Animal Communicator Adventures Coming Home

Many years ago, early on in Maia Kincaid's career as an Animal Communicator she had an experience that stopped her in her tracks.

Author: Maia Kincaid

Publisher: Wisdom of Love Publishing & Consulting

ISBN: 0982214081

Category: Nature

Page: 220

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Many years ago, early on in Maia Kincaid's career as an Animal Communicator she had an experience that stopped her in her tracks. She was talking with a dog for a client, when the dog said: "This message is not for my Woman alone, it is for you as well, and any human who cares to listen." Maia will never forget that moment because what she began to hear from this dog and from thousands of animals since was insight from the animals, for their people, giving guidance on living moment to moment with passion and appreciation, awakening their people's purpose. These dialogs changed her life! They could change your life too!

Animal Communicator Adventures The Power of Love

Animal Communicator Adventures: The Power of Love will blow your mind, and warm your heart! It's fun! It's enlightening! It's transformative!

Author: Maia Kincaid

Publisher: Wisdom of Love Publishing & Consulting

ISBN: 0982214073

Category: Nature

Page: 172

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Have you ever wondered what your beloved pet was thinking, or what they would say if they could talk? Well, they actually do talk, and here's your chance to experience what it's like having conversations with dogs, cats, a butterfly, turtles, a whale, herbal plants, and the Earth itself. Animal Communicator Adventures: The Power of Love will blow your mind, and warm your heart! It's fun! It's enlightening! It's transformative!

Rosina Maria Arquati The Life Journey of an Animal Communicator

Aristocratic Pomeranians is an adventure, with a long trip in a van to get there . With our other dogs settled in at their ... I left Hong Kong again late on 23rd Dec 2009, 69 Rosina Maria Arquati: The Life Journey ofan Animal Communicator.

Author: Rosina Maria Arquati

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452583204

Category: Pets

Page: 195

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This is the humorous, compassionate, and heartwarming life journey of an animal communicator, to bring you into the world of talking with animals and how we can interact mentally, humanely, and telepathically with the Animal Kingdom. From a little girl talking with animals, she travelled across the world to set up home with her veterinarian husband, welcoming an abundance of animals into her home, animals wild and domestic, in need of help, care, and rehabilitation. In addition to Rosina's life journey, you will read the stories of some of these rescued animals and be introduced to humane living, animal welfare, energy healing, and practical ways in which we humans can live in peace and harmony with animals and nature. Rosina teaches animal communication in Hong Kong and other countries. In part two of the book, she introduces you to the foundations of learning animal communication, the basic "how to," with methods and exercises to help and guide you in beginning your own journey in communicating with animals and progressing towards a better understanding between animals and you.

Straight from the Horse s Mouth

Read Amelia Kinkade's adventures in animal communication in all their hilarity, passion, and tenderness, and know that you too can talk to animals and get answers. “I have read many books by animal communicators, but nothing like Amelia ...

Author: Amelia Kinkade

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577315063

Category: Nature

Page: 322

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A professional animal communicator shares her method for fostering communication between animals and humans, filling her book with poignant tales from her practice highlighting successful interactions between species. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes

Runaways — Fiction. 2. Human-animal communication — Fiction. 3. Family problems— Fiction. 4. Inventors— Fiction. 5. Adventure and adventurers — Fiction. I I. Title. PZ7.E1 3 1550^ 2009 |Fic| — dc22 2008022 1 19 The text of this book is ...

Author: Kelly Easton

Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books

ISBN: 9780375892561

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

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Everyone has a destiny. Sometimes it takes an adventure to find it. Liberty Aimes has spent all of her ten years captive in her parents' crooked house on Gooch Street. Her spry father, Mal Aimes, is a crook who sells insurance, while her overweight mother sits at home in front of the TV, demanding that Liberty cook nonstop. Liberty’s only knowledge of the outside world comes from the secret stash of children’s books and fairy tales she discovers beneath the floorboards. One day, Liberty enters her father’s forbidden basement laboratory. There she discovers a world of talking animals and magic potions. With the aid of one such potion, Liberty escapes into the world in search of her destiny.

The Animal Communicator s Guide Through Life Loss and Love

I had long spoken of having a dog, but while he was away I'd had a very strong impression to act on it immediately. ... in hedgerows to the sea, and the children scratched illustrations of her adventures on flat stones on the beach.

Author: Pea Horsley

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781781803622

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

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'He was just a pet,' people sometimes say, and yet our animal companions are so much more to us than this, and we may feel we have nowhere to turn when faced with their loss. Millions of people have sought answers to questions like 'What happens to animals when they die?' 'What is life like for them on the other side?' and 'Will they ever come back to me?' Now, for the first time, internationally renowned animal communicator Pea Horsley shares ground-breaking true stories which reveal animals' thoughts and feelings on life, death and life after death. By hearing their views, we come to understand that animals are spiritual beings and great teachers, and that we are all connected. This collection of inspirational tales is woven together with Pea's moving story of her own dog, Morgan, and his physical struggle, his awareness of the right time to go and his insights and support from beyond the grave.

The Adventures of Patty and Annabel

I dedicate this adventure to the tortoise that comes to visit me once a year just before the monsoons. ... trying to tell me something, so I took a picture of her and asked Linda Johns, my animal communication teacher, what she thought.

Author: Marcella Lansdowne

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438947860


Page: 30

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The Adventures of Patty and Annabel: The Monsoon and the Auric Field is the first in a set of adventures about Patty the yellow Lab and Annabel the springer spaniel. The two dogs get scared from the oncoming "Tucson monsoons" and run off. They find themselves in a cave and learn all about auras and the auric field. This set of children's books can be purchased without fear of negative or questionable content. Each adventure is sweet and adventuresome. Each adventure includes an important and light-hearted lesson intended to educate young children about spiritual healing.

Perspectives on Human animal Communication

Shows such as Jay Ward's Rocky and His Friends (1959–1961) and The Adventures of Hoppity Hooper (1964–1967), ... The 1980s saw a plethora of animal-based animated television series, many of them toy-based in order to exploit marketing ...

Author: Emily Plec

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415640053

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 278

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This book represents early and prominent forays into the subject of human-animal communication from a Communication Studies perspectives, an effort that brings a discipline too long defined by that fallacy of division, human or nonhuman, into conversation with animal studies, biosemiotics, and environmental communication, as well as other recent intellectual and activist movements for reconceptualizing relationships and interactions in the biosphere.

The Spiritual Nature of Horse Explained by Horse

This book documents a conversation between myself, Cathy Seabrook, D V M and Professional Animal Communicator, ... To which she replied, “There's only one way to find out ” And thus began my adventure into animal communication I ...

Author: Dante and Cathy Seabrook, D.V.M.

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452561684

Category: Nature

Page: 208

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“Now see a different perspective as Horse himself speaks from the ages, and inspires you with a deeper understanding of Horseness and purpose with you. See here what discovery there is regarding health in us, and mind games we play with you, our dearest opponent in Gamehood. We delight in our transactions and we delight in this presentation of our words regarding so many subjects we have longed for you to understand. I never mince words when given the opportunity to use them, so prepare for directness of Horse, honesty to a degree unchallenged in creatures, and benevolence in understanding as you have longed to know and be reassured about in your doings with us in history. And we are content now. Read a little and let it soak, for this is horse’s desire when you interact with us. It will deepen as it sits with you and will take you to the level of appreciation and understanding that your heart and soul desires with us.” —Dante