Armed Forces and Society in Spain Past and Present

Because the militias are an armed force for the defense of the entire kingdom , it is only meet and proper that all should contribute to it and not just of the Crown of Castile " .5 On the eve of Napoleon's invasion of Spain ( 1808 ) ...

Author: Rafael Bañón Martínez

Publisher: East European Monographs

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Author: United States Air Force Academy. Library


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Special Bibliography Series

F73 1984 ) SPAIN Burgos , Manuel Espadas . " The Spanish Army During the Crisis of the Old Regime . " In Armed Forces and Society in Spain : Past and Present , edited by Rafael Banon Martinez and Thomas M. Barker , 81-103 .



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José Antonio Almeda Gómez, “The Armed Forces in the Francoist Political System,” in Rafael Bañón Martínez and Thomas M. Barker, eds., Armed Forces and Society in Spain, Past and Present (Boulder: Social Science Monographs, ...

Author: E. Ramon Arango

Publisher: Routledge

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Since the death of Franco in 1975, Spain has passed from repression through renewal to democracy, restored for the first time since 1936. Having survived the threat to its very existence in 1981, democratic Spain-now a member of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-seems as secure as any of its European neighbours. The acce

The Soldier and the Changing State

Army in a Multi-Ethnic Society: The Case of Nkrumah's Ghana, 1957–1966,” armed Forces & Society, 2:2 (February 1976): ... Bañón Martínez, Rafael, and Thomas M. Barker, eds. armed Forces and Society in Spain: past and present (Boulder, ...

Author: Zoltan Barany

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691137698

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Looking at how armies supportive of democracy are built, this title argues that the military is the important institution that states maintain, for without military elites who support democratic governance, democracy cannot be consolidated. It demonstrates that building democratic armies is the quintessential task of democratizing regimes.

Ibss Political Science 1988

F. : Military theory [ Théorie militaire ] 19 La stratégie de riposte adaptée dans une Europe sans armes nucléaires a portée ... F. : Armed forces - Forces armées 1 Armed forces and society in Spain past and present .

Author: British Library British Library of Political and Economic Science

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This bibliography lists the most important works in political science published in 1988.

For la Patria

When Napoleon invaded Spain to consolidate the Continental System and exclude Britain from Europe, Spanish irregulars fought a "war ... 111 Rafael Bniim'l Mar-tine: and Themes M. Barker, eds, Armed Forces and Society lfl Spain Past am!

Author: Brian Loveman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

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Defending 'la Patria,' or 'homeland,' is the historical mission claimed by Latin American armed forces. For la Patria is a comprehensive narrative history of the military's political role in Latin America in national defense and security. Latin American civil-military relations and the role of the armed forces in politics, like those of all modern nation-states, are framed by constitutional and legal norms specifying the formal relationships between the armed forces and the rest of society. In actuality, they are also the result of expectations, attitudes, values, and practices evolved over centuries-integral aspects of national political cultures. Military institutions in each Latin American nation have resulted from that country's own blend of local and imported influences, developing a distinctive pattern of civil-military relations as defender of the fatherland and guarantor of security and order. Written by Latin American specialist Brian Loveman, For la Patria includes tables, maps, photographs, and a glossary that will assist the student in better understanding the military's intervention in politics in Latin America. This new text will give students a thorough and accessible history of Latin American armed forces and their actions in Latin American politics from colonial times to the present.

The Wars of Napoleon

Armed Forces and Society in Spain, Past and Present (New York, 1988), pp. 81—103, J. de Zulueta, 'Trafalgar: the Spanish view', Mariner's Mirror (hereafter MM), LXVI, No. 4 (November, 1980), 293—318, J. Harbron, Trafalgar and the ...

Author: Charles J. Esdaile

Publisher: Routledge

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A survey of the Napoleonic Wars. The central theme is the scale of French military power and its impact on other European states from Portugal to Russia and from Scandinavia to Sicily.