Beachbum Berry s Sippin Safari

In this all new book, Berry not only offers up tantilizing new drink recipes, but tells stories about some of the most famous figures of their time.

Author: Jeff Berry

Publisher: Slave Labor Graphics

ISBN: 1593620675

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The new book by the author of The Grog Log, Intoxica and Taboo Table. Beach Bum Berry, as he is better known, is America's leading authority on tropical drinks and polynesian pop culture. In this all new book, Berry not only offers up tantilizing new drink recipes, but tells stories about some of the most famous figures of their time. The Bum applies the same dogged research to the untold stories of the people behind the drinks. Stories culled from over 100 interviews with those who actually created the mid-century Tiki scene - people as colorful as the drinks they invented, or served, or simply drank. People like: Leon Lontoc, the Don The Beachcomber's waiter who served Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando by night, and acted in their movies by day; Henry Riddle, the Malibu Seacomber bartender who fed items about his famous customers to infamous gossip columnist Louella Parsons, till the day Howard Hughes found him out; and Duke Kamanamoku, whose manager turned him from Olympic champion into reluctant restaurateur.

Beachbum Berry s Sippin Safari

This 10th anniversary edition adds another 14 never-before-published classic cocktails to the mix, plus a 26-page preface detailing how the Bum discovered, decoded, and divulged the book’s long-lost recipes.

Author: Jeff Berry


ISBN: 194119916X

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"When Beachbum Berry’s Sippin' Safari was first published in 2007, it ignited a global Tiki drink revival by revealing the top-secret recipes of Tiki’s mid-century golden age, and the stories of the people behind them. This 10th anniversary edition adds another 14 never-before-published classic cocktails to the mix, plus a 26-page preface detailing how the Bum discovered, decoded, and divulged the book’s long-lost recipes. Also included: a new 29-page afterward charting the Tiki revival that Sippin' inspired, with contemporary recipes from the movement’s leading lights across the U.S. and Europe."--Cover p. 4.

The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails

Berry , Jeff . Beachbum Berry's Potions of the Caribbean . and deserving of placement alongside others in New York : Cocktail ... a drink first ( 2009 ) , Beachbum Berry's Sippin ' Safari ( 2007 ) , and created by Don the Beachcomber .

Author: Noah Rothbaum

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199311132

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"The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails presents an in-depth exploration of the world of spirits and cocktails in a ground-breaking synthesis. The Companion covers drinks, processes, and techniques around the world as well as those in the US and Europe. It provides clear explanations of the different ways that spirits are produced, including fermentation, distillation and ageing, alongside a wealth of new detail on the emergence of cocktails and cocktails bars, including entries on key cocktails and influential mixologists and cocktail bars"--

The Year s Work at the Zombie Research Center

While one can now find the recipe for the Beachcomber Zombie in most recent reputable cocktail books, the discovery of this recipe is almost entirely the work of Beachbum Berry. In two books—Beachbum Berry's Sippin' Safari and Beachbum ...

Author: Fred Ashe

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253013927

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They have stalked the horizons of our culture, wreaked havoc on moribund concepts of dead and not dead, threatened our sense of identity, and endangered our personal safety. Now zombies have emerged from the lurking shadows of societys fringes to wander the sacred halls of the academy, feasting on tender minds and hurling rot across our intellectual landscape. It is time to unite in common cause, to shore up defenses, firm up critical and analytical resources, and fortify crumbling lines of inquiry. Responding to this call, Brain Workers from the Zombie Research Center poke and prod the rotting corpus of zombie culture trying to make sense of cult classics and the unstoppable growth of new and even more disturbing work. They exhume "zombie theory" and decaying historical documents from America, Europe, and the Caribbean in order to unearth the zombie world and arm readers with the brain tools necessary for everyday survival. Readers will see that zombie culture today "lives" in shapes as mutable as a zombie hordeand is often just as violent.

The Cocktail Companion

—Jeff “BeachbumBerry, Sippin' Safari; Beachbum Berry's Intoxica! ; Beach Bum Berry's Remixed ; Beach Bum Berry's Grog Log ; and Beach Bum Berry's Taboo Table “Cheryl has compiled a wealth of knowledge and experiences from virtually ...

Author: Cheryl Charming

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 9781633539242

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Become a Cocktail Connoisseur If you liked The Drunken Botanist, The 12 Bottle Bar or The Savoy Cocktail Book, you’ll love The Cocktail Companion Drink your way through history: The Cocktail Companion spans the cocktail's curious history―from its roots in beer-swilling 18th-century England through the illicit speakeasy culture of United States Prohibition to the explosive, dynamic industry it is today. Learn about famous and classic cocktails from around the globe, how ice became one of the most important ingredients in mixed drink making, and how craft beers got so big, all with your own amazing drink―that you made yourself!―in hand. Get advice from your favorite bartender: In The Cocktail Companion, well-known bartenders from around the country offer up advice on everything, including using fresh-squeezed juices, finding artisanal bitters, and creating perfect cubes of ice that will help create intriguing, balanced cocktails. You'll want to take your newfound knowledge from this cocktail book everywhere! The Cocktail Companion is a compendium of all things cocktail. This bar book features: • 25 must-know recipes for iconic drinks such as the Manhattan and the Martini • Cultural anecdotes and often-told myths about drinks' origins • Bar etiquette, terms, and tools to make even the newest drinker an expert in no time!

The Shaken and the Stirred

Jeff Berry, Beachbum Berry's Taboo Table, ed. Dan Vado (San Jose, CA: SLG, 2005), 12. 6. Jeff Berry, Sippin' Safari (San Jose, CA: SLG, 2007), 17. 7. Berry, Sippin', 15–17. 8. Berry, Beachbum Berry Remixed (San Jose, CA: Club Tiki, ...

Author: Stephen Schneider

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253049759

Category: Cooking

Page: 432

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Over the past decade, the popularity of cocktails has returned with gusto. Amateur and professional mixologists alike have set about recovering not just the craft of the cocktail, but also its history, philosophy, and culture. The Shaken and the Stirred features essays written by distillers, bartenders and amateur mixologists, as well as scholars, all examining the so-called 'Cocktail Revival' and cocktail culture. Why has the cocktail returned with such force? Why has the cocktail always acted as a cultural indicator of class, race, sexuality and politics in both the real and the fictional world? Why has the cocktail revival produced a host of professional organizations, blogs, and conferences devoted to examining and reviving both the drinks and habits of these earlier cultures?

The Essential Cocktail

BERRY, JEFF, Beachbum Berry's Sippin' Safari. San Jose, CA: SLG Publishing, 2007. ———. Beachbum Berry's Taboo Table. San Jose, CA: SLG Publishing, 2005. ———. Beachbum Berry's Intoxica! San Jose, CA: SLG Publishing, 2002.

Author: Dale DeGroff

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 9780307762450

Category: Cooking

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Dale DeGroff is widely regarded as the world’s foremost mixologist. Hailed by the New York Times as “single-handedly responsible for what’s been called the cocktail renaissance,” he earned this reputation during his twelve years at the fashionable Promenade Bar in New York City’s Rainbow Room. It was there in 1987 that he not only reintroduced the cocktail menu to the country but also began mixing drinks from scratch, using impeccably fresh ingredients instead of the widespread mixes used at the time. Known especially for crafting unique cocktails, reviving classics, and coaxing superior flavor from his ingredients, DeGroff has selected his 100 essential drinks and 100 of their best variations—including many of his signature cocktails—for this premier mixology guide. The Essential Cocktail features only those drinks that stand out for their flavor, interesting formula, or distinctive technique. These are the very ones every amateur and professional bartender must know, the martinis, sours, highballs, tropicals, punches, sweets, and classics, both old and new, that form the core of a connoisseur’s repertoire. Throughout the book are DeGroff’s personal twists, such as a tangy Grapefruit Julep or a refreshing Yuzu Gimlet. To complement the tantalizing photographs of each essential cocktail, DeGroff also regales readers with the fascinating lore behind a drink’s genesis and instructs us on using the right ingredients, techniques, glasses, and garnishes. As Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking was the classic compendium for home chefs and gourmands, so The Essential Cocktail will be the go-to book for serious mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts.

Easy Tiki

Even in the cases where the ingredients were entirely decipherable, Berry often encountered products that were no ... tiki revival's essential reading: Beachbum Berry's Grog Log and Beachbum Berry's Intoxica and, later, Sippin' Safari; ...

Author: Chloe Frechette

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 9781984856760

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

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60 recipes inspired by the history of tiki as well as the modern revival that's putting a fresh spin on tropical tiki drinks--all simplified for the home bartender from cocktail authority PUNCH. Tiki is the dream of escape, a tropical vacation complete with warm ocean water, island music, and beachside dinners. Kicking back with a tiki cocktail may be the epitome of easy living, but ironically, tiki drinks are among the hardest to make, often requiring eight or more ingredients. Now Easy Tiki is here to solve that problem! Easy Tiki examines the modern tiki revival offering sixty transporting recipes that re-jigger the classics with minimal ingredients while still maintaining the delicious balance, spices, and stunning garnishes that define tiki cocktails. Drinks include classics such as the Beachcomber's Gold and Fog Cutter and modern cocktails such as Elusive Dreams and Paradise Lost. Easy Tiki also includes an overview of the origins of the tiki genre, from Don the Beachcomber and the mid-century tiki craze to Trader Vic's and beyond. With Easy Tiki it's easier than ever before to sit back with a Mai Tai or Pearl Diver and enjoy the island life--wherever you are.

To Have and Have Another Revised Edition

Blue-Green Isaac's Special JEFF “BEACHBUMBERRY, world-renowned Tiki expert; author of Beachbum Berry's Grog Log, Potions of the Caribbean, Sippin' Safari, et al.; and owner of Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29, New Orleans, ...

Author: Philip Greene

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698407169

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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Ernest Hemingway is nearly as famous for his drinking as he is for his writing. Throughout his collected works, Papa's sensuous explorations of the delights of imbibing engaged both his characters and his readers. In To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion, Philip Greene, cocktail historian, spirits consultant, and cofounder of the Museum of the American Cocktail, offers us a view of Papa through the lens Papa himself preferred—the bottom of a glass. A bartender’s manual for Hemingway enthusiasts, this revised and expanded volume offers a unique take on Hemingway’s oeuvre that privileges the tastes, smells, and colors of the cocktails he enjoyed and the drinks he placed so prominently in his stories they were nearly characters themselves. To Have and Have Another delivers fascinating and lively background on the various drinks, their ingredients, their histories, and the characters—real and fictional—associated with them.

Mod Cocktails

This drink recipe is adapted from Beachbum Berry's Sippin' Safari and is credited to the Hotel King Kamehameha in Kona, Hawaii, with an origin of around 1960. Makes 1 serving 3⁄4 oz (22 ml) blackberry puree 1 oz (30 ml) white rum 3⁄4 oz ...

Author: Natalie Jacob

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781624148309

Category: Cooking

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Shake, Stir and Blend Tasty Cocktails Inspired by the Chic Midcentury Era From seasoned New York City bartender Natalie Jacob, founder of the blog Arsenic Lace, comes timeless cocktail recipes from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, revamped with delightful contemporary flourishes. These unique recipes perfect midcentury and tiki-bar classics, while sprinkling in Natalie’s cutting-edge twists to create heavenly cocktails that marry new and nostalgic flavors. Whether you’re new to bartending, a seasoned professional or simply looking to tap into that swanky midcentury aesthetic, Natalie’s easy instructions and fresh ideas are the perfect guide to your mixology journey.