Floods of August 1940 in Tennessee River Basin

storm, the August 29–30 storm is clvrays less severe, although the two curves are close together for areas of 6000 to 8000 square miles. Between areas of 25,000 and 30,000 square miles, the August 1940 storm averages a maximum of . l.



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August Hennings K nigl D nischen Cammerherrn und Amtmann Sammlung von Staatsschriften welche die Freiheit des Handels und der Schiffart in dem Seekriege von 1776 bis 1783 betreffen und den kriegf hrenden sowohl als den neutralen M chten ffentlich bekannt gemacht worden sind

I. Band August Hennings. find , ein Schiff nach Hause zu bringen , auch auf die Ladung geben ; 2 ) weil in keinem Traftate etwas ent : ' balten ist , daß die Beiadung eines þeim zu holenden Schiffes verhindert , den einzigen Ausdruf im ...

Author: August Hennings


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The Strange Life of August Strindberg

Unable to discover why anyone should parse a Latin sentence, get by heart a row of dates or juggle with figures, August neglected his lessons, but where he found a link between, tha lesson and .life he was industrious and very quick, ...

Author: Elizabeth Sprigge


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August 1914

Surrender at St Quentin John Hutton. lo» ow-aw ' ..,~_\.* August 1914 August 1914 Surrender at St Quentin John Hutton.

Author: John Hutton

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The great retreat of the British Expeditionary Force from Mons in August 1914 is one of the most famous in military history, and it is justly celebrated. But not all the British soldiers who were forced back by the German offensive performed well. Two colonels, Elkington and Mainwaring, tried to surrender rather than fight on, and were disgraced. This is their story. It is one of the least glorious and most revealing episodes in the record of the British Army during the conflict on the Western Front. In this compelling account John Hutton shows, in graphic detail, the full confusion of the retreat, and the dire mental state to which brave men can be reduced by extreme stress, uncertainty and fatigue. But he also describes how Elkington redeemed himself. He joined the French Foreign Legion, fought gallantly, was severely wounded and was reinstated by King George V. His is one of the more remarkable stories to come out of the Great War, as is the story of the attempted surrender at St Quentin itself. AUTHOR: John Hutton is the Member of Parliament for Barrow and Furness, and he is a former Secretary of State for Defence. His special interest in the Great War, which was inspired by the men he met in his constituency who served in the conflict, led to his first book with Pen and Sword "Kitchener's Men: The King's Own Royal Lancasters on the Western Front 1915-1918". SELLING POINTS: Full account of the attempted surrender of two battalions of the British Army at St Quentin during the great retreat from Mons in August 1914 Portraits of the characters and careers of the two commanders - Elkington and Mainwaring - who were disgraced Describes how Elkington went on to fight in the French Foreign Legion and was reinstated Reassesses the court martial and the controversy that still surrounds the case Fascinating insight into the British Army at the outbreak of the Great War ILLUSTRATIONS 20 illustrations

August 1914

The Russian invasion of East Prussia in August was short, and the damage has been calculated at not more than £20,000,000. Germany has waged war in Poland, Belgium, and France, and the terrible destruction of wealth (i.e. of fixed or ...

Author: Spenser Wilkinson


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August 1944

The Campaign for France Robert A. Miller. - - Saturday , AUGUST 12 Shortly before noon they heard the.

Author: Robert A. Miller


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Offers a day-by-day look at the events of August 1944 which resulted in the defeat of the German Army

August Strindberg


Author: August Strindberg

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The Ides of August

On Saturday, August 26, a flock of British reporters who had pursued Harold Macmillan all the way up to Perthshire, in northern Scotland, finally caught up with him on the golf links.

Author: Curtis Cate


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Discusses the building of the wall between East and West Berlin in 1961, examines the reasons the wall was built and the consequences of that action.

Light in August

Notes James L. Roberts . A9 176 Faulkner LIGHT IN AUGUST NOTES Cliffs Notes INCORPORATED LINCOLN , NEBRASKA 68501 TVE CITY LIBRARY LIGHT IN AUGUST NOTES including Life and. PS 3511.

Author: James L. Roberts

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Cliffs Notes Presents a clear discussion and a concise interpretation of the merits and significance.

Dr Albert E Bothe August 5 1891 November 11 1955

August 5, 1891, their first son was born. On October 10, in the Lutheran Church of "Dudley," New Jersey, he was christened Albert Edward August Bothe. The baptismal certificate was signed by Matilde Bothe, August and Lavina Buren, ...

Author: Marion Bradley Bothe


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The Guns of August

That afternoon of August 4, at about the time when Bethmann was addressing the Reichstag and Viviani the Chambre des Députés, Mr. Asquith announced to the House of Commons a “message from His Majesty signed by his own hand.

Author: Barbara Wertheim Tuchman

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company

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Lucid examination of the critical moves of August, 1914--the carefully-planned strategies, first bloody clashes, and shocking realizations of prolonged battles

Benhaven at Work

Benhaven X A school communitv for autistic and nturologically impaired indiwdujl* 9 St Ronan Ter • New Haven, Conn 06511 • (203/ f>24-9*19 ffaote: Donald Report Period: May, June, July, August, 1978 Attendance: .

Author: Amy L. Lettick


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Seminar on Rain Sydney August 1960

QC 3X5.1 AS S41 1360 lOMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY SEMINAR ON RAIN Sydney, August 1960. Issued by the Director of Meteorology, Melbourne. July, 1960. XWt %s □ Periodical ONWESSTY OF Mi N LIBRARIES 1 BUREAU OF ...



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Faulkner s Light in August

François Pitavy. 19-> Literature Faulkner's Light In August by Frangois Pitavy Translated from.

Author: François Pitavy

Publisher: Bloomington, Indiana University Press

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Provence August 15 1944

AS On August 15 , 1944 , seventy days after ' Overlord ' in Normandy , Operation ' Dragoon ' was launched in Provence . Three American divisions sailing from Naples landed between Cavalaire and Saint - Raphaël .

Author: Paul Gaujac

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On August 15 1944, 70 days after 'Overlord' in Normandy, Operation 'Dragoon' was launched in Provence. Three American divisions sailing from Naples landed between Cavalaire & Saint-Raphaël. They were followed from Corsica, Taranto & Oran by four French divisions, who captured the cities & ports of Toulon & Marseilles.