Bread and Other Miracles

Ever since I read Lynn Ungar's "Camas Lilies"—a poem that has touched the lives of thousands of people—I've hoped she would publish a collection of poetry. Bread and Other Miracles is a wish come true.

Author: Lynn Ungar

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Ever since I read Lynn Ungar's "Camas Lilies"—a poem that has touched the lives of thousands of people—I've hoped she would publish a collection of poetry. Bread and Other Miracles is a wish come true. These poems come from and speak to many dimensions of what it means to be human. But they have this in common: they take subtle, complex, and elusive experiences and make them accessible without diminishing the mystery. They give the reader a chance to walk around and into the miracles of everyday life, to dwell more deeply in self, other, nature, and spirit. Immerse yourself in this world of words and find yourself more deeply immersed in the world of your own life. —Parker J. Palmer (author of Healing the Heart of Democracy, Let Your Life Speak, and The Courage to Teach)

The National Sunday School Teacher

Was it enough then ? true Bread ? The Bread of God ? Bread of Life ? 12 , 13. Were there ever any other miracles like Bread from heaven ? Living bread ? Why do you this ? 2 K. 4 : 38-42 ; Matt . 15 : 29-39 . After Jesus think that Jesus ...



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The Miracle of the Bread the Fish and the Boy

But the lesson shouldn't end there. In this colorful picture book, bestselling author Anthony DeStefano and award-winning illustrator Richard Cowdrey bring this miraculous tale to life and share a larger message with children of all ages.

Author: Anthony DeStefano

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736968591

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Teach Little Ones a Big Lesson About Trusting God The boy with the loaves and fishes is a popular Sunday School story, teaching kids about generosity. But the lesson shouldn't end there. In this colorful picture book, bestselling author Anthony DeStefano and award-winning illustrator Richard Cowdrey bring this miraculous tale to life and share a larger message with children of all ages. When kids, or their parents or grandparents, trust God with all they have, He can turn those seemingly small contributions into huge accomplishments to the glory of His kingdom. In the retelling of this boy's life-changing encounter with Jesus, kids will learn they can achieve amazing things when they believe in God. In addition, they will discover when they feel worried or anxious about doing difficult tasks, the Lord is there to help them when they ask. God loves all His children, young and old, and still works miracles every day!

Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles

to reveal bread, juice, a silver cup. Nana Marie's hand finds mine and latches on. A moment later she leans in, whispers in my ear. Your Grandpa Harold gave that cup to the church, she says. I'm about to whisper back, tell her I think ...

Author: Shari Green

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Eleven-year-old Bailey believes in miracles. She has to; it will take a miracle to keep her warring parents together. This summer they are at a Marriage Counselling camp, leaving Bailey and her little brother Kevin with their estranged grandmother in the island town of Felicity Bay. There, an eccentric deposed minister makes a prophecy that a stranger from the sea will change everything. When Bailey discovers a mermaid-shaped piece of driftwood, she begins to believe that the mermaid is this stranger from the sea. Then, when a dolphin becomes stranded on the beach, Bailey forgets her own troubles and rouses the reluctant locals into action. Written in light and lyrical free verse, Shari Green’s warm and wistful novel brings Bailey face to face with both hard and beautiful truths about growing up and growing into her own ability to shape the world.

The Deity and Miracles of Christ

Jesus then turned to Philip and asked, “Where can we buy bread for the people?” Philip was stunned and said, “Two hundred ... Now whether this was the amount the disciples had in the bag or were from some other number, we are not sure.

Author: Rev. Joseph Sill

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

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This book is intended to show Jesus's deity through the signs and dialogue in the book of John. John has recorded eight signs or miracles in his Gospel. He begins with the marriage at Cana and progresses through his Gospel to the resurrection, the greatest of all the signs. These miracles in the book of John, and all the Bible for that matter, are not arbitrary but were chosen by the Holy Spirit to show that Jesus is who he says he is. John himself tells us his purpose in writing his Gospel in John 20:21: "But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name." This book is intended for you to look at the miracle and sayings of Jesus in John and show how they point to Jesus being the promised Messiah, the Son of God, deity incarnate. John showed who Jesus was when he said, "I am the bread of life," and proceeded to feed the five thousand with the loaves and fish. John records that he said, "I am the light of the world," and then Jesus proceeded to heal a man born blind from birth. He told Mary at the death of Lazarus, "I am the resurrection and the life," and proceeded to raise the dead. Finally, he told his disciples, "I lay my life down, and I will take it up again." Then he went to the cross, died, and was buried to rise again on the third day. And just in case there is any doubt as to his resurrection, he appears to Thomas in the upper room and to the disciples by the sea of Tiberius. It is my prayer that this book may prove who Jesus is to the minds of all who read it. That they may come to believe that Jesus is who he said he is""the Messiah, the Son of God, who died for our sins""and is raised to make it just as if we never sinned (Romans 4:25).

Mysteries Marvels and Miracles

Another miracle was added when St. Catherine asked that the bread be distributed among the poor and supplied to the friars. It is reported that the bin remained always full, even though the amount of bread distributed was generous.11 ...

Author: Joan Carroll Cruz

Publisher: TAN Books

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Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints! Includes hundreds of true stories of miraculous phenomena in the lives of the Saints: bilocation, levitation, multiplication of food, etc. Fascinating, hard to put down, and helpful to strengthen one’s faith. This world CANNOT be all there is -- and this book helps to make that truth more REAL to each one of us! An excellent gift book, suitable for all ages.

The Sunday Magazine

Every miracle of our Saviour tiplication of that bread thus given to the thousands ou carried with it a lesson of wisdom ... Let us take the two miracles that we have now Or look again at the other miracle- that of before us , both of ...

Author: Thomas Guthrie


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Miracles and Wonders

... but only in the wonder of the loaves is the God of miracles involved. We must have Jesus. We must sit and eat real fish created from thin air and feel the thrill of great power furnishing us our daily bread. Any other kind of bread ...

Author: Calvin Miller

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446561587

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* Jesus Loves Me, Calvin Miller's most recent novel, was published by Warner Faith in 4/02. His previous book, Into the Depths of God (Bethany House, 4/01), sold 38,000 copies and was chosen as a Featured Main Selection by Insight for Living. * Calvin Miller has more than 30 published books to his credit. His first fiction series, The Singer Trilogy, sold over one million copies and was a bestseller. With Wings Like Eagles, (Thomas Nelson, 1998), which he wrote with Thomas Kinkade, was also a bestseller, selling over 85,000 copies. * A pastor, poet, theologian, and painter, Calvin Miller currently serves as a professor of preaching and pastoral ministries at Beeson Divinity School in Alabama.


And though it is in heaven in an extended state , as all other bodies are , yet they think that extension may be separated ... of bread and drop of wine that is separated from the whole , is a new body , and yet without a new miracle ...



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He took the five loaves of bread, broke them up in the basket, and held up the basket of bread in both arms. Lifting it up, He gave thanks to our Father in heaven for the bread brought before us. ... the other miracle baskets.

Author: Paul Oshiro

Publisher: WestBow Press

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The book is the autobiography of Shi’mon Bar-Jonah, the apostle Peter’s personal account of his four years with Jesus. Experience what life was like two thousand years ago—the sights, sounds, food, culture, and people. Come to understand how Peter, a simple fisherman with all the same doubts, fears, and struggles that we have, came to faith in Christ. As told in Peter’s own words: by staying true to the Bible and the historical times, we relive the greatest days in history, the ignition of the Christian Church.

The Study of the Miracles

Another difficulty is the seeming contradiction as to the time and place of one of these miracles — the opening of the ... The bread, which was multiplied and became sufficient for all, was like the manna, a picture of Him who is the ...

Author: Ada R. Habershon

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434498496

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An attempt to collect from Scripture the innumerable proofs of God's all-mighty power and of the Divine element in the Bible itself.

Relics and Miracles

The bread and wine can spoil, so special care must be taken to preserve the Holy Gifts undamaged; in other words, the holiest of all sacraments and transmutation by the Holy Spirit do not offer protection against the forces of natural ...

Author: Sergius Bulgakov

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802865311

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Boris Jakim here presents two major theological essays by Russian Orthodox theologian Sergius Bulgakov in English translation for the first time. "On Holy Relics," a 1918 response to Bolshevik desecration of the relics of Russian saints, develops a comprehensive theology of holy relics, connecting them with the Incarnation and showing their place in sacramental theology. The second essay, "On the Gospel Miracles," written in 1932, presents a Christological doctrine of miracles, focusing on how human activity relates to the works of Christ. Both essays are suffused with Bulgakov's faith in Christian resurrection and with his signature "religious materialism," in which the corporeal is illuminated by the spiritual and the earthly is transfigured into the heavenly.

Simon Peter

Then handing a piece of broken bread to each of His disciples , and yet not diminishing thereby the slender store ... In other miracles they had looked on and watched the processes , if any , by which He wrought a cure performed a sign ...

Author: Edwin Hodder


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Bread and Butter Miracles

A book of 24 stories written by everyday people that show the unique ways God answers prayer.

Author: Jan Jensen


ISBN: 0473255251

Category: Christian life

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A book of 24 stories written by everyday people that show the unique ways God answers prayer.

The Meaning in the Miracles

In Proverbs 9 : 5 and elsewhere Wisdom is said to prepare a banquet , inviting people to eat of her bread and drink of her wine - in other words to accept her message , which is none other than that of God himself .

Author: Jeffrey John

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802827942

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Explanations of Jesusb miracles often get stuck in their supernatural elements, speculating whether such things could possibly have occurred. Jeffrey John argues that this is to mistake the shell for the kernel. The Gospel writers recorded the many miracles of Jesus not to provoke open-mouthed amazement but, rather, to prompt readers to seek the deeper meaning inside each of these spectacular events. A best-seller in England and now available for the first time in the United States, "The Meaning in the Miracles" is praised as a must-have guide to Jesusb miracles. John walks readers through each miracle story, providing the biblical text then offering insightful commentary that first connects the event with other biblical themes and then makes clear its meaning for today. Each discussion ends with a selection of relevant scripture passages, quotes from literature, and other material meant to aid in further personal reflection and prayer. As John shows, the stories of Jesusb miraculous works are loaded with prophetic and theological significance meant primarily to foster personal faith. By reflecting on the depths and dimensions of meaning the Gospel writers intended to convey, readers encounter afresh the One whose works of power were always a means of announcing the good news of his transforming love -- then and now. bA delight: considerable scholarship with a light touch. . . . Highly recommended.b -- "The Reader"

The Miracles of Jesus the Messiah

Jesus quickly emphasized that it was not Moses who gave the bread , but his Father . Then followed the sermon on the bread of life . ... Other miracles had been or would be publicly performed , but not with the same emphasis .

Author: E. Keith Howick

Publisher: WindRiver Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1886249008

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The Life of Jesus the Messiah is a five-volume set that discusses the life of Jesus Christ topically. In volume 1, the miracles performed by Jesus are discussed. Their nature is explained and both the historical impact they had on the Jews living at the time of Jesus and their significance to us today is discussed. The volume's organization makes it an ideal resource for both students and instructors. The volume includes complete scriptural references to the King James Bible, footnotes, a complete index, and a scripture index allowing readers to quickly find relevant commentary.

C S Lewis Miracles

Other examples of miracles in this class are the two involving miraculous feeding, the multiplication of a little bread and fish into much of both. There isa difference here from when Satan temptedJesus to turn stones to bread.

Author: Terry L. Miethe

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781433670916

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Shepherd's Notes- Christian Classics Series is designed to give readers a quick, step by step overview of some of the enduring treasures of the Christian faith. They are designed to be used along side the classic itself- either in individual study or in a study group. The faithful of all generations have found spiritual nourishment in the Scriptures and in the works of Christians of earlier generations. Martin Luther and John Calvin would not have become who they were apart from their reading Augustine. God used the writings of Martin Luther to move John Wesley from a religion of dead works to an experience at Aldersgate in which his "heart was strangely warmed." Shepherd's Notes will give pastors, laypersons, and students access to some of the treasures of Christian faith.