Athletic Director s Desk Reference

A strategic plan for LSU athletics. pdf/09strategicplan.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=5200. Martinez, J.M., Stinson, J.L., Kang, M., & Jubenville, C.B. (2010). Intercollegiate athletics and institutional fund- ...

Author: Lopiano, Donna

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Athletic Director’s Desk Reference is the most authoritative and comprehensive resource available for collegiate athletic administrators. This book and web resource guide program administrators in navigating their increasingly complex roles in athletic programs of any size.

The Ethics of Sport

CODE § 19.225.120 (2010); W. VA. CODE § 3039-16 (2010); WYO. STAT. ANN § 33-44-113 (2010). Of the thirty-nine states that have adopted the UAAA, only five do not provide for a cause of action against the student-athlete. See FLA. STAT.

Author: Arthur L. Caplan

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Sport is often thought of as simply "games," but it can in fact be much more. Sport can be responsible for guiding social justice movements, igniting city-wide riots, uniting countries, permanently injuring youth, revolutionizing views about race, gender and class, and producing several of the most successful global industries. Reports of ethical crises in athletics are constant fodder for popular attention, whether performance enhancing drugs in baseball, corruption in college athletics, the epidemic of brain damage among NFL players, and others too numerous to mention. As a proxy for social concerns, we naturally think of sport in inherently moral terms. Yet we can hardly define the term "sport" or agree on acceptable levels of sporting risk, or determine clear roles and responsibilities for fans, players, coaches, owners, media and health care personnel. Bringing together 27 of the most essential recent articles from philosophy, history, sociology, medicine, and law, this collection explores intersections of sports and ethics and brings attention to the immense role of sports in shaping and reflecting social values.

Essentials of Sports Law

Concerns about the lucrative nature of certain aspects of intercollegiate athletics, led the Committee on Ways and Means ... Tax Exemption, and College Athletics,” 2010 University of Illinois Law Review 109 (2010), and Christian Dennie, ...

Author: Glenn M. Wong

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Outlines the American legal system and tort law as they apply to sports from high school to professional, and discusses liability, drugs, discrimination, contracts, antitrust, labor relations, violence, gambling, and other topics.

NIAAA s Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration

2010. Athletics facilities on campus: Master planning and the athletics master plan. Available: http: / / white-papers/ athletic-facilities-on-campus—masterplanning-and-the-athletic-master-plan.htm. Klingensmith, D. 2011.

Author: Michael L. Blackburn

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This comprehensive resource covers leadership, operations, financial and facilities management, and other chief administrative responsibilities to help readers better understand the athletic director's multifaceted role.

Organization and Administration in Higher Education

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Football Championship Subdivision of Division I alone, which is composed of only 120 institutional members, generated revenues of $45,698,000 in 2009 (NCAA, 2010).

Author: Patrick J. Schloss

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Efficiency, focus, and accountability have become the defining standards for contemporary higher educational leaders. Situating strategic planning and budgeting within the organization and administration of higher education institutions, Organization and Administration in Higher Education provides effective and proven strategies for today’s change-oriented leaders. Bringing together distinguished administrators from two-year, four-year, public, and private colleges and universities, this volume provide both practical and effective guidance on the intricacies of the institutional structure, its functional activities, and contingency planning. Coverage includes: Key leadership positions and expectations Faculty and student governance Accreditation and assessment Budget processes Curriculum alignment Philanthropic efforts Human resource development Legal considerations Strategic planning Crisis management Effective planning and administration can elevate an institution in critical ways, by enhancing recruitment and retention, strengthening student life, increasing outside support and private giving, and advancing a reputation for excellence. This practical and authoritative guide orients future and current administrators to the major areas of an academic institution and will assist higher education administrators in leading their institutions to excellence.

Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World

König, J. Athletics and Literature in the Roman Empire. Cambridge, 2005. König, J., ed. Greek Athletics. Edinburgh, 2010. Kurke, L. The Traffic in Praise. Pindar and the Poetics of Social Economy. Ithaca, 1991. Kyle, D.G. “Directions in ...

Author: Donald G. Kyle

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The second edition of Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World updates Donald G. Kyle’s award-winning introduction to this topic, covering the Ancient Near East up to the late Roman Empire. • Challenges traditional scholarship on sport and spectacle in the Ancient World and debunks claims that there were no sports before the ancient Greeks • Explores the cultural exchange of Greek sport and Roman spectacle and how each culture responded to the other’s entertainment • Features a new chapter on sport and spectacle during the Late Roman Empire, including Christian opposition to pagan games and the Roman response • Covers topics including violence, professionalism in sport, class, gender and eroticism, and the relationship of spectacle to political structures

The Athletic Trap

Almost $6.2 billion was spent on athletics in 2010 at the 218 schools in the database, which was 3 percent more than 2009. Total revenue grew by 5.5 percent between 2009 and 2010. When we combine these numbers with the statistics about ...

Author: Howard L. Nixon

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The unrivaled amount of cash poured into the college athletic system has made sports programs breeding grounds for corruption while diverting crucial resources from the academic mission of universities. This title clarifies the structure of this trap, describes how higher education institutions fall into it

Challenges in Higher Education Leadership

sports are profitable, whereas in reality “expenditures consistently outpace revenues in the multibillion dollar enterprise of intercollegiate athletics” (Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, 2010).

Author: James Soto Antony

Publisher: Routledge

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In this important resource, experienced higher education presidents and senior leaders come together with respected scholars to tackle the most important and timely issues facing leaders in colleges and universities today. Challenges in Higher Education Leadership advances critical leadership and management skills across a broad array of topics, including student learning, access and affordability, racism, fundraising, athletics, and new technology. Chapters strike a balance between theory and practical advice while promoting the notion that all leaders can learn lessons from one another that can be useful in their own specific contexts. This book poses strategic questions readers should answer, along with advice about how to effectively address today's challenges, providing leaders with the skills and perspectives necessary to respond to higher education students’ needs.

The Comprehensive Guide to Careers in Sports

School: University of Oregon Athletic Director: Rob Mullens5 Education: West Virginia University (Business ... University of Oregon: • Named director of intercollegiate athletics on July 15, 2010 School: Stanford University Athletic ...

Author: Glenn M. Wong

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

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Provides information about careers in the sports industry, including educational requirements, salary, and prospects for each profession.

Repairing the Athlete s Image

The Oakland Athletics drafted Mark McGwire in the first round of the 1986 baseball draft. In his first major league season, he set a rookie record by hitting 49 homers (, 2010). During McGwire's time with the ...

Author: Joseph R. Blaney

Publisher: Lexington Books

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This book presents case studies of various athletes, sports, and public relations scenarios with prescriptive advice for those attempting to repair athletic reputations. This invaluable study is an essential resource for graduate and upper-level undergraduate courses in sports communication and popular culture.