Custer and Me

edition , New York : Houghton - Mifflin , 1985. Published in France as Guerres ... Recommended reading , Book of the Month Club . In print . The Indian Frontier of the ... Revised paperback edition . University of Oklahoma Press , 2001.

Author: Robert Marshall Utley

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806136383

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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"Through lively personal narrative, Utley offers an insider's view of Park Service workings, and problems, both at regional and national levels. Readers will see how a teenager smitten with Custermania came as an adult to appreciate the full complexity of the Battle of Little Bighorn and its interpretation and to research and write narrative histories of the American West."--cover.

Tax Reform Act of 1975

Mass market paperback publishers release approximately 400 new books on a monthly basis . These monthly distributions are prescheduled for months in advance . In order to provide adequate retail shelf space , many older titles must be ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance


ISBN: UCAL:B5143405

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Various Revenue and Tariff Bills

Mass market paperback publishers release approximately 400 new books on a monthly basis . These monthly distributions are prescheduled for months in advance . In order to provide adequate retail shelf space , many older titles must be ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance


ISBN: PURD:32754076280027

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Editorial Research Reports on the U S Economy Under Stress

Lower Cost Options: Book Clubs and Paperbacks The first book club in America was the Book of the Month Club, ... The clubs generally offer a number of books to new members for a nominal fee and require them to choose others for which ...

Author: Hoyt Gimlin

Publisher: Washington : Congressional Quarterly

ISBN: UCAL:B3276709

Category: United States

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Write Your Novel in a Month

Whether you are participating in National Novel Writing Month or you're simply hoping to complete a draft over winter break or your vacation, this book covers the entire scope of writing a novel and lays out exactly what you need to know to ...

Author: Jeff Gerke

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 1599636425

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One of these days, I'm going to sit down and write that novel.... Everyone thinks about doing it, yet most people who do start a novel end up stalling after a few chapters. Where do these would-be novelists go wrong? Are the characters dull and cliched? Did the story arc collapse? Did they succumb to a dreaded bout of "writer's block"? Or maybe it was all just taking too long? These problems used to stop writers in their tracks, but nothing will get in your way after reading Write Your Novel in a Month. Author and instructor Jeff Gerke has created the perfect tool to show you how to prepare yourself to write your first draft in as little as 30 days. With Jeff's help, you will learn how to organize your ideas, create dynamic stories, develop believable characters, and flesh out the idea narrative for your novel--and not just for the rapid-fire first draft. Jeff walks you through the entire process, from initial idea to the important revision stage, and even explains what to do with your novel once you've finished. Whether you are participating in National Novel Writing Month or you're simply hoping to complete a draft over winter break or your vacation, this book covers the entire scope of writing a novel and lays out exactly what you need to know to get it done fast and right.

Paperback Quarterly Vol 4 No 2 Summer 1981

Again there was competition not only from Book-of-the-Month Club but from New York department stores with book clubs like Macy's Red Star Book Club, which sold "five books for the price of four." Perhaps the tone was too high or sales ...

Author: Harry Whittington

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434406279

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 62

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Paperback Quarterly, journal of mass-market paperback history, Volume 4 Number 2, Summer 1981, contains: "Fires That Create -- The Versatility and Craft of Harry Whittington," by Michael S. Barson, "Interview with Harry Whittington," by Michael S. Barson, "Modern Age Books and the John Esteven Mystery," by Angela Andrews, "Soft Cover Sketches: Lou Marchetti," by Thomas L. Bonn and "The European Paperback Prelude," by Piet Schreuders.


Each partner of the Random-led consortium agreed to invest $370,000, with Book-of-the-Month taking two shares at $740,000, offering Grosset & Dunlap ... Cerf then convinced Curtis Publishing Company to distribute the new paperbacks.

Author: Richard Guthrie

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781847870148

Category: Study Aids

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At last, a readable, authoritative and comprehensive book for students, readers and practitioners in print and digital publishing. Publishing guides the reader through the history of publishing and the main issues facing the industry today. Among these are legal conundrums, cultural conflicts, trade practices, publishing within and across sectors, editorial requirements, the challenge of electronic publishing, making your ideas count in print, rationalization and the growth of corporate publishing cultures. The result is an exciting one stop guide, written with flair and aplomb. Packed with helpful real-world examples and illustrative interviews this practical resource leaves no stone of the publishing industry unturned.

Concentration in the Book publishing and Bookselling Industry

Typically , a trade publisher of general fiction and non - fiction fails with a clear majority of the new books he ... for as many of his books as possible by having them selected by book clubs and mass market paperback reprinters .

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Antitrust, Monopoly, and Business Rights


ISBN: UOM:39015083099724

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Orthodoxy Western Culture

New York : Book of the Month Club , 1992. Also Published by the History Book Club , 1992. 6 volumes . Vol . 1 : Judaism : The Tanakh . The New JPS Translation . Edited by Jaroslav Pelikan . New York : Quality Paperback Book Club ...

Author: Jaroslav Pelikan

Publisher: St Vladimir's Seminary Press

ISBN: 0881412716

Category: Religion

Page: 231

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Jaroslav Pelikan, the foremost church historian of the twentieth century, is honored by this collection of essays written by his colleagues and former students in honor of his 80th birthday celebration; Pelikan himself contributed an autiobiographical sketch, and the final lecture.

Writers Lovers

An extraordinary new novel of art, love, and ambition from Lily King, the New York Times bestselling author of Euphoria

Author: Lily King


ISBN: 0802148530

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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An extraordinary new novel of art, love, and ambition from Lily King, the New York Times bestselling author of Euphoria Following the breakout success of her critically acclaimed and award-winning novel Euphoria, Lily King returns with an unforgettable portrait of an artist as a young woman. Blindsided by her mother's sudden death, and wrecked by a recent love affair, Casey Peabody has arrived in Massachusetts in the summer of 1997 without a plan. Her mail consists of wedding invitations and final notices from debt collectors. A former child golf prodigy, she now waits tables in Harvard Square and rents a tiny, moldy room at the side of a garage where she works on the novel she's been writing for six years. At thirty-one, Casey is still clutching onto something nearly all her old friends have let go of: the determination to live a creative life. When she falls for two very different men at the same time, her world fractures even more. Casey's fight to fulfill her creative ambitions and balance the conflicting demands of art and life is challenged in ways that push her to the brink. Writers & Lovers follows Casey--a smart and achingly vulnerable protagonist--in the last days of a long youth, a time when every element of her life comes to a crisis. Written with King's trademark humor, heart, and intelligence, Writers & Lovers is a transfixing novel that explores the terrifying and exhilarating leap between the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.


Starting in the 1920s, the popularity of the Book-of-the-Month Club, which sold books directly to readers, ... classics in paperback issued by companies like Penguin in the United Kingdom, Pocket Books in the United States, or the New ...

Author: Julie Rak

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554589401

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 258

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Since the early 1990s, tens of thousands of memoirs by celebrities and unknown people have been published, sold, and read by millions of American readers. The memoir boom, as the explosion of memoirs on the market has come to be called, has been welcomed, vilified, and dismissed in the popular press. But is there really a boom in memoir production in the United States? If so, what is causing it? Are memoirs all written by narcissistic hacks for an unthinking public, or do they indicate a growing need to understand world events through personal experiences? This study seeks to answer these questions by examining memoir as an industrial product like other products, something that publishers and booksellers help to create. These popular texts become part of mass culture, where they are connected to public events. The genre of memoir, and even genre itself, ceases to be an empty classification category and becomes part of social action and consumer culture at the same time. From James Frey’s controversial A Million Little Pieces to memoirs about bartending, Iran, the liberation of Dachau, computer hacking, and the impact of 9/11, this book argues that the memoir boom is more than a publishing trend. It is becoming the way American readers try to understand major events in terms of individual experiences. The memoir boom is one of the ways that citizenship as a category of belonging between private and public spheres is now articulated.

Departments of Labor Health and Human Services Education and Related Agencies Appropriations for 2000

Other Editions : Book of the Month Club , 1994 Audio Edition : Simon and Schuster , 1994 Paperback edition , Ballantine , 1995 Rosenhan , D.L. and Seligman , M.E.P. ( 1995 ) . Abnormal Psychology . Third edition , New York : W.W. Norton ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies


ISBN: STANFORD:36105050059844

Category: United States


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The Encyclopedia of New York City

144 Book Row publishing original and reprint paperbacks and some titles in simultaneous hardcover and paperback editions. ... Time–Life Books bought the Book-of-the-Month Club in 1966 and the firm of Little, Brown (Boston) in 1968.

Author: Kenneth T. Jackson

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300114652

Category: Reference

Page: 1584

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Covering an exhaustive range of information about the five boroughs, the first edition of The Encyclopedia of New York City was a success by every measure, earning worldwide acclaim and several awards for reference excellence, and selling out its first printing before it was officially published. But much has changed since the volume first appeared in 1995: the World Trade Center no longer dominates the skyline, a billionaire businessman has become an unlikely three-term mayor, and urban regeneration—Chelsea Piers, the High Line, DUMBO, Williamsburg, the South Bronx, the Lower East Side—has become commonplace. To reflect such innovation and change, this definitive, one-volume resource on the city has been completely revised and expanded. The revised edition includes 800 new entries that help complete the story of New York: from Air Train to E-ZPass, from September 11 to public order. The new material includes broader coverage of subject areas previously underserved as well as new maps and illustrations. Virtually all existing entries—spanning architecture, politics, business, sports, the arts, and more—have been updated to reflect the impact of the past two decades. The more than 5,000 alphabetical entries and 700 illustrations of the second edition of The Encyclopedia of New York City convey the richness and diversity of its subject in great breadth and detail, and will continue to serve as an indispensable tool for everyone who has even a passing interest in the American metropolis.

A History of the Book in America

On Book-of-the-Month Club, see Joan Shelley Rubin, The Making of Middlebrow Culture (Chapel Hill: University of ... and Thomas L. Bonn, Under Cover: An Illustrated History of American MassMarket Paperbacks (New York: Penguin, 1982).

Author: Carl F. Kaestle

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9781469625829

Category: History

Page: 688

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In a period characterized by expanding markets, national consolidation, and social upheaval, print culture picked up momentum as the nineteenth century turned into the twentieth. Books, magazines, and newspapers were produced more quickly and more cheaply, reaching ever-increasing numbers of readers. Volume 4 of A History of the Book in America traces the complex, even contradictory consequences of these changes in the production, circulation, and use of print. Contributors to this volume explain that although mass production encouraged consolidation and standardization, readers increasingly adapted print to serve their own purposes, allowing for increased diversity in the midst of concentration and integration. Considering the book in larger social and cultural networks, essays address the rise of consumer culture, the extension of literacy and reading through schooling, the expansion of secondary and postsecondary education and the growth of the textbook industry, the growing influence of the professions and their dependence on print culture, and the history of relevant technology. As the essays here attest, the expansion of print culture between 1880 and 1940 enabled it to become part of Americans' everyday business, social, political, and religious lives. Contributors: Megan Benton, Pacific Lutheran University Paul S. Boyer, University of Wisconsin-Madison Una M. Cadegan, University of Dayton Phyllis Dain, Columbia University James P. Danky, University of Wisconsin-Madison Ellen Gruber Garvey, New Jersey City University Peter Jaszi, American University Carl F. Kaestle, Brown University Nicolas Kanellos, University of Houston Richard L. Kaplan, ABC-Clio Publishing Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette, Washington, D.C. Elizabeth Long, Rice University Elizabeth McHenry, New York University Sally M. Miller, University of the Pacific Richard Ohmann, Wesleyan University Janice A. Radway, Duke University Joan Shelley Rubin, University of Rochester Jonathan D. Sarna, Brandeis University Charles A. Seavey, University of Missouri, Columbia Michael Schudson, University of California, San Diego William Vance Trollinger Jr., University of Dayton Richard L. Venezky (1938-2004) James L. W. West III, Pennsylvania State University Wayne A. Wiegand, Florida State University Michael Winship, University of Texas at Austin Martha Woodmansee, Case Western Reserve University

The Book Business

... Frederick Stokes Company in the New York Times, who with E. P. Dutton refused to submit their books to the newly formed Book-of-the-Month ... What does the history of mass-market paperbacks have in common with today's new formats?

Author: Mike Shatzkin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190628055

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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Many of us read books every day, either electronically or in print. We remember the books that shaped our ideas about the world as children, go back to favorite books year after year, give or lend books to loved ones and friends to share the stories we've loved especially, and discuss important books with fellow readers in book clubs and online communities. But for all the ways books influence us, teach us, challenge us, and connect us, many of us remain in the dark as to where they come from and how the mysterious world of publishing truly works. How are books created and how do they get to readers? The Book Business: What Everyone Needs to Know® introduces those outside the industry to the world of book publishing. Covering everything from the beginnings of modern book publishing early in the 20th century to the current concerns over the alleged death of print, digital reading, and the rise of Amazon, Mike Shatzkin and Robert Paris Riger provide a succinct and insightful survey of the industry in an easy-to-read question-and-answer format. The authors, veterans of "trade publishing," or the branch of the business that puts books in our hands through libraries or bookstores, answer questions from the basic to the cutting-edge, providing a guide for curious beginners and outsiders. How does book publishing actually work? What challenges is it facing today? How have social media changed the game of book marketing? What does the life cycle of a book look like in 2019? They focus on how practices are changing at a time of great flux in the industry, as digital creation and delivery are altering the commercial realities of the book business. This book will interest not only those with no experience in publishing looking to gain a foothold on the business, but also those working on the inside who crave a bird's eye view of publishing's evolving landscape. This is a moment of dizzyingly rapid change wrought by the emergence of digital publishing, data collection, e-books, audio books, and the rise of self-publishing; these forces make the inherently interesting business of publishing books all the more fascinating.

Australian Books and Authors in the American Marketplace 1840s 1940s

Book-of-the-Month Club and other book clubs between the wars; and the rise of the new paperback publishers in the 1940s and 1950s. A group of major figures ‒ Rosa Praed and Louis Becke, Henry Handel Richardson and Katharine Susannah ...

Author: David Carter

Publisher: Sydney University Press

ISBN: 9781743325797

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 378

View: 109


Australian Books and Authors in the American Marketplace 1840s–1940s explores how Australian writers and their works were present in the United States before the mid twentieth century to a much greater degree than previously acknowledged. Drawing on fresh archival research and combining the approaches of literary criticism, print culture studies and book history, David Carter and Roger Osborne demonstrate that Australian writing was transnational long before the contemporary period. In mapping Australian literature’s connections to British and US markets, their research challenges established understandings of national, imperial and world literatures. Carter and Osborne examine how Australian authors, editors and publishers engaged productively with their American counterparts, and how American readers and reviewers responded to Australian works. They consider the role played by British publishers and agents in taking Australian writing to America, and how the international circulation of new literary genres created new opportunities for novelists to move between markets. Some of these writers, such as Christina Stead and Patrick White, remain household names; others who once enjoyed international fame, such as Dale Collins and Alice Grant Rosman, have been largely forgotten. The story of their books in America reveals how culture, commerce and copyright law interacted to create both opportunities and obstacles for Australian writers.

Media Today

Mass Market Paperbacks Pocket-size paperback books smaller than trade paperbacks are called mass market paperbacks. ... of books for a small amount of money, and then the company sends you a catalog every month with new choices that you ...

Author: Joseph Turow

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317401032

Category: Social Science

Page: 446

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Media Today uses convergence as a lens that puts students at the center of the profound changes in the 21st century media world. Through the convergence lens they learn to think critically about the role of media today and what these changes mean for their lives presently and in the future. The book’s media systems approach helps students to look carefully at how media content is created, distributed, and exhibited in the new world that the digital revolution has created. From newspapers to video games and social networking to mobile platforms, Media Today prepares students to live in the digital world of media.

The New Jewish Argentina

Other Means of Circulation Parallel to bookstores and libraries were other means of circulation of books, ... when “as an employee of AMIA from 1966 to '76, I could buy them on the installment plan dur- ing Jewish book Month.

Author: Adriana Brodsky

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004237285

Category: Social Science

Page: 414

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The New Jewish Argentina aims at filling in important lacunae in the existing historiography of Jewish Argentines. Moving away from the political history of the organized community, most articles are devoted to social and cultural history.

From Native Son to King s Men

Science fiction had previously appeared almost entirely in magazines; now mysteries and science fiction stories were increasingly collected in books for the new paperback market. Ian Ballantine issued paperbacks through Penguin Books, ...

Author: Robert McParland

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538105542

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

View: 540


This book looks at authors and their works during one of the most tumultuous decades of the twentieth century, focusing on works that resonated with readers. A sweeping social, literary, and cultural history, this book explores the courage and hopes of the “greatest generation” through its imaginative literature.


Traditional publishers, salivating at the opportunity to cash in on the phenomenal success of the new paperback revolution, ... These “mapback” editions became extremely popular and by 1945, Dell was publishing four new books a month.

Author: Randy Salem

Publisher: She Winked Press

ISBN: 9781936456321

Category: Fiction


View: 213


First Digital Edition; Grier Rating: A*** A young and passionate girl, Chris Hamilton, is also an incredibly handsome one. You would hardly have suspected her of harboring powerful hungers and unconventional desires—unless you knew of her love affair with another woman, a lovely blonde appropriately named Dizz. Dizz accepted the advances of Chris, yet withheld her love. Deliberately, perhaps to torment Chris, she allowed herself an affair with a man. She behaved so coldly, so harshly, Chris could not keep herself from spending her weekends in successive one-night stands searching for tenderness and love. And then, she met the sweet Carol Martin. Carol fell hard for Chris, unaware that Chris was struggling to break her binds to Dizz. Was there any escape for Chris? Could she break away from the emotional web she found herself in? Could she heal herself with work, with the tender embraces of Carol? Or would she deny herself a chance at true love in meaningless embraces with different women each night? The answer is disclosed in this delicate yet unblushingly frank novel—which courageously dispels the myths surrounding unconventional love.