Research Handbook on Contemporary Intangible Cultural Heritage

A range of English folklore customs have been documented by photographer Henry Bourne and published in Arcadia Britannica, A Modern British Folklore Portrait.72 Included are practices such as the Jack in the Green festival in Hastings, ...

Author: Charlotte Waelde

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Bringing together key insights from expert legal and heritage academics and practitioners, this book explores the existence and safeguarding of contemporary forms of intangible cultural heritage (ICH). Providing a detailed analysis of the international legal frameworks relevant to ICH, the contributing authors then go on to challenge the pervasive view that heritage is about ‘old’ tangible objects by highlighting the existence, role and importance of contemporary forms of ICH to modern society.

Pope s Mythologies

... 'et in Arcadia ego', the meaning of which Erwin Panofsky in a famous essay glossed as 'Even in Arcadia, (there am) I', the 'I' being 'death'.47 In Pope's Christian myth, the tag might run: et in Arcadia (Britannica) rapacitas.

Author: A.D. Cousins

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This volume is the first to discuss the canon of Pope’s verse in relation to Early British Enlightenment thinking about mythology and mythography. Pope did not merely use classical (along with non-classical) mythology in his verse as a traditional, richly diverse medium through which to represent the diversity of private and civic life in his day, but he was an ambitious translator as well as refashioner of myth. It is a medium that he shapes anew and variously across all his major poems. This volume enhances appreciation of myth as a mode of apprehension as well as expression throughout Pope’s verse. In doing so it illuminates how, in early eighteenth-century Britain, understandings of what myth is and what it does were taking new directions – not least in response to Baconian thought and its legacy.

Infrastructure of America s Ports Harbors and Dams

Larry R. Matthews, “The building of the Oroville Dam.” Arcadia Publishing. 4. “Oroville Dam.” 5.

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Ports, harbors and dams all serve great purposes. Dams prevent flooding. They provide a wall against onrushing water to protect people below. Ports and harbors allow ships to arrive from all over the world. Those ships import and export goods that people use. They create jobs and boost the economy. But there is a dark side explored in this book. The dams, ports, and harbors that are not maintained can suffer. The result is that people suffer. Dams can burst and cause flooding that have killed people. Ports and harbors are often filled with garbage and sewage. That is unhealthy and even dangerous for people and wildlife. Their waters are sometimes not deep enough to accept heavy ships. These pages will explain what is being done about those dams, ports, and harbors. Can they be saved?

Arcadia Britannica

An accompanying text by Simon Costin provides the historical backstory and explains the folklore behind this wacky, inspiring collection of images.

Author: Henry Bourne

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9780500517970

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Wonderfully odd portraits of contemporary British folklore enthusiasts in their strange and spectacular costumes Drawing on pagan Celtic, Germanic, and early Christian rites and beliefs, British folklore is a vibrant aspect of Britain’s cultural heritage that continues to flourish today. Notable for their music, storytelling, and particularly for the terrific display of costumes revelers wear, Britain’s folk festivals are at once great entertainment and a link with the nation’s rich cultural history. Arcadia Britannica is the product of photographer Henry Bourne’s repeated trips to some of Britain’s greatest folk events: striking color portraits capture an eccentric collection of individuals in inventive outfits, including arboreal costumes, pagan-inspired creations, and historical garb. These were captured at events like the annual Jack in the Green festival held in Hastings in May, for which the town and its people are decked in green to welcome summer, and the Easter Sunday celebration in Bacup, Lancashire, where fiercely proud Britannia Coconut Dancers (or “Nutters”) perform their traditional seven dances. An accompanying text by Simon Costin provides the historical backstory and explains the folklore behind this wacky, inspiring collection of images.

Britannica Enciclopedia Moderna

Mantinea griego Mantineia Antigua ciudad griega de ARCADIA, situada al norte de la actual TRÍPOLIS. Durante la primera batalla de Mantinea en 418 AC, ESPARTA venció a la coalición for- mada por Mantinea, Elis, Argos y Atenas.

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The Britannica Enciclopedia Moderna covers all fields of knowledge, including arts, geography, philosophy, science, sports, and much more. Users will enjoy a quick reference of 24,000 entries and 2.5 million words. More then 4,800 images, graphs, and tables further enlighten students and clarify subject matter. The simple A-Z organization and clear descriptions will appeal to both Spanish speakers and students of Spanish.

Introduction to the Literature of Europe Fourth edition

296 SIDNEY'S ARCADIA . PART II . ... It has been said of the author of this famous romance , to which , as such , we shall have soon to revert , that “ we may regard the whole literary Arcadia . m In Biogr . Britannica , art .

Author: Henry Hallam


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Bibliotheca Britannica

A Fair Representation of his Majesty's Right to N. S. , or Arcadia , & c . Lond . Owen , 8vo . 1s . - 1758 . A Particular Account of the Importance of N. S. and Cape Breton to both Nations , ( England and France ) . Lond . 8vo . - 1758.

Author: Robert Watt


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