Approaches to Teaching Dickinson s Poetry

Dickinson and the idea of womanhood in the American nineteenth century . Charlotte Nekola ; "

Author: Robin Riley Fast

Publisher: Modern Language Assn of Amer

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Dickinson and the idea of womanhood in the American nineteenth century . Charlotte Nekola ; "

Approaching Emily Dickinson

The Emily Dickinson International Society Bulletin occasionally publishes articles on approaches to teaching the poet . For example , in “ The Distance would not haunt me so — ': Teaching Dickinson's Poetry through Distance Education ...

Author: Fred D. White

Publisher: Camden House

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An examination of the past half-century's critical reassessments of one of the most-studied American poets.

New Poems of Emily Dickinson

The Letters of Emily Dickinson.” In Engendering the Word, edited by Temma Berg et al., pp. 193–207. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1989. Mann, John. “Dickinson's Letters to Higginson.” In Approaches to Teaching Dickinson's Poetry ...

Author: William H. Shurr

Publisher: UNC Press Books

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For most of her life Emily Dickinson regularly embedded poems, disguised as prose, in her lively and thoughtful letters. Although many critics have commented on the poetic quality of Dickinson's letters, William Shurr is the first to draw fully developed poems from them. In this remarkable volume, he presents nearly 500 new poems that he and his associates excavated from her correspondence, thereby expanding the canon of Dickinson's known poems by almost one-third and making a remarkable addition to the study of American literature. Here are new riddles and epigrams, as well as longer lyrics that have never been seen as poems before. While Shurr has reformatted passages from the letters as poetry, a practice Dickinson herself occasionally followed, no words, punctuation, or spellings have been changed. Shurr points out that these new verses have much in common with Dickinson's well-known poems: they have her typical punctuation (especially the characteristic dashes and capitalizations); they use her preferred hymn or ballad meters; and they continue her search for new and unusual rhymes. Most of all, these poems continue Dickinson's remarkable experiments in extending the boundaries of poetry and human sensibility.

Bloom s How to Write about Emily Dickinson

detail of the narrative, the later poem coincides with the earlier, but it only has 12 short lines and contains little imagery. ... Lyric Time: Dickinson and the Limits of Genre. ... Approaches to Teaching Dickinson's Poetry.

Author: Anna Priddy

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Offers advice on writing essays about the works of Emily Dickinson and lists sample topics for twenty of her poems.

A Reference Guide for English Studies

Z - 124 Approaches to Teaching Dickinson's Poetry . Z - 124 Approaches to Teaching Ellison's Invisible Man . Z - 124 Approaches to Teaching Goethe's Faust . Z - 124 Approaches to Teaching Homer's Iliad and Odyssey .

Author: Michael J. Marcuse

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This text is an introduction to the full range of standard reference tools in all branches of English studies. More than 10,000 titles are included. The Reference Guide covers all the areas traditionally defined as English studies and all the field of inquiry more recently associated with English studies. British and Irish, American and world literatures written in English are included. Other fields covered are folklore, film, literary theory, general and comparative literature, language and linguistics, rhetoric and composition, bibliography and textual criticism and women's studies.

Dickinson Unbound

See John Mann, “Dickinson's Letters to Higginson,” Approaches to Teaching Dickinson's Poetry, ed. Robin Riley Fast and Christine Mack Gordon (New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1989), 41, where he argues for the first ...

Author: Alexandra Socarides

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199858095

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In Dickinson Unbound, Alexandra Socarides takes readers on a journey through the actual steps and stages of Emily Dickinson's creative process. In chapters that deftly balance attention to manuscripts, readings of poems, and a consideration of literary and material culture, Socarides takes up each of the five major stages of Dickinson's writing career: copying poems onto folded sheets of stationery; inserting and embedding poems into correspondence; sewing sheets together to make fascicles; scattering loose sheets; and copying lines on often torn and discarded pieces of household paper. In so doing, Socarides reveals a Dickinsonian poetics starkly different from those regularly narrated by literary history. Here, Dickinson is transformed from an elusive poetic genius whose poems we have interpreted in a vacuum into an author who employed surprising (and, at times, surprisingly conventional) methods to wholly new effect. Dickinson Unbound gives us a Dickinson at once more accessible and more complex than previously imagined. As the first authoritative study of Dickinson's material and compositional methods, this book not only transforms our ways of reading Dickinson, but advocates for a critical methodology that insists on the study of manuscripts, composition, and material culture for poetry of the nineteenth century and thereafter.

The Cambridge Companion to Erotic Literature

“A Posthumanist Approach to Teaching Dickinson” in Approaches to Teaching Dickinson Poetry (New York: MLA, 1989), II 3. Letters I: 3.19. Poems, 466. Poems, 536. Daneen Wardrop reads the poem as claiming the birth of the poet self ...

Author: Bradford K. Mudge

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107184077

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This Companion offers an introduction to key topics in the study of erotic literature from antiquity to the present.

Critical Companion to Emily Dickinson

Dickinson and the Art of Politics,” in A Historical Guide to Emily Dickinson, edited by Vivian R. Pollack, ... The Wicked Sisters: Women Poets, Literary History, and Discord. ... Approaches to Teaching Emily Dickinson's Poetry.

Author: Sharon Leiter

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438108438

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Examines the life and writings of Emily Dickinson, including detailed synopses of her works, explanations of literary terms, biographies of friends and family, and social and historical influences.

The Cambridge Companion to Emily Dickinson

Approaches to Teaching Dickinson's Poetry. New York: MLA, 1989. Ferlazzo, Paul J., ed. Critical Essays on Emily Dickinson. Boston, MA.: G. K. Hall, 1984. Emily Dickinson. Boston: Twayne, 1976. Ford, ThomasW.

Author: Wendy Martin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107494541

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Emily Dickinson, one of the most important American poets of the nineteenth century, remains an intriguing and fascinating writer. The Cambridge Companion to Emily Dickinson includes eleven new essays by accomplished Dickinson scholars. They cover Dickinson's biography, publication history, poetic themes and strategies, and her historical and cultural contexts. As a woman poet, Dickinson's literary persona has become incredibly resonant in the popular imagination. She has been portrayed as singular, enigmatic, and even eccentric. At the same time, Dickinson is widely acknowledged as one of the founders of American poetry, an innovative pre-modernist poet as well as a rebellious and courageous woman. This volume introduces new and practised readers to a variety of critical responses to Dickinson's poetry and life, and provides several valuable tools for students, including a chronology and suggestions for further reading.