Boer Goats as Pets Boer Goats

They are, in my opinion, seriously amusing animals. Not to mention the tasteful milk I enjoy from them. In this book, I've explained my experience with my boer goats.

Author: George Hoppendale

Publisher: Imb Publishing

ISBN: 1909151424

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Boer Goats as Pets. Boer Goats: facts and information. Raising, breeding, housing, milking, training, diet, daily care and health all included. Growing up with animals, I have learnt so much about taking care of them. The most amazing thing about pets is the fact that they are so unconditional and so grateful for every small act of kindness. It is rather humbling to see how warm hearted animals can actually be. I would have never had the wonderful opportunity of dealing with goats and other animals, if it had not been for my family, especially my father. Animals were the centre of all our activities when I grew up. There was not a single day that did not begin with a discussion about our pets. What to feed them? What is the most nutritious thing to feed them? These were common dinner table conversations in our house. So, needless to say, I have had a lot of practical training with respect to taking care of different breeds of animals. Today, I am in a very privileged place where I can share this information with pet lovers across the globe. I love my boer goats. They make me laugh every day: their silly attitude, their "smile," the great times we have when I practice their training. They are, in my opinion, seriously amusing animals. Not to mention the tasteful milk I enjoy from them. In this book, I've explained my experience with my boer goats. I've included all these topics and more: raising, keeping, costs, milking, bonding, training, play and enrichment, food, care, health and where to buy. I explain all aspects of keeping boer goats to make sure that your boer goats will be has happy as mine! Mine are funny, I hope yours will be funny too!

Encyclopedia of Animal Science Print

Goats: Breeds. Jackson M. Dzakuma Barbara McBride Johnson Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas, ... [13] Meat Breeds Boer goat The Boer goat of South Africa was derived principally from Hottentot stock that inhabited the ...

Author: Wilson G. Pond

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780824754969

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Science of Animal Agriculture

Meat Goats Several breeds of meat goats are popular in the United States: the Boer, Kiko, Tennessee Fainting, Savanna, and Spanish goat. All of the meat breeds except the Spanish goat have national associations. Meat goat people use the ...

Author: Ray V Herren

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781133417224

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THE SCIENCE OF ANIMAL AGRICULTURE, 4th edition teaches science along with concepts associated with the industry of animal agriculture. The fourth edition features many updates, including the latest advancements in the field of animal science, such as cellular biology, and the latest updates on consumer concerns and new government regulations. A hallmark of THE SCIENCE OF ANIMAL AGRICULTURE, 4th edition is the presentation of scientific theory via application context. Topics such as nutrition, anatomy, genetics, entomology, pathology, and animal behavior are covered in depth. These complicated areas are presented in the context of how they are used in the animal industry, allowing your students to make a distinct correlation. Your students will benefit from this science-based, animal agriculture book that makes complicated biology principles easy to grasp and apply. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Exploring Animal Science

Delmar/Cengage Learning Boer Goats/ Boer Crosses The Boer goat originated I in South Africa in the early 1900s when farmers began g°baei$r§figi3iiej§ufi1ifiirUbnligga selective breeding for a meat-type goat (Figure 18-12).

Author: Frank Flanders

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EXPLORING ANIMAL SCIENCE offers educators the perfect tool for teaching animal agriculture: one that balances the academic background critical to building a strong foundation in fundamental science with the practical, production-oriented content vital to work in the real world. Its coverage spans a variety of areas like nutrition, anatomy and physiology, biotechnology, biosecurity, and genetics and animal reproduction. Each topic is presented in a straightforward manner that first investigates the basics, and then delves further into its practical application to the production, care, and management of animal agriculture. Ideal for a range of students, from late middle school to early high school, this unique approach is sure to engage by drawing such powerful connections between academics and real-life animal-based scenarios and situations. It also includes a wide range of activities that will fit any animal science classroom, making it an appealing choice for teachers and students alike. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

50 Do It Yourself Projects for Keeping Goats

Some require that the goats be a certain age, and neutered versus intact males, and the presence and absence of horns are also factors. Boer. The boer goat breed originated in South Africa. Their high rate of gain and growth has made ...

Author: Janet Garman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510750135

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Build Fences, Make Goat Milk Soap, Create Goat Play Structures, and Much More! Get ready to jump into the world of goats, one DIY project at a time. Owning and raising goats doesn't have to be an expensive venture. With imagination, simple tools, and salvaged or bargain materials, you can make everything your goats need for their health, safety, and entertainment. Packed with useful information for goat owners, you'll learn about breeds, housing, nutrition, and more. Plus find instructions to learn how to: Build fences Construct a hay storage area Naturally control harmful weeds in the pasture Make natural worm prevention supplements Build a dehorning box Create goat play structures Make yogurt, cheese, lotion, soap, and more Bake goat treats And more! From horns to tail, you're ready to tackle the needs of your goat herd with 50 DIY Projects you can create on a limited budget. Let's get started!

The Complete Beginner s Guide to Raising Small Animals

Boer: The Boer goat has pendulous ears. It was developed in South Africa as a meat goat and gains about a quarter pound of weight daily until it reaches full maturity. It is the best-performing goat in terms of weight gain among the ...

Author: Carlotta Cooper

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company

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This book was written for anyone considering raising domesticated animals for family pets, producers of eggs and milk, Or a source Of humanely treated meat. You will learn how to care for chickens, from choosing the right breed to raising them for egg production. You will learn how to handle geese and ducks and information about choosing the correct breeds, feeding, housing, breeding, and selecting the right ones for egg production. You will also learn about egg incubation, maintaining poultry health, and how to raise them for meat. Other animals you will learn how to care for include rabbits, goats, sheep, dairy cows, and beef cattle. --

Storey s Guide to Raising Meat Goats 2nd Edition

Animals from this group (and ancestors descending solely from goats imported by Camelids of Delaware) are called CODI/PCI Boer goats (CODI refers to Camelids of Delaware and PCI stands for Pet Center International, the company that ...

Author: Maggie Sayer

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781603422390

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With expert advice on selecting the best breed for your needs, maintaining facilities, and providing necessary medical attention, this guide covers all aspects of successfully keeping meat goats.Part of the successful Storey’s Guide to Raising series of animal books.

Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians E Book

Boer Goats • Color: White, with a red head and a white blaze • Breed association: American Boer Goat Association • Website: The Boer goat originated in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa in the early 1900s.

Author: Kristin J. Holtgrew-Bohling

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323569071

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Gain the skills you need to master the role of the veterinary technician in large animal care! Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians, 4th Edition teaches you how to set up, assist, and follow through on medical procedures and treatment regimens for large domestic animals. A comprehensive guide, this text not only defines the veterinary technician’s responsibilities in daily livestock care and hospital management, but includes separate sections on horses, cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, and llamas and alpacas - covering husbandry, clinical procedures, surgical procedures, and common diseases for each. This new edition includes information on safety and handling, livestock nutrition, vaccine scheduling, and diagnostic imaging, plus four new chapters with detailed care of poultry. Written by noted veterinary technician educator Kristin Holtgrew-Bohling, it is the ideal text for preparing for certification exams and everyday practice! The most comprehensive large animal book specifically written for veterinary technician students. A practical approach makes this text useful in classes and in clinical situations, so veterinary technicians, acting under instructions of veterinarians, can plan and follow through on procedures and treatment regimens for large animals. A focus on the veterinary technician’s responsibilities explains why and how a procedure is performed, and the roles that vet techs fill in preparing for, assisting in, and following up the procedure. Coverage of the essential large animal-related tasks in the CVTEA Manual of Accreditation for Veterinary Technology Programs addresses AVMA accreditation and prepares you to pass the Veterinary Technology National Exam. Full-color photographs and line drawings show step-by-step procedures in areas such as restraint, bandaging, physical examination techniques, and diagnostic procedures. Coverage of husbandry and breeds demonstrates how day-to-day housing and feeding affect the care of many large animal diseases, and helps you learn to provide quality client education. A section on the livestock industry provides comprehensive coverage of safety and handling, reproduction, and nutrition, so you can better understand the practices, procedures, and decisions in large animal veterinary medicine. A section on llamas and alpacas helps you to understand the health and maintenance of these increasingly popular domestic animals — in the U.S., there are more than 12,000 alpaca herds and 25,000 llama owners. Proper medical terminology is included in a comprehensive glossary, facilitating effective communication with clients and with other professionals. Learning features enhance your critical thinking and decision making with case studies, clinical applications, key terms, chapter outlines, learning objectives, and Technician Notes. NEW! Tables on Temperature, Pulse, Respiration (TPR) data and vaccine schedules provide a quick, at-a-glance reference for important information. NEW! Expanded regulatory information for livestock provides details on OCV vaccination, Health Certificate forms, Brucellosis and Tuberculosis testing, and Scrapies tags. NEW! Four new chapters on Poultry provide detailed coverage of the breed.

The Backyard Goat

A beginner's guide to raising goats as productive pets, offering guidance on choosing a breed, and discussing housing, feeding, milking, making cheese, harvesting cashmere, training goats for tricks or work, and related topics.

Author: Sue Weaver

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 9781603427906

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A beginner's guide to raising goats as productive pets, offering guidance on choosing a breed, and discussing housing, feeding, milking, making cheese, harvesting cashmere, training goats for tricks or work, and related topics.

The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals Websites Bar None Meat Goats The Biology of the Goat The Boer & Meat Goat Information Center Clear Creek Farms ...

Author: Gail Damerow

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781603426978

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Companion to Storey's best-selling The Backyard Homestead, this book delves deeper into raising animals for meat, milk, eggs, cheese, and other dairy products.