Bernard of Clairvaux

'The Most Famous Question' But that takes us in turn to Bernard's treatment of the famossisima quaestio96 of grace, divine foreknowledge, and predestination and their relationship to human freedom of choice, considered in the ...

Author: G. R. Evans

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198028994

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In this book the renowned medievalist G.R. Evans provides a concise introduction to St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), a figure of towering importance on the twelfth-century monastic and theological scene. After a brief overview of Bernard's life, Evans focuses on a few major themes in his work, including his theology of spirituality and his theology of the political life of the Church. The only available introduction to Bernard's life and thought, this latest addition to the Great Medieval Thinkers series will appeal to a wide audience of students and scholars of history and theology.

Reading Bernard Williams

But don't listen to me: read Bernard Williams! Notes Part I ETHICS AND METAPHYSICS 1 THE ABSOLUTE CONCEPTION Putnam. 1 Interview with Bernard Williams, The Harvard Review of Philosophy, Vol. XII (Spring 2004), p. 86. 2 Bernard Williams ...

Author: Daniel Callcut

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415771894

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When Bernard Williams died in 2003, the Times newspaper hailed him 'as the greatest moral philosopher of his generation'. This outstanding collection of specially commissioned new essays on Williams's work is essential reading for anyone interested in Williams, ethics and moral philosophy and philosophy in general. Reading Bernard Williams examines the astonishing scope of his philosophy from metaphysics and philosophy of mind to ethics, political philosophy and the history of philosophy. An international line up of outstanding contributors discuss, amongst others, the following central aspects of Williams's work: Williams's challenge to contemporary moral philosophy and his criticisms of 'absolute' theories of morality reason and rationality the good life the emotions Williams and the phenomenological tradition philosophical and political agency moral and political luck ethical relativism Contributors : Simon Blackburn; John Cottingham; Frances Ferguson; Joshua Gert; Peter Goldie; Charles Guignon; Sharon Krause; Christopher Kutz; Daniel Markovits; Elijah Millgram; Martha Naussbaum; Carol Rovane

Abelard and St Bernard

Do you think , ' said Bernard , ' that justice has perished from all the earth as it has from own heart ? ' s Of the other five , Hugh of Auxerre was a relation of St Bernard and had been one of the band who went to Citeaux with him .

Author: Albert Victor Murray

Publisher: Manchester University Press


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Bernard Of Clairvaux

possibly at the instigation of Bishop William of Champeaux , begins to visit Bernard in Clémentinpré — Calixtus II ratifies the Carta caritas — the Exordium parvum written in Cîteaux - Abbot Hugh is canonized by Calixtus II at the ...

Author: Adrian H. Bredero

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0567082857

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"Bredero has produced a book that summarizes his lifelong preoccupation with the greatest saint of the twelfth century . . . The problem that intrigues Bredero . . . is the tension between Bernard the powerful churchman, resented by many contemporaries and by many interpreters still today, and Bernard the monk, master communicator of the most intimate spiritual experiences, beloved by numerous contemporaries, by John Calvin, and by many readers still today . . . A magisterial overview." John Van Engen in Church History Adriaan H. Bredero first began reading Bernard of Clairvaux in 1944 as a young university student forced into hiding by the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Over the past sixty years, Bredero's academic interest in Bernard has branched out to cover topics as diverse as the historical value of the vita prima, Bernard's part in the conflict between Cîteaux and Cluny, and the image of St. Bernard as it has been developed by hagiographers and scholars through the ages. Bernard of Clairvaux: Between Cult and History summarizes Bredero's lifelong study of Bernard, the Cistercian monk who was arguably the most influential ecclesiastical figure of the twelfth century and who remains one of the church's most venerated saints.

Bernard Shaw on Music

George Bernard Shaw C.D. Innes, Brigitte Bogar. “A Non-Mozartian Don” © 1891 by the Estate of Bernard Shaw “Incognita” © 1892 by the Estate of Bernard Shaw “The Third Act of Ernani” © 1892 by the Estate of Bernard Shaw “Verdi's ...

Author: George Bernard Shaw

Publisher: Rosetta Books

ISBN: 9780795346897

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A collection of critical writings on music from the Nobel Prize–winning playwright behind Saint Joan and Man and Superman. The Critical Shaw: On Music is a comprehensive selection of renowned Irish playwright and Nobel Laureate Bernard Shaw’s extensive writings on a wide range of musical topics. Still recognized as one of Great Britain’s most important music critics, Shaw enriched London’s musical scene for some twenty years with his provocative, original, and penetrating reviews, before giving up music criticism to concentrate his talents on playwriting. His vast critical output encompassed opera, operetta, vocal and orchestral performance, musical theater, and oratorios, and took in major composers and performers as well as many long since forgotten names. Frequently embellished by his controversial political and social opinions, and delving as well into the nature of music criticism itself, Shaw’s reviews continue to stimulate and surprise, their depth and range setting standards that are rarely, if ever, matched today. Included in this edition is a previously unpublished draft on voice training prepared by Shaw for Vandeleur Lee, his mother’s singing teacher. The Critical Shaw series brings together, in five volumes and from a wide range of sources, selections from Bernard Shaw’s voluminous writings on topics that exercised him for the whole of his professional career: Literature, Music, Politics, Religion, and Theater. The volumes are edited by leading Shaw scholars, and all include an introduction, a chronology of Shaw’s life and works, annotated texts, and a bibliography. The series editor is L.W. Conolly, literary adviser to the Shaw Estate and former president of the International Shaw Society.

Bernard of Clairvaux and the Shape of Monastic Thought

The last of the Fathers In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Bernard was given the epitheton ' the last of the Fathers ' . ' Generally speaking this phrase has to be understood in an anti - scholastic sense .

Author: M. B. Pranger

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004100555

Category: Literary Criticism

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This book examines the way Bernard of Clairvaux, in his writings, shapes the monastic existence as a subtle blend of biblical and liturgical texts and scenes on the one hand and uncontrollable events and emotions on the other.

Bernard Shaw on Theater

George Bernard Shaw D.A. Hadfield. The Critical Shaw: On Theater General Editor's Preface and Chronology © 2016 by L.W. Conolly Introduction and editorial material © 2016 by D.A. Hadfield A New Lady Macbeth and a New Mrs Ebbsmith © 1895 ...

Author: George Bernard Shaw

Publisher: Rosetta Books

ISBN: 9780795346880

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A collection of critical writings on theater from the Nobel Prize–winning playwright behind Man and Superman and Pygmalion. The Critical Shaw: On Theater is a comprehensive selection of essays and addresses about drama and theater by renowned Irish playwright and Nobel Laureate Bernard Shaw. An outspoken critic of the melodramas and formulaic farces that comprised most of the popular theater in the late nineteenth century, Shaw relentlessly campaigned for audiences, actors, theater managers, and even government officials to take theater more seriously, to use the stage as a forum for representing complex real issues such as poverty, marriage and divorce laws, sexual attraction, gender equality, and political power, so that through seeing them acted out, audiences could better understand and address them when they left the theater. Shaw’s commitment to social reform through theater was matched by his expertise in the artistic and practical aspects of drama: whether he was reviewing productions, lecturing about acting, or schooling agents on royalties and copyright law, Shaw set a standard for intelligent professionalism that our own theaters might still aspire to and be measured against. The Critical Shaw series brings together, in five volumes and from a wide range of sources, selections from Bernard Shaw’s voluminous writings on topics that exercised him for the whole of his professional career: Literature, Music, Politics, Religion, and Theater. The volumes are edited by leading Shaw scholars, and all include an introduction, a chronology of Shaw’s life and works, annotated texts, and a bibliography. The series editor is L.W. Conolly, literary adviser to the Shaw Estate and former president of the International Shaw Society.

Bernard Berenson

He would need another loan , he told Senda , if a friend of theirs could scrape together $ 50 . Thanks to Carpenter , with whom he was now traveling , he was ( 74 ) BERNARD BERENSON • THE MAKING OF A CONNOISSEUR.

Author: Ernest Samuels

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674067770

Category: Design

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Recounts Berenson's development into the most famous critic and arbiter of taste in the Anglo-American art world and illuminates his relationships with many of the great philosophers, writers, and art patrons of his time

L Bernard Hall

1916176 Bernard Hall c.1919 Private co 182 Bernard and Elsinore Hall in Hall's NGV studio, c.1895 84–85 Bernard and Elsinore Hall at Homebush Lodge, c.1895 86 Bernard Hall in his studio in the National Gallery, c.1892 62–63 Bernard Hall ...

Author: Gwen Rankin

Publisher: NewSouth

ISBN: 9781742246475

Category: Art

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Piecing together the fascinating life and times of National Gallery of Victoria director and acclaimed artist L. Bernard Hall for the first time, this book uncovers Australian art's most influential administrator and teacher--whose achievements have been virtually written out of history. Never as conservative as sometimes suggested, Hall came to Australia for the love of a woman and stayed for the love of a gallery, establishing a record of service unrivalled today. Based almost entirely on primary source material, this biography includes many of Hall's own paintings and drawings along with striking archival photographs.

A Companion to Bernard of Clairvaux

207 Geoffrey of Auxerre describes in detail how Bernard, “bedridden indeed but manful still,” dragged himself to Metz to intervene in a conflict between the bishop and the people.208 According the Geoffrey, God lessened for some days ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004211988

Category: History

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Bernard of Clairvaux emerges from these studies as a vibrant, challenging and illuminating representative of the monastic culture of the twelfth century. In taking on Peter Abelard and the new scholasticism he helped define the very world he opposed and thus contributed to the renaissance of the twelfth century.

Bernard Lietaer Life and Work volume I

Lietaer,Bernard und Bindewald, Leander (2011) Der blinde Fleckder globalen Krisen, in Ende oder Neubeginn, Flensburger Hefte Verlag Lietaer,Bernard (2001) Die Welt des Geldes.Das Aufklärungsbuch. Arena Lietaer,Bernard (1979) ...

Author: Peter Krause

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783753443331

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 372

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Bernard A. Lietaer (1942 - 2019) was active worldwide as a financial expert. He advised companies, governments and NGOs. In addition, he presented his ideas and concepts to a broad public in numerous books, essays and interviews. He also taught at various international universities. After his success as a senior executive of the Belgian Central Bank and as manager of a hedge fund, he increased his commitment to complementary currencies and currency systems. In this field, he is considered a key innovator, particularly since the 1980s, and is considered to be one of the key innovators in the field, especially since the crypto-currencies of today. This book (Volume I), Translation of the original German edition by Elisa Graf and supplemented with a foreword by Sally Goerner, is the first to provide a detailed overview of Lietaer's life and work. Lietaer authorized the author for this work shortly before his death. It vividly describes the contexts in which Lietaer developed and represented his ideas. By describing Lietaer's spiritual background for the first time, his work can be seen in another important context. (Volume II: Numerous color illustrations to Volume I, facsimiles and previously unpublished texts by Lietaer, as well as supplementary reflections).

The Cambridge Companion to George Bernard Shaw

appeared in print, as Sylvester Smith 1963 George Bernard Shaw On Language, ed. Abraham Tauber 1965 Selected NonDramatic Writings of Bernard Shaw, ed. Dan H. Laurence 1967 Shaw on Religion, ed. Warren Sylvester Smith 1971 Bernard Shaw: ...

Author: Christopher Innes

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139825566

Category: Drama


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The Cambridge Companion to George Bernard Shaw is an indispensable guide to one of the most influential and important dramatists of the theatre. The volume offers a broad-ranging study of Shaw with essays by a team of leading scholars. The Companion covers all aspects of Shaw's drama, focusing on both the political and theatrical context, while the extensive illustrations showcase productions from the Shaw Festival in Canada. In addition to situating Shaw's work in its own time, the Companion demonstrates its continuing relevance, and applies some of the newest critical approaches. Topics include Shaw and the publishing trade, Shaw and feminism, and Shaw and the Empire, as well as analyses of the early plays, discussion plays and history plays.

Soil Survey of St Bernard Parish Louisiana

Transportation Early land transportation corridors in St. Bernard Parish followed the major natural levees and deep water channels ( 11 ) . This dual land - water system satisfied the needs of the parish with minimum disturbance of the ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822043497254

Category: Soil surveys

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Jessie Bernard Reader

Another reason to read Bernard is because her biography and her sociology are so closely intertwined; as she struggled to understand her own despicable treatment by her husband, she funneled her anger about men and disillusionment about ...

Author: Jessie Bernard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317257226

Category: Social Science

Page: 236

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Jessie Bernard was one of the foremost early feminist sociologists and public intellectuals in women's studies. In The Jessie Bernard Reader, Michael S. Kimmel and Yasemin Besen have compiled her most intriguing and influential work on marriage, the family, sexuality and changing women's roles in the United States. Bernard's pioneering works bridged the gap between academic social science and public advocacy for gender equality. Her books were landmarks in demarcating the effects of the "separation of spheres." Among her most celebrated arguments was that couples experienced two different marriages, "his" and "hers"-and that his was better than hers. This volume will inspire a new generation of scholars, a generation that inherits the gains for which Bernard struggled her entire career.

The 1868 St Bernard Parish Massacre

St. Bernard Parish is named after his patron saint, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, following an archaic tradition customary with Catholic monarchies.18 Gálvez and French Creole Pierre DeMarigny, the St. Bernard Parish commandant, ...

Author: C. Dier

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439663028

Category: True Crime

Page: 131

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The slaughter of newly liberated African Americans just days before a Reconstruction Era election is recounted in this true crime history. Louisiana, 1868. With the Civil War over, a victorious Ulysses S. Grant was riding a wave of popularity straight to the White House. But former Confederates across the South feared what Reconstruction might look like under President Grant. Days before the tumultuous election, Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish descended into chaos. As African American men gained the right to vote, white Democrats of the parish feared losing their majority. Armed groups mobilized to suppress these recently emancipated voters. Freed people were dragged from their homes and murdered in cold blood. Many fled to the cane fields to hide from their attackers. The reported number of those killed varies from 35 to 135. Though efforts were made to cover up the tragedy, its implications reverberated throughout the South and lingered for generations. In this authoritative chronicle, historian Chris Dier reveals the horrifying true story behind the St. Bernard Parish Massacre.

Master Bernard Maitre Bernard

Bernard smiled. “With me alone?” he asked while getting up. “If Esther would like to join us...” “Come, then, my daughter,” said Master Bernard, “and let us go into this room, where we can speak freely.” Esther followed in silence.

Author: Elie Berthet

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479418879

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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"Master Bernard is a historical novel which reflects what actually happened during the terrible religious wars between the Roman Catholics and the Huguenots (Calvinist Protestants) in France during the second half of the 16th century. The principal character is a real person: Bernard Palissy, master potter, craftsman, writer, researcher and lecturer who lived from 1510 to 1589. Many of his glazed pottery masterpieces can be found today in the Louvre and other major museums around the world. This is a story which vividly describes the customs of that time and how Palissy and his family were drawn into one of the bloodiest chapters of French history. The French author closely followed events as described in Palissy’s own autobiography which provides the reader with a real insight into the challenges of that period. Élie Berthet (1815-1891), the author of this work, was one of France’s leading writers in the 19th century, having produced over 100 novels about Paris, French history and other subjects. His books have been translated into a dozen languages."

Theos Bernard the White Lama

TCB Diary: Bernard, Theos, “Tibet Diaries.” 3 vols. (1937). Theos Bernard Papers, Bancroft Library; also VWB Archive #s 376.2, 376.3, 376.4. Theos Bernard Papers: Bernard, Theos, “Theos Bernard Papers.” BANC MSS 2005/161 c.

Author: Paul Hackett

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231158862

Category: Religion

Page: 592

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"Theos Bernard, the White Lama" recounts the real story behind the purported adventures of Theos Casimir Bernard (1908--1947), the self-proclaimed "White Lama" who in 1937 became the third American in history to reach Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Bernard met, associated, and corresponded with the major social, political, and cultural leaders of his day, from the Regent and high politicians of Tibet to saints, scholars, and diplomats of British India, and from Charles Lindbergh and Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Gandhi and Nehru. But he also had his flaws. He was an entrepreneur propelled by grandiose schemes, a handsome man who shamelessly used his looks to bounce from rich wife to rich wife to support his activities, and a master manipulator who concocted his own interpretations of Eastern wisdom to suit his own ends. Despite the bright future ahead of him, Bernard disappeared in India during the communal violence of the 1947 Partition, never to be seen again. Through diaries, interviews, and previously unstudied documents, Paul G. Hackett shares Bernard's compelling life story, along with his efforts to awaken America's religious counterculture to the unfolding events in India, Tibet, and the Himalayas.

Mysticism of Bernard of Clairvoux

The one, that is Bernard, is incontestably the greater as regards sanctity and doctrinal depth, but the other, William, yields to him in no way—excels him indeed at times—in the power he shows in elaborating the common doctrinal ...

Author: Etienne Gilson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781936392469

Category: Religion


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It is universally recognized that Bernard was a prince among mystics. His mysticism is very -personal; he was too great and individual a character for it to be otherwise. But it is at the same time of a very definite type; it is, as Abbot Butler wrote in his Western Mysticism, "Pre-Dionysian, pre-scholastic, non-philosophical." In his theories of the life of prayer Bernard belonged to the age of the Fathers. Speculatively, Augustine and, in a lesser degree, Ambrose, were his masters. In the practical ordering of life, he depended to some extent on Basil and Maximus the Confessor, but very largely on Benedict, whose rule in its purity the Cistercian Order tried to inculcate.

The Life of Bernard Gilpin


Author: William Gilpin


ISBN: HARVARD:32044054763412

Category: Reformation

Page: 88

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The Private Life of George Bernard Shaw

Barry debuted Jerome Kilty's Dear Liar, with actress Zoe Caldwell (based on the letters of Shaw and the actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell); performed the voice of Shaw for a biographical film called George Bernard Shaw: Who The Devil Was ...

Author: Elizabeth Sharland

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462024223

Category: Drama

Page: 92

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This play concerns the fascinating personal life of one of the most famous playwrights in British literature. His relationship with actresses were many, including the beautiful Ellen Terry, the brilliant Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the volatile Florence Farr, as well as women politicians, suffragettes, and young students. His marriage to Charlotte Payne Townsend was revealing in that she was his muse, nurse, secretary, as well as being his wife.