Writing for Public Relations

This book is a primer text that helps students transition from academic writing to writing that will help them succeed professionally.

Author: Andrew Corner

Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing

ISBN: 1516524705

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 308

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Brief, Concise, and Clear: The Basics of Writing for Public Relations and Communications is a primer text that helps students transition from academic writing to writing that will help them succeed professionally. The text includes information about the craft of professional writing for general businesses as well as strategies used specifically for public relations audiences. Students are first introduced to the practice of public relations along with models, approaches, and career options. The text discusses writing mechanics, the need for good writing, and writing tone, as well as the importance of word choice, grammar, punctuation, and the process of editing, refining, and rewriting. The final chapter provides templates for business letters, press releases, web copy, and social media outlets. Successfully combining instruction on writing mechanics with an understanding of the demands of writing for public relations, Brief, Concise, and Clear is well suited to courses in the field, as well as those in advertising, marketing, and general business. Andrew Corner teaches public relations and writing in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University. Prior to joining the faculty, Professor Corner provided strategic counseling and account management services for clients in numerous industries through his work with a statewide issue management consultancy in Michigan. He developed his public relations expertise in his decade with a regional hospital system, where he worked in media relations, crisis management, and internal communication programs. Professor Corner holds a master's degree in public relations management and is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America.


Why BRIEF? Inour attentiondeficit economy, being brief is what's desperately needed and rarely delivered. When wefailto be clear and concise, ...

Author: Joseph McCormack

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118705285

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Get heard by being clear and concise The only way to survive in business today is to be a leancommunicator. Busy executives expect you to respect and managetheir time more effectively than ever. You need to do thegroundwork to make your message tight and to the point. The averageprofessional receives 304 emails per week and checks theirsmartphones 36 times an hour and 38 hours a week. This inattentionhas spread to every part of life. The average attention span hasshrunk from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight in 2012. So, throw them a lifeline and be brief. Author Joe McCormack tackles the challenges of inattention,interruptions, and impatience that every professional faces. Hisproven B.R.I.E.F. approach, which stands for Background, Relevance,Information, Ending, and Follow up, helps simplify and clarifycomplex communication. BRIEF will help yousummarize lengthy information, tell a short story, harness thepower of infographics and videos, and turn monologue presentationsinto controlled conversations. Details the B.R.I.E.F. approach to distilling your message intoa brief presentation Written by the founder and CEO of Sheffield Marketing Partners,which specializes in message and narrative development, who is alsoa recognized expert in Narrative Mapping, a technique that helpsclients achieve a clearer and more concise message Long story short: BRIEF will help you gain themuscle you need to eliminate wasteful words and stand out from therest. Be better. Be brief.

Clear and Concise

(One sentence, 63 words) Step 1: Isolate the different ideas • Our initial brief was to focus on needs and benefits. • Early in the survey something became ...

Author: Susan McKerihan

Publisher: Black Inc.

ISBN: 9781925203004

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

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How well do you write? Good communication is a skill required by all professionals. Whether you're preparing reports, conducting reviews or simply writing emails, expressing your ideas clearly and persuasively is fundamental to your success in the workplace. Susan McKerihan has spent over twenty years assisting corporate clients to perfect their written communications. In Clear & Concise she shares her secrets, using real-world examples to show how to avoid common writing traps, such as wordiness, ambiguity and repetition. By eliminating these habitual errors from your work and by using a logical top-down structure, you can improve the readability of your writing. And when your words are lucid and focused, your thinking becomes sharper, and you become more impressive and more productive. Clear & Concise is the only writing guide you will ever need.

Spiral Impact

Be brief, concise, and clear. I find that organizing a message in threes makes it easy for the listener to track what you are saying.

Author: Karen Valecic

Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.

ISBN: 9781937520151

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 71

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Eliminate struggle. Harness the power of the spiral to achieve your desired outcomes - and do "it" with grace and ease. Karen Valencic blends her expertise in the martial art Aikido, with performance improvement, and science. She illustrates how to use conflict creatively, focus energy and make solid decisions to generate the power to get what you want done with grace. "Keep moving and bend your knees." These words echo in my head whenever I begin to struggle. In the early days of my martial arts practice, I would frequently feel overwhelmed by my big, sweaty opponents. But if I suddenly appeared immobilized by my opponent's greater strength, my teacher's voice in the background would ring out, "Keep moving and bend your knees." The martial art "aikido" mimics life. Movement gives us energy and creativity; struggle and fear make us feel stuck. The choices you make either create or stop momentum, both on the aikido practice mat and in life and work. "Keep moving and bend your knees" in everyday life means be flexible and ask questions for continuous learning. Movement gives us energy and creativity; struggle and fear make us feel stuck.

Medicines from Animal Cell Culture

... Planning for Validation, state that 'The VMP should be a summary document, which is brief, concise and clear.' (European Commission 2001a) Too often, ...

Author: Glyn N. Stacey

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470723785

Category: Science

Page: 696

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Medicines from Animal Cell Culture focuses on the use of animal cell culture, which has been used to produce human and veterinary vaccines, interferon, monoclonal antibodies and genetically engineered products such as tPA and erythropoietin. It also addresses the recent dramatic expansion in cell-based therapies, including the use of live cells for tissue regeneration and the culture of stem cells. Medicines from Animal Cell Culture: Provides comprehensive descriptions of methods for cell culture and nutrition as well as the technologies for the preservation and characterisation of both the cells and the derived products Describes the preparation of stem cells and others for use in cell-based therapies – an area of burgeoning research Includes experimental examples to indicate expected results Covers regulatory issues from the UK, the EU and the USA and reviews how these are developing around the world Addresses the key issues of standardisation and validation with chapters on GLP and GMP for cell culture processes Delivering insight into the exciting world of biological medicines and directions for further investigation into specific topics, Medicines from Animal Cell Culture is an essential resource for researchers and technicians at all levels using cell culture within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical industries. It is of value to laboratory managers in these industries and to all those interested in this topic alike.

... brief : sketchy i ( m ) simple : simplified : brief : ~ mi ( 45 ) brevity code Ź in brief ;
in short : put it in a nutshell ; in a c ) negligent word / H ~ conform to the principle
of sim . m ) simple and clear : concise : – tett terse plicity 2 ( 11 # ) bamboo slips ...

Author: 段世镇

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015016547872

Category: Chinese language

Page: 1274

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Published jointly with Oxford University Press in Hong Kong and Hai Feng Publishing Co. Ltd, this invaluable dictionary includes all the vocabulary encountered by general readers in their everyday work and study. It contains thousands of new words and phrases; new meanings of old forms that have found their way into the Chinese vocabulary in the past ten years in politics, economics, law, science, technology, culture, and art; 4,800 single-character entries; 50,000 multiple-character entries with many of the latter followed by derivatives and compounds; alphabetically arranged (according to the Pinyan system) items within each entry; and a Stroke index providing both simplified and orthodox forms of Chinese characters.

Safety and Human Resource Law for the Safety Professional

The primary reason safety professionals should brief a case is to provide an ... ISSUE – In a clear and concise manner of no more than 1–3 sentences, ...

Author: Thomas D. Schneid

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780429514388

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 342

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The purpose of this text to provide a "one stop" source for safety professionals to acquire a general knowledge regarding not only the OSH Act but also laws and standards which impact the safety profession on a daily basis. The safety professional today does not work in a vacuum and decision-making can be impacted by a myriad of other laws. This new book will be the safety professional’s "go to" text to acquire a quick understanding of the particular law potentially impacting his/her daily activities. Features Includes safety laws as well as human resource laws Presents new OSHA whistleblower actions Encompasses updated contractor requirement under Wage and Hour laws Covers new NLRA decisions and actions Addresses e-commerce and social media issues involving the safety function

A Year of Building Success Through Clear Concise Cooperative Communication

Keep the interruption brief, get the information you need, and encourage them to continue. • Giving an earlier agreed upon reminder, “Sorry to interrupt, ...

Author: Melissa R. Rich, Ph.D.

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483424354

Category: Self-Help


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Dr. Rich has written a hands-on, practical and fun to read primer on effective communication. She believes everyone has the ability to communicate in a more productive manner – and thereby increase their personal life satisfaction. She looks at communication mechanics, setting boundaries, attitude adjustment, improving your appearance, being clear in what you want, learning to listen respectfully to others, attending to unspoken communication, and handling harmful interactions. Her book provides clear, applicable instructions that put you in the driver’s seat of your conversational vehicle. Read it and get rid of common communication obstacles in your path.

Art of Advocacy Series Appeals

The rules dictating brief structure and content insure that a judge will find what ... Generally, appellate judges prefer briefs that are concise, clear and ...

Author: Marshall Houts

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 9781579110666

Category: Law

Page: 1508

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Step-by-step practical analysis of written and oral arguments, with expert advice on preparation and presentation. Included are sample written briefs and oral arguments in products liability cases, medical malpractice cases, and wrongful death actions. Arguments are compared, do's and don'ts are highlighted, and checklists are provided.

Going Public Handbook

13 The Interpretative Release advises that information should be presented in
clear , concise paragraphs and sentences . Short explanatory sentences and “
bullet ” lists are encouraged . Important terms should be defined in a glossary
section ...

Author: Harold S. Bloomenthal


ISBN: STANFORD:36105134417638

Category: Disclosure of information


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System Engineering Analysis Design and Development

... specification requirement must be stated in a brief, clear, and concise manner ... specify capability requirements using brief, concise, outcome-based, ...

Author: Charles S. Wasson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118967140

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 882

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Praise for the first edition: “This excellent text will be useful to everysystem engineer (SE) regardless of the domain. It covers ALLrelevant SE material and does so in a very clear, methodicalfashion. The breadth and depth of the author's presentation ofSE principles and practices is outstanding.” –Philip Allen This textbook presents a comprehensive, step-by-step guide toSystem Engineering analysis, design, and development via anintegrated set of concepts, principles, practices, andmethodologies. The methods presented in this text apply to any typeof human system -- small, medium, and large organizational systemsand system development projects delivering engineered systems orservices across multiple business sectors such as medical,transportation, financial, educational, governmental, aerospace anddefense, utilities, political, and charity, among others. Provides a common focal point for “bridgingthe gap” between and unifying System Users, System Acquirers,multi-discipline System Engineering, and Project, Functional, andExecutive Management education, knowledge, and decision-making fordeveloping systems, products, or services Each chapter provides definitions of key terms,guiding principles, examples, author’s notes, real-worldexamples, and exercises, which highlight and reinforce key SE&Dconcepts and practices Addresses concepts employed in Model-BasedSystems Engineering (MBSE), Model-Driven Design (MDD), UnifiedModeling Language (UMLTM) / Systems Modeling Language(SysMLTM), and Agile/Spiral/V-Model Development such asuser needs, stories, and use cases analysis; specificationdevelopment; system architecture development; User-Centric SystemDesign (UCSD); interface definition & control; systemintegration & test; and Verification & Validation(V&V) Highlights/introduces a new 21st Century SystemsEngineering & Development (SE&D) paradigm that is easy tounderstand and implement. Provides practices that are critical stagingpoints for technical decision making such as Technical StrategyDevelopment; Life Cycle requirements; Phases, Modes, & States;SE Process; Requirements Derivation; System ArchitectureDevelopment, User-Centric System Design (UCSD); EngineeringStandards, Coordinate Systems, and Conventions; et al. Thoroughly illustrated, with end-of-chapter exercises andnumerous case studies and examples, Systems EngineeringAnalysis, Design, and Development, Second Edition is a primarytextbook for multi-discipline, engineering, system analysis, andproject management undergraduate/graduate level students and avaluable reference for professionals.

3x3 Minute Summary Mashup of Presentation Public Speaking Skills with Bill McGowan Joseph McCormack and Akash Karia

The art of influence and persuasion has become the art of getting to the point quickly – being concise, clear and especially BRIEF. The narrative flows well ...

Author: thimblesofplenty

Publisher: thimblesofplenty




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thimblesofplenty est un groupe d’amis qui sont également des businessmen et des fervents lecteurs. Nous voulions suivre les derniers livres de business mais nous trouvions que le temps était un facteur important à prendre en compte. Nous avons donc divisé le travail et chacun d’entre nous a pris un livre et l’a résumé pour les autres. Nous pensions que cela pouvais être une excellente idée de partager ces résumés avec vous. Pour un prix réduit et un investissement de 3 minutes, nos résumés vous offrent un peu de sagesse du livre, de quoi alimenter vos pensées et avec espérons-le, vous donneront envie de prendre le temps de lire le livre en entier.

Medical English Clear Simple

brief,. concise. overview. of. the. patient's. care. It. functions. as. a. quick reference for the care team, highlighting all pertinent information on ...

Author: Melodie Hull

Publisher: F.A. Davis

ISBN: 9780803624863

Category: Medical

Page: 400

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Take a better approach to English for ESL health care students and practitioners. This workbook-based method uses a variety of interactive learning techniques to develop their mastery of medical English and their ability to use and understand it in the health care setting. It’s perfect for both self-study and classroom instruction.