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The Anglo American Ballad

Poor Pearl, Poor Girl: The Murdered-Girl Stereotype in Ballad and Newspaper. Austin: University of Texas Press, ... “Anglo-American Folksong Reconsidered: The Interface of Oral and Written Forms," Western Folklore, 43 (1984), 83–103.

Author: Dianne Dugaw

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317357803

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Originally published in 1995. This book’s collection of key essays presents a coherent overview of touchstone statements and issues in the study of Anglo-American popular ballad traditions and suggests ways this panoramic view affords us a look at Euro-American scholarship’s questions, concerns and methods. The study of ballads in English began early in the eighteenth century with Joseph Addison’s discussions which marked the onset of an aesthetic and scholarly interest in popular traditions. Therefore the collection begins with him and then chronologically includes scholars whose views mark pivotal moments which taken together tell a story that does not emerge through an examination of the ballads themselves. The book addresses debates in tradition, orality, performance and community as well as national genealogies and connections to contexts. Each selected piece is pre-empted by an introductory section on its importance and relevance.

Jimmy Carter and the Anglo American Special Relationship quote quote

... and the Wartime Anglo-American Alliance, 1939–1945: Towards a New Synthesis', in William Roger Louis and Hedley Bull (eds), The 'Special Relationship': Anglo-American Relations since 1945 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1986), p. 39.

Author: Thomas K. Robb

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474407038

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Robb Thomas draws upon a wealth of previously classified documents to reveal that relations between Britain and the United States of America during Carter's presidency were riven with antagonism and disagreement. Contrary to existing interpretations, even the most 'special' aspects of intelligence and nuclear cooperation were not immune to high-level political tension. Robb exposes the true competitive nature of the relationship during Carter's presidency, as well as providing an original understanding to how both countries approached the breakdown of superpower detente; the subject of international human rights promotion; the tackling of common economic and energy challenges and to the Anglo-American nuclear and intelligence relationship.

The Anglo American

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Anglo American Strategic Relations and the French Problem 1960 1963

Louis, W R. and Bull, H. (eds), The 'Special Relationship': Anglo-American Relations Since 1945 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989). Ludlow, N. P., Dealing With Britain: The Six and the First UK Application to the EEC (Cambridge: ...

Author: Constantine A. Pagedas

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135265304

Category: History

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Drawing on official records and private papers, this book offers insights into Anglo-American reactions to France's development of an independent nuclear capability; France's bid for the political leadership of Europe; Britain's first application to join the EEC; the controversial US multilateral force (MLF) proposal for NATO; Britain's numerous propositions to France for the development of an independent European nuclear force; the tense Anglo-American diplomatic quarrel that was the Skybolt crisis; and the creative diplomacy that produced the Nassau Agreement of December 1962.

The History of Corporate Finance Developments of Anglo American Securities Markets Financial Practices Theories and Laws Vol 1

Baldwin, T. J., R. H. Berry, R. A. Church and M. V. Pitts, Cash Flow and Corporate Finance in Victorian Britain: Cases from the British Coal Industry: 1860–1914 (Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 2000). Banner, Stuart, Anglo-American ...

Author: Robert E Wright

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000161960

Category: Business & Economics

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This work contains primary research texts regarding two centuries of the development of corporate finance in the US and Great Britain. It is designed to help scholars, financial managers, and public policymakers to investigate the historical background of issues in contemporary corporate finance.

Special Interests the State and the Anglo American Alliance 1939 1945

Relationship: A Political History of Anglo-American Relations since 1945 (London and New York: Longman, 1992). 41. A.F. Bentley, The Process of Government (Bloomington, IN: Principia Press, 1935); David Truman, the Governmental Process ...

Author: Inderjeet Parmar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000459906

Category: History

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This book, first published in 1995, aims to enhance our understanding of the Anglo-American alliance by examining the origins of the alliance during the Second World War. It presents a case study of how power is distributed in British society, and who makes the political decisions that decisively shape the society and world in which we live.

Recentering Anglo American Folksong

Bloomington: Indiana University Press. . 1964. The Types of the Folktale. Second rev. ed. FF Communications no. 184. Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia. Tocqueville, Alexis, de. 1969. Democracy in America. 2 vols.

Author: Roger deVeer Renwick

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 1604738189

Category: Music

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A wealth of texts of British and Anglo/North American folksong has long been accessible in both published and archival sources. For two centuries these texts have energized scholarship. Yet in the past three decades this material has languished, as literary theory has held sway over textual study. In this crusading book Roger deV. Renwick argues that the business of folksong scholars is to explain folksong: folklorists must liberate the material's own voice rather than impose theories that are personally compelling or appealing. To that end, Renwick presents a case study in each of five essays to demonstrate the scholarly value of approaching this material through close readings and comparative analysis. In the first, on British traditional ballads in the West Indies, he shows how even the best of folklorists can produce an unconvincing study when theory is overvalued and texts are slighted. In the second he navigates the many manifestations of a single Anglo/American ballad, "The Rambling Boy," to reveal striking differences between a British diasporic strain on the one hand and a southern American, post-Civil War strain on the other. The third essay treats the poetics of a very old, extremely widespread, but never before formalized trans-Atlantic genre, the catalogue. Next is Renwick's claim that recentering folksong studies in our rich textual databanks requires that canonical items be identified accurately. He argues that "Oh, Willie," a song thought to be a simple variety of "Butcher's Boy," is in fact a distinct composition. In the final essay Renwick looks at the widespread popularity of "The Crabfish," sung today throughout the English-speaking world but with roots in a naughty tale found in both continental Europe and Asia. With such specific case studies as these, Renwick justifies his argument that the basic tenets of folklore textual scholarship continue to yield new insights.

Leo Strauss and Anglo American Democracy

Berkeley and Los Angeles : University of California Press , 1977 . Moots , Glenn . Politics Reformed : The Anglo - American Legacy of Covenant Theology . Columbia , MO : University of Missouri Press , 2010 . Morrisey , Will .

Author: Grant Havers

Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press

ISBN: 9781501757228

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"Interprets Leo Strauss's political philosophy from a conservative standpoint and argues that Strauss was a Cold War liberal. Suggests inattention to Christianity is crucial to the Straussian portrayal of Anglo-American democracy as a universal regime whose eternal ideals of liberty and constitutional governmnent accord with the teachings of Plato and Aristotle, rather than the Gospels"--