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A No-Holds-Barred Guide to What It Really Takes to Get Published Therese Walsh, Writer Unboxed ... Many people give up at some point during this long process. Although the path may be hard, not one author I've ever spoken to has said, ...

Author: Therese Walsh

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Empower Your Writing Through Craft and Community! Writing can be a lonely profession plagued by blind stumbles, writer's block, and despair--but it doesn't have to be. Written by members of the popular Writer Unboxed website, Author in Progress is filled with practical, candid essays to help you reach the next rung on the publishing ladder. By tracking your creative journey from first draft to completion and beyond, you can improve your craft, find your community, and overcome the mental barriers that stand in the way of success. Author in Progress is the perfect no-nonsense guide for excelling at every step of the novel-writing process, from setting goals, researching, and drafting to giving and receiving critiques, polishing prose, and seeking publication. You'll love Author in Progress if... • You're an aspiring novelist working on your first book. • You're an experienced veteran looking for ways to enhance your career and connect with your writing community. • You've finished your first draft and want to know the next steps. • You're seeking clear, effective advice about publication-from professionals who are "down in the trenches" every day. What's Inside Author in Progress features: • More than 50 essays from best-selling authors, editors, and industry leaders on a variety of writing and publishing topics. • Advice on writing first drafts, conducting research, building and fostering community, seeking critique, revising, and getting published. • An encouraging approach to the writing and publishing process, from authors who've walked this path.

The Pilgrim s Progress an a Life of the Author by Robert Philip

In both the Holy War and the Pilgrim's Progress there is a combination of theology and experience , most beautiful and ... There is an exquisite vein of quiet humour , wit a AUTHOR OF THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS . lxxxi and satire running.

Author: John Bunyan


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Progress in Physics vol 2 2017

Authors. Progress in Physics has been created for rapid publications on advanced studies in theoretical and experimental physics, including related themes from mathematics and astronomy. All submitted papers should be professional, ...

Author: Dmitri Rabounski

Publisher: Infinite Study



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The Journal on Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Experimental Physics, including Related Themes from Mathematics

Science Progress

In the course of his investigations the author has noticed that flints vary considerably in hardness over small portions of their surface. Sometimes the specially resistant areas are readily observable as their texture is quite ...



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The Inventor s Dilemma

DRP-N, 54–55, 75, 129–32; DRP, Progress report, November 29, 1968, author's possession; DRP, Progress report, December 13, 1968, author's possession; Donald K. Huber to DRP, December 27, 1968, GSI Records, NMAH.

Author: David Jacques Gerber

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300123500

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The extraordinary life and career of the iconic twentieth-century inventor, technologist, and business magnate H. Joseph Gerber is described in a fascinating biography written by his son, David, based on unique access to unpublished sources. A Holocaust survivor whose early experiences shaped his ethos of invention, Gerber pioneered important developments in engineering, electronics, printing, apparel, aerospace, and numerous other areas, playing an essential role in the transformation of American industry. Gerber's story is remarkable and inspiring, and his method, redolent of Edison's and Sperry's, holds a key to a restored national economy and American creative vitality in the twenty-first century.

Toward the Health of a Nation

34 Ontario Hospital Association, 80 Years of Progress, 1.29. 35 Correspondence between the author and M. Rochon, 27 and 28 August 2019. 36 Ontario Hospital Association, 80 Years of Progress, 1.15. 37 Correspondence with the author, ...

Author: Leslie A. Boehm

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780228002291

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Canadians view their healthcare – recognized throughout the world as an exemplary system – as iconic and integral to their identity. In Toward the Health of a Nation Leslie Boehm recounts the first seventy years in the life of one of the foundations of Canada's healthcare system, the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. Boehm – a graduate of IHPME, and an instructor there throughout his career – charts the institute's history from its inception in 1947 as the Department of Hospital Administration to the present day. The first program of its kind in Canada, and one of the few in the world, the school was founded at a time when the issue of healthcare was becoming a significant part of national and provincial discussions and policies. Initially concentrating on hospital management and professional degrees, it has expanded to offer academic degrees and facilitate important research into health systems, policies, and outcomes. In Toward the Health of a Nation Boehm demonstrates the excellence of the program, its faculty, and its graduates, as well as their accomplishments in major government initiatives and royal commissions. In the seventy years since IHPME's inception healthcare has grown to become a major part of government and business activity, and it will only increase in coming years. An in-depth history of a major program in graduate health education, Toward the Health of a Nation highlights how important healthcare is to a modern, functional society.

Recent Progress in Parallel and Distributed Computing

Recent Progress in Parallel and Distributed Computing Edited by Wen-Jyi Hwang ... of the individual chapters, provided the original author(s) and source publication are appropriately acknowledged.

Author: Wen-Jyi Hwang

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789535133155

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Parallel and distributed computing has been one of the most active areas of research in recent years. The techniques involved have found significant applications in areas as diverse as engineering, management, natural sciences, and social sciences. This book reports state-of-the-art topics and advances in this emerging field. Completely up-to-date, aspects it examines include the following: 1) Social networks; 2) Smart grids; 3) Graphic processing unit computation; 4) Distributed software development tools; 5) Analytic hierarchy process and the analytic network process

Enablers of Organisational Learning Knowledge Management and Innovation

The author sampled from the complete transcripts in development of the evolving theory. The transcript aided effective progress and further sampling, and the category saturation apparent in phase 3 was tested. The author analysed full ...

Author: Preethi Kesavan

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811597930

Category: Business & Economics

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This book establishes constructivist, interpretivist, and linguistic approaches based on conventions about the nature of qualitative and text data, the author’s influence on text interpretation, and the validity checks used to justify text interpretations. Vast quantities of text and qualitative data in organizations often go unexplored. Text analytics outlined in this book allow readers to understand the process of converting unstructured text data into meaningful data for analysis in order to measure employee opinions, feedback, and reviews through sentiment analysis to support fact-based decision making. The methods involve using NVivo and RapidMiner software to perform lexical analysis, categorization, clustering, pattern recognition, tagging, annotation, memo creation, information extraction, association analysis, and visualization. The methodological approach in the book uses innovation theory as a sensitizing concept to lay the foundation for the analysis of research data, suggesting approaches for empirical exploration of organizational learning, knowledge management, and innovation practices amongst geographically dispersed individuals and team members. Based on data obtained from a private educational organization that has offices dispersed across Asia through focus group discussions and interviews on these topics, the author highlights the need for integrating organizational learning, knowledge management, and innovation to improve organizational performance, exploring perspectives on collective relationships and networks, organizational characteristics and structures, and tacit and overt values which influence such innovation initiatives. In the process, the author puts forward a new theory which is built on three themes: relationship and networks, knowledge sharing mechanisms, and the role of social cognitive schema that facilitate emergent learning, knowledge management, and innovation.