Bring Your Fiction to Life

... Series [a couple hours each] Final read-through Shadows of the Night [throughout the first part of the month] Revised Bring Your Fiction to Life [two weeks—nonfiction is more intense] Prepared proposal for Bring Your Fiction to Life ...

Author: Karen S. Wiesner

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440349867

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Craft a Story That Towers Above the Rest You know it when you read it: In page after page and scene after scene, a truly engrossing novel has qualities that set it apart. Authentic characters, a well-rounded plot, and immersive settings work in harmony to create a three-dimensional experience--one you can practically step inside and explore. But while you can recognize this work when you read it, writing it can be much more challenging. Bring Your Fiction to Life teaches you how to build a solid narrative structure and layer in lush, textured scenes to create a story that rings true. You'll learn how to: • Master the three-dimensional aspects of characters, plots, and settings using detailed sketches that define the past, present, and future aspects of each element. • Develop complex opening, resolution, and bridge scenes that expertly lead readers through your fictional world. • Construct and analyze an outline for your manuscript, using tools and techniques to analyze scenes that lack dimensionality. • Brainstorm, research, and draft efficiently and effectively, and juggle multiple projects with ease. Packed with story-development charts, worksheets, and checklists, Bring Your Fiction to Life shows you how to craft a vivid story world that readers will instantly recognize as remarkable.

Adventures in Amethyst Series A Trio of Holiday Romances

... books and poetry, and writing reference titles such as her bestseller First Draft in 30 Days, Writing the Fiction Series: The Complete Guide for Novels and Novellas, Cohesive Story Building, and Bring Your Fiction to Life: Crafting ...

Author: Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing


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(3 in 1 volume) including: Halloween: NEVER A BRIDE, Book 11: Once upon a time, Ben Johnson believed he had forever sewn up with Layla. But fairy tales rarely come true in reality. Long before her nephew was in a hunting accident and she blamed Ben for not preventing it, the two of them had broken up, citing irreconcilable differences. Layla hadn't wanted his family to know the truth. Following the accident, she walked out--for good, he assumed. Charlize Seagrave never fit in anywhere, drawn to danger, darkness, and drugs. For years, she was the guitarist and songwriter for a death-metal band and involved with the frontman who only encouraged her deadly addictions. In order to hide from Freyr, Charlize checked herself rehab. Later, clean--another first in her life--she attended her new friend's wedding and met Ben. Despite their instant connection, he was supposedly in a committed relationship and she had no interest whatsoever in commitment. If only Ben wasn't so unlike every other person she's ever known. If only she didn't feel like he alone understands and gets her. When Charlize returns to Amethyst at Halloween, Ben knows loneliness has nothing to do with his feelings for her. His attraction to her the last time she was in Amethyst wasn't something he was comfortable with, despite that he and Layla had broken up even before his family learned of the fact. But now Layla is implying she's had a change of heart. Ben wonders if this is all getting too complicated...or if the solution is as simple as a kiss. Thanksgiving: UNLUCKY IN LOVE, Book 12: Layla Dupriest's father was killed in a hunting accident when she was a child so, when the man who was once the love of her life, Benji Johnson, encourages her nephew to go hunting and he's hurt, she blames Ben. Months later, she can see she wasn't fair. Adam Schaefer has loved Tally Johnson, Benji's sister, since he was a teenager, but his love of flying and freedom surpassed anything that might clip his wings like a wife, monogamy, marriage, and settling down. The last thing he expected was for her to fall for his best friend--and to have that man's baby. Unlucky in love and unable to count their blessings during the Thanksgiving holiday, Layla and Adam find themselves jilted at the same time. Heartbroken, snowed in, and forced to share the only available cabin in town, they have no choice but to re-evaluate everything they've ever wanted in life...and love. Christmas: SHOTGUN WEDDING, Book 13: Trevor and Eden were married right out of high school. She'd believed she was pregnant, but that hadn't been her sole motivation. Wildly in love with Trevor Johnson, she'd worried he was becoming disenchanted with her, his attention consumed by the needy and seductive Delaney Foster who came to Amethyst every year with her family. In the years Eden and Trever have been married, she's never felt quite secure in the belief that he married her by choice, in love. During the Christmas season, plagued by unspoken guilt and doubts, she finds herself again competing with a soon-to-be divorced, distraught, and disgustingly gorgeous Delaney. Eden is obsessively aware she's no longer as young, thin, or sexy as she'd been before she had three sons. To top off her growing stress, Eden has discovered she and Trevor's oldest son and his girlfriend, in their senior year of high school, are sexually active. The last thing they need is another shotgun wedding and the potential that a marriage undertaken for the sake of a baby isn't necessarily one of choice or love.

Write Away One Novelist s Approach To Fiction and the Writing Life

Limit yourself to that and you limit your thinking. No matter what types of protagonists and antagonists you use, though, keep in mind that conflict is what will bring your characters to life and make them real for the reader.

Author: Elizabeth George

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444717600

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Elizabeth George is one of the most successful writers of crime fiction in the world. All her novels have appeared on bestseller lists in the UK, USA and Australia and several of them have been adapted for television by the BBC as the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. She has also written a collection of short stories and edited two crime anthologies. Now she shares this wealth of experience with would-be novelists and with crime fiction fans. Drawing extensively on her own work, and that of other bestselling writers including Stephen King, Harper Lee, Dennis Lehane and many others, she illustrates her points about plotting, characterisation and technique with great clarity. She also includes extracts from her own Journals - the diaries she keeps as she writes each of her novels - and these give us an unprecedented insight ino the creative mind, with all its highs and lows.

Until Death Do Us Part Book 2 of the Incognito Series

About the Author Creating realistic, unforgettable characters one story at a time. ... Writing the Fiction Series: The Complete Guide for Novels and Novellas, and Bring Your Fiction to Life: Crafting ThreeDimensional Stories with Depth ...

Author: Karen Wiesner


ISBN: 9781312344242

Category: Fiction

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Men and women who have sacrificed their personal identities to live in the shadows and uphold justice for all--no matter the cost. Network operatives Kirsten Ulrick and Ash Barnett go undercover to protect Raven Harris and her husband from their seemingly invisible enemy. When Raven's life is threatened because of evidence she and her partner uncovered on a dangerously corrupt man of power, and old, unhealed wounds are pierced again, Raven and Casey must renew their vows or let go forever...dead or alive. Ash and Kirsten accept that they can't protect the Harris' without becoming involved in their lives, but seeing the couples' pain reflects their own private torment. For them, there is no life and no love, only duty.

Making Good Choices Series Book 1 Taking Responsibility Builds Trust

The stories are interactive in two ways: 1) The stories are designed to allow you and your child to interact together. Reading the stories, you'll think of many similar incidents you and your child have faced.

Author: Karen Sue Wiesner

Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

ISBN: 9781876962449

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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The Making Good Choices Series is an interactive set of stories and illustrations designed to help parents and kids understand each other and to work together toward making good decisions. For Parents: The Making Good Choices Series is designed specifically for preschoolers up to elementary school-aged children. Kids this age are facing some of the first hard choices they'll make. Sometimes it's not easy for them to understand what parents want and why they want it. In the stories that follow, the kids will make choices on their own, either good or not so good, and learn about important concepts that will set the groundwork for the rest of their lives. The language throughout is in a simple-to-grasp tone. The stories are interactive in two ways: 1) The stories are designed to allow you and your child to interact together. Reading the stories, you'll think of many similar incidents you and your child have faced. Share those situations and try to get your child to decide whether they made good choices and how to do so in the future. 2) Within each story, you'll see highlighted words and graphics. In the electronic version of this story, these words are "hot linked". By clicking on these, you can jump to another place for further exploring and fun. For Kids: Being a kid is hard, isn't it? So many things to do and see, and Mom and Dad always saying "No" when you want a "Yes." Sometimes it's not easy to understand your parents. But when you make good choices, you'll start to understand them a little more each time. That's what the Making Good Choices Series is all about. The stories in this book will help you make sense of why your parents say "No", why they say "Yes" and how you can hear more "Yes" from them more often. Following each story, kids, you'll get a chance to decide if the character in the story made good choices. In the electronic version, click on either "Yes" or "No" and find out if you made the best choice. You'll also find special, fun things tucked into the stories: Plant a seed: Kids, when you see this picture in the electronic book, click on it and we'll plant a special seed of understanding. Gold star: Kids, when you see Reb's Gold Star, click on it in the electronic book and we'll do something extra fun

My Life and Other Fiction

A few weeks later, her mother ran into my brother in a grocery store, where he (a Nabisco salesman) was stocking the ... they knew there was a mix-up and they'd gotten the wrong baby, but that child was so cute, they couldn't bring ...

Author: Gloria Brocato Thompson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796028980

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Having spent sixty-plus years, on and off, writing short stories, I’m now dangerously closer to the jump-off point (that precipice from which no jumper returns) than to the beginning of my life’s tale. But I’ve published nothing. Zilch. My stories will be cremated with me unless I get them into your hands, so they can be used to light your fires rather than my funeral pyre.

Nobody Nowhere My Life Running with Scissors a Person Centered Fiction

I let her get a little frustrated before I finally pushed play. “I Feel Good,” by the Godfather of Soul rang out. Delighted, Bong Wu squealed, jumping up and down, up and down. Old Crusty Joe laughed, and snapped his fingers and wiggled ...

Author: Anna Mouse

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312903371

Category: Fiction


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The year is 1995, and Gina leaves a failed relationship for a California Dream, only to find she can’t afford rent in the promised land. That’s OK, she’s not alone; the nonprofit social service agency that hires her into an entry level mental health job is dominated by a gang of sophomoric slackers, who literally spend 24/7 on the job; since they don’t get paid enough to pay rent, they simply don’t. It’s a makeshift commune of sorts, evolved of necessity. This fictional biography is a darkly comic, social services satire; the action has moved off the grounds of the State Hospital into the four bedroom, two bath homes of suburbia, and the developmentally disabled have been delivered into the hands of underpaid nonconformists, who cheerfully orchestrate the insanity around them into a performance piece they call their lives. It is a story of familiar people and familiar passions, played out in the unfamiliar territory of institutionalized suburbia.

Various Stories

There are many things in this world that are strange and Ok and most of them happens every day and night and most of them are looking for a better world and life and most are very great and a world that is truly great and tomorrow bring ...

Author: Allen Hunt

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781665547611

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His book is about different short stories that reflect his own persona and about how he thinks as a writer. Those short stories include his testimonies and faith in God, stories on his thoughts of various famous people throughout history, fictional western stories, ficitional horror stories, Sci-fi stories, fictional ghost stories, and stories of various events that occured in my life.

Forthcoming Books

Get a Life ! Living & Working at Comfortable Pace in a High - Speed World . Discover simple actions that put you back in control . Easy shifts that give you time for your priorities , your dreams & some much - needed fun .

Author: Rose Arny


ISBN: UOM:39015038891522

Category: American literature

Page: 1678

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Conversations with Edmund White

In New York everything is done for a motive, and people are even quite frank about it, whereas here people get together simply to have fun with each ... JE: Social life has been very important in your fiction, especially in Caracole.

Author: Will Brantley

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496813565

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Conversations with Edmund White brings together twenty-one interviews with an author known for chronicling gay culture. Ranging from a 1982 discussion of his early works to a new and unpublished interview conducted in 2016, these interviews highlight White's predilections, his major achievements, and the pivotal moments of his long, varied career. Since the 1973 publication of his first novel, Forgetting Elena, Edmund White (b. 1940) has become a major figure in literature and gay culture. White is, however, more than just a celebrated gay writer. He is an international man of letters, and his work crosses several genres. White's fiction includes an autobiographical trilogy: A Boy's Own Story, The Beautiful Room Is Empty, and The Farewell Symphony"along with more recent novels such as Jack Holmes and His Friend and Our Young Man. White's love of French literature and culture is evident in biographies of Jean Genet, Marcel Proust, and Arthur Rimbaud, and his antipathy to American Puritanism suffuses his collected essays and memoirs and is on full display in two early nonfiction works that helped define the era of gay liberation: The Joy of Gay Sex, coauthored with Charles Silverstein, and States of Desire: Travels in Gay America. A professor of creative writing at Princeton University, White has earned many distinctions, including the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Lambda Literary Foundation's Pioneer Award. White has been a generous interviewer, sharing his time and insights not only with major publications such as the Paris Review, but also with smaller online publications for more limited audiences. A lively commentator, White has never been afraid to speak his mind, even when the result has been public feuds with literary peers on both sides of the Atlantic.