When the World Laughs

Greg DePaul, Bring the Funny: The Essential Companion for the Comedy Screenwriter (New York: Routledge, 2017). ... Steve Kaplan, The Hidden Tools of Comedy: The Serious Business of Being Funny (San Francisco: Michael Wiese Productions, ...

Author: William V. Costanzo

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190925024

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

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When the World Laughs is a book about the intersection of humor, history, and culture. It explores how film comedy, one of the world's most popular movie genres, reflects the values and beliefs of those who enjoy its many forms, its most enduring characters and stories, its most entertaining routines and funniest jokes. What people laugh at in Europe, Africa, or the Far East reveals important truths about their differences and common bonds. By investigating their traditions of humor, by paying close attention to what kinds of comedy cross national boundaries or what gets lost in translation, this study leads us to a deeper understanding of each other and ourselves. Section One begins with a survey of the theories and research that best explain how humor works. It clarifies the varieties of comic forms and styles, identifies the world's most archetypal figures of fun, and traces the history of the world's traditions of humor from earliest times to today. It also examines the techniques and aesthetics of film comedy: how movies use the world's rich repertoire of amusing stories, gags, and wit to make us laugh and think. Section Two offers a close look at national and regional trends. It applies the concepts set forth earlier to specific films-across a broad spectrum of sub-genres, historical eras, and cultural contexts-providing an insightful comparative study of the world's great traditions of film comedy.


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Author: Jimmy Dunn

Publisher: Peter E. Randall Publisher

ISBN: 193180737X

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Jimmy spent the 2004 Red Sox season as the hilarious fan-in-the-stands/sports travel consultant for the New England Sports Network (NESN) pre-game show. He took on towns like Toronto, San Francisco, and New York and let Red Sox Nation know how to travel in style on the road to a championship. A quick read full of cartoons and short, humorous writings.

Live From New York

FINESSE MITCHELL: When you're a member of the cast, there's a lot of pressure on you outside of SNL to bring the funny or bring some sort of change to the show that represents a broader audience of what funny could be.

Author: Tom Shales

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316295079

Category: Performing Arts

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James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales's definitive oral history of Saturday Night Live, hailed as "incredible" (Vulture) and "required reading" (People). When first published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, Live from New York was immediately proclaimed the best book ever produced on the landmark and legendary late-night show. In their own words, unfiltered and uncensored, a dazzling galaxy of trail-blazing talents recalled three turbulent decades of on-camera antics and off-camera escapades. Now decades have passed, and bestselling authors James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales have returned to Studio 8H. Over more than 100 pages of new material, they raucously and revealingly take the SNL story up to the present, adding a constellation of iconic new stars, surprises, and controversies.

The Eight Characters of Comedy

seen how actors “bring the funny” (or not) into their audition. As an acting coach, I have taught many actors who have gone on to become series regulars on half-hour comedies. Plus, I have spent many hours of my life watching sitcoms.

Author: Scott Sedita

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9780977064137

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The Eight Characters of Comedy is the “How-To” guide for actors & writers who want to break into the world of sitcoms. It has become a staple in acting classes, writers’ rooms, casting offices and production sets around the world. Now, in it’s exciting SECOND EDITION, renowned acting coach and bestselling author, Scott Sedita, gives you even MORE advice and exercises for breaking down comedy scripts, writing jokes and delivering them with comedic precision. Plus, you’ll find in-depth REVISED sections on Sitcom History, The Three Pillars of Comedy, Auditioning for Sitcoms, and his acclaimed comedic technique “The Sedita Method!” Most importantly, you will be introduced to his famous sitcom character archetypes, which will help you build your niche in half-hour comedy... The Eight Characters of Comedy! Who is normally cast as The Logical Smart One? Why do we love The Lovable Loser? Why is The Neurotic a favorite for actors and writers? How do you play The Dumb One smart? Who are the biggest Bitch/Bastards? What drives The Materialistic Ones? Why is The Womanizer/Manizer so popular? How can you realistically write and play someone In Their Own Universe? The Eight Characters of Comedy answers all these questions and more, with UPDATED EXAMPLES from current & classic sitcoms, and from many of the greatest sitcom characters & actors of all time! After reading this book, you WILL be ready to work in the exciting world of situation comedy!

Acting Is Everything

To become a funny actor, you need to incorporate your acting technique with your comedic technique. Q: How does comedic acting differ from all ... are characters that actors and writers can use to “bring the funny” to a role or a show.

Author: Judy Kerr

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9781532332821

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In this actor's guidebook, renowned acting coach Judy Kerr shares her lifetime of techniques and tricks of the trade. She opens the doors of Hollywood to acting hopefuls and professionals with a straightforward road map for building their dreams and careers. The previous 11 editions have contributed to the success of thousands of readers. In this new Ebook Judy shares brand new content: including Acting Tools, private dairy entries from those who have successfully applied Acting Is Everything to their careers, and more. A wonderful intro to the world of show biz. -- Jerry Seinfeld This is good, Judy, this is good. Julia Louis-Dreyfus First rate primer, excellent refresher course. -- Jason Alexander Informative and to the point. - Michael Richards

Art Beholding

“Rich or funny?” “Rich,” said Henry. “Because I'll bring the funny.” “Funny,” said Mimi. “Then rich. ... “Funny.” He leaned back and rolled his feet in and out. “Mimes. You again.” Mimi turned her head to the right. “Weird or crazy?

Author: Clare Merrett

Publisher: Clare Merrett

ISBN: 9781916302112

Category: Young Adult Fiction


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Fifteen-year-old Art wanted to spend the summer at home, with Dad, being normal. She does not want to be here, on Mum’s work trip, with her colleague and his sulky, identikit daughter. Worse, Mum has booked a place in the middle of nowhere that looks like other bits of houses stuck together. And that’s just the outside. Inside, there’s a half-empty book that does not make sense, and a locked door that appears from nowhere (and might be able to think for itself). The whole thing is flat-out weird. Except, what if appearances really do deceive? What if ‘weird’ is, itself, up for grabs? The old, ugly house soon becomes the backdrop for an unforgettable summer. One that changes everything. Everything. Even reality.

Crafty TV Writing

While you're setting it up, you're not bringing the funny. The beauty of a topper is it requires no additional setup. Milking a bit is efficient comedy. Up and Back If a bit is funny but doesn't advance character or plot, it's an up and ...

Author: Alex Epstein

Publisher: Holt Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781466807594

Category: Performing Arts

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A professional TV writer's real-world guide to getting paid to write great television "No need for me to ever write a book on TV writing. Alex Epstein has covered it all . . . along with a few things I wouldn't have thought of. Save yourself five years of rookie mistakes. Crafty TV Writing and talent are pretty much all you'll need to make it." —Ken Levine, writer/producer, MASH, Cheers, Frasier, The Simpsons, Wings, Becker Everyone watches television, and everyone has an opinion on what makes good TV. But, as Alex Epstein shows in this invaluable guide, writing for television is a highly specific craft that requires knowledge, skill, and more than a few insider's tricks. Epstein, a veteran TV writer and show creator himself, provides essential knowledge about the entire process of television writing, both for beginners and for professionals who want to go to the next level. Crafty TV Writing explains how to decode the hidden structure of a TV series. It describes the best ways to generate a hook, write an episode, create characters the audience will never tire of, construct entertaining dialogue, and use humor. It shows how to navigate the tough but rewarding television industry, from writing your first "spec" script, to getting hired to work on a show, to surviving—even thriving—if you get fired. And it illuminates how television writers think about the shows they're writing, whether they're working in comedy, drama, or "reality." Fresh, funny, and informed, Crafty TV Writing is the essential guide to writing for and flourishing in the world of television.

Maverick Jetpants in The City of Quality

But if I can Bring the Funny to Bambert, and Bambert can Bring the Funny to Necro, there is no way I'm giving away where I got that joke from. “And I take it this is Toby?” Bambert says. “Hambone Toby Winter?

Author: Bill Peters

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 9781936787036

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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Rochester, 1999; a mystery surrounding arson; a hilarious and heart–breaking friendship based on a language of inside jokes. ". . . Bill Peters belongs in the ranks of serious literary artists."—New York Times Book Review, Editor's Choice "One of the most inventive novels published this year."—The Los Angeles Review Rochester, New York, 1999: An arsonist is loose on the streets of a city in decline. Gone are the days of Rioting in the Vomit Cruiser, searching for a possible Tokyo Rocking Horse. In this hilarious, wildly original debut novel, Nathan Gray and best friend Necro live by the code of Joke Royalty, a system of in–jokes known only to a select few. But as the reality of full–time employment, possible spouses, and Neo–Nazis encroaches, their friendship unravels, threatening their dreams of becoming Kodak Park Winjas. Among the gravest Hellstacheries: Necro’s strangely vicious drawings and his sudden interest in a group of weapons enthusiasts who may or may not be responsible for the fires erupting through downtown. With no Holy Grail Points left to his name, Nate ventures into Rochester’s strangest corners to find out if his best friend is a domestic terrorist Pinning Bow Ties on the Dead or simply Maverick Jetpantsing on with his life—perhaps even beyond The City of Quality.

I See Life Through Ros Colored Glasses

I thought, maybe I can bring the funny. Long story short, I begged the Inky to let me do a column, and they agreed, thanks to former owner Brian Tierney. I started writing about my life and my daughter Francesca, so in time she joined ...

Author: Lisa Scottoline

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250163073

Category: Humor

Page: 320

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In I See Life Through Rosé-Colored Glasses, the bestselling mother/daughter pair is back with another hilarious and heartfelt collection of essays about the possibilities and pitfalls of everyday life. The New York Times bestselling mother daughter duo are back with more hilarious, witty, and true tales from their lives. Whether they are attempting to hike the Grand Canyon, setting up phone calls with their dogs, or learning what “adulting” means, Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the funniest moments in life. Like the perfect glass of rosé, they’re always here to help you escape from your own busy, modern life and instead, get lost in theirs. Praise for the series: "This summer beach read—which is indeed “like a glass of rosé, between two covers”—is sure to cheer readers spanning the generations." —Publishers Weekly on I See Life Through Rosè-Colored Glasses “We all need down-to-earth wisdom and comedy now more than ever, and you will find both in abundance in I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere But the Pool.” —Connecticut Post “We get to be flies on the wall as the mother-daughter team fights, makes up, and hurls barbs just like you and your mom.” —O, The Oprah Magazine (“Perfect Summer Must Read”)

The Humor Rx for Speakers

Do your homework to bring the funny. 53 An embarrassing moment? Find the funny in it. 54 Play with numbers and statistics; they are a good source of humor. 55 Veer away from logical and linear thinking; think absurdly. 56 Play it safe; ...

Author: Abdulla Al-Abandi

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 9786030382149

Category: Humor

Page: 176

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The Humor Rx for Speakers offers speakers and speakers-to-be practical tips on how to use humor in their public speaking engagements, whether formal or informal. There are 77 tips on various topics related to humorous speaking. Numerous humorous examples have been used to illustrate the tips. You will also enjoy some of the exercises included in some of the tips. In addition to the tips, the book includes an introduction about what humor is all about, as well as some essential guidelines on how to make humor effective. You will also enjoy the illustrations that precede some of the tips, and you may want to try to caption them. Also, some of the finest humorous quotes have been selectively compiled that could give you some ideas for funny one-liners or personalized short stories. You can start this book anywhere. Even if you are not a speaker, you will get some musings from reading the tips. The foreword of the book was written by Mark L. Brown, the Toastmasters International 1995 world champion of public speaking.