China Britain and Businessmen

R. Dernberger, op.cit., 30–5; John G. Gurley, China's Economy and the Maoist Strategy, 1976, p. 98; for counter-arguments, see E. LeFevour, ... Aron Shai, Britain and China, 194147, 1984, p. 22. Aide Memoire prepared for Sir William ...

Author: Wen-guang Shao

Publisher: Springer

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In the author's opinion, commercial relations between China and Britain in the 1950s determined subsequent economic relations between the countries more than is commonly recognized. This book examines how trade was effected by the revolution and the crises surrounding the Korean war.

Britain and Tibet 1765 1947

He also gives an account of Tibet's relations with China and Britain in the twentieth century , and of the effect of British withdrawal from India and reactions to it in Tibet . 3812. Shai , A. 1984. Britain and China , 1941-47 ...

Author: Julie G. Marshall

Publisher: Psychology Press

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This bibliography is a record of British relations with Tibet in the period 1765 to 1947. As such it also involves British relations with Russia and China, and with the Himalayan states of Ladakh, Lahul and Spiti, Kumaon and Garhwal, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Assam, in so far as British policy towards these states was affected by her desire to establish relations with Tibet. It also covers a subject of some importance in contemporary diplomacy. It was the legacy of unresolved problems concerning Tibet and its borders, bequeathed to India by Britain in 1947, which led to border disputes and ultimately to war between India and China in 1962. These borders are still in dispute today. It also provides background information to Tibet's claims to independence, an issue of current importance. The work is divided into a number of sections and subsections, based on chronology, geography and events. The introductions to each of the sections provide a condensed and informative history of the period and place the books and article in their historical context. Most entries are also annotated. This work is therefore both a history and a bibliography of the subject, and provides a rapid entry into a complex area for scholars in the fields of international relations and military history as well as Asian history.

Britain and China 1945 1950

Documents on British Policy Overseas, Series I Volume VIII S.R. Ashton, G. Bennett, K. Hamilton. From the CR&T point of view, ... I7I72; see also Aron Shai, Britain and China, 1941-47: imperial momentum (London, Macmillan, I984). No. 31 ...

Author: S.R. Ashton

Publisher: Routledge

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An examination of Britain's relations with China from the end of the World War II to the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950. This volume demonstrates how Britain's effort to recover something of its pre-war commercial pre-eminence in China were handicapped by its post-war financial weakness.

Constructing the Monolith

Aron Shai , Britain and China , 1941-47 : Imperial Momentum ( London , 1984 ) , 132 ; Christopher Thorne , Allies of a Kind : The United States , Britain and the War against Japan , 1941-1945 ( New York , 1978 ) , 184 , 320 . 55.

Author: Marc J. Selverstone

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674031792

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As the cold war took shape during the late 1940s, policymakers in the United States and Great Britain displayed a marked tendency to regard international communism as a “monolithic” conspiratorial movement. The image of a “communist monolith” distilled the messy realities of international relations into a neat, comprehensible formula. Its lesson was that all communists, regardless of their native land or political program, were essentially tools of the Kremlin. Marc Selverstone recreates the manner in which the “monolith” emerged as a perpetual framework on both sides of the Atlantic. Though more pervasive and millennial in its American guise, this understanding also informed conceptions of international communism in its close ally Great Britain, casting the Kremlin's challenge as but one more in a long line of threats to freedom. This illuminating and important book not only explains the cold war mindset that determined global policy for much of the twentieth century, but reveals how the search to define a foreign threat can shape the ways in which that threat is actually met.

Imperialism Revisited

Shai, Aron, Britain and China 194147: Imperial Momentum, Oxford 1984 — 'Imperialism Imprisoned. The Closure of British Firms in the People's Republic of China', English Historical Review, vol. 104, no. 410, January 1989, pp.

Author: David Clayton

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Communist China's integration into world diplomatic and trading systems in the 1950s was troublesome: relations with British governments and British business interests were no exception. The book examines the origins of `Two Chinas', the impact of the Korean War and focuses above all on British government policy towards China. It argues that the most significant influence on government policy was the relationship between the state and business elites; a symbiotic relationship that coalesced around an imperial concern: Hong Kong.

Precarious Balance Hong Kong Between China and Britain 1842 1992

PRO, FO 371/63549, F 2612/2612/10; also see Shai, Britain and China, 194147, pp. 150¥51. 30. PRO, CAB 129/31, CP 48/299. 31. Liang, Zhonggong zai Xianggang (Chinese communists in Hong Kong), pp.

Author: Ming K. Chan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317462224

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This work closely considers the history and political importance of Hong Kong in the period 1842 to 1992.

International Diplomacy and Colonial Retreat

For the first detailed analysis of the British community in China see Bickers, Britain in China: Community, Culture and Colonialism ... 1940—42', China Quarterly, 125 (1991), 86—108; Aron Shai, Britain and China, 194147 (London, 1984), ...

Author: Kent Fedorowich

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The problems investigated in this collection had lasting consequences not only in the field of colonialism but in international politics as well. Decolonization and the Cold War, which brought about the most significant changes to global policits after 1945, are treated together.

Defence and Decolonisation in South East Asia

Britain, Malaya and Singapore 1941-1967 Karl Hack. Reese, Trevor. Australia. ... Britannia Overruled: British Policy and World Power in the 20th Century (Harlow: Longman, 1991). ... Britain and China, 1941-47 (London: Macmillan, 1984).

Author: Karl Hack

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136839085

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This book explains why British defence policy and practice emerged as it did in the period 1941-67, by looking at the overlapping of colonial, military, economic and Cold War factors in the area. Its main focus is on the 1950s and the decolonisation era, but it argues that the plans and conditions of this period can only be understood by tracing them back to their origins in the fall of Singapore. Also, it shows how decolonisation was shaped not just by British aims, but by the way communism, communalism and nationalism facilitated and frustrated these.