Underground Australia

Some of the boys might have had memories of a burial in a church graveyard in their villages back home, perhaps of a beloved grandparent or other family member. As a boy was being lowered to his underground cell, did he fear that he was ...

Author: Michael McKernan

Publisher: National Library Australia

ISBN: 9780642278081

Category: Travel

Page: 141

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In the bowels of a Sydney pub, the publican poses with his hand in chains: a reminder of the time when the underground store was a convict cell. A family, thrown out of home during the Great Depression, set up house in a cave. Women sort mushrooms in a disused railway tunnel in 1950s; a jazz band rehearses beneath the Royal George Hotel. As people go about their busy lives, beneath their feet members of the Cave Clan clamber through shadowy stormwater tunnels. Written by historian Michael McKernan, Underground Australia is illustrated with photographs from the National Library of Australia. With images by some of the country’s best-known photographers, including Jeff Carter, Wolfgang Sievers and Frank Hurley, this book will take you on a journey to an amazing underground world.

Underground in the Underdown

Braxton came up, pulled his pistol and shot the boy in the head in front of everyone, but the twitching didn't stop right away. Some of the guards were cheering on the dog, but you could tell that a few were disgusted by the cruelty.

Author: Christopher Schotz

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781300866695

Category: History

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A tide rolls north, the Solution in its wake. This is the mission of a battalion of snakes, young draftees, really just boys. There are stoic snakes and sadistic snakes, all at the mercy of the man who never gets lost. The North has young warriors too, a collection of war orphans known as hill dogs. This band of back country boys survive the wilderness with a feisty young lady. They engage in their own form of resistance, acts of sabotage that force the snakes to guard every worthless bridge. They convince the snakes that even the forests have turned against them and ferocious beasts are lurking everywhere. It is these invisible young shepherds who lurk underground, ready to guide a refugee to safety. They bear incredible stories of narrow escapes. Together they learn the horrific secret hiding on the hill, and they launch a plan of rescue and resistance. When snakes and hill dogs tangle, which will see their master's lies unravel? There is only one Solution.

The Sewer Boy

But that doesn't mean he should be dragging a child underground.” “My mother 'dragged' me across six of the seven settlements,” Jared pointed out. “That's different,” Sharon said, predictably enough. “I suppose,” he agreed, ...

Author: Carol Mingst

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524543570

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Air, land, . . . and sewer? Exiled for centuries to a primitive planet, the people of Aerros have learned to live without animals or higher technology but using their genetically engineered plants, cultures, and Wing cousins to survive instead. Over time, they improved the Wings, from flying idiots to a productive serving class. But there are some places that feathered appendages just wont fit. The humans who handle these less-than-pleasant tasks are provided extra assistance and special privileges to make up for such work. Pete is just a boy, but hes quick and agile and can get into all of those tight spaces to help his father maintain the sewers, but he could do without the older apprentices hazing. Left in the dark, filthy tunnels by his fathers apprentice, Pete is rescued by Jared, a unique descendant of both human and Wing. This chance intervention sets Pete, Jared, and their friends on a path that will eventually bring the true problem of the settlement to light.

The Jam Chord Songbook

Dam E There's braying sheep on my TV screen F: Make this boy shout, make this boy scream. Db Fm G Going underground, ... Db Fm Going underground, (going underground,) Gb Well let the boys all sing Ab And let the boys all shout.

Author: Dennis Munday

Publisher: Wise Publications

ISBN: 9781783233588

Category: Music

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The Jam Chord Songbook presents the words and chords of seventeen of their greatest hits. Each is presented with Guitar chord diagrams and full lyrics. With just a hanful of simple, easy-to-learn chords, now you can sing and play your favourite Jam hits on guitar in no time at all. Song List: A Bomb In Wardour Street Absolute Beginners All Around The World - Beat Surrender - Down In The Tube Station At Midnight - Dreams Of Children - Funeral Pyre - Going Underground - In The City - Precious - Start - Strange Town - That's Entertainment - The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow) - The Eton Rifles - The Modern World - Town Called Malice

The Fortnightly Review

The existing law , that no boy under ten was to be employed underground , was re - enacted , and a further enactment was added , that no boy under twelve was to be employed underground unless the employer had obtained a certificate ...



ISBN: PRNC:32101076431517

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Parliamentary Papers

Treatment of the Children and Young Persons employed Underground . Treatment . 937. CORNISH DISTRICT . — The boys employed under ground by the men are subject to be spaled ' ( fined ) when they are absent from their posts at the regular ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: HARVARD:32044106496169

Category: Bills, Legislative


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The Boy s Book of Metals

The underground miners are subdivided into tutmen and tributers . The former , as it were , cut the underground road by sinking the shafts and excavating the adits and galleries , and the latter , using the path dug out by the tutmen ...

Author: John Henry Pepper


ISBN: OXFORD:600044593

Category: Chemistry

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Joernaal Van Die Suid afrikaanse Instituut Vir Mynbou Metallurgie

C . L . Butlin — Training of Underground Natives . ... a more lavish fairly close touch with the specially scale where we could have a more fixed trained boss - boys , and through them underground native population which would with the ...

Author: South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


ISBN: STANFORD:36105007747046

Category: Mineral industries


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Report of the Department of the Interior with Accompanying Documents

Average number of men employed underground , 279 ;, average number of men employed outside , 54 ; average number of boys employed underground , 7 ; average number of boys employed outside , 1 . Nationality of employees , Americans ...

Author: United States. Department of the Interior


ISBN: CORNELL:31924093250334



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Reports of the Department of the Interior

Average number of men employed underground , 279 ; average number of men employed outside , 54 ; average number of boys employed underground , 7 ; average number of boys employed outside , 1 . Nationality of employees , Americans ...

Author: United States. Department of the Interior


ISBN: HARVARD:32044090132101



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