Breakfast with Sharks

Breakfast with Sharks is not a book about the craft of screenwriting. This is a book about the business of managing your screenwriting career, from advice on choosing an agent to tips on juggling three deal-making breakfasts a day.

Author: Michael Lent

Publisher: Crown Archetype

ISBN: 9780307419965

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

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What They Didn’t Teach You in Your Screenwriting Course Screenwriters, listen up! Breakfast with Sharks is not a book about the craft of screenwriting. This is a book about the business of managing your screenwriting career, from advice on choosing an agent to tips on juggling three deal-making breakfasts a day. Prescriptive and useful, Breakfast with Sharks is a real guide to navigating the murky waters of the Hollywood system. Unlike most of the screenwriting books available, here’s one that tells you what to do after you’ve finished your surefire-hit screenplay. Written from the perspective of Michael Lent, an in-the-trenches working screenwriter in Hollywood, this is a real-world look into the script-to-screen business as it is practiced today. Breakfast with Sharks is filled with useful advice on everything from the ins and outs of moving to Los Angeles to understanding terms like “spec,” “option,” and “assignment.” Here you’ll learn what to expect from agents and managers and who does what in the studio hierarchy. And most important, Breakfast with Sharks will help you nail your pitch so the studio exec can’t say no. Rounded out with a Q&A section and resource lists of script competitions, film festivals, trade associations, industry publications, and more, Breakfast with Sharks is chock-full of “take this and use it right now” information for screenwriters at any stage of their careers.

The Language of Sharks

Regardless of this setback in our insurance pursuit , we decide to go out and get
a breakfast with lots of mayonnaise , ham ( for Stanley - I won ' t eat mammals ) ,
pancakes , maple syrup and butter . Eggs , too . Poochus Pilate , our ninety ...

Author: Pat MacEnulty

Publisher: Serpents Tail

ISBN: UOM:39015061139047

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

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MacEnulty's portrayal of life in small town America has an honesty and depth of emotion that mark her as an outstanding new writer.

Swimming with Sharks

Sickened by the whiff of rotten fish and diesel fuel, I shared my breakfast with the
fish. Gerald was sitting on a deck chair, reading a book. He gave me the look of
pity that seasoned mariners give to seasick landlubbers. "Try sucking a gummy ...

Author: Nick Arnold


ISBN: 0439689473

Category: Sharks

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Animals can be cute ... and cruel! Read Seb's journal for some truly terrifying shark secrets. Meet Snow White the great white shark and get really close to her huge, scissor-sharp jaws. Relive the drama, dangers and disgusting details as you find out: if toilets are more dangerous than sharks; how to escape from a shark; how you tickle a shark; what a shark's favorite color is.

The Old Navy and the New

tain and myself , after our long , dusty ride , thoroughly enjoyed an excellent
breakfast with such pleasant surroundings . ... At that time I was not aware that
Lake Nicaragua was filled with sharks ; from the fact that Lake Managua has
none ...

Author: Daniel Ammen


ISBN: IND:30000112658012

Category: United States

Page: 553

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Sharks Rays

In one day we would capture one of the most spectacular sequences for our film .
The day began before breakfast when the scouting divers returned from a dawn
dive to report marbled rays gathering in the pass at the southern tip of Manualita

Author: Ralf M. Hennemann


ISBN: UCSD:31822031268097

Category: Rays (Fishes)

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Shark News

A ' sleep - with - the - sharks ' programme enables students to sleep overnight in
the aquarium adjacent to the windows of the principal exhibit . Myths about
elasmobranchs are replaced by facts as students have dinner , sleep , and
breakfast ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822009676446

Category: Chondrichthyes


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Sharks Ships and Potato Chips

The Great Green Turkey Creek Monster Breakfast of Champions 1 . About the B '
nai BAGELS 2 . The Big CHEESE 3 . Deen EGGS and HAM 4 . Don ' t Forget the
BACON 5 . The Giant Jam Sandwich 6 . PANCAKES for Breakfast 7 . BREAD ...

Author: Ruth Toor

Publisher: Library Learning Resources, Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015032428024

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 258

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Each section is organized around one large theme and integrates library instruction with the development of critical thinking skills.

Breakfast with Mao

Now that I was here , I supposed , Intourist had decided that I should have my
way at the table and when the world woke up , I would either be thrown to the
sharks or given a medal . I was wrong . Restraining my appetite to leave space
for the ...

Author: Alan Winnington

Publisher: Lawrence & Wishart Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015011702720

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Welcome Bahamas

Sea grapes TE voyagers Scenic views of the waterscape complement colorful
buffet stations for breakfast , lunch and dinner ... Overlooking a lagoon teeming
with sharks and rays , Water's Edge features a traditional American buffet
breakfast .






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Girl From Oz

Fifteen Minutes with Warhol, Breakfast with the Prince and other tales from the
Hollywood Highlife Lyndall Hobbs ... O THERE I AM in the doctor's office about
five years ago, the gungho TV reporter who once swam with sharks in order to
get a ...

Author: Lyndall Hobbs

Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

ISBN: 9781743584101

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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I lived the ‘life of Riley’ in London at an early age. It was a preposterously wonderful time of fun, glamour, career excitement and excess. It finally ended. I later got a spot of cancer. Life goes on and I’m still a ridiculously lucky girl from Oz.

In her gripping personal memoir, A Girl From Oz, Australian journalist and filmmaker Lyndall Hobbs reveals tales from the Hollywood highlife. In fact, she has seen and done just about everything: tangled with Cambodian pirates for a scoop, grappled with Hollywood sexism as a feature director, wooed acting royalty, raised two children on her own and survived cancer in the unforgiving American medical system.

In this heartfelt, hilarious and self-deprecating memoir, Lyndall recounts the thrills and spills of her unbelievable, star-studded life story: from charming Australian television audiences and becoming the UK’s youngest television journalist, to making her first Hollywood feature film and rubbing shoulders with London and LA’s A-list.

Lyndall Hobbs is an Australian writer, filmmaker and interior designer. Born in Melbourne in 1952, she wrote regular columns in Go-Set and Newsday at the age of seventeen. She began her television career at GTV Nine News and A Current Affair in Australia, and after moving to London worked as a reporter and presenter for ITN’s First Report and Thames TV’s Today show. Her short films Dead on Time (written by Richard Curtis and starring Rowan Atkinson) and Hobbs’s Choice led to a directing career in the United States, where she shot music videos for artists such as Chaka Khan, as well as Saturday Night Live shorts and a feature film, Back to the Beach, which received two thumbs up from Siskel and Ebert. Lyndall has two children, Lola and Nick, and lives in Los Angeles.


As soon as a shark bites a human, it generally realizes it has made a culinary
error. Often the attacks are more like "tastes" than "bites." If a one-ton shark really
wanted you for breakfast, you'd have little or no chance of survival. Yet even ...

Author: Howard Hall

Publisher: Ez Nature Books

ISBN: 0918303362



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Reference User Services Quarterly

Breakfast with Sharks : A Screenwriter's Guide to Getting the Meeting , Nailing the
Pitch , Signing the Deal , and Navigating the Murky Waters of Hollywood . New
York : Three Rivers Press , 2004. ISBN 0609-81043 - X . Hollywood is a strained



ISBN: NWU:35556038766127

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How to Beat the Sharks When the Water s Polluted

Author: Mike Sevenau

Publisher: Mg Pub

ISBN: 1575024454

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 117

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Filled with everyday sales tips that provides the right to push to invigorate anyone working in sales, but especially those whose job is to sell something that isn't exactly perfect. Drawing from 25 years of in-the-trenches sales, Sevenau shares his vast knowledge with such tips as how to turn the competition's strengths into weaknesses, how to use your own insecurity, and why sales reps should never take a lunch.

Biography News

What Great Whites are to sharks , paperback rights are to the finances of book
publishing . Bantam bit for $ 575 , 000 . When Congdon called to tell him the
news , Benchley was eating breakfast with his wife Wendy in the kitchen .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105010688963

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Sharks in British Seas

With the numbers that used to exist then , cage diving would have been possible
as long as the sharks cooperated and , if the sharks had been examined ... I lost ,
the bag ripped and our shark had breakfast , lunch and supper all in one go .

Author: Richard Peirce


ISBN: UCSD:31822037134509

Category: Sharks

Page: 138

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The first modern comprehensive guide to sharks in UK waters written by Richard Peirce is available now. Eleven fully illustrated narrative chapters and data sheets with illustrations on all our species make this book exceptional value.Written by a writer, broadcaster and shark conservationist.

Harry Pickering

It was not , she told herself over her breakfast tray , that she did not enjoy parties
when they were kept within bounds . ... a strain — to Jean who had taken up the
game just last summer ; but she was careful to avoid playing with “ sharks .

Author: Robert E. McClure


ISBN: UCAL:$B56993


Page: 372

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Yes , the garage man would try it all right . He would leave straight away . And at
eight - thirty the next morning , having had a very luxurious bath , I came down
the lift in Louis ' club in Piccadilly , London , and sat down at the breakfast table .

Author: Patrick Fitzgerald O'Connor

Publisher: New York, Norton [c1953]

ISBN: UOM:39015063997905

Category: Shark fishing

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How to Become a Better Reader

But at that moment , the shark's jaws flashed wide — and Mopi's hand was gone !
I had always hoped ... Mopi shared my simple breakfast with me , and not long
afterward I had an opportunity to see him under water with sharks . We hurriedly ...

Author: Paul Witty


ISBN: UOM:39015070530566

Category: Reading

Page: 315

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This book is designed to help you become a better reader. If you are an average reader, you may be reading this book now at a reading rate of about 180 words per minute. You can improve your rate of reading -- perhaps 50 percent or more for many types of reading. At the same time, you can learn to get more out of the things you read. - p. 1.