Blueprint Your Bestseller

Blueprint Your Bestseller introduces the Book Architecture Method, a tested sequence of steps for organizing and revising any manuscript.

Author: Stuart Horwitz

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101596685

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

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The first draft is the easy part… In Blueprint Your Bestseller, Stuart Horwitz offers a step-by-step process for revising your manuscript that has helped bestselling authors get from first draft to final draft. Whether you’re tinkering with your first one hundred pages or trying to wrestle a complete draft into shape, Horwitz helps you look at your writing with the fresh perspective you need to reach the finish line. Blueprint Your Bestseller introduces the Book Architecture Method, a tested sequence of steps for organizing and revising any manuscript. By breaking a manuscript into manageable scenes, you can determine what is going on in your writing at the structural level—and uncover the underlying flaws and strengths of your narrative. For more than a decade this proven approach to revision has helped authors of both fiction and nonfiction, as well as writers across all media from theater to film to TV.

Writing Selling Short Stories Personal Essays

She lives in Scottsdale, AZ, with her husband and enjoys her eight grandchildren. ... He is the author of three books on writing: Blueprint Your Bestseller: Organize and Revise Any Manuscript With the Book Architecture Method, ...

Author: Windy Harris

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440350894

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Write It Short, Sell It Now Short stories and personal essays have never been hotter--or more crucial for a successful writing career. Earning bylines in magazines and literary journals is a terrific way to get noticed and earn future opportunities in both short- and long-form writing. Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays capitalizes on the popularity of these genres by instructing on the two key steps to publishing short works: crafting excellent pieces and successfully submitting them. You'll learn how to: • Develop different craft elements--including point of view, character, dialogue, scene writing, and more--specifically for short stories and essays. • Recognize the qualities of excellent short works, using examples from recently published stories and essays in major journals. • Understand the business of writing short, from categorizing your work and meeting submission guidelines to networking and submitting to writing contests. • Master the five-step process for submitting and selling like a pro. Featuring advice and examples from a multitude of published authors, Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays is a must-have for any writer's bookshelf.

Self Publishing Blueprints

For a perennial bestseller, you will need the full program (the Perennial Bestseller Blueprint). For a short-term bestseller, you won't need to invest in book sales automation. For creating an authority book, your actual sales won't be ...

Author: Albert Griesmayr

Publisher: Scribando | Novelify


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Self-Publishing Blueprints is the ultimate success bundle for self-publishers! Created by self-publishing expert Albert Griesmayr, who has worked on projects resulting in more than 2 million copies sold worldwide, the bundle teaches business-oriented authors how to create book projects that bring long-lasting success! After reading Self-Publishing Blueprints you will be able to: ->Create a bestselling book that readers will love ->Understand what it takes to create successful book projects ->Design irresistible book offers relevant to target audiences ->Prepare a book launch in a highly effective way ->Focus on what truly matters when launching your new book ->Use the latest book marketing tactics for ultimate success ->Plug into systems that keep you up-to-date with the latest publishing developments ->Run Amazon advertising campaigns successfully ->Automate your book sales for long-term success ->Jettison tactics and recommendations that are simply not working ->Launch your book with 25-100 reviews and 250-1000 sales within the first 3 months And much, much more... The Self-Publishing Blueprints bundle includes the following three stand-alone books: Book Marketing Secrets: The 10 fundamental secrets for selling more books and creating a successful self-publishing career Bestseller: How to create a perennial bestseller that brings passive income 24/7 Book Sales Explosion: The 25 Best Tactics For Skyrocketing Your Book Sales Today *PLUS*: A unique introduction, and final words that include Albert’s most valuable publishing insight not communicated anywhere else! In addition, you get amazing bonus material including the one-page blueprints that Albert Griesmayr uses on his client's projects as he works with bestselling and award-winning publishing houses and authors, such as Patrick McKeown, James Kahn, Harvey Mackay, B.C. Schiller, Saleema Vellani, First Class Publishing, and many more – as well as: SEO For Books On Steroids: How To Increase Your Book Rankings On Amazon By Focusing On Conversion Rates As The Holy Grail Getting Book Reviews On Autopilot: The Best Way For Setting Up A System That Supports Automated Review Collection Get Your Book To Number 1: How To Create A Book Offer That Readers Can't Resist Simply put: Self Publishing Blueprints is all you need to have long-lasting book success! Buy SELF PUBLISHING BLUEPRINTS today to make your book an ULTIMATE SUCCESS! Note: Early Bird Pricing and exclusive surprise gift accessible within the book are available for a short period of time ONLY! Get your copy NOW!

Return of the Heroine

“Kaye Michelle's novel, Return of the Heroine, taught me hoW to connect With my spirit guide, and to channel that Wisdom into my ... Stuart Horwitz, author of Blueprint Your Bestseller: Organize and Revise any Manuscript With the Book ...

Author: Kaye Michelle

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452562797

Category: Fiction

Page: 346

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Parallel narratives alternating between Joan of Arc in 15th-century France and a 21st-century West Point cadet.


I want to thank Stuart Horwitz and his Book Architecture method (Blueprint Your Bestseller) for believing in my story and helping me with the structure of this novel. I want to thank Grace Talusan for her undying support, instruction on ...

Author: Sondra Helene

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 9781631525001

Category: Fiction

Page: 347

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Samantha—the fashionable wife of a successful businessman and doting mother of one—struggles to negotiate the spheres of intimacy between her husband and her family of origin. Samantha loves her husband, Richard, and she loves her sister, Elizabeth. But the two of them can barely exist in the same room, which has caused the entire family years of emotional distress. Yet it’s not until Samantha’s sister is diagnosed at age forty-three with lung cancer that her family and her marriage are tipped into full-blown crisis. A story of love, loss, forgiveness, learning to live with grief, and healing, Appearances will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced tension in their familial relationships—even as it serves as a poignant reminder that no amount of privilege can protect us from family conflicts, marital difficulty, or mortality.

The Book Marketing Blueprint

In this great book you will learn insight of all you need as well as the exact strategies you need to become a bestseller which included: -What you need to know about become a bestseller -How to market your books -Powerful hints needed to ...

Author: Pharaoh Mitchell


ISBN: 9798620748464


Page: 46

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If you are an aspiring author or a expert author looking for a way to get your book on the choice spot of number one on book platforms. Or maybe you want to become one of the bestsellers? Maybe you want to know how to market and promote your self-authored books to become bestsellers. This Step-by-Step Guide will help you to Become a #1 Bestseller in Multiple Countries as we provides you with a step by step process you need to become. In this great book you will learn insight of all you need as well as the exact strategies you need to become a bestseller which included: -What you need to know about become a bestseller -How to market your books -Powerful hints needed to become a best seller -Social strategies you need to become one -How to Get Your Own Skillfully Designed Website affordable.This book will teach you how to increase your sales and ranking IMMEDIATELY.Waiting to seize this opportunity? Then here is the time. Get yours now!!


Are you looking for a proven blueprint for landing a long-term bestseller on Amazon that makes you proud and brings you passive income each month? Look no further. This book is your answer.

Author: Albert Griesmayr


ISBN: 9798455849312


Page: 188

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Are you looking for a proven blueprint for landing a long-term bestseller on Amazon that makes you proud and brings you passive income each month? Look no further. This book is your answer. As a book marketing consultant and CEO of the book publishing company Scribando Novelify, I have personally worked with more than 100 publishers and authors on projects resulting in more than 2 million copies sold combined over the last couple of years. And what I have learned is that for reaching breakthrough success with a book, one needs to complete 3 major action steps that are outlined in the perennial bestseller blueprint I've developed. This book shows you this proven 3-step process for landing a perennial bestseller on Amazon. You will learn: The secrets behind bestselling book launches The proven methods for launching a book successfully How you can create an irresistible book and book offer How to prepare your book launch effectively How to use the pre-launch phase for building your platform How to launch with 25-100 reviews and 250-1000 sales within the first month Which promotions to book for your book and target audience How to run Amazon advertising campaigns successfully How to automize your book sales for long-term success And much much more... When consulting with clients from around the world, I am using the blueprint, methods, and tactics described in this book, and I can assure you that the knowledge provided is to the point and up-to-date. Bestseller is a powerful resource for launching or relaunching your book and for achieving your publishing goals. Some of the tactics described in this book are not even available anywhere else, so it is certainly worth reading the book, even if you are an experienced author or publisher. Here is what you get if you buy Bestseller today: 180 pages full of powerful book publishing knowledge Proven expertise that has been the backbone for selling more than 2 million book copies Countless exercises, worksheets, and questions that will take your book from where it is now to bestseller status and its best level An exclusive surprise gift ONLY available to the first 1000 readers! To keep it simple: Bestseller is what you need to make your book a major success! Buy BESTSELLER today to transform your book into a book that you are proud of and that brings you financial return! Note: Early Bird Pricing and exclusive surprise gift accessible within the book are available for a short period of time ONLY! Get your copy NOW!

Origin of Why

The limitless dreams of childhood collapse under the daily mud crawl of routine, creating an inner conflict that Tony Robbins, world-class speaker and author of Money Master the Game, describes as when “life doesn't match your blueprint ...

Author: Vito Grigorov

Publisher: Prosperist Publishing

ISBN: 9780648331414

Category: Social Science

Page: 394

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Can it be that you only have 5 years left to live? Studies show only 1 hour daily is free to do what you want to do, and the rest you must do: Sleep, work, eat, email. On average, only 12% of our lifetime is actually free. Sound nice? No, but what's the alternative? Have you ever asked “What’s the point?” or “Why am I here?”. That was the meaning of life you were trying to find. Using the latest evidence & facts at each step, this book reveals a surprising answer. When you’re finished you’ll know... - Why the answer to the meaning of life changes EVERY other question in your life. - Why those who live the answer are HAPPIER and live some of the LONGEST lives. - Why for centuries the answer has been ILLEGAL. (No it’s not a conspiracy theory) We exist but we rarely live as we react to what distracts and lie to hide painful facts. One of the results of this is that over 350 Million people are part of the world’s largest growing disability of depression. As you read you’ll discover the opposite and much more: -How to ELIMINATE 80% of distractions and rapidly increase your free time by 33% -How ONE action REDUCES stress quickly, letting you FULFILL the meaning of life daily -How to BULLETPROOF yourself from unpredictable economic change and job loss. Challenging the old Guys of philosophy, Gods of religion, frauds of Psychology, and get-rich-quick snake oil salesmen. Origin of Why: The Proven Purpose and Meaning of Life adds to the tradition of Viktor Frankl, Simon Senik, Tim Ferriss and Gary Keller in opening the way you see the world.

How to Become Amazon Bestselling Author

People like me then make comments on book titles, book covers, we ask for a couple of marketing zingers and prepare the book launching campaigns.

Author: Philip Joachims

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9798642092828


Page: 50

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I work with writers, lots of them, and love their work. From fiction to non-fiction, self-help to technical books: I love them all. I've spent my life around books. I spend my working days around books and I reserve a few for my vacations. I love their smell. I love the new Kindle digital books. I love to listen to audiobooks while riding the train. Mostly importantly, I love to read. Writers love writing and spend a lot of time focused on what they write about, including the best words to convey their thoughts, spelling and grammar. People like me then make comments on book titles, book covers, we ask for a couple of marketing zingers and prepare the book launching campaigns. Some books flop while others surprisingly hit the bestselling lists.Through the years, I have been using all sorts of marketing strategies to make books hit the bestseller lists: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, online marketing, and so on. I have tried and mastered them all. I've made mistakes, learned from them and improved my strategies. I still don't think that I am much of a writer, but I can help you to become an Amazon Bestselling Author in 6 weeks.Is it hard, simple, expensive or cheap? Does it take a lot of experience with launching books or can anyone do it? All you have to do is focus on writing the books on subjects you love and those ideas can be put out there for reader enjoyment. The rest is very simple as there are no extra charges and anyone can do it. Below you will find a 5- step strategy to hit the bestseller list on Amazon and see for yourself how readers will take notice of you, buy your books and become loyal followers of your written work.

Bestseller Content Creation Checklist

In this book, I am not only going to show you the possibility that exists for all of us to come up with bestsellers content, I will also be showing you how easy I have made the process to be. Join me inside so we can begin.

Author: Onyi Nnebedum


ISBN: 9798595406659


Page: 100

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There are two obvious major reasons people may not buy a product - either the product, that it doesn't seem useful enough or the price, that they can't afford it. It's not a problem if they think they can't afford it. I have in our earlier discussion under 'Attainable' given a few tips how to go about the issue of price. But it's a major issue if your potential buyers think your content or product isn't valuable enough.Now, be aware that irrespective of how good your product or content is there would be those who won't still give you that credit. But don't hinder under that to now put less effort on achieving a high standard in all you offer. Even when your content or product is getting all the praises, still work on getting it better.A new product that you are offering and without having a taste of it yet the people are already feeling that it's not useful enough, chances are that your packaging it poor; thus, not convincing enough. I say so because, at one point or the other we have bought (or have seen people buy) something to only end up regretting. That means, the product wasn't that good, yet it was able to sell. Obviously, someone had been able to present the product in such a convincing way that it was irresistible.A product or content can be the best there is and still not be selling because it is wrongly or poorly packaged (or presented). It is selling and more of it that makes anything a bestseller. Yet, something can be a bestseller and still not be the best in terms of value delivery. Such will fail in a short while.It is important to find out what works as offered in this checklist ever before starting out.In a class I was invited to talk to some young people, one smart lady as me, "As an artist, when would it be okay to conclude her work was good enough; When I feel so? Or wait until people start commenting, to judge from their feedback?" She added that there have been times she felt her work wasn't good enough only to be amazed at how people appreciated it. Yet, at other times, the works she felt she gave her best get the highest dislike. This doesn't only happen to artists - it happens to speakers, writers - content creators and producers of all kind. Well, the answer is neither in feeling or feedback but in knowing what really works. Applying the five key principles discussed in this masterpiece helps to address such questions beyond further arguments. In 'BESTSELLER CONTENT CREATION CHECKLIST', you not only be walked through the five silent bestseller key principles, you will also learn how you can start applying them immediately in determining a bestseller to invest on or in creating your own bestseller content that others wish is their brand. You will also be learning some winning lessons from over ten years of our brand consultancy.