific details only. Our companion publication, Building Return on Investment (ROI) and Business Case Analysis Video Training on DVD, provides a practical, step by step DVD training for Business Case builders and their organizations

Data Driven Business Decisions

The cases involve extensive and detailed calculations that the student needs to emulate. Students have to have their laptops open in class to get the full ...

Author: Chris J. Lloyd

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470619605

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 520

View: 406


A hands-on guide to the use of quantitative methods and software for making successful business decisions The appropriate use of quantitative methods lies at the core of successful decisions made by managers, researchers, and students in the field of business. Providing a framework for the development of sound judgment and the ability to utilize quantitative and qualitative approaches, Data Driven Business Decisions introduces readers to the important role that data plays in understanding business outcomes, addressing four general areas that managers need to know about: data handling and Microsoft Excel®, uncertainty, the relationship between inputs and outputs, and complex decisions with trade-offs and uncertainty. Grounded in the author's own classroom approach to business statistics, the book reveals how to use data to understand the drivers of business outcomes, which in turn allows for data-driven business decisions. A basic, non-mathematical foundation in statistics is provided, outlining for readers the tools needed to link data with business decisions; account for uncertainty in the actions of others and in patterns revealed by data; handle data in Excel®; translate their analysis into simple business terms; and present results in simple tables and charts. The author discusses key data analytic frameworks, such as decision trees and multiple regression, and also explores additional topics, including: Use of the Excel® functions Solver and Goal Seek Partial correlation and auto-correlation Interactions and proportional variation in regression models Seasonal adjustment and what it reveals Basic portfolio theory as an introduction to correlations Chapters are introduced with case studies that integrate simple ideas into the larger business context, and are followed by further details, raw data, and motivating insights. Algebraic notation is used only when necessary, and throughout the book, the author utilizes real-world examples from diverse areas such as market surveys, finance, economics, and business ethics. Excel® add-ins StatproGo and TreePlan are showcased to demonstrate execution of the techniques, and a related website features extensive programming instructions as well as insights, data sets, and solutions to problems included in the material. The enclosed CD contains the complete book in electronic format, including all presented data, supplemental material on the discussed case files, and links to exercises and solutions. Data Driven Business Decisions is an excellent book for MBA quantitative analysis courses or undergraduate general statistics courses. It also serves as a valuable reference for practicing MBAs and practitioners in the fields of statistics, business, and finance.

IT Driven Business Models

Showing organizations how business model innovation should be a key focus area in today's global economy, this book features cases from businesses around the globe that have developed customized business models and achieved spectacular ...

Author: Henning Kagermann

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470944277

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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A look at business model innovation's crucial role in today's global business environment . Showing organizations how business model innovation should be a key focus area in today's global economy, this book features cases from businesses around the globe that have developed customized business models and achieved spectacular levels of performance. Case examples from well-known innovation leaders IKEA, Apple, Tata, SHARP, Saudi Aramco, De Beers, Telefonica, Valero Energy, LEGO, and Proctor & Gamble Shows businesses how to get beyond traditional business models to take better advantage of emerging opportunities Coauthored by former CEO of SAP AG, the world's largest provider of enterprise software Filled with interviews with key executives, this book reveals the role of technology in driving and enabling changes to fundamental facets of a business. Companies around the world are innovating their business models with tremendous results. IT-Driven Business Models shows interested organizations how they can start the process.

Government Activities Affecting Small Business Problems Os Small Business Displacement Under Pprograms of Public Improvement 2d Report of the Attorney General Pursuant to Section 10 c of the Small Business Act of 1958 as Amended

Under Federal law an agency can also achieve this result in a case where most of the term of a lease has expired , or an agreement is terminable in the ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Banking and Currency Committee


ISBN: MINN:31951D03560940K


Page: 98

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Report of the Commission on the Bankruptcy Laws of the United States Report of the Commission pt 3 Some considerations concerning bankruptcy reform by Selwyn Enzer

Second , there may be said to be a general tendency , not the result of ... whether business cases or nonbusiness cases , and , as a result , to lay the ...

Author: Commission on the Bankruptcy Laws of the United States


ISBN: OSU:32437121769323

Category: Bankruptcy


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The Advanced Smart Grid Edge Power Driving Sustainability Second Edition

Evaluating business cases, technologies. Might have elements already deployed. Results Perpetual Innovation Self-healing operations Autonomic Business ...

Author: Andres Carvallo

Publisher: Artech House

ISBN: 9781608079643

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 296

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Placing emphasis on practical “how-to” guidance, this cutting-edge resource provides a first-hand, insider’s perspective on the advent and evolution of smart grids in the 21st century. This book presents engineers, researchers, and students with the building blocks that comprise basic smart grids, including power plant, transmission substation, distribution, and meter automation. Moreover, this forward-looking volume explores the next step of this technology’s evolution. It provides a detailed explanation of how an advanced smart grid incorporates demand response with smart appliances and management mechanisms for distributed generation, energy storage, and electric vehicles. This updated second edition focuses on the disruptive impact of DER. This new edition also includes a glossary with well over 100 acronyms and terms, acknowledging the tremendous challenge for a student of smart energy and smart grid to grasp this complex industry.

Current Business Reports

In the case of businesses that were selected into the sample with ... procedure is used to estimate data for all cases which go out of business but which ...



ISBN: OSU:32435055309413

Category: Freight and freightage


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The Organization of the Expert Society

... business, as seen in the self-presentations that follow: Natlikan have a positive business case for improving results in the environment .

Author: Andreas werr

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317365129

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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It is often claimed that we live in an expert society, a society where more and more individuals take expert roles in increasingly narrow fields. In contrast to more traditional experts most of these new experts lack generally accepted mechanisms for the certification and legitimation of their expertise. This book focuses on these new as well as established experts and the efforts undertaken to secure and legitimate their expertise. We view these efforts as organizing attempts and study them on four different levels – the society, the market, the organization and the individual. Based on empirical studies on these four levels of analysis, The Organization of the Expert Society makes the argument that current organizing initiatives in the expert society are based in an objectifying view of expertise that risks concealing and downplaying key aspects of expertise. Well-intended organizing initiatives in the expert society thus run the risk of promoting ignorance rather than securing expertise. Focusing on a current, general and global phenomenon, the rise and organization of an expert society. The Organization of the Expert Society will be key reading for scholars, academics and policy makers in the management fields of Organizational Theory, Management Consulting, Organizations & Society, Critical Management Studies as well as the disciplines of Sociology, Political Science and Social Anthropology.

Customer Relationship Management

Further, any company that does not have a CRM system is at a competitive disadvantage, ... of ever-increasing customer data gathered from every touch point.

Author: Roger J. Baran

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317419334

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 450

View: 627


This book balances the behavioral and database aspects of customer relationship management, providing students with a comprehensive introduction to an often overlooked, but important aspect of marketing strategy. Baran and Galka deliver a book that helps students understand how an enhanced customer relationship strategy can differentiate an organization in a highly competitive marketplace. This edition has several new features: Updates that take into account the latest research and changes in organizational dynamics, business-to-business relationships, social media, database management, and technology advances that impact CRM New material on big data and the use of mobile technology An overhaul of the social networking chapter, reflecting the true state of this dynamic aspect of customer relationship management today A broader discussion of the relationship between CRM and the marketing function, as well as its implications for the organization as a whole Cutting edge examples and images to keep readers engaged and interested A complete typology of marketing strategies to be used in the CRM strategy cycle: acquisition, retention, and win-back of customers With chapter summaries, key terms, questions, exercises, and cases, this book will truly appeal to upper-level students of customer relationship management. Online resources, including PowerPoint slides, an instructor’s manual, and test bank, provide instructors with everything they need for a comprehensive course in customer relationship management.

Global Competitiveness Business Transformation in the Digital Era

Proceedings of the First Economics and Business Competitiveness ... whereas data reduction is done by determining cases in 5 family-businesses; ...

Author: Ade Gafar Abdullah

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429511233

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

View: 409


The proceedings of the "Economics and Business Competitiveness International Conference" (EBCICON) provides a selection of papers, either research results or literature reviews, on business transformation in the digital era. Nine major subject areas, comprising accounting and governance, customer relations, entrepreneurship, environmental issues, finance and investment, human capital, industrial revolution 4.0, international issues, and operations and supply chain management are presented in the proceedings. These papers will provide new insights into the knowledge and practice of business and economics in the digital era. Therefore, parties involved in business and economics such as academics, practitioners, business leaders, and others will be interested in the contents of the proceedings.