The Angel and the Little Dog with the Big Heart

This children's picture book shares a message about a dog, angels and love based on a true story.

Author: Darren O'Neill


ISBN: 1434347842

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 28

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This children's picture book shares a message about a dog, angels and love based on a true story. A great bedtime story to read with or to younger children with something for everyone. Signs come in all shapes and sizes. Seeing is believing. Power to the angels!

All Dogs Are Angels at Heart

Your dog may bite you and then he will get in trouble. This is not a game. BEBE'S STORY: “I live with boys. The two little boys let me chase them through ...

Author: Eileen Tonick MA, IACP

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463464745

Category: Pets

Page: 124

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I talked my sister into letting me help her write this book because I knew it would take a lot of work to get it the way she wanted it. There are quotes here from people whose dogs were acting out and driving them loony. These desperate owners called Eileen because she is well known in these parts or because their veterinarian or a friend recommended her. She jumps in her blue jeep and drives to their house. She evaluates the dog and the owner. It’s usually the owner’s fault I’ve discovered. She tells them, “This is a very cool dog. He’s awesome. We can get him straightened around in no time.” The relief they feel is huge. I’ve seen Eileen turn out of control dogs into angels in seconds. After some basic obedience training the dogs and the owners often attend an “agility” or “therapy dog” class taught by Eileen. The dogs are excited and happy to be there with the other dogs. It’s like camp or a festival. The owners fall in love with their dogs again. The dogs, of course, always love their owners, no matter what. Amazing creatures. Everyone should read this book. You should especially read it before you get a dog so you know exactly what’s involved. I’m not only talking to the adults I’m talking to the kids too. Mickey McGovern has worked in the Hollywood film industry for fifteen years as a writer and a visual effects producer. But more importantly she’s Eileen Tonick’s sister.

Angel Dogs

Had we waited only a moment longer, the much- debated dog would have gone home with them. I knew then that this little dog was meant to be part of my life.

Author: Allen Anderson

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577317114

Category: Pets

Page: 240

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You already know dogs are healers and loving companions, but did you know they also serve as matchmakers, lifesavers, prisoner rehabilitation specialists, parent trainers, hospital welcoming committees, advice columnists, and afterlife ambassadors? The true stories in Angel Dogs celebrate the deep and ancient connection between people and dogs and will inspire you to live up to the divine example of our canine companions.

Angel Dogs with a Mission

When I attempted to retrieve the dog, they motioned for me to stop. ... He was so enamored of Angel that she got him a small, black dog of his own.

Author: Allen Anderson

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317104

Category: Pets

Page: 280

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This fascinating book puts the spotlight on working dogs — those heroic canines who have found ways to give back more than sloppy kisses and happy snuggles. The courageous dogs you will meet include: Keno, a yellow Lab, who rescued a lift operator buried in an avalanche. Kobi, a beloved and intelligent family pet with an exceptional sense of smell, who became one of the most famous cancer-sniffing dogs in the world. Tuffy, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who served as a grief counselor with Dr. Karla Rose during the horrible days following the Virginia Tech shootings. Abdul, the first service dog for people with mobility impairments, who was trained by Bonnie Bergin and Kerrill Knaus-Hardy and paved the way for people with disabilities to be independent. Anna, a German shepherd, who damaged her lungs searching through the wreckage at Ground Zero after 9/11 and inspired Sarah Atlas to found an assistance program for volunteer search-and-rescue dog handlers. Skidboot, the world-famous Texas blue heeler, who performed for Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey, and David Letterman and on Animal Planet (with cowboy and entertainer David Hartwig) but started life as an abandoned puppy.

Little Angels

The dog got so excited he didn't know which way to go. ... They couldn't believe their eyes when the little dog ran onto the playground right toward Kenny.

Author: Ann Louise Smith

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098066413

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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Pepper finds herself in heaven after being hit by a car at the age of nine. She encounters three children playing by a big oak tree in a beautiful meadow. There is Lizzy, her brother, Tommy, and their friend Chet. The two boys are always causing mischief in some form or another. Meanwhile, on earth, Pepper's family is dealing with the loss of their beloved daughter and sister. Her older brother, Scotty, spends all of his time alone in his room while her little brother, Mikey, blames himself for Pepper's death. Lizzy and the boys show Pepper a portal they discovered that lets them see people down on earth. Soon Pepper discovers a way to zone in on her family. Although they cannot hear her, she soon discovers that the family dog, Bubba, can hear her whistle.

True Angel Stories

Venus Gets Lost ~ I always ask the angels to look after my dog Venus, ... A pure white angel came forward and received the spirit of the little dog.

Author: Diana Cooper

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781844099146

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

View: 794


This inspiration book of 777 true angel stories explores how angels can transform lives through exercises and visualisations that readers can practice on their own. Stories discuss guardian angels, feathers, signs, rainbows, prayers, numbers and names, unicorns, orbs and much, much more, making this the ultimate angel compendium.

The Angel and the Paintbrush

Margret woke to the little dog's protests, but could not find anything out of the ordinary, so she soothed her little dog with his usual yummy breakfast.

Author: M Thompson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477140666

Category: Fiction

Page: 118

View: 383


Margaret is alone in the world, except for her faithful pet Spencer, and an estranged Daughter. She is a talented artist without confidence in her ability. Follow Margaret, her little blue angel and Spencer, in their life changing discovery.

My Angels

I was at the dollar store, and I passed by these cute white angels holding a little dog that looked like my dog. I used to call her my Angel Girl as one of ...

Author: Janie Phillips

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982251871

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 98

View: 894


Filled with stories of divine intervention and holy moments, My Angels offers insight into author Janie Phillips’ personal experiences with angels and other spirit guides. In a journal format, she shares examples of communication, including an array of songs delivering special lyrics and messages. Through this journey, Phillips chronicles her most personal moments to demonstrate the beauty of these angelic interventions. My Angels tells Phillips’ story and encourages others to be open to the possibility of seeing and hearing from angelic hosts.

Angel Academy

... five or sixyears old, my little dog savedmy life. I can remember it like it was yesterday. We were playing in the forest and Iwas running after my dog.

Author: Aaron M. Stephens, M.B.A.

Publisher: Aaron M. Stephens

ISBN: 9780990878414

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 296

View: 459


There is a magical realm called Angel Academy, where new angels are born. The latest addition to Angel Academy is Braeden. A lifetime ago,he was mortal and lived on earth. His good deeds were recognized by an earth angel and when he died, he was reborn with his new identity. A small team of angels help him decide what angel occupation he will choose. His mentors, Morgan and Taylor guide and direct him on his adventure through Angel Academy and Heaven. Life as an angel can be exciting as a Warrior, challenging as a Guardian, enchanting as a Cupid, and rewarding as an Angel of Light. This wholesome "good" reading will captivate readers as Braeden explores legendary worlds like Atlantis. It will warm your heart as you cross over the Rainbow Bridge into Dog Heaven. Angels are accepted by every religion around the world. The world is ready to believe.

Puppy Tales

Henry called the little dog Angel because she had clearly saved his life, for which he will be forever grateful. Today, Henry is happy to report that his ...

Author: Joanne Hull

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755319923

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 195


Ever since she was a child, Joanne Hull has had an unusual affinity with animals and an incredible ability to communicate with them. Unsurprisingly, this connection is particularly strong with man's best friend. Intelligent, loving and loyal, dogs have always had a unique bond with humans and a special place in many people's hearts.For years Joanne has been a dedicated-dog owner and has helped other owners across the country understand their pets. In this book she shares funny, heart-warming and sometimes heart-breaking stories, and offers practical advice on how people can improve communication with their own canine companions. From uplifting tales of heroic dogs who saved the day to hilarious dog-related disasters/dilemmas to moving accounts of precious pets who are no longer with us, Puppy Tales is a celebration of all our four-pawed friends and a revelation in how to really understand your dog.

Angel and Tutu

Somebody going to come looking for this little dog ? ” Angel asked , still holding the puppy tightly . " I don't think that at all , ” replied the brisk ...

Author: Helen M. Swanson

Publisher: Bess Press

ISBN: 1573060666

Category: Grandmothers

Page: 110

View: 427


With his Tutu in trouble, Angel's whole world is suddenly turned upside down.

How to Become an Angel for Turtles

This little dog followed one of my house mates home one day. So, I said. “If he's still hanging around by the door when I go outside, I'm going to buy him ...

Author: Arthur Andrew Longley

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796037555

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 162

View: 128


This book is exciting, and it shows the New Age generation exactly what is going on in our realm today. It shows us how to combat the things that are just tearing us down in our daily lives without us even really noticing it. This book will show you how to persevere—not with miraculous signs and wonders, but with down-to-earth methods that are backed by age-old concepts, like the Constitution and the reason our preachers only preach the gospel. It reveals newly discovered secrets, well-defined and plainly written. To the end that it allows God and his Christ to be with us more than ever before. We’ve all got a little weak spot in us that we’ve got to work on within ourselves, because it’s written. Our role wouldn’t be as the rulers of this world. When people say they’re not going to heaven. Try this: “I’m not ready to go to heaven yet.” We have a lot that we may lose, but one thing we won’t lose is our hope. I’m not trying to block anything that’s in existence. I’m trying to provide a means to a better end result so that people can find their way into a more productive faith. By showing forth things right, like these, you could wind up being a real angel. This one girl told me that I don’t really believe in anything. When I was young, I went to church because my parents made me. I couldn’t understand the preacher because he spoke Polish, and I could never understand the Bible. I told her I couldn’t understand my preacher either. But I read the story in the Bible about the man who died on the cross, and it made me want to help him. People who don’t do the gospel, they’re saying “I don’t have to” or “I don’t want to.” What they’re falling into is spiritual death. That’s a faith that’s not living or growing. When talking to them sometimes, you see they’re on cloud nine, not in reality, doing everything and nothing. What this reminds me of is the prodigal son spending all his money on whores. He wasn’t doing the gospel and saving his treasure up in heaven where his heart ought to be. I don’t see what all the contention is about? If they’re saved into life eternal, it’s going to be by those who do the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, slain from the foundation of the world. You know there is only one right way to do it. So get yourself a bag that grows not old and let’s see how you do out there. Have mercy on the poor. Temper your faith. Carry on. Doing the gospel shows the Bible is to be mainly used for defense of the children of the cross. People are thinking that the poor or homeless people aren’t Christ-like. But because that sort of suffering is a cross, it makes them Christ-like. That’s also what the church shows. How the preachers don’t accuse any but defend by saying you are forgiven by the Godhead. It says in the Bible God adds glory to the parts that have none. That’s what he’s doing by defending the poor—basically saying they’re loved. When anybody says anything, and I have to reply, I give respect to him who has the right: Jesus. Know that being human is the first quality of being Christ-like. But also, for the animals, they are living breathing beings. If that’s not Christ-like, I don’t know what is. Following these guides, you will be tempering yourself into right actions. What does being self-righteous have to do with love? Guiding people to what’s right in a loving way gives you soul. It builds your soul to be of love. That’s not self-righteous; it’s not parental. It’s loving. Those demons and devils have been practicing their evil for like 150 million years. If you don’t think you’re going to have to study and do works accordingly to beat them, you’re wrong. The thing that makes mass assembly generate low prices and large volume is simplicity. When I see everybody just sitting around and complicating everything, I know exactly what’s going on.

Our Best Friends A collection of 90 Dog Poems

High up in the courts of heaven today A little dog angel waits; With the other angels he will not play, But he sits alone at the gates.

Author: Phyllis Anne Smyth

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 9781908886965


Page: 73

View: 965


Wonderfully warm, happy and sad poems which make you think of life from the perspective of our four-legged friends, complied by Phyllis Anne Smyth, who has been working with rescued dogs for 11 years.This insight into the lives of dogs loved and lost is truly moving.

The Dilemma of an Angel

The story was about a dog. It was a little but very intelligent and wonderful dog. The story about the dog was very exciting.

Author: Oni Edeko

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783746010212

Category: Fiction

Page: 120

View: 459


On the way from school, Miri found a little dog. The puppy followed her home. Her father was very angry about it. He accused his wife of buying the dog for Miri. Later, he believed that the puppy willingly followed her home. He informed the police about it. Miri believed that it was God who has given her the puppy. She named it Velocity and Victory. The dog soon became very popular. It understood sixteen languages including Esperanto. It could solve problems in mathematics. That special talent earned it the name, the little angel. At the 3rd International dog competition, it won nine gold medals from ten events. That made the police become interested it the little but wonderful dog. Three police officers visited Miri's parents, and asked them to lend them the dog. After many months of refusal, they sadly lent it to the police. After a few years, the police organised another dog competition. They invited Miri to go with them. On the way, something incomprehensible happened. Miri, Velocity and the police found themselves in an incomprehensible equilateral triangle. The rain, like their tears, began to drizzle.

Miss Angel

It was Mr. Fuseli who recounted the little story , with which Lady Di was
enchanted . Lord Henry seemed to think it would be a subject for Mr. Reynolds '
pencil . • Does your lordship mean the little dog's tail ? ' said Angel , laughing
Lady W.

Author: Anne Thackeray Ritchie


ISBN: CHI:087936208


Page: 322

View: 350


Angel in a Fur Coat

“Yezz, Zindy, angel 562967, favorite thing izzsqueaky toyz.” I was kinda glad to move onto the next dog. New dog meant new flea. I was getting a little ...

Author: C L Enuton

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329711525

Category: Humor


View: 312


Angels are trading their wings and halos for fur coats to be born on earth as dogs but first they have to learn what it means to be a dog so they go to school. They learn about various dog breeds and different dog jobs and when they graduate they get their fur coat and are born on earth to find the person they were made for. Explore the wonderful world of dogs through the eyes of a special little angel who bears the mark of a legend...a pink little toe. Angel in a Fur Coat is book one of the fiction fantasy, Fur Angel Series.

Angel Blessings

A magical collection of angel stories, affirmations and creative ideas Jacky ... True-life story Angel healing stranger My little dog Troy had been very ...

Author: Jacky Newcomb

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781841814384

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 349


Angel Blessings takes you on a journey guided by the angels and reveals how to bring their blessings into your life and into your home. In this beautifully illustrated guide, angel expert Jacky Newcomb reveals magical angel projects to try, along with affirmations, visualizations and her amazing true-life angel stories to help you communicate with angels and experience their healing love.Each chapter includes real-life angel encounters, and details affirmations, visualizations, meditations and rituals to help you connect with the angelic realm. There are fun things to make and do to work with angels including making angel scrolls, setting up an angel altar and writing your own angel blessings to keep or send to loved ones. You will learn to connect with angels and create the special ambiance that helps your angels bring messages to you.

Angel Pets

little grey Tibetan mountain dog, things did not bode well. He was withdrawn and very nervous, so much so that he failed to interact with anything or anyone ...

Author: Margrit Coates

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407062945

Category: Pets

Page: 272

View: 807


Margrit Coates is an internationally acclaimed animal healer and communicator. In Angel Pets, she reveals how animals talk to us all the time and shares their incredible true stories. Meet Rusty, the lost dog whom Margrit guided home using the psychic connection between them; Mitzi, the brave little cat who made the greatest sacrifice; Twinkle, the determined rabbit who saved a girl's life; Gypsy, the sheepdog with special healing powers; Freddy's friend, the demon cat who was really an angel in disguise, and many, many more wonderful animals. Through these amazing stories, Margrit answers the question that every pet owner will have asked themselves: what is my pet really thinking? Offering helpful tips, she unlocks the secret of tuning into and connecting with pets at the very deepest level. A heartwarming read, this book will change the way you relate to animals forever.

Dogs I ve Met

Who would guess I'd meet a Kansas dog in Venice? Of course, Tessie was an Italian greyhound! ***** Angel was a medium-sized little girl dog whom I met on ...

Author: Jessie Bailey Crook

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1452029512

Category: Humor

Page: 96

View: 116


"Dogs I've Met" relates Jessie Bailey Crook's many casual meetings with a wide variety of dogs and what their owners said about them. For several years, while enjoying her own three, she met other dogs during her international and domestic travels. In Japan, Greece, Spain, Peru, Kenya,and Italy, and from Ohio to Wyoming and Florida,Jessie regularly encountered dogs. From conversations with their owners she learned about the dogs' origins, idiosyncrasies, names and sometimes much more. "Dogs I've Met" is a compilation from her journals of those many humorous, interesting and insightful encounters. The reader will meet Cameron, Simba and Trixster, the author's three dogs and learn about the painful loss of Simba (pictured on the cover)from cancer. Writing this book was therapy for that loss. Reading it will give dog lovers everywhere an opportunity to enjoy, as did the author, encounters from Angel to Zane with many memorable dogs such as Biff, Cuervo, Ditka and Ellie. This book is a delightful "treat" for even those who don't love dogs.

Halo My Dear Angel

As Angel John told us , Fragee is our " soul dog . ” He even has his own web site ! This little angel puppy brought us to Dianne and Ross , who have since ...

Author: Fran Lenzo

Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing

ISBN: 0964482126

Category: Religion

Page: 180

View: 497


In 1994, two years after having breast cancer, Fran Lenzo did just that when Angel John entered here life with the words, "Do not be afraid. My name is John. I am your Guardian Angel and your cancer is gone." She chose to continue this new-found relationship with Guardian Angel John, who is fondly known as her "Angel-in-Residence." He has brought angelic guidance and gentle wisdom to Fran and many others. Halo My Dear Angel is one woman's spiritual journey. A journey of miracles guided by God, with the help of her Guardian Angel.