Guide to Microforms in Print

... US UMI Annals / Entomological Society of America - V1-48 . 1908-55 1,5,6 - US Princeton Micro Annals of nature or annual synopsis of new genera and species of animals , plants , etc discovered in North America / RafinesqueSchmaltz ...



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The Bryophytes of Haida Gwaii

Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory 28 : 17-42 . ... Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 59 : 174-202 . ... In “ Bryophyte flora of North America , Volume 1 Introduction , Acrocarpous Mosses , Part 1 " ( = Flora of North ...

Author: Todd E. Golumbia


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Category: Bryophytes

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American Periodical Series

1825 Unit 8 WESTERN REVIEW AND MISCELLANEOUS MAGAZINE . v1-4 , no6 ; Aug. 1819 - July 1821 . AMERICAN ANNALS OF EDUCATION American Journal of Education Reel 293 vl - nsvl , no5 ; Jan. 1826 - July 1830 American Journal , and Annals of ...



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North American Journal of Fisheries Management

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization , Scientific Council Report 82 / V1 / 64 , Dartmouth , Nova Scotia . Apollonio , S. , D. K. Stevenson , and E. E. Dunton , Jr. 1984. Effects of temperature on the biology of the northern shrimp ...



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Geologic Literature on North America 1785 1918

USGS , An Rp pp , map , N Y 1884 20 pt 7 : 341-423 , maps ( 1900 ) 42 On the action of the North American 00b ... Joel , Annals of Albany , 10 : 162- mineral resources of the Mount Wrangell 166 , Albany , NY 1859 district , Alaska .

Author: John Milton Nickles


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(1993) Firn-core study from the southern Patagonia ice cap, South America. journal of Glaciology 39 (132), 249—254. ... C. (1973) Illustrated Glossary of Snow and Ice, 2nd. edn. Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge. Astakhov, V1.

Author: Peter Knight

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134982172

Category: Science

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This book offers a comprehensive and detailed summary of our knowledge and understanding of glaciers and sets them within a global environment context. The text explains the significance both of recent advances in glaciology, and of teh many research problms that remain to be solved. The accessible style adopted in the text facilitates a clear understanding of glaciers and the role they play in global issues such as environmental change, geoorphology and hydrology. The use of complex mathematics is avoided as the reader is introduced to important concepts and techniques in modern glaciology such as deforming beds, migrating ice-divides and stable isotope analysis. This is an essential reference book for sutdents, professional geologists and researchers and would be ideal for those who want either a rapid up-date or an introduction to the subject. The books' discussion of recent discoveries and of reserch issues for the future, supported by a thorough reference list, enables readers to pursue their own areas of particular interest.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change

“Weakening of North Indian SST Gradients and the Monsoon Rainfall in India and the Sahel,” American Meteorological ... Warming Conditions,” Nature Geoscience, May 18, 2008,

Author: Marc Morano

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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"The climate scare ends with this book." —SEAN HANNITY "This book arms every citizen with a comprehensive dossier on just how science, economics, and politics have been distorted and corrupted in the name of saving the planet." —MARK LEVIN Less freedom. More regulation. Higher costs. Make no mistake: those are the surefire consequences of the modern global warming campaign waged by political and cultural elites, who have long ago abandoned fact-based science for dramatic fearmongering in order to push increased central planning. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change gives a voice -- backed by statistics, real-life stories, and incontrovertible evidence -- to the millions of "deplorable" Americans skeptical about the multibillion dollar "climate change" complex, whose claims have time and time again been proven wrong.

Serials Holdings in the Linda Hall Library

Title varies : v32- Annales francaises de chronometrie et de microtechnique . ... ( Paris ) : GauthierVillars . v1 ( 1983 ) -- Annales de geophysique and Annali di geofisica . ... Annals of horticulture in North America .

Author: Linda Hall Library


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Bibliography of North American Indian Mental Health

Author: White Cloud Center

Publisher: Greenwood

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1363 references to journal articles of interest to human behaviorists and to personnel engaged in mental health service delivery. Comprehensive, including 700 relevant documents written during the 1970's. Each entry gives bibliographical information, descriptors, and identifiers. Glossary; lists culture areas and tribes. Descriptor, author indexes.