The Latin American Short Story

Antología de cuentistas guatcmaltecos M 7 Antología de cuentistas hispanoamericanos A 84, A 120, A 121 Antología de cuentistas latinoamericanos A 92 Antología de cuentistas rioplatenses C 10 Antología de cuentistas y pintores ...

Author: Daniel Balderston

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: STANFORD:36105004447335

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The enormous body of short story anthologies from the 19 countries of Spanish America and Brazil testifies to their importance for writers, editors, readers, and, especially, for schools and universities, teachers and students. This volume for the first time gathers this mass of material and organizes it for systematic study. The main section comprises annotated listings of 1302 short story anthologies from Latin America in general, from regions, and from each nation. For most entries a full listing of contents is provided along with brief commentary. A second section, organized in parallel fashion, consists of annotated bibliography of criticism of the short story. Indexes provide access to authors of stories, critics, titles of the critical works, and themes.

Fire from the Andes

Antología de cuentos esmeraldeños . Quito : Editorial Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana , 1960 . D'ailleurs , Nouvelles , ed . Antología de cuentos de escritores latinoamericanos . Paris : AmiotLenganey , 1993 .

Author: Susan Elizabeth Benner

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 0826318258

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Stories by women from Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru on subjects ranging from politics to fantasy. In one story a woman turns to terrorism from boredom, another is a reworking of the story of Adam and Eve.

Bibliographic Guide to Gabriel Garc a M rquez 1986 1992

In Antología del cuento hispanoamericano by Fernando Burgos . México : Porrúa , 1991 , pp . ... In Relatos fantásticos latinoamericanos 2. Eduardo H. Galeano , et . al ... de cuentistas latinoamericanos . Hebe Monges and Alicia Farina ...

Author: Nelly S. Gonzalez

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313288321

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Annotated bibliography of books, articles, audio-visual materials on the career and works of the Nobel Prize winning Colombian novelist and journalist.

Antonio Ben tez Rojo

Con Benedetti también se ocupa de la publicación de una antología de cuentos latinoamericanos, mientras su nombre aparece en reseñas de actividades culturales. Todo esto sin que se le permita publicar sus obras, una estrategia esta muy ...

Author: María Rita Corticelli

Publisher: Tamesis Books

ISBN: 9781855662551

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The author of short stories, novels and essays, Benítez Rojo is an atypical intellectual in the panorama of Cuban exile because he offers an original perspective of the past, present and future conflicts of this troubled and complex area. This literary biography tells of his journey from his emergence in the Cuban intellectual world in 1967 to his death in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 2005.

World Editors

La recepción de Borges parece haberse iniciado en 1956, con la publicación de La Forma de la espada traducido por Albert Theile (Die Spur des Schwertes), en una antología de cuentos latinoamericanos cuyo título hace competencia a la ...

Author: Gustavo Guerrero

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110713114

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The existence of World Literature depends on specific processes, institutions, and actors involved in the global circulation of literary works. The contributions of this volume aim to pay attention to these multiple material dimensions of Latin American 20th and 21st century literatures. From perspectives informed by materialism, sociology, book studies, and digital humanities, the articles of this volume analyze the role of publishing houses, politics of translation, mediators and gatekeepers, allowing insights into the processes that enable books to cross borders and to be transformed into globally circulating commodities. The book focusses both on material (re)sources of literary archives, key actors in literary and cultural markets, prizes and book fairs, as well as on recent dimension of the digital age. Statements of some of the leading representatives of the global publishing world complement these analyses of the operations of selection and aggregation of value to literary texts.

Recommended Books in Spanish for Children and Young Adults

... 10 LATIN AMERICA - HISTORY , 1803–1830 - WARS OF INDEPENDENCE Ludwig , Bolívar , 116 LATIN AMERICAN AUTHORSFiction Bareiro Saguier , Siete latinoamericanos en París , 230 Galeano , Relatos vertiginosos : Antología de cuentos mínimos ...

Author: Isabel Schon

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810851962

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Whether used for the development and support of an existing collection or for the creation of a new collection serving Spanish-speaking young readers, this outstanding resource is an essential tool. Following the same format as the highly praised 1996-1999 edition, Schon presents critical annotations for 1300 books published between 2000 and 2004, including reference, nonfiction, and fiction. One section is devoted to publishers' series, and an appendix lists dealers who carry books in Spanish. Includes author, title, and subject indexes.

Bibliographic Guide to Gabriel Garc a M rquez 1992 2002

In Cuentos colombianos . Montevideo , Uruguay : Editorial ... In Cuentos latinoamericanos : Antología . ... Also published under the title Antologia : Los mejores relatos latinoamericanos , ( Madrid , Spain : Alfaguara , 1998 ) . 275.

Author: Nelly S. Gonzalez

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313328048

Category: Literary Criticism

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A comprehensive annotated bibliography of books, articles, and audio-visual materials on the career and works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Cuentos folkloricos latinoamericanos

El folclore reúne las leyendas, supersticiones, mitos, proverbios y relatos que han ido transmitiéndose en forma oral de una generación a otra, en el transcurso de mucho tiempo.

Author: John Bierhorst

Publisher: Vintage Espanol

ISBN: 0375713972

Category: Social Science

Page: 430

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Annotation El folclore re ne las leyendas, supersticiones, mitos, proverbios y relatos que han ido transmiti ndose en forma oral de una generaci n a otra, en el transcurso de mucho tiempo. Este interesante libro incluye relatos folcl ricos de veinte pa ses latinoamericanos, cubriendo un espacio que se extiende por cinco siglos. Aqu se encuentran mitos arraigados en el per odo colonial, as como narraciones orales que hasta hoy d a pueden escucharse en California, Florida, Texas y Nuevo M xico. Esta completa antolog a tambi n incluye algunos relatos tradicionales que tienen sus ra ces en la Europa medieval, Medio oriente y la Am rica precolombina. La maravillosa capacidad de sobrevivencia de estas narraciones orales tambi n se manifiesta en la forma como han perdurado las expresiones y los modismos que les dieron forma en su origen. Por su contenido y cuidadosa preparaci n este texto representa un logro significativo en la difusi n del folclor latinoamericano.