English Studies Beyond the Center

On this historicalgeographical axis, 'beyond the center' covers a ridiculously large amount of territory. Am I really claiming to discuss English in what is, after all, almost the entire world? Not quite: my use of 'beyond the center' ...

Author: Myles Chilton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317574965

Category: Education

Page: 150

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This book addresses the shape of English studies beyond the ‘center’ by analyzing how the discipline has developed, and by considering how lessons from this analysis relate to the discipline as a whole. The book aims to open a cross-disciplinary conversation about the nature of the English major in both non-Anglophone and Anglophone countries by addressing the tensions between language and literature pedagogy, the relevance of a focus on hyper-canonical Anglophone literature in a world of global Englishes, world literature, and multilingual students, and by reflecting on the necessary contingency and cross-purposes of blended literature and language classrooms. Many of the book’s points of discussion arise from the author’s experience as an English professor in Japan, where the particularities of English language and literature pedagogy raise significant challenges to Anglo-centric critical and pedagogical assumptions. English Studies Beyond the ‘Center’: Teaching Literature and the Future of Global English therefore argues that English literature must make a case for itself by understanding its place in a newly configured discipline. Issues discussed in the book include: English language and literature pedagogy in Japan The modes through which EFL and English literary studies converge and diverge Globalized English beyond the Anglo-American perspective English classroom practices, particularly in Japan

Beyond the Center

The recurrent use of toll revenues to finance activities outside the road sector led to inadequate road maintenance and the ... a case of mixed results , 94 BEYOND THE CENTER : DECENTRALIZING THE STATE Dangers of Rapid Decentralization.

Author: Shahid Javed Burki

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821345214

Category: Political Science

Page: 105

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Annotation This report examines the impact of decentralization and its effect on the efficiency of public services, on equity, and on macroeconomic stability.

Beyond the Middle Kingdom

One clear result of the desire to avoid “excessive” competition is that the state has actively structured the strategic industries, breaking up the former monopolies into four or five pieces, rotating assets in and out of them like a ...

Author: Scott Kennedy

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804777674

Category: Political Science

Page: 280

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This book breaks new ground by systematically examining China's capitalist transformation through several comparative lenses. The great majority of research on China to date has consisted of single-country studies. This is the result of the methodological demands of studying China and a sense of the country's distinctiveness due to its grand size and long history. The moniker Middle Kingdom, a direct translation of the Chinese-language word for China, is one of the most prominent symbols of the country's supposed uniqueness. Composed of contributions from leading specialists on China's political economy, this volume demonstrates the benefits of systematically comparing China with other countries, including France, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Brazil, and South Africa. Doing so puts the People's Republic in a light not available through other approaches, and it provides a chance to consider political theories by including an important case too often left out of studies.

Arabic Thought beyond the Liberal Age

While in no ways unique, the density of Middle Eastern activities at the Oxford Centre presided over by a man of Albert Hourani's connections, learning, stature and experience meant that it soon began to attract a wide range of both ...

Author: Jens Hanssen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316654248

Category: History


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What is the relationship between thought and practice in the domains of language, literature and politics? Is thought the only standard by which to measure intellectual history? How did Arab intellectuals change and affect political, social, cultural and economic developments from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries? This volume offers a fundamental overhaul and revival of modern Arab intellectual history. Using Hourani's Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age, 1798–1939 (Cambridge, 1962) as a starting point, it reassesses Arabic cultural production and political thought in the light of current scholarship and extends the analysis beyond Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and the outbreak of World War II. The chapters offer a mixture of broad-stroke history on the construction of 'the Muslim world', and the emergence of the rule of law and constitutionalism in the Ottoman empire, as well as case studies on individual Arab intellectuals that illuminate the transformation of modern Arabic thought.

Structural Concrete

In any member subject to bending every bar should extend, except at end supports, beyond the point at which it is no longer needed ... (a) An effective anchorage equivalent to 12 times the bar size beyond the centre line of the support; ...

Author: C. B. Wilby

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483105987

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 268

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Structural Concrete discusses the design and analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete structural components and structures. Each of the eight chapters of the book tackles a specific area of concern in structural concrete. The text first deals with the serviceability and safety, and then proceeds to the properties of materials and mix designs. The next two chapters cover reinforced concrete beams and slabs. Chapter 5 discusses column and walls, while Chapter 6 tackles reinforced concrete frames and continuous beams and slabs. The next chapter discusses design structures, while the last chapter covers prestressed concrete. The text will be of great use to undergraduate students of civil and structural engineering. Professionals whose work involves concrete technology will also find the book useful.

The World s Carriers Year Book and Diary

... be carried on any vehicle under the Act and these Regulations shall be so fixed that it is either on the centre line or on the off - side ... projects at any time to the rear more than 6 feet measured horizontally beyond such lamp .



ISBN: UOM:39015020109958

Category: Transportation


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Liverpool Beyond the Brink

... the Liberal Democrats ran out of energy by the end of the decade on its transformative agenda. But not before it had substantially improved the city council's performance and prospects. 'Liverpool was the hole in the middle of the ...

Author: Michael Parkinson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9781789624397

Category: Political Science

Page: 178

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Liverpool Beyond the Brink is a fascinating commentary on the economic decline that caused the physical, social and political fragmentation of the imperial city during the 1970s and the efforts since then to revive and reconnect. It charts Liverpool's fall in the 1980s, its gradual normalisation in the 1990s, its staggering achievements and, as an European city in the first part of this century, its efforts to be ambitious in an age of austerity. This thought-provoking work asks: how far has Liverpool come and where does it now stand in comparison with thirty years ago and alongside other cities in the UK? What were the most important forces driving change? Who helped the most and who helped the least? Who and where gained the most and who and where gained the least? Finally, the author asks what is next for Liverpool: what are the current challenges for the city? Liverpool Beyond the Brink identifies the key economic, social and political challenges facing the city today to ensure there is increased productivity, that the benefits of the city's renaissance are experienced by all the people in Liverpool in all parts of the city.

Benchmarking Development for Hong Kong and Beyond

17 18 Discontents , The American Prospect , Winter 2002 ; Robert M . Hemway , Expanding National Policy Space for Development : Why the Multilateral Trading System Must Change , South Centre , T . R . A . D . E . Working paper 25 ...

Author: Rashid S. Kaubab

Publisher: Seatini

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124271201

Category: Africa

Page: 70

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Developing countries and particularly African countries must not think that they are asking for charity by demanding development-oriented outcomes. Their demands are justified not only on the basis of the promise of Doha Ministerial Declarations and Decisions but also on any calculation of give and take in the multilateral trade negotiations. Developing countries, particularly African and least-developed countries (LDCs), are not free riders in the multilateral trading system. In fact they have offered more concessions than their developed country partners in the Uruguay Round and the WTO. Their concessions are not limited to binding themselves to stringent multilateral rules in new areas such as trade-related intellectual property rights (Agreement on TRIPS), trade-related investment measures (Agreement on TRIMS) and services (General Agreement on Trade in Services). Even in the area of market access their commitments go far beyond those of the developed countries. Hence developing countries should not be on the defensive. They have contributed and continue to contribute to the multilateral trading system, often far beyond their capacities and certainly more than their developed country partners.

Learning Beyond the School

St Mark's Road starts and finishes with tall terraced Victorian houses, in the middle of which is a hub of lively cafes, food shops and restaurants next to the local train station with its connections into the city centre.

Author: Julian Sefton-Green

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351615686

Category: Education

Page: 238

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Whilst learning is central to most understandings of what it is to be human, we now live in a knowledge society where being educated defines life chances more than ever before. Learning Beyond the School brings together accounts of learning from around the world in organisations, spaces and places that are schooled, but not school. Exploring examples of learning organisation, pedagogisation, informal learning and social education, the book shows not only how understandings of education are framed in terms of local versions of schooling, but what being educated could and should mean in very different social and political contexts. With contributions from scholars based in Australia, Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia, the book brings together accounts of learning outside of school. Chapters contain rich and detailed case studies of innovative projects, new kinds of learning institutions, youth, peer-driven and community-based activities and public pedagogies, as well as engaging with the dimensions of an argument about the place and nature of learning outside of the school. It challenges dominant versions of school around the world, whilst also critically discussing the value and place of non-institutionalised learning. Learning Beyond the School should be of interest to academics, researchers, postgraduate scholars engaged in the study of comparative education, youth work, education systems, digital culture, sociology of education and youth development. It should also be essential reading for practitioners and policymakers who are interested in youth and education system reform.

Thomas F Torrance

Yet, it is “not the beginning of a new selfrighteousness, but the perpetual end of it, for it is a perpetual living in Christ, from a centre and source beyond us”.70 This important point of seeking our righteousness only in Christ also ...

Author: Paul D. Molnar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317010470

Category: Religion

Page: 382

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This book provides an important study of the theology of Thomas F. Torrance, who is generally considered to have been one of the most significant theologians writing in English during the twentieth century, with a view toward showing how his theological method and all his major doctrinal views were shaped by his understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity. Torrance pursued a theology that was realist because he attempted to think in accordance with the unique nature of the object that is known. In holding to such a methodology, he drew an analogy between theology and natural science. This book demonstrates how, for Torrance, God relates with humanity within time and space so that creation finds its meaning in relation to God and not in itself; this enabled him to avoid many theological pitfalls such as agnosticism, subjectivism and dualism while explaining the positive implications of various Christian doctrines in a penetrating and compelling manner. This book offers an important resource for students of theology and for scholars who are interested in seeing how serious dogmatic theology shapes and should shape our understanding of the Christian life.

Beyond the Boundaries of Science

Prof. N. Balakrishnan, Honorary Professor, Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Beyond the Boundaries of Science is a fabulous book, filled with nuggets from deeply digging into the ...

Author: Latha Christie

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532681523

Category: Religion

Page: 218

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Is the origin of life a lucky roll of cosmic dice? Who is behind the origin of the universe? What do the latest scientific discoveries say about the origin of space and time? Beyond the Boundaries of Science explores the cosmic puzzles that accompany our greatest scientific advances. It suggests that there is more, beyond the reach of science--a super-intelligent Designer behind these mysteries. It takes both science and the Bible seriously, comparing the latest scientific theories with the account in Genesis, interpreted as a revelation of the sequence of our origins.

Beyond the Sahara

They decided to stay in the garage and to watch carefully to see what was going to happen. This time, they knew their lives were in their own hands. People started coming out of nearby homes and were moving towards the city centre.

Author: Agbor Emmanuel

Publisher: Partridge Africa

ISBN: 9781482824735

Category: Religion

Page: 350

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Migration through the Sahara and the Mediterranean has been going on for decades. It was brought to the limelight by political upheavals in the Maghreb and Syria. Beyond the Sahara tells the story of a young Cameroonian who dreams of playing professional football in Europe. Not having the means to pay for a visa and an air ticket, he decides to defy the Sahara and the Mediterranean. The journey takes him from Cameroon through Nigeria in Boko Haram territory. He is rescued by Nigerian security forces and he enters the Republic of Niger. From there he enters Algeria and from Algeria they move on to Libya after losing a friend in the desert. He and his friend smuggle themselves into a merchant ship bound for Barcelona. They are identified and his friend is killed while he jumps into the sea in a desperate attempt to escape. Some of his companions are arrested and deported to Nigeria. The story criticizes the socio political situation in Africa and depicts many aspects of the African tradition. The man from Australia is your brother; the woman from Afghanistan is your sister; the man from Syria is your brother; the woman from America is your sister and the man from Africa is your brother too.

Reaching Beyond the Gold

With a better marketing strategy this could have turned into a lively new centre for locals and for people from outside the city, as was planned. It will be a very tough task reversing this process. At the time of the design and ...

Author: Tim van Vrijaldenhoven

Publisher: 010 Publishers

ISBN: 9789064506147

Category: Architecture and globalization

Page: 222

View: 262


Reaching Beyond the Gold assesses the influence of global events on urban developments. Six cities - Genoa, Barcelona, Athens, Bilbao, Shanghai and London - have been chosen as case studies. These have all recently hosted a global event or will do so in the near future. After an introduction of the characteristics and impact of global events in general the history of each city is sketched and the political and urban implications of the events are examined. Three key aspects - organisation, management and city marketing - are dwelt on at length. Over forty facets including site size, visitor attendance figures, investments, populations, stakeholders, aims and methods, are then compared. A timeline, pictograms and drawings together with clear definitions of the different categories of events are used to give the best possible conditions in which to compare and analyse the events in question. Reaching Beyond the Gold analyses the successes and the failures of host cities in the past. The conclusions it draws can put an end to the structural errors still being made when organizing large-scale events.

The Rough Guide to Laos

For destinations further afield, a fleet of unmetered taxis, consisting of banged-up old Toyotas, gathers outside the ... in the centre of town but others, especially mid-range hotels, continue to open up beyond this area — particularly ...


Publisher: Rough Guides UK

ISBN: 9781409350385

Category: Travel

Page: 320

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The indispensible Rough Guide to Laos is the definitive guide to this fascinating Southeast Asian country, taking you from the remote mountainous north to the sleepy south. It's packed with detailed, lively reviews of accommodation and restaurants to suit all budgets, plus practical information on things like border crossings and road and river travel. With comprehensive research, accompanied by stunning photographs, The Rough Guide to Laos is your essential companion, whether you want to follow the well-trodden route along the Mekong, or blaze your own trail. The guide's authoritative background section provides essential information on Laos's often turbulent history and teaches you about the country's fascinating hill tribes and vibrant festivals. And with dozens of clear, accurate maps The Rough Guide to Laos gets you under the skin of this dynamic country. Originally published in print in 2011. Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Laos. Now available in ePub format.

Decline Renewal and the City in Popular Music Culture Beyond the Beatles

Eighteenth-century black immigrants settled primarily in the South Docks area of the city centre, but the black population ... 'a lot of Jewish people live there'.41 From the 1960s Liverpool-born black families also began to move out of ...

Author: Sara Cohen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351218405

Category: Music

Page: 282

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How is popular music culture connected with the life, image, and identity of a city? How, for example, did the Beatles emerge in Liverpool, how did they come to be categorized as part of Liverpool culture and identity and used to develop and promote the city, and how have connections between the Beatles and Liverpool been forged and contested? This book explores the relationship between popular music and the city using Liverpool as a case study. Firstly, it examines the impact of social and economic change within that city on its popular music culture, focusing on de-industrialization and economic restructuring during the 1980s and 1990s. Secondly, and in turn, it considers the specificity of popular music culture and the many diverse ways in which it influences city life and informs the way that the city is thought about, valued and experienced. Cohen highlights popular music's unique role and significance in the making of cities, and illustrates how de-industrialization encouraged efforts to connect popular music to the city, to categorize, claim and promote it as local culture, and harness and mobilize it as a local resource. In doing so she adopts an approach that recognizes music as a social and symbolic practice encompassing a diversity of roles and characteristics: music as a culture or way of life distinguished by social and ideological conventions; music as sound; speech and discourse about music; and music as a commodity and industry.

Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand

... three pairs of blackish impressed spots , centre pair furthest apart , placed in deep indentations ; folium tapers moderately to spinners , somewhat acute - crenate , truncated base intersects and extends beyond centre impressed ...



ISBN: UCAL:B3093553

Category: Science


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Then we shall have an unsymmetrical effect; as we rack the eyepiece inwards, we shall find that most of the light in the circular out-of- focus disc is in its margin, the centre being comparatively dark; while on racking out beyond the ...

Author: British Astronomical Association


ISBN: CHI:13102144

Category: Astronomy


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Beyond the Pampas

They're in the middle part of the house, illuminated (somewhat) by the single window. The kitchen area is by the front door: cupboard, stove, table, fridge; and an old blackandwhite T.V. on a low table. Behind the sofa a curtain is ...

Author: Imogen Herrad

Publisher: Seren

ISBN: 9781854116093

Category: Travel

Page: 256

View: 440


Beyond the Pampas is an exploration of the lives of the descendents of nineteenth century Welsh settlers in Argentina. Herrad discovers a fascinating melding of Welsh and Spanish language cultures through which she explores the nature of heritage and identity. Her expectations are further challenged by the plight of Patagonia's indigenous peoples - the Tehuelche and Mapuche - with the land-related cultures and oppression by European settlers. This is an additional prism through which to view history, as is the difference Herrad discovers between metropolitan Buenos Aires and the rural hinterland. And the whole is underpinned by Herrad's personal journey of self-discovery, from an abusive childhood in Germany to acceptance in the communities of Wales and Patagonia. Herrad's openness to new experience and her wonder at the natural world result in a rich and evocative depiction of the exotic places in which she finds herself, from camping under the stars in the Andes to whale-watching on the Atlantic coast, and from the Welsh-speaking tea rooms of Chubut to the museums of lost Indian peoples.

Beyond the Horizon

It was Cud's first trip out of Jamaica and her first flight. I had many places to show her. I took her to the International Folk Festival on the Mall in Washington, D.C., which she thoroughly enjoyed. In New York City, she marveled at ...

Author: Ransford W. Palmer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479737086

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 146

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Ransford W. Palmer is Professor of Economics at Howard University in Washington, D.C. His recollections in this volume trace his life along a path which began in a small village in Jamaica and led him to professional achievements and the formation of his American family.