Authorial Ethics

Authorial. Ethics. Warum giht es Seiendes und nicht viel mehr nichts? —Martin
Heidegger fltaphysical questioning has no pragmatic relevance to the reality it os
— tensibly reflects. For secular thinkers, being exists—as space filled with big ...

Author: Robert Hauptman

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739134467

Category: Philosophy

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Authorial Ethics is a normative study that deals with the many ways in which writers abuse their commitment to truth and integrity. It is divided by academic discipline and includes chapters on journalism, history, literature, art, psychology, and science, among others. Robert Hauptman offers generalizations and theoretical remarks exemplified by specific cases. Two major abrogations are inadvertent error and purposeful misconduct, which is subdivided into falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism. All of these problems appear in most disciplines, although their negative impact is felt most potently in biomedical research and publication. Professor Mary Lefkowitz, the classicist, provides an incisive foreword.

Research ethics in the real world

Some of the more radical Euro-Western scholars of ethics suggest that ethical
writing should focus on multiple voices ... Whether or not we are able to include
multiple voices, reporting ethically requires us to remain aware of our authorial ...

Author: Kara, Helen

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781447344759

Category: Social Science

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Research ethics and integrity are growing in importance as academics face increasing pressure to win grants and publish, and universities promote themselves in the competitive HE market. Research Ethics in the Real World is the first book to highlight the links between research ethics and individual, social, professional, institutional, and political ethics. Drawing on Indigenous and Euro-Western research traditions, Helen Kara considers all stages of the research process, from the formulation of a research question to aftercare for participants, data and findings. She argues that knowledge of both ethical approaches is helpful for researchers working in either paradigm. Students, academics, and research ethics experts from around the world contribute real-world perspectives on navigating and managing ethics in practice. Research Ethics in the Real World provides guidance for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods researchers from all disciplines about how to act ethically throughout your research work. This book is invaluable in supporting teachers of research ethics to design and deliver effective courses.

Maintaining the Integrity of Scientific Research

ethics and publication laws, sloppiness of work, and sometimes deliberate
attempts to deceive.

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight


ISBN: PSU:000016110007

Category: Fraud in science

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Queers of Color and the Ethics of Social Literacy

questions of ( authorial ) intent and accuracy , in favor of an emphasis on the
indeterminacy of meaning . Champagne argues , in fact , that a new ethics
regarding “ reading " needs to fundamentally differentiate itself from the concerns
of a ...

Author: Ernesto Javier Martinez


ISBN: STANFORD:36105127444052

Category: American literature

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The works of literature studied in this dissertation range from a pre-Stonewall novel and various lesbian feminist texts of the 1980s and 1990s to contemporary short stories. These works represent significant contributions to contemporary theory, I maintain, precisely because they challenge not only the anticipated form that critical studies of knowledge often take but also the methods they employ. Many social theorists tend to conceive of ethnic and sexual minorities as subjects to write about, but not as subjects whose own reflections and behaviors constitute theoretical insight. In this context, this dissertation's focus on queers of color and the literature and theory they produce constitutes a corrective and a critical intervention.

The Art of Authorial Presence

By focusing on the provincial tales as they were originally conceived--as a narrative cycle--Thompson is able to recover intertextual references that reveal Hawthorne's preoccupation with framing strategies and variations on authorial ...

Author: Gary Richard Thompson

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822313219

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The critical literary world has spent a wealth of thought and words on the question of Hawthorne himself: Where does he stand in his works? In history? In literary tradition? In this major new study, G. R. Thompson recasts the "Hawthorne question" to show how authorial presence in the writer's works is as much a matter of art as the writing itself. The Hawthorne who emerges from this masterful analysis is not, as has been supposed, identical to the provincial narrator of his early tales; instead he is revealed to be the skillful manipulator of that narrative voice, an author at an ironic distance from the tales he tells. By focusing on the provincial tales as they were originally conceived--as a narrative cycle--Thompson is able to recover intertextual references that reveal Hawthorne's preoccupation with framing strategies and variations on authorial presence. The author shows how Hawthorne deliberately constructs sentimental narratives, only to deconstruct them. Thompson's analysis provides a new aesthetic context for understanding the whole shape of Hawthorne's career as well as the narrative, ethical, and historical issues within individual works. Revisionary in its view of one of America's greatest authors, The Art of Authorial Presence also offers invaluable insight into the problems of narratology and historiography, ethics and psychology, romanticism and idealism, and the cultural myths of America.


234p bibl index afp ISBN 0-8014-4185-4, $47.50. (Reviewed in 2004may
CHOICE) When may life writing violate the privacy of its subject? This question is
the theme of this interesting, accessible examination of quandaries in authorial



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Narrative Design and the Ethics of Reading

His first category , the actual audience , captures the heterogeneity an author
faces when considering his or her readers . ... writes with hypothetical readers in
mind ; Rabinowitz calls the reader whom an author creates the authorial
audience .

Author: Jil Larson


ISBN: IND:30000001708985


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Academic Ethics

Plagiarism and Professional Ethics — A Journal Editor ' s View 1335 But I also
felt the uncertainties of claiming my ... most notably William Shakespeare , alerts
us to a past in which authorial property claims were treated quite differently .

Author: Robin Barrow

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: UOM:39015066813216

Category: Education

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This collection of papers focuses on issues in academic ethics and moves from consideration of the very idea of a university and what that entails, via attempts to locate the major current concerns, to particular issues relating to the University's relations with the corporate world, the professor's role, relations between student and teacher, credentialling, the demands of collegiality and plagiarism.

Journal of scholarly publishing

The Ethics of Experimentation with Human Subjects . ' Scientific ... Some
Thoughts on Ethics of Research : After Reading Milgram's “ Behavioral Study of
Obedience . ” American ... Fischer , Judith D. ' The Role of Ethics Authorial Ethics



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The Death and Return of the Author

But whereas Plato ' s concern is pragmatically directed towards the ethical
dangers of misreception , Hirsch ' s more ... Hirsch would argue that ' biographical
information is ethically valid insofar as it assists in divining an author ' s original ...

Author: Sean Burke


ISBN: UOM:39015078798884

Category: Literary Criticism

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In this now classic study, Sean Burke further explores the challenges faced by an authorial theory and revisits the enigmatic borderlines between life and work, life and (authorial) death.

The Genesis of Ethics

On the Authority of God as the Origin of Christian Ethics Esther D. Reed.
emphasis . The author writes the hero into existence , and there is a sense in
which the author ' intonates , i . e . , pronounces or performs , every aspect of the
hero ' s life ...

Author: Esther D. Reed


ISBN: IND:30000085391112

Category: Religion

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This book responds to the moral challenge from Nietzsche and post-Christian feminists that confession of the authority of God is harmful to the human condition. It offers a new way of thinking about divine authority, and identifies Christian ethics with the dynamic of human response to God's revelation in Jesus Christ. Using biblical and traditional resources, Esther D. Reed argues that the authority of God is not controlling or authoritarian but dialogic, answerable, and relational. What might have been a difficult, unexpected, even dangerous concept for Christian ethics, turns out to be essential to contemporary Christian life.

Old Testament Story and Christian Ethics

Most of the texts which we read are not addressed to us in particular and the
author is inaccessible to us for interrogation . There is in fact a “ double eclipse ”
produced by the text as the writer is not aware of who in particular may read the
text ...

Author: Robin A. Parry

Publisher: Paternoster

ISBN: UVA:X004839576

Category: Religion

Page: 350

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Christian use of the Old Testament has tended to focus on law and wisdom literature and to marginalize narrative material. This book restores story to its rightful place in Old Testament ethics and aims to set out parameters within which Christian ethical reappropriations of Old Testament narratives can take place. The study considers reception history, feminist interpretation, discourse analysis and canonical context to shed new light on the terrible story of the rape of Dinah.

Intellectual Property and Ethics

Firstly , I would like to consider the ethical relationship that is developed between
the author and writing , using two ... Authorial Hermeneutics Authorship is the
name which is given to a relationship between the literary text and its writer , a ...

Author: Lionel Bently


ISBN: STANFORD:36105061794421

Category: Intellectual property

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The essays collected in this volume cover a wide range of ethical theories and draw on a variety of issues in intellectual property law. There are a number of substantial contributions on such topics ranging from the justification of intellectual property rights and the ethical underpinnings of familiar legal concepts, to the ethical dimensions of the encounter between intellectual property law and new geographies, spaces and cultures.

Ethics and Representation in Qualitative Studies of Literacy

If the anxiety of authority has produced a preoccupation with the mechanics of
knowledge , as Geertz says , it has also produced what Geertz calls “ author -
saturated texts " ( Works 9 ) , ethnographies where the author , in seeking the
other ...

Author: Peter Mortensen

Publisher: National Council of Teachers

ISBN: UCSC:32106017184638

Category: Education

Page: 317

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Reflecting on the practice of qualitative literacy research, this book presents 14 essays that address the most pressing questions faced by qualitative researchers today: how to represent others and themselves in research narratives; how to address ethical dilemmas in research-participant relations; and how to deal with various rhetorical, institutional, and historical constraints on research. After a foreword ("Considering Research Methods in Composition and Rhetoric" by Andrea A. Lunsford and others) and an introduction ("Reflections on Methodology in Literacy Studies" by the editors), essays in the book are (1) "Seduction and Betrayal in Qualitative Research" (Thomas Newkirk); (2) "Still-Life: Representations and Silences in the Participant-Observer Role" (Brenda Jo Brueggemann); (3) "Dealing with the Data: Ethical Issues in Case Study Research" (Cheri L. Williams); (4) "'Everything's Negotiable': Collaboration and Conflict in Composition Research" (Russel K. Durst and Sherry Cook Stanforth); (5) "Dilemmas of Fidelity: Qualitative Research in the Classroom" (Helen Dale); (6) "Ethnography and the Problem of the 'Other'" (Patricia A. Sullivan); (7) "Turning in upon Ourselves: Positionality, Subjectivity, and Reflexivity in Case Study and Ethnographic Research" (Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater); (8) "Constructing Voices in Writing Research: Developing Participatory Approaches to Situated Inquiry" (Ann M. Blakeslee and others); (9) "A Text for Many Voices: Representing Diversity in Reports of Naturalistic Research" (Lucille Parkinson McCarthy and Stephen M. Fishman); (10) "Culture on the Page: Experience, Rhetoric, and Aesthetics in Ethnographic Writing" (Bonnie S. Sunstein); (11) "Engendering Ethnography: Insights from the Feminist Critique of Postmodern Anthropology" (Roxanne D. Mountford); (12) "Writing, Rap, and Representation: Problematic Links between Texts and Experience" (Jabari Mahiri); (13) "Social and Institutional Power Relationships in Studies of Workplace Writing" (Jennie Dautermann); and (14) "Ethics, Institutional Review Boards, and the Involvement of Human Participants in Composition Research" (Paul V. Anderson). An afterword ("Ethics and Representation in Teacher Research" by Ruth E. Ray) is attached. Each chapter contains references. (RS)

American Literary Realism 1870 1910

jectures about the authorship , as if it made a particle of difference who the author
is . ... conspiracy , Allen , a youngish writer more adept at sentimentalizing his
native Kentucky than outlining authorial ethics , ventured out onto a long thin limb



ISBN: UCSC:32106014379090

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Some vols. accompanied by separate issues called special number.

The Labour of Literature in Britain and France 1830 1910

This volume examines the anxieties that caused many nineteenth-century writers to insist on literature as a laboured and labouring enterprise.

Author: Marcus Waithe

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137552532

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 268

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This volume examines the anxieties that caused many nineteenth-century writers to insist on literature as a laboured and labouring enterprise. Following Isaac D’Israeli’s gloss on Jean de La Bruyère, it asks, in particular, whether writing should be ‘called working’. Whereas previous studies have focused on national literatures in isolation, this volume demonstrates the two-way traffic between British and French conceptions of literary labour. It questions assumed areas of affinity and difference, beginning with the labour politics of the early nineteenth century and their common root in the French Revolution. It also scrutinises the received view of France as a source of a ‘leisure ethic’, and of British writers as either rejecting or self-consciously mimicking French models. Individual essays consider examples of how different writers approached their work, while also evoking a broader notion of ‘work ethics’, understood as a humane practice, whereby values, benefits, and responsibilities, are weighed up.

Ethics in Culture

The Impressionist principle of showing rather than telling , then , isn ' t an evasion
of the ethical . Ford isn ' t arguing that the author shouldn ' t write narrative . But
that the narrative he thinks works best is one where the reader isn ' t aware of the

Author: Anna-Lena Flügel

Publisher: De Gruyter

ISBN: STANFORD:36105122584142

Category: Philosophy

Page: 399

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Today's spectrum of research in literary studies is characterized by a sense of openness to the methods of comparative literature and cultural studies, along with a wide range of interdisciplinary crossover. The spectrum Literaturwissenschaft series is intended to be a forum for this pluralistic new model of literary studies. It presents papers that are informed by methodologically innovative, frequently comparative approaches, and whose findings are of importance well beyond the narrow boundaries of national philological horizons.

Reading Ethics

Accordingly , Nussbaum now asks whether this aspect of moral life finds an
analogue in the author's creation of a novel ... Second , James's authorial stance
is not that of the omniscient author he is critical of in the English novel , but rather
that ...

Author: Miranda Fricker

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: IND:30000110590522

Category: Philosophy

Page: 331

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This introductory text encourages students to engage with key problems and arguments in ethics through a series of classic and contemporary readings. It will inspire students to think about the distinctive nature of moral philosophy, and to draw comparisons between different traditions of thought, between ancient and modern philosophies, and between theoretical and literary writing about the place of value in human life. Each of the book’s six chapters focuses on a particular theme: the nature of goodness, subjectivity and objectivity in ethical thinking, justice and virtue, moral motivation, the place of moral obligation, and the idea that literature can be a form of moral philosophy. The historical readings come from Plato, Aristotle, Hume, Kant and Mill; and the contemporary readings from Foot, Rawls, McDowell, Mackie, Nagel, Williams, Nussbaum and Gaita. The editors’ introductions to the themes, and the interactive commentaries they provide for each reading, are intended to make Reading Ethics come as close as possible to a seminar in philosophy.

The Scottish Wild

Stevenson had given some thought to the question of authorial ethics . In “ The
Morality of the Profession of Letters , ” an essay published just two years before
he started to write Master of Ballantrae , Stevenson discusses the onerous ...

Author: Maureen M. Martin


ISBN: IND:30000095216887


Page: 748

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