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Author: Terry P. Wilson

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Bibliography of Native American Bibliographies

Osage Indians 705. Burns, Louis F. Bibliography of Reference to Osage in the Louis F. Burns and Ruth B. Burns Osage Research Library at the Oklahoma Historical Society's White Hair Memorial. Fallbrook, CA: Ciga Press, 2001.


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Lists all significant bibliographies for researchers, librarians, and students seeking information on tribes or topics in Native American studies.

The Osage

Richard White , Salt Lake City , Utah , letter to author , November 23 , 1983 ; see Terry Wilson , Bibliography of the Osage ; W. David Baird , The Osage People ; James R. Christianson , " A Study of Osage History Prior to 1876 " ...

Author: Willard H. Rollings

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 0826210066

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The Osage Indians were a powerful group of Native Americans who lived along the prairies and plains of present-day Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The Osage: An Ethnohistorical Study of Hegemony on the Prairie-Plains, now available in paper, shows how the Osage formed and maintained political, economic, and social control over a large portion of the central United States for more than 150 years.

An Osage Journey to Europe 1827 1830

The Plains &Rockies:A Critical Bibliography of Exploration, Adventure and Travel in the American West 1800–1865. Fourth Edition Revised and Enlarged. ... Wilson, Terry P. Bibliography ofthe Osage. Tuscaloosa: University ofAlabama Press, ...


Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

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In 1827 six Osage people—four men and two women—traveled to Europe escorted by three Americans. Their visit was big news in France, where three short publications about the travelers appeared almost immediately. Virtually lost since the 1830s, all three accounts are gathered, translated, and annotated here for the first time in English. Among the earliest writings devoted to Osage history and culture, these works provide unique insights into Osage life and especially into European perceptions of American Indians. William Least Heat-Moon’s introduction poignantly tells of people leaving one alien nation, the United States, to visit an even more alien culture an ocean away. In France the Osages found themselves lionized as “noble savages.” They went to the theater, rode in a hot-air balloon, and even had an audience with the king of France. Many Europeans ogled them as if they were exhibits in a freak show. As the entourage moved through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, interest in the Osages declined. Soon they were reduced to begging in the suburbs of Paris, without the means to return home. Translated by Heat-Moon and James K. Wallace, the three featured texts are surprisingly accurate as basic descriptions of Osage history, geography, and lifeways. The French authors, influenced by racist and sexist expectations, misinterpreted some of the behaviors they describe. But they also dismiss rumors of cannibalism among the Osages and observe that “the behavior of some whites . . . was not conducive to giving the Indians a favorable opinion of white morality.” An Osage Journey to Europe, 1827–1839 offers scholars and general readers both a compelling story and a singular glimpse into nineteenth-century cultural exchange.

Cultural Encounters Indians and Europeans in Arkansas c

Studies of the Osages include Carl H. Chapman , " The Origin of the Osage Indian Tribe : An Ethnographical , Historical , and ... For more literature on the tribe , see Terry Wilson , Bibliography of the Osage ( Metuchen , N.J .


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Native America in the Twentieth Century

Today, Osages hold the same kinds of jobs as the rest of rural Oklahoma, except that some work forthe tribal agency and, more recently, run the legal tribal bingo games in Pawhuska. ... Wilson, Terry P. Bibliography of the Osage.

Author: Mary B. Davis

Publisher: Routledge

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American Confluence

For a full bibliography of works on the Osages , see Terry Wilson , Bibliography of the Osage ( Metuchen , N.J .: Scarecrow Press , 1985 ) 11. Patricia Galloway , ed . , The Hernando de 248 Notes to Pages 6-9.

Author: Stephen Aron

Publisher: Indiana University Press

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A bold new history of Missouri--the region where the American West begins.