Beyond the Archive

All archives in the public sphere—libraries, museums, schools, universities, media, publishing houses, Internet repositories and ... The archive, he noted, even if untouched from outside interests, is per se a site of violence.

Author: Jens Brockmeier

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199861569

Category: Autobiography

Page: 401

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Our longstanding view of memory and remembering is in the midst of a profound transformation. This transformation does not only affect our concept of memory or a particular idea of how we remember and forget; it is a wider cultural process. In order to understand it, one must step back and consider what is meant when we say memory. Brockmeier's far-ranging studies offer such a perspective, synthesizing understandings of remembering from the neurosciences, humanities, social studies, and in key works of autobiographical literature and life-writing. His conclusions force us to radically rethink our very notion of memory as an archive of the past, one that suggests the natural existence of a distinctive human capacity (or a set of neuronal systems) enabling us to "encode," "store," and "recall" past experiences. Now, propelled by new scientific insights and digital technologies, a new picture is emerging. It shows that there are many cultural forms of remembering and forgetting, embedded in a broad spectrum of human activities and artifacts. This picture is more complex than any notion of memory as storage of the past would allow. Indeed it comes with a number of alternatives to the archival memory, one of which Brockmeier describes as the narrative approach. The narrative approach not only permits us to explore the storied weave of our most personal form of remembering--that is, the autobiographical--it also sheds new light on the interrelations among memory, self, and culture.

Beyond the Archives

The desire to rectify this erasure was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the WOW Cafe . ... the archive's Brooklyn location , I had visited the Lesbian Herstory Archives when it was the pioneering effort of Joan Nestle ...

Author: Gesa E Kirsch

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809328402

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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This collection of highly readable essays reveals that research is not restricted to library archives. When researchers pursue information and perspectives from sources beyond the archives—from existing people and places— they are often rewarded with unexpected discoveries that enrich their research and their lives. Beyond the Archives: Research as a Lived Process presents narratives that demystify and illuminate the research process by showing how personal experiences, family history, and scholarly research intersect. Editors Gesa E. Kirsch and Liz Rohan emphasize how important it is for researchers to tap into their passions, pursuing research subjects that attract their attention with creativity and intuition without limiting themselves to traditional archival sources and research methods. Eighteen contributors from a number of disciplines detail inspiring research opportunities that led to recently published works, while offering insights on such topics as starting and finishing research projects, using a wide range of types of sources and methods, and taking advantage of unexpected leads, chance encounters and simple clues. In addition, the narratives trace the importance of place in archival research, the parallels between the lives of research subjects and researchers, and explore archives as sites that resurrect personal, cultural, and historical memory. Beyond the Archives sheds light on the creative, joyful, and serendipitous nature of research, addressing what attracts researchers to their subjects, as well as what inspires them to produce the most thorough, complete, and engaged scholarly work. This timely and essential volume supplements traditional-method textbooks and effectively models concrete practices of retrieving and synthesizing information by professional researchers.

Beyond the Archive

We see , therefore , more frequent representations of this other memory that fails to archive the entire past . Obviously , to separate out a “ non - archival ” memory from an “ archival ” memory may be in some cases impossible .

Author: Katherine Louise Elkins


ISBN: UCAL:C3482041


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Out of the Closet Into the Archives

Researching Sexual Histories Amy L. Stone, Jaime Cantrell. In remembrance of LGBTQ voices, both within and beyond the archive. Contents List of Illustrations Foreword Ann Cvetkovich Acknowledgments Introduction: Something.

Author: Amy L. Stone

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438459059

Category: Social Science

Page: 372

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The first book to focus on the experience of LGBT archival research. Out of the Closet, Into the Archives takes readers inside the experience of how it feels to do queer archival research and queer research in the archive. The archive, much like the closet, exposes various levels of public and privateness—recognition, awareness, refusal, impulse, disclosure, framing, silence, cultural intelligibility—each mediated and determined through subjective insider/outsider ways of knowing. The contributors draw on their experiences conducting research in disciplines such as sociology, African American studies, English, communications, performance studies, anthropology, and women’s and gender studies. These essays challenge scholars to engage with their affective experience of being in the archive, illuminating how the space of the archive requires a different kind of deeply personal, embodied research.

Beyond the Screen

Time and atmospheric exposure have extended their tentacles from beyond the Desmets archive and film's first decades and continue to indiscriminately engorge all that is not adequately sheltered. So, what is for Delpeut a narrative of ...

Author: Marta Braun

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780861969135

Category: Performing Arts

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This scholarly anthology presents a new framework for understanding early cinema through its usage outside the realm of entertainment. From its earliest origins until the beginning of the twentieth century, cinema provided widespread access to remote parts of the globe and immediate reports on important events. Reaching beyond the nickelodeon theatres, cinema became part of numerous institutions, from churches and schools to department stores and charitable organizations. Then, in 1915, the Supreme Court declared moviemaking a “busines, pure and simple,” entrenching the film industry’s role as a producer of “harmless entertainment.” In Beyond the Screen, contributors shed light on how pre-1915 cinema defined itself through institutional interconnections and publics interested in science, education, religious uplift, labor organizing, and more.

The Shock of the Same

As a storehouse of knowledge, the modern archive refers us to a place outside of itself, the very place Bouvard and Pécuchet are seeking. But this beyond-the-archive is not a transcendent outside or an empty space waiting to be filled; ...

Author: Tom Grimwood

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781786614018

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This book is the first examination of the cliché as a philosophical concept. Challenging the idea that clichés are lazy or spurious opposites to genuine thinking, it instead locates them as a dynamic and contestable boundary between ‘thought’ and ‘non-thought’.

Archiv X

Thus we may imagine that this excluded third eludes the archive in the sense that it remains beyond the realm of the archive - thus threatening the archive from the outside . And if we push this kind of analysis even further , we end up ...

Author: Elisabeth Madlener


ISBN: STANFORD:36105019440093

Category: Archival materials

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Report on Canadian Archives

Douglas Brymner, Public Archives of Canada. NOTE D. ( From Archives , Series Q , Volume 5-1 , p . 382. ) ... and how far they extend beyond Michilimakinak , this end I believe it answers tolerably well , iho ' their exact Positions on the ...

Author: Douglas Brymner


ISBN: NYPL:33433056835659

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Annual Report Public Archives of Canada

And the large purchases of wheat for the procuring which the Specie has been sent out of the commercial towns into the heart of the country . I am assured that the Legislature here have it seriously at heart to adopt more honourable ...

Author: Public Archives of Canada



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