Building on Our Promise

This book highlights the perseverance, farsightedness, and dedication of health care providers and administrators, as well as community and business leaders, in shaping and expanding health care.

Author: Indiana University Health Bloomington Inc


ISBN: 0253059178


Page: 200

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From its roots as an independent community hospital started 116 years ago by local female leaders, IU Health Bloomington Hospital has grown and thrived while caring for citizens of south-central Indiana. This book highlights the perseverance, farsightedness, and dedication of health care providers and administrators, as well as community and business leaders, in shaping and expanding health care. The stories of individual nurses and physicians, their expertise and empathy in treating patients, and the hospital's far-reaching social services reveal the indelible impact the hospital has made in the broad community. Patients' recollections of the medical care and personal attention they received depict the many ways they benefited and how their lives were improved and saved. This book traces the hospital's journey from its first home in a small, red brick building, through numerous expansions and medical advances, to its integration with IU Health's statewide system. In its new home at the IU Health Regional Academic Health Center, the hospital will continue to flourish, with its state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality personnel who provide care to more than 467,600 people in the 11-county area they serve.

Boy Scouts A Guide to Building Running a Scout Troop

high ideal; an ideal, as I have already said, which is made possible by our promise to do our best. Before he makes his Promise and at the Investiture Ceremony itself each boy should be reminded of that qualification, and reminded, too, ...

Author: Gilcraft

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781447492856

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Originally published in 1930, this book is an exhaustively detailed manual of instruction and advice on how to build a scout troop. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Hesperides Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. Contents Include The Architects Training: How Scouting Began. the Architects Designs: What Scouting Means. The Foundations of the Building: Scout Law. Beginning to Build: Tools ''Opened or Controlled''. Materials to Use: Practices. Beams and Girders: Individuality, Discipline. Assistance in Building: Parents, Church, School. Laying the First Courses: Tender Foot Tests, Investiture. Working to Plan: Outdoor Atmosphere. Adding Another Storey: Second-Class Tests. Roofing the Building: First Class Tests. Decorating: Badges, Handcrafts. Housekeeping: Records, Finance. The Domestic Staff: Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop Leader. The Family: Individual Scouts, Boy Nature. The Family Grows up: Looking Ahead, Employment. Annual Repairs: Troop Headquarters, Furnishing Gear. Entertainment: Rallies, Concerts. The Garden: Scouting and Religion, Church Parades. The Out-Of-Doors: Open-air-Scouting. Summer Holidays: Camping. Town and Country: Town Troops. The View from the Windows: Scouter's, Training, Brotherhood

Satan Has No Authority Over God s Soldier

Remember our promise our answered prayer is in Heaven the moment the promise was given and the moment that we prayed the prayer of faith. God is able to bring about what He sees even if we can't see it. He wants us to go about building ...

Author: R. C. Jette

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532694615

Category: Religion

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This book is meant to illuminate Godlike faith through defining it, giving clarification where it comes from, revealing how to walk in it, and divulging what it is capable of doing. God's soldiers must remember that we are in the army of the Lord. We are fighting a supernatural enemy bent on our destruction. Only Godlike faith knows that Satan has no authority or power over us. That knowledge equips us with the ability to overcome the satanic designs that are aimed at our destruction. However, many Christians are not walking in Godlike faith or living a victorious life in Christ. Many are overwhelmed by defeat and discouragement, and are allowing Satan to take authority or power that he does not have. It's time to walk in the truth that Christ took his authority and gave it to God's soldiers. As we learn to walk in the mind of Christ, we have Godlike faith that gives no place to Satan, his demons, or his diabolical plans to destroy us. By the time this book is read to the end, God's soldiers will take authority over all satanic designs, change the entailment, and live a victorious life through Godlike faith.

Spirit Work and the Science of Collaboration

Building. the. Spirit. A familiar theme in our eight cases arises early in our discussion with Enfield: We begin everything we do with the Highline Promise, that we really know the students and know their strengths and their needs.

Author: Michael Fullan

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781071845479

Category: Education

Page: 160

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Spirit is the essence of character—of what it means to be human. Finding hope in the power of collaboration underpinned by ‘spirit work’-- the care and love of students as learners-- Fullan & Edwards capture how some school districts are creating a deep learning environment for all. COVID-19, racial inequity, polarizing politics, mass misinformation, and myriad other challenges have made the future of education seem bleaker than ever. Spirit Work and the Science of Collaboration speaks directly to leaders′ hearts and advocates for the development of two qualities that will bring back hope for the future of education: "spirit work" and the science of collaboration. Spirit work centers love and care for students, staff, and communities as the impetus for creating a positive culture, while collaboration is the vehicle for manifesting that spirit work. Through powerful case studies and vignettes, the authors show how spirit and collaboration represent revolutionary potential for education. Readers will find A lifeline amid overwhelming conditions. Hope for themselves and the future of education Practical ideas for building cohesion throughout school communities We cannot allow our best advocates for children to be consumed by today’s challenges. Spirit work and collaboration can pave the way to a brighter future.

GPS Exercises Reminders

KEEP OUR WORD: keep our promises. BUILDING: putting something together or constructing something. POSITIVE CHARACTER TRAITS: character traits which show that you value what is the best for all concerned. DEPENDABILITY: when someone is ...

Author: Michael Manor McMillen

Publisher: Book Venture Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781945960529


Page: 178

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GPS/REMINDERS is a secular, ethics-based, language-arts-applied, behavior management tool, for AIAs (Adult-In-Authority) for any type of educational setting. GPS stands for Guided Protocol Scaffolding. The exercises are “guided” because they’re assigned, by an AIA. The term, “protocol,” refers to more appropriate behavior options, for a particular setting, activity, or interaction. “Scaffolding,” represents the entire, interactive, GPS support structure, which benefits students and AIAs alike. These GPS exercises (also known as REMINDERS) draw upon widely recognized, ethical behaviors, codes of conduct, social mores, and good, common-sense judgments, to assists young people, to demonstrate ethical behaviors, in word and deed.


No ; the hon . gentlenian is building there , we should go back on our promise . just as far away from the truth as before . When I know that hon . gentlemen opposite have strictly he takes up figures with me , he had better get the ...

Author: Canada. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: UOM:39015068462350

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The facts seem to be , " he indicated in a letter to directors , " that our profits for 1926 promise to be close to ... Looking ahead to 1927 , he worried over several large developments , starting with the building of a railroad in ...


Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 0295803428

Category: Business & Economics

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When Frederick Weyerhaeuser and his midwestern associates purchased 900,000 acres of western Washington timberland from the Northern Pacific Railway Company in 1900, the initial question was, who would manage the property? Recommended as a valued employee by one of the associates, George S. Long (1853-1930) was hired by Weyerhaeuser on a trial basis. The sheer breadth of Long's responsibility was amazing. Not only was this the largest such purchase in American history, but for the investors that amounted to a giant leap in the dark. They knew next to nothing about the details of their ownership, and Douglas-fir was an unfamiliar species. And where were the markets? Long's first job was to get acquainted with the land, the people, and forestry methods. He soon realized that diplomatic skills would be far more useful in the beginning than would expertise in lumber. The Weyerhaeuser Timber Company was not initially involved in manufacturing, but by the end of Long's career, modern Weyerhaeuser mills were in operation at Everett, Longview, and Snoqualmie Falls in western Washington, and at Klamath Falls, Oregon. Each was a self-sufficient, integrated unit, with enough timber in reserve to maintain operations for a significant period, even without reforestation. But the possibility of reforestation fueled Long's imagination. He recognized that the challenge was to maximize the Pacific Northwest's huge forest-growth capacity - a challenge that continues to this day. Appointed at a time when Frederick Weyerhaeuser was still clearly in charge, Long quickly earned his trust. In a few brief years he had become indispensable. In the Pacific Northwest he was not only "Mr. Weyerhaeuser" but the oneto whom others in the industry looked for leadership. Under his aegis, the Washington Forest Fire Association came into being, soon to be followed by the Western Forestry and Conservation Association. And in the 1920s he led in creating the West Coast Lumbermen's Association. Charles Twining traces Long's life from his childhood in Indiana and experience with the hardwood lumber business through his decades as a major figure in the Northwest lumber industry. In researching this book, Twining had access to the Weyerhaeuser Company Archives, including all of George S. Long's correspondence over a period of almost thirty years. The book is based largely on primary sources.

Principles of Building Local Libraries in Rural Africa

... Bugwere lore is simply steppingstones to the Principles of building local libraries and writing down Africa spoken languages union with mother language in Antiquity. The Target Group is Our Youths Who Carry Our Promise for Tomorrow.

Author: Comfort Onyee


ISBN: 9781916088429

Category: Education

Page: 104

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We are living the era of Contributing to Sustainable Development Goal-4 quality education Pschological Time and Space - if Africa is to Tell Africa History Properly, Africa must know and use Africa Spoken Languages with reference to Mother Language; Ranykemet Historical; Africa Studies in Sound Law sSw mdw nTr. Consequently, Africa need Local Libraries Built on the above Principles.

The Business of Building a Better World

Let's “right the rules” in time to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and deliver on our promise to the Paris Climate Agreement. With much on our minds, forgive us for burying our introduction. In 2013, Richard Branson ...

Author: David Cooperrider

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 9781523093663

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

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Twenty-nine leading scholars and executives provide a visionary look at the future of business, propelling past damaging industrial-age values to uncover the key ingredients of humanistic, ecologically sustainable, and intergenerational prosperity. Through the exploration of robust cases and stories packed with deep insight and vital science, this extraordinary collection explores how we can adapt our notions of value, markets, and models of cooperation and collective action to create a world where economies and businesses excel, all people thrive, and nature flourishes. In part I, “The Business of Business Is Betterment,” the contributors show how enterprises today are further developing—and even taking a quantum leap beyond—the multistakeholder logic of “shared value creation.” Part II, “Net Positive = Innovation's New Frontier,” is focused on what companies can and are doing to move away from “doing no harm” to playing an active role in solving environmental, social, and economic problems. The final section, “Ultimate Advantage: A Leadership Revolution That Is Changing Everything,” looks at new leadership paradigms—characterized by unexpected qualities like virtue, love, compassion, and connection—that are crucial to creating engaged, empowered, innovative, and out-performing enterprises. This book is designed to galvanize change and unite a global community of inquiry and action. It establishes the conceptual cornerstones for a new kind of business practice that will lead the way to an equitable, sustainable, and flourishing future.

The Big Bang of Numbers How to Build the Universe Using Only Math

My promise was to have you build the universe using only numbers and math— but with a few helpers. Indeed, we've already encountered some: the empty set we needed to create the naturals, as well as the axioms and “extra building ...

Author: Manil Suri

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9781324007043

Category: Mathematics

Page: 369

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An engaging and imaginative tour through the fundamental mathematical concepts—from arithmetic to infinity—that form the building blocks of our universe. Our universe has multiple origin stories, from religious creation myths to the Big Bang of scientists. But if we leave those behind and start from nothing—no matter, no cosmos, not even empty space—could we create a universe using only math? Irreverent, richly illustrated, and boundlessly creative, The Big Bang of Numbers invites us to try. In this new mathematical origin story, mathematician and novelist Manil Suri creates a natural progression of ideas needed to design our world, starting with numbers and continuing through geometry, algebra, and beyond. He reveals the secret lives of real and imaginary numbers, teaches them to play abstract games with real-world applications, discovers unexpected patterns that connect humble lifeforms to enormous galaxies, and explores mathematical underpinnings for randomness and beauty. With evocative examples ranging from multidimensional crochet to the Mona Lisa’s asymmetrical smile, as well as ingenious storytelling that helps illuminate complex concepts like infinity and relativity, The Big Bang of Numbers charts a playful, inventive course to existence. Mathematics, Suri shows, might best be understood not as something we invent to explain Nature, but as the source of all creation, whose directives Nature tries to obey as best she can. Offering both striking new perspectives for math aficionados and an accessible introduction for anyone daunted by calculation, The Big Bang of Numbers proves that we can all fall in love with math.