Becoming a Teacher

standards as part of character development, teachers teach and children learn using direct and indirect methods. Direct methods include: Prescription – being told things that we cannot or ought not do. For professional people: the ...

Author: Alan Newland

Publisher: Crown House Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781785835827

Category: Education

Page: 384

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Accessible, readable and engaging, Becoming a Teacher draws on Alan Newland's decades of professional work and academic study in education to set out the key principles for developing and understanding the professional values essential to becoming a good teacher. The book features a constructive examination of the Teachers' Standards and shares a series of illustrative scenarios, exemplar strategies and practical resources that will equip trainee teachers with easy-to-understand but justifiable rationales to deal with a range of contentious and sensitive issues that they are likely to encounter during the course of their career. It also explores a series of searching questions relating to the philosophical nature of teaching, the definitions of legal, ethical and moral responsibility as a teacher, and what it means- objectively- to be professional. Becoming a Teacher therefore serves as a professional studies course reader for trainees and early career teachers, as well as a core text for tutors, lecturers, mentors and CPD leads delivering both the compulsory aspects of the ITT Core Content Framework for all qualified teacher status (QTS) courses and Early Career Framework CPD.

Becoming a Teacher

But , an interesting thing happens when parents working with teachers on a problem that's relevant to them actually know that what they decide can and will be put into practice . ' ' What's that ? ' ' They become interested in sharing ...

Author: Gary D. Borich

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0750702648

Category: Education

Page: 137

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What is an effective school and what is an effective teacher? These are vitally important questions for the beginner teacher; questions which are answered in this book through conversational dialogues between a principal, a pre-service teacher and experienced teachers. The book draws on the mass of existing research and professional literature to provide a comprehensive guide on effective schools and teachers. As such, it should be an invaluable tool for undergraduates in training.

Changes 3 Teacher s Book

Answers ( underlined words are stressed ) : Teaching is more challenging than office work . Office work is less challenging than teaching . Being a journalist is as challenging as being a teacher . Being an accountant is not as ...

Author: Jack C. Richards

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521449375

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 191

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Changes is a four-level general English course for adult and young adult learners. Changes ensures that students have every opportunity to develop confident communicative ability as well as accuracy in English.

Making it as a Teacher

I posed the question “What does it mean to be a teacher?” to some Twitter friends from across the spectrum of positions and different contexts for their insight. Each statement gives vision into our role, our values and our strengths as ...

Author: Victoria Hewett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429951619

Category: Education

Page: 208

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Teaching is a delightfully rewarding, wonderfully enlightening and diverse career. Yet, at present, teacher recruitment and retention are in crisis, with some of the most at risk of leaving the profession being those in their early years of teaching. Making it as a Teacher offers a variety of tips, anecdotes, real-life examples and practical advice to help new teachers survive and thrive through the first 5 years of teaching, from the first-hand experiences of a teacher and middle leader. Divided into thematic sections, Making It, Surviving and Thriving, the book explores the issues and challenges teachers may face, including: Lesson planning, marking and feedback Behaviour and classroom management Work-life balance Progression, CPD and networking With the voices of teaching professionals woven throughout, this is essential reading for new teachers, those undertaking initial teacher training, QT mentors and other teaching staff that support new teachers in the early stages of their career.

Becoming a Teacher in a Field based Setting

Become the best teacher that you can be . . . by translating theory into actual practice This state - of - the - art book is based on the premise that the very best teachers have a solid grasp of both the theory and practice of teaching ...

Author: Donna Louise Wiseman


ISBN: STANFORD:36105023068898

Category: Education

Page: 294

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Builds upon an increasingly popular trend of turning teacher-preparatory programs into more field-based operations. This text offers a traditional framework for a methods or education course, while adding the field-based component. Portfolio assessment is explained in the text, and illustrated by the various activities. This unique combination of pre-service and in-service voices is being called for throughout the discipline. While most Introduction to Education texts offer methods of teaching and various philosophies of teaching, BECOMING A TEACHER presents these and then links all the theory to actual practice. This text is praised for the participatory nature of the text through the use of activities and portfolio entries that help students reflect on their field experience.

Teaching the Next Generation of Teachers

THIS BOOK IS ABOUT BEING A TEACHER, NOT TACTICS IN TEACHING It is important for the teacher of aspiring teachers to note that this book is about being and not tactics. Being has to do with you and your students as persons—your natures, ...

Author: Rich Waters

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475829181

Category: Education

Page: 150

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This book will serves as a practical, how-to guide so secondary school students can begin to experience working in a professional learning community as they strive to improve the schools they are in right now. In doing this, the book adheres to the idea that ‘student leadership now is the best preparation for teacher leadership later.’ It will help aspiring teachers move away from the many stale traditions in schooling as they re-conceive of the profession in ways that will make it more personally satisfying while acknowledging that the work of teachers in the 21st century must necessarily be different from what we have now, legacy practices of standardization left over from the industrial age.

Turbo Teacher Englisch

... by older students. a) The tables are being cleaned by Sarah. b) The door is being repaired by Peter and Jim. c) Mrs. Smilla is being helped by Mary. d) The broken glass is being taken out by Ken and Jeremy. e) The classroom is being ...

Author: KLETT

Publisher: PONS

ISBN: 9783129271926


Page: 158

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Lernhilfe für den Stoff der 7. Klasse im Fach Englisch - mit Erklärungen, Beispielen, zahlreichen Übungen und Lösungen, einer Audio-CD fürs Hörverstehen sowie Diagnosetests zum Auffinden und gezielten Verbessern von Schwachstellen.

Becoming Somebody in Teacher Education

Exploring professional identity from the perspective of morality can provide important insight into how teachers come to think, ... But becoming a teacher in the South is very different compared to becoming one in the North.

Author: Kari Kragh Blume Dahl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000344547

Category: Education

Page: 312

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Becoming Somebody in Teacher Education explores the realities of contemporary teacher education in Kenya. Based on a long-term ethnographic fieldwork, it views the teacher training institution as a space to grow, become and be shaped as teachers in complex moral worlds. Drawing on a rich conceptual and theoretical vocabulary, the book shows how students in these teacher education institutions constantly negotiate and confront the complex constructions of ethnicity, gender and class, as well as moral, religious and academic issues and a lack of resources encountered in the different institutional cultures. It outlines a complex array of concerns affecting student teachers that shape what professional becoming means in a stratified and diverse culture. This story of the process of growing up and becoming a professional teacher in an African setting will appeal to researchers, academics and students in the fields of teacher education, organizational studies, international education and development, social anthropology and ethnography.

Affective Teacher Education

Research by Evans (2002) found that appropriate dispositions enable teachers to initiate student learning. The dispositions identified by Evans included the following personality traits, attitudes, values, and beliefs: being caring, ...

Author: Patrice R. LeBlanc

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781607092261

Category: Education

Page: 180

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Affective Teacher Education is one of the first books to provide teacher educators, classroom teachers, school administrators, and teacher candidates with research and recommendations related to affective education. All teachers want to become professional educators; they want find satisfaction and reward in their chosen careers. Likewise, all teachers want to show their students in all grade levels and in all subject areas how to acquire, apply, and appreciate appropriate dispositions or outlooks related to the course content and as a community of learners. This book guides and supports teachers to fulfill these two goals. Each chapter explores a different aspect of affective education and offers the reader useful suggestions to prompt self-assessment, professional conversations, and developmental activities. Affective Teacher Education helps teachers to visualize teaching and learning holistically, linking the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that students need to know, do, and feel, to achieve in school and become lifelong learners.

Voices of Inquiry in Teacher Education

It helped her to feel as though she was being grounded in the stuff of teaching from the very beginning and at a very high level with a lot of quality support from her mentor. But her immediate understanding of the hectic nature and ...

Author: Thomas S. Poetter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135455989

Category: Education

Page: 240

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This book is an attempt to show that preservice teacher knowledge is substantive and should be part of the wider database of knowledge about teaching and learning in the field of teacher education. From the perspectives of five prospective teacher interns and a teacher educator, this volume brings the experiences of students conducting research during preservice teacher education to life. Charged to conduct a semester long study in the school, the intern-authors studied classroom scenes and their own work, and wrote case studies depicting their experiences. Their pieces -- in their entirety -- compose the central chapters of the book and serve as examples of preservice teacher research. The surrounding chapters examine the interns' experiences of conducting research during their preservice internship year primarily from the perspective of a teacher educator who studied them and the scene throughout the experience. The teacher educator examines the interns' approaches to research and the processes they employed to conduct and complete their studies, the interns' professional growth as a result of their participation in the study, and the impact the project had on the program. This book fills the gaps that exist in the present literature on the use of teacher research during preservice by including the inquiry works of preservice teachers as examples of legitimate, important preliminary research in their own rights, and by addressing the complex issues of conducting this type of study during preservice from multiple perspectives, not just that of the university researcher. While some texts include the perspectives of students and even include portions of students' own work, this text takes the step of co-authorship, sharing the academic discourse with intern teachers who have produced experience and knowledge that are informative for the field of education as a whole and specifically for teacher education. The text attempts to combine many voices into one thorough, narrative approach, ultimately urging the reader to consider the possibilities of teacher research for advancing knowledge in the field and for enhancing the professional development of the participants.