Blamestorming blamemongers and scapegoats

(Bell, 2013, 271) Yet a functional view of blame might see considerable value in the blaming, even where the target is dead. One only has to consider the allegations made in respect of Jimmy Savile to see how blame can be allocated to ...

Author: Dingwall, Gavin

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781447321163

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

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We live in a society that is increasingly preoccupied with allocating blame: when something goes wrong someone must be to blame. Bringing together philosophical, psychological, and sociological accounts of blame, this is the first detailed criminological account of the role of blame in which the authors present a novel study of the legal process of blame attribution, set in the context of criminalisation as a social and political process. This timely and topical book will be essential reading for anyone working or researching in the criminal justice field. It will also be of wider interest to anyone wishing to discover the role of blame in modern society.

Vladimir Putin Life Coach

BLAME THE DEAD Another ploy Putin has used is to find someone to blame who can't respond (at least in this world). Anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky collected evidence that law enforcement officials had stolen $230m in tax money.

Author: Rob Sears

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781786894700

Category: Humor

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What can the rise of this century's most feared politician teach us about life, work and love? Rob Sears satirises the machinations that enabled Putin to dominate the Kremlin and undermine the United States of America as ways to help you take control of your mundane life. Would you like to ruin your enemies by sharing compromising material about that time they didn't wash their hands? Fancy hacking democracy at the parent-teacher association to ensure you're a shoo-in for social secretary? Or serving up a cold dish called revenge in a high street restaurant? Filled with stories of Putin's extraordinary and chilling actions, with mocking ideas and illustrations to help you emulate him on a small scale, Vladimir Putin: Life Coach is the ultimate parody guide to releasing the pseudo-elected, judo black belt, 5D chess-playing autocrat inside each and every one of us.

Imperfect Circle

If blame there is, we're all to blame. Go down that 'if-only-road' at your peril 'cos there's no end to it. The man to blame is dead and good riddance.” “John's right there. Now go on and get some rest. I'll bring up some hot soup when ...

Author: Robert L. Mason

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467001937

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Black Diamond Set mainly in the Second World War this is the story of Charlie, a boy growing to manhood. It is a fast-moving novel which begins with his meeting identical twins, Lucy and Susan and then traces the romantic influence each has on the lives of the others as they journey across Europe between 1936 and 1945. On the way they are caught up in dangerous adventures culminating in their escape, through France, near the end of the war. The twins are, by turns, nave, charming and worldly -wise. Charlie experiences a roller-coaster of emotions as he tries to decide which one is his true love. Abe, the benign banker, Carl, the Nazi officer, David, the secret agent and Marlene, the evil school mistress are four of the colourful characters who, with many others, are responsible for the turmoil and disasters which maintain the suspense until the final page. Isosceles Triangle Isosceles Triangle continues the story of Charlie and his strange entanglement with identical twins, Lucy and Susan. Posted to Germany as a doctor in the RAMC he finds himself working for his friend and mentor, the secret agent David Brown but who is he really working for and what new dangers beset the trio as they try to penetrate the Iron Curtain? Who betrays whom and who are the victims in the drama which unfolds as Charlie pits his wits against the might of the KGB? Will Charlies tempestuous nature help him to find himself and what strange fate awaits the twins? Imperfect Circle Now a medical practitioner in Bolton, Charlie finances the building of a revolutionary trawler for his son Chas, whose ambition is to make his fortune trawling off the Icelandic coast. Susan, Charlies wife, opposes their plans but is powerless to prevent what she think is a mad adventure. Sir David Brown with his wife Lucy, Susans twin sister, is posted by an unfortunate coincidence to be the British Ambassador in Iceland. They are present at the launch of their nephews brainchild, the stern trawler Ace of Spades in the Hull dockyard. Eliza, Charlies mother, sheds a tear as the new ship takes to the waters of the Hull river, saying that the wheel of fortune has at last turned the full circle in their favour, since the death of her husband at the battle of Dunkirk. How wrong she is. As the story unfolds Chas finds himself embroiled in the Icelandic Cod War but his troubles are as nothing compared to the turmoil which threatens the whole Forbes family when an enemy emerges from the past.

The Nautical Magazine

No blame to any one . ... Engineer , 12 months Dead engineer to blame Master's certificate cancelled Officers exonerated . ... certificate cancelled Error of master No one to blame Master somewhat to blame ( dead ) No one to blame .



ISBN: NYPL:33433066364690

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The Anti Black City

paste” blame-the-dead narrative that Joaquim identified in São Paulo. Escóssia asks, “Why do the families [of the victims] have to explain? . . . We can hear the voices of mothers, fathers, brothers, and friends many times: he was ...

Author: Jaime Amparo Alves

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9781452956039

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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An important new ethnographic study of São Paulo’s favelas revealing the widespread use of race-based police repression in Brazil While Black Lives Matter still resonates in the United States, the movement has also become a potent rallying call worldwide, with harsh police tactics and repressive state policies often breaking racial lines. In The Anti-Black City, Jaime Amparo Alves delves into the dynamics of racial violence in Brazil, where poverty, unemployment, residential segregation, and a biased criminal justice system create urban conditions of racial precarity. The Anti-Black City provocatively offers race as a vital new lens through which to view violence and marginalization in the supposedly “raceless” São Paulo. Ironically, in a context in which racial ambiguity makes it difficult to identify who is black and who is white, racialized access to opportunities and violent police tactics establish hard racial boundaries through subjugation and death. Drawing on two years of ethnographic research in prisons and neighborhoods on the periphery of this mega-city, Alves documents the brutality of police tactics and the complexity of responses deployed by black residents, including self-help initiatives, public campaigns against police violence, ruthless gangs, and self-policing of communities. The Anti-Black City reveals the violent and racist ideologies that underlie state fantasies of order and urban peace in modern Brazil. Illustrating how “governing through death” has become the dominant means for managing and controlling ethnic populations in the neoliberal state, Alves shows that these tactics only lead to more marginalization, criminality, and violence. Ultimately, Alves’s work points to a need for a new approach to an intractable problem: how to govern populations and territories historically seen as “ungovernable.”

By the Silver Wind

She watched Sverin carefully, fully expecting him to blame his father, to blame the dead Aesir, to remind her they were gone now, and she was home. “I should have intervened,” murmured the red gryfon instead. Ragna watched his face.

Author: Jess E. Owen

Publisher: Five Elements Press

ISBN: 9780996767613

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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Shard is a gryfon with a great destiny, and desperate to stop a war. He is hampered on his path to peace by would-be allies, old enmities and grudges between clans of creatures, and the ever-looming threat of the fear mongering wyrms. Everyone believes that Shard is the legendary Summer King, that he alone can make the wyrms see reason and stop their violent marauding before more lives are sacrificed. But when he uses newfound powers to try communicating with their leader, he only ends up making things worse. When the wyrms make a surprising move by attacking where Shard least expects it, he knows he must be willing to sacrifice anything—and everything—to stop them once and for all.


The blame kept shifting from me to Julian to Paul. But in the end, it was Paul who was dead and lying on the ground. How could we blame the dead man for his own murder? It was too cruel to even comprehend. I shook my head at Julian, ...

Author: Kara Parker

Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.


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Chaos is book 2 of the Los Desperados MC​ trilogy. Book 3, Mayhem, is available everywhere now! I can’t trust her, but that doesn’t mean I’m keeping my hands off her. I don’t take no for an answer, and I get things done—whatever it takes. So when our latest heist lands us the best runner from our rival club, it’s up to me to pry the words out of her mouth. Easier said than done. She’s a maniac on the road and a bigger freak between the sheets. With lips begging to be kissed and curves screaming to be tamed. She thinks she can beat me, she thinks she can lie. But she better get in line, because if she doesn’t… … I’ve got orders to put a bullet between her eyes.